LL Cool J & Brad Paisley Defend "Accidental Racist"

LL Cool J and Brad Paisley claim they understand the criticism, but urge listeners to take a closer look at the song with lyrics like, "If you don't judge my gold chains / I'll forget the iron chains."

Hip Hop legend-turned-actor LL Cool J was joined by "Accidental Racist" collaborator and Country superstar Brad Praisley this morning on ABC's "Good Morning America." The Queens, New York-meets-Glen Dale, West Virginia song duo defended their recent work, which was met by a lot of criticism on Monday (April 8) for its themes of racial harmony through inadvertent social miscues. The song appears on Brad's Wheelhouse album, though the duo also has a collaboration on LL's upcoming album, Authentic.

Lyrics from the song include, "If you don't judge my du-rag … I won't judge your red flag," referring to the Confederate Flag, and "If you don't judge my gold chains … I'll forget the iron chains," referring to the manacles of slavery.

LL Cool J, now a star on "CSI," explained: "[Dr.] Martin Luther King, [Jr.] says that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can. Hate can't drive out hate, only love can. So what we're talking about is compassion."

One of the founding stars of Def Jam Records' 1980s roster said that he accepts the criticism coming from "Accidental Racist," claiming, "Some people take exception to some of the lyrics [and] I respect that. I'm sensitive to that."

"Let's not be victims of things that happened so long ago," Brad Paisley Paisley added. "In the end, I felt like what we had on tape was something that people needed to hear." Cool J chimed in, "At the same time, let's respect it. But then after we respect it, let's also open our hearts up so we can move forward."

The "Good Morning America" appearance is available on "GMA's" Yahoo page.

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  • Anonymous

    The person below - I'm afraid using the phrase "hate" or "hater", trendy or otherwise, to dismiss an entire side of an argument, doesn't work.Think for yourself, kid. This is not only a bit of a clumsy and embarassing song, but LL's turn is clearly based on the mantra of "no publicity is bad publicity". Carrying on the appalling capitalist thinking that seems to have infected the genre - whereas 20 years ago people made albums because they enjoyed it, it's now more about marketing and greed than the love of the music. Everybody has to make money - can't deny that. But if you're lazy, and don't put your all into it, you're deceiving your fans and enjoying it, too.

  • shitfunny

    Take a good look at the comments here. Negative, negative negative, hate. When we finally get tired of that mindset, then we'll change

  • barebasement

    Sorry LL co-signin on an agrument to wear hateful sh*t is wack. Can't do it. Not a little bit, not sometime,Not every other Thursday.NEVER! No negoiation. Your status helped his agruement that maybe....Sometimes its cool.

  • Freedom, Justice & Equality

    They're just trying to unite people and y'all dumb muthafuckas still hatin' on it. If you hatin' on this song than you got some serious issues.

  • Mr. Awesome

    First of all, LL Cool J stars in "NCIS", NOT "CSI". Second, the man's name is Brad Paisley, not Brad Paisley Paisley as it says in the last paragraph. Third of all, let's just all admit that this is a terrible song, that LL is not really that good of a rapper and that this is not that big of a deal. I see what they were trying to say with this song, which is pretty much "let bygones be bygones", but we live in a country where there's still racial/socioeconomic disparity directly resulting from the racism which has been prevalent in our country for the past 400+ years. Remember, the civil rights movement was not that long ago, and we still have instances in modern times like Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Kimani Graham, Sean Bell, Jena 6, Rodney King, Amadou Diallo, and scooooooores of other young minorities (particularly black males) who have been victims of racism-fueled abuse/crime/etc. Until the majority of Americans acknowledge all of this, there can never be peace......

  • Anonymous

    To many uncle toms around these days. Where are the real brothas?..... oh I forgot the illuminati killed them off or paid them off!!

  • Pharaoh

    LL is right The past can only affect the present and future if you allow it to

  • Wow

    YO BRAD! WE'VE BEEEN TRYING TO MOVE FORWARD FOR YEARS MY MAN! Considering everything that blacks endured in this country I think they are pretty calm about it. It's not like present conditions and state of minds just randomly occurred.

    • Anonymous

      Word up, considering what some of us endure I'm surprised we dont' have riots, sit ins or protests on a daily basis. Perhaps thats what we need.

  • Anonymous

    Song is straight trash, but I respect the fact they tried to cover the racial divide in America

  • Chilltronix

    It's sad they are trying to defend the song when there is absolutely no defending this level of stupidity.

  • dentaldamboy

    If you thought this was bad, wait till you hear the new J. Cole album. It will cure your insomnia.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anon

    "Let's not be victims of things that happened so long ago," I'm not understanding how they happened "long ago". When exactly did discrimination against black people end? The only thing that really changed is it's visibility...Instead of being a "normal" thing that's out in the open, the discrimination is now hidden and institutionalized into the system...In some places it still is open (the south, where he's from)..So what is he talking about? Slavery ending doesn't mean racism ended...How does one get over something that is still going on in present day?

    • Really!??!

      You're wrong, racism is no longer institutionalized it is now individualized making it less effective. No longer can acts of discrimination go with impunity or are sponsored by the state or an entire organization as policy. Yes there are individual acts of racism but only dullards tie those acts to the entire establishment or machine. That is an outdated civil rights strategy created by the matrix which has since been passed to the gays,let it go...

    • ymcmb

      Back then it wasn't black people's fault for how they were treated. Nowadays it is there fault, filling up the jails having many baby mama's and staying in poverty because they rather hustle then study.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    He needs his ass kicked.

  • Anonymous

    get AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way the fuqq outta here with that bullsheeit

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