MC Ren & T.I.'s Entourage Mentioned In Universal Music Worker's Marijuana Lawsuit

A security guard at Universal Music Publishing Group's Santa Monica office calls out the drug use of several artists in her lawsuit.

A woman who works as a security guard at Universal Music Publishing Group's Santa Monica headquarters has become so fed up with the marijuana-smoking ways of various artists that she’s decided to sue the Universal Music Group-owned UMPG, Universal Protection Services, the management of the building she works in, and more. reports that the security guard was a first-hand witness to drug use (primarily marijuana) from MC Ren, singer Adam Levine, and the entourage of Atlanta rapper T.I.

In the complaint, the woman states that "artists and high-profile celebrities began visiting the premises with drugs in hand and oftentimes offering drugs to Plaintiff, which she refused."

On top of various instances of drug use from visiting artists, the security guard also claimed that she had issues with T.I.’s security team when she asked that they move their vehicles. When she informed one of the rapper’s bodyguards of her request he responded, "I gotta be able to get this boy outta here if a shootout or something goes down."

The woman is seeking an unspecified amount in her lawsuit. When asked about the lawsuit they’ve been hit with, a spokesperson for Universal Music referred to it as being “absurd.”

"While we cannot comment on the allegations between the plaintiff and her employer, we can say that the allegations as they relate to Universal Music Group are absurd," said a company spokesperson.

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  • Fossie


  • Bob Marley

    M.C.REN? What the hell is he doing in the Universal Offices? Also, Is this the only security guard job in the city? I wonder if she's also mentioning the rock artist on the Label that come in with cocaine and heroin?

  • Anonymous

    bitch you work around rappers what da fuck you expect?????

  • Sid Diamond

    Serious question....why are black American hip hop artists all criminals. Is it something in their DNA or something. Their ego expects the public to buy their music but at the end of the day they are common thugs.

    • Anonymous

      C'mon guys, lets keep the racism out of it.

    • Art Brooks

      Get the tampon out of your ass homo. All "celebrities" are fucken ego maniacs. And smoking weed ain't really a big deal. This bitch just try'na get paid. U act like white people are so gr8: yeah, killing millions, stealing land, kidnapping - every filthy crime against humanity has been commited by the whites AKA the descendants of Satan. Dirty fucken mutant bitch-ass trash of the human race.

  • Anonymous

    "she has every right to work in a smoke free environment" True, but she doesn't call the shots, therefore how can she expect to get a huge payday when all she had to do was quit.

  • Anonymous

    she must be black!

  • mohammed ali

    aint mc ren muslim? its haram to smoke marijuana. forbidden

    • tim

      true. but i knew a lot of imam's in the middle east that smoked hashish. i spent my teenage years (13 to 19) living in the middle east. it is haram to put it in your body if you use it as a HABITUAL drug if you use it in a shammanic or more so a spiritual way to clear thoughts and expand self knowledge its a different story. i was schooled on that early because around the time i lived there the use of hashish was so prevalent that kids my age were being taught to use it for it's other and ancient ways i suppose rather than brainwashing them with stupid westernised propaganda on some "reefer madness" shit. cause whats even more haram is to LIE so they rather gave us the truth about the plant rather than make up some demonic over exaggerated excuse for us to avoid it.

  • Anonymous

    this bitch reachin

  • JD

    Are we sure Ren isn't working as a security guard at the building? This dude can't have any cash... you know he's not getting residuals from NWA sales cuz Eazy & Jerry f*ked him

  • CED

    Sounds like somebody just trying to get paid to me, If she had that much of problem with the smoke then she should probably complain or QUIT... simple ...

  • Anonymous

    "if you're at work trying to do your job and your being exposed to second hand marijuana smoke against your will she has every right to sue and get a little change" You act like they tied her up and blew smoke in her face lol Unless she has some kind of medical condition that spiraled out of control over breathing second hand weed smoke her payday is going to be zero.

    • Anonymous

      Weed is still illegal despite it's acceptance, she could easily get those guys busted for real. She still dumb for complaining about weed smoke in Cali.

    • Anonymous

      she gonna get paid she has every right to work in a smoke free environment

  • foreal

    What does this even mean? They mention MC Ren, TI and Adam Levine, but you pick out Levine? Jealous cuz he is smoking that loud?

  • foreal

    Can she even prove that is was marijuana? They can say they were smoking salvia, flavored tabacoo or shisha. Get with the times "marijuana is everywhere, where were you brought up?" - Eminem Drug Ballad

  • Realness201


  • Phillip Morris

    $100 that this dumb broad has had countless numbers of people at her job smoking cigarettes by her daily...FOH with this shit.

  • Pyonangang

    Must've been a ugly black security guard bitch.

  • Big Dan

    I am anti drugs myself, but what is the basis for the lawsuit here? Does she sue the police and the city next because they have not eliminated drugs. I guess its getting harder and harder to come up with get rich schemes.

    • Anonymous

      but she didn't really care i don't think, i think she's suing over a larger issue and this was just thrown in

    • Anonymous

      if you're at work trying to do your job and your being exposed to second hand marijuana smoke against your will she has every right to sue and get a little change.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Levine lol Making millions yet smoking like he's fifteen again.

  • Anonymous

    i heard lil wayne got ran out of a club in miami by trick daddy

    • Anonymous

      Must've been a major L for YMCMB because HHdx ain't trying to report that. That would be biting the hand that feeds you.

    • Anonymous

      uncle luke aint got shit to do with TRICK DADDY making lil wayne and his people leave the king of diamonds in MIAMI

    • YESSIR


  • Anonymous

    Fuck this slut. People still caught up in that weed-iz-bad jive.

  • Anonymous

    Let them niggas smoke BITCH

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