Tyga Defends Rick Ross Lyric, Refers To "Freedom Of Speech"

Tyga shares his thoughts on Rick Ross' controversial "U.O.E.N.O." lyric, says he's also being boycotted due to his lyrics.

Compton rapper Tyga has now become the latest artist to share his thoughts on Rick Ross’ controversial “U.O.E.N.O.” lyric and the backlash that quickly followed. Tyga seemed to come to the defense of Ross during an interview with Justin Credible when he was asked about the recent criticism the rapper has received.

The Young Money artist went on to state that Ross was merely demonstrating “freedom of speech” on the song. He also pointed out that “U.O.E.N.O.” is not actually the MMG founder’s record.

“It’s like freedom of speech,” said Tyga. “People act like they don’t condone it. Like you can’t say what you feel. You know what I’m saying? It’s just stupid,” said Tyga, before addressing Rick Ross’ “U.O.E.N.O.” lyric. “What he said that’s just freedom of speech. It wasn’t even his record. For them to do all that off of a mixtape song that wasn’t even his is kinda like – You just got those groups they just wanna [petition].”

Tyga’s currently dealing with a situation somewhat similar to that of Ross'. According to the rapper, his upcoming performance at Harvard University is being boycotted by a group who believe that Tyga promotes “sexism and rape culture.”

“I wanted to speak on that because this weekend I’m performing at Harvard, which is one of the most prestigious universities in the world,” Tyga revealed in a video posted on HotNewHipHop.com. “There’s a group on campus that are protesting to not have me perform because of my lyrics. And they said I promote sexism and rape culture…At the end of the day people have the right to have opinions. I have the right to have an opinion. And I have the right to say what I want on my music cause it’s my music. If you don’t like it, don’t click on it, don’t download it. I think it’s just getting out of hand with the whole like people looking into it too much.”

A number of protests and petitions have spawned over the past weeks thanks to a lyric from Ross on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.” On the controversial song Ross raps, "Put molly all in her champagne, she ain't even know it / I took her home and enjoy that, she ain't even know it."

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  • Come On

    Not condoaning what he said or Rapped about because you need to respect woman more cause if it wasn't for them his fat-ass woulding be here. So good job reebok on pulling your sponser, However how when D12's Bizzare Rapped about: " I fucking hate you/I take your draws Rape you/While doctor Dre Video tapes you/ See:"Fight Music" I don't remember anybody making a huge stink about that,maybe because he wasn't ass subtle about it? Either way shit like that is not freedom of speech its just dumb and should not be in anyones music and partly why Bizzare was my least favorite member of the group,If you Had a daughter someone did that to her you would not be okay with that, so all you saying its not that bad maybe you should think twice about that and Tyga you probaley just gave your career a hit by defending that Dummy!!! not smart expecially with your album coming out.

    • YEBO


  • Anonymous

    ja rule shoved his balls in y'allz mouth

  • Anonymous

    ja rule ain't about fake shit

  • Anonymous

    ja rule shuts shit down

  • Anonymous

    Ja rule is the only nigga allowed to perform on student campuses

  • Anonymous

    Tyga stated that its not the student who are boycott him but others well TYGA STOP WITH YOUR LIES IT'S THE STUDENT WHO ARE WRITING LETTERS TO THE DEAN CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE AND LETTER FROM A STUDENT http://hiphop365.com/harvard-students-boycott-tyga-launch-petition-to-cancel-concert/

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn't Ja be the one performing Harvard? Nigga smarter than all you!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule believes in freedom for all people, even OJ.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross is a piece of shit, people shouldent be listening to his music in the first place. With that being said I do defend the freedom of speech.

  • dentaldamboy


  • Anonymous

    "Though Mr. Lanzas life remains mostly opaque, interviews in recent weeks show that he was a socially fragile individual captivated by warfare video games and bent on military service." Call of Duty having violent content doesn't have anything to do with this guy being a social misfit or a recluse. Did the game come to him? lol No. He sought it out. Played it, and if he took it literally then that's his issue. Nice try though.

  • amanda

    U.O.E.N.O. lyric. What he said thats just freedom of speech. It wasn't even his record. For them to do all that off of a mixtape song that wasn't even his is kinda like You just got those groups they just wanna [petition]. well Tyga let me correct you, It's not his record but its his verse on that record. Maybe its ok in your world to put a molly in a girls drink for sex but in the normal world its a NO NO, its called JAIL TIME. Of course you would agree to his lyrics due to the facts you are dealing with a situation somewhat similar to that. You are forgetting one most important thing.. YOUR SUPPORTS TYGA ARE MOSTLY FEMALES NOT MALES. What made you famous are your supporter and those are mostly the females.Remember the rules tyga, don't shi** on the hand that feeds you. YES YOUR FANS FEED YOU. good luck

  • Anonymous

    Hey Tyga, the University also has the right to refuse to have you step foot on their campus! You suck anyway

  • Tripleseven

    And niggaz still don't believe the fluoride in our water and our infiltrated education system ain't dumbing us down. Tyga is the prime example of that shit.

  • Kay

    Somebody please kill Tyga.

  • Tyga

    Therefore, if the bitch consented to having sex with rick BEFORE SHE PASSED OUT UNDER THE INFLUENCE of a drug, then she technically wasn't raped? Yanahmean? Yanahmean? Yanahmean?

  • Tyga

    look here man. rick ross should be able to speak his mind, yanahmean? don't interpret his lyrics as rape, yanahmean? what ricky rozay is saying, yanahmean, is that he did slip a molly in her drink and she didn't know it, yanahmean? HOWEVER, yanahmean, before she passed out, she did consent to having sex with him, yanahmean? when he said "she didn't even know it", that means she didn't know how good the SEX was gunna be, yanahmean? yadig? yasmellme?

    • amanda

      tyga, you really don't make sense on this and trying to explain what the lyrics mean and how she said yea before she passed out smdh lol. how would you know? since when is a good sex when a female is passed out smdh. out of all the headliners you are the only one who is depending him in the public eye. The fans which are mostly females supports who made you who you are. if it wasn't for the fans, you wouldn't be a headliner right now. I have supported you from day one,but what you are saying is totally wrong. god bless you

    • Chris Etrata

      Where did he say that the woman wanted sex?

  • Anonymous

    freedom of speech but you STILL have to pay for what you said...phat boy brought up an real issue that is common in south florida....roofies....or whatever they are called now is a serious crime that phat boy WAS talking about. and now these clown niggas are defending him, putting themselves out there and risk losing some of their fan base and maybe even some endorsements

  • So Icy Boi / Yung Icy Boi!

    Tyga will sell at least 200k next week. he reminds me of 2Pac and Rakim... same gangsta-attitude, lyrical skills and soul. niggaz cant deny YMCMB saved hip hop. Lil Weezy, Drake and Tyga are da resurrection of Golden Age and Old School Hip Hop. swag

  • Anonymous

    It's just a stupid Fucking lyric. Why dont you also petition lyrics about shooting and killing people? Killing is ok but raping isn't? Bunch of fucking fucktards.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you to a certain point. One of the reasons why people are making a bigger issue out of these lyrics is because they can apply to women of every ethnic background. When artists rap about violence, they are usually directing them to black folks, so nobody really cares except for a few conscious folks. Something like that

    • Anonymous

      I concur....non educated fools

  • Anonymous


    • foreal

      those "misunderstanding" words were not his own. they are from his manager/publicist telling him that he will take a PR hit and the only excuse they could think of is "misunderstanding".

  • narizer

    you see rick ross and the fools that agree with this mess are real dickheads oh yeah and i would like to see rick ross be raped and drugged too but first you have to find someone to do it

  • Benjamin

    haha so stupid. freedom of speech?? yea, but it still matters what u say. u talk about rape ? Ok then, we have to protect this statement and this person because of freedom of speech. haha smh

  • John-Boy

    This nigga is wifed up with a hood rat stripper and even got the chick pregnant, therefore, nothing that comes out of his mouth should be deemed intelligent or sensible. Rick Ross is protected by freedom of speech. He was allowed to make the rape comment and he will not face any jail time for it. That does not mean people have to accepting of the comment. Yeah, a white person can walk up to a black person and call him a nigger and claim freedom of speech, but that does not protect him from the imminent ass whooping that follows does it? Just saying. Your mouth can get you into trouble.

    • Anonymous

      Co sign People who think freedom of speech has anything to do with this are ignorant. Nobody is trying to take away Ross's right to make statements like the one he made. But, if he chooses to do that then people have the right to react to it. Reebok also has the right to decide whether or not they want to do business with a guy who promotes rape and makes them look bad to their female customers, radio stations have the right to decide whether they want to support this kind of "man", etc etc etc The same freedoms that protect Ross's right to speak freely also give the rest of us the right to react to it accordingly.

  • A

    WHERE ARE THESE GUYS PR PEOPLE TELLING THEM TO SHUT THE HELL UP? So ignorant, then they open their mouths and make them look even more stupid

  • Anonymous

    No ones boycotting tyga..its just no one wants to buy his albums or go to his shows..

  • Anonymous

    oh I did not know that there was a rape culture, when did it become fashionable? lol

  • foreal

    i would like to start off by saying Tyga sucks and is an idiot. Freedom of speech is great. But Rick Ross has a responsibility as a role model (some people look up to him). Showing kids it is cool to drug a female and take advantage is not cool. a song that comes to mind for some reason is Dear Mama by 2 Pac. It just shows how much respect you should have for women whether they are your momma or not. That girl is someones sister, cousin, mother, daughter. It could be your relative.

  • Anonymous

    Let's just wait until Rick Ross gets drugged and raped. Pulp Fiction style. SORRY RICKY! FREEDUMB OF SPEECH, RIGHT?

  • GBtha G

    uoeno .....I need 2 listen 2 dat shet.But fuck u all non intelligent females coz I know yall would like 2 fuck rick ross' dick.punk bitchiz.

  • Anonymous

    talking about putting a drug in a womans drink and she aint know is not freedom of speech and is stupid

    • GBtha G

      betta put dat shit in her glass or vice versa.who got played muthafucka??????!!!!! its freedom of speech especially in america.FULL STOP.

  • Anonymous

    Is it how chain swing Tired of my face Telling lies gettin' niggas wives tied up and raped RICK ROSS - GUNPLAY

  • anon

    valley boy tyga, and the c.o. both should be shot!

  • SomeDudeBruhBruh

    ...people making a mountain out of an anthill. Why are people tripping over a work of fiction... I doubt Ross raped anything aside from every item on the WingStop menu.

    • GodBody

      How would you feel if someone tried to convince your son to go rape girls at the local club. Further more how would you feel if someone tried to convince some one to go rape your daughter. This is what Ross is doing. He might not have raped anyone himself but he's encouraging it nevertheless.

  • Hanz

    tyga blew my best friend JoJo behind the baskeyball courts in high school..face fucked him like a wild animal



  • Anonymous

    just another puppet for satan

  • oxymoron

    im not even big on ross but hes not the 1st to use rape ina song x, slim & necro even the late great biggie its not as bad as every1 makes out

    • James

      While im not condoning rape bars at all. It's not just him spitting a rape line, it's how it was done and the timing of it. Obviously with the college football case just gone down in the US there's alot of people talking about a 'rape culture' etc due to the pathetic sentences the rapists got, as well as what seems like an endless series of gang rapings in india. On a similar note, he's talking about date rape drugs, which is alot more seedy to put in a record than just straight rape, for instance when biggie rapped about it, it was in tracks where each line was supposed to be that controversial, so people knew it likely wasn't true. Whereas when you have Rick Ross talking about date raping girls, that's a lot more believable. He spat a seedy line at a time when the whole rape culture thing to it is blowing up. He walked right into this one, and it's good that someones finally being held accountable on it.

  • chess

    this nigga Tyga from Redondo Beach haha

  • Anonymous

    I aint ever supporting this muthafucka anymore. this is just sick that he would stick up for lyrics referring to rape.

  • Anonymous


  • WORD

    Doesnt this nigga have a daughter?? How can he be okay with someone talking about drugging bitches and fucking them. Tyga is a straight cornball from one of the lamest crew ever. Nigga shouldnt even be mad if his daughter grows up to be a rachet slut. Cause his music centers around it.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, if you don't have anything intelligent to say, you should always STFU first!

  • Anonymous

    This whack nigga need to sit down and stfu with his mac lipstick he wearin. What if it was your daughter getting raped after drinking some shit? Worm ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    "make raven symone call date rape" - biggie

    • ^

      Nigga, you just went full retard. Everything you say is a bunch of bullshit lies.

    • dumbdumbernigga^^^youstupidaf

      biggie being the greastest is YOUR opinion & yes biggie is my favorite rapper of all time, with that being said yall wrong for ONLY going after rick ross, Tyler the creator talked about raping women on his last album & I dont hear shit about it or ppl kickn him off Cartoon Network & how could you sarcasticly talk about rape ? at the end of the day biggie said it & he didnt get fucked up over it, dmx, einem, tyler, biggie etc have ALL talked about rape & fucked up shit that got looked over....you dont have to like ross but be fair atleast & Rick ross is one of the greatest in this new generation the fact that u dont like him but still read up on him & want to voice ur own opinion about him is proof alone...........FUCK U PUSSY REEBOK HATIN NIGGAS

    • ^^smartdumbnigga

      holy shit you are one giant troll and a walking contradiction at the same damn time are you defending blurd titties or opposed? because your argument is scattered like an uneducated rant. youre definitely passionate. just cant tell which side? haha! its really hard for me to get into conversations about comparing arguably the greatest rapper/artist of our generation to. rick ross. especially with a troll. haha! but biggie was OBVIOUSLY joking artistically. ricky was trying to be cool and looked like a douche. simple math kid oh yeah more simple math.. biggie recorded that track in 93.. if raven was 21 then, she must be... 41 now? yeah my math is way off huh?

    • Anonymous

      if by multiple blogs you mean 2 then ok. and if by teenager you mean raven was 21 at the time then ok. And not to mention if she was a teen that would make the line even more disgusting dont ya think? so your point is moot. and your facts are clearly inaccurate on all counts. and how does joking about rape make it more acceptable to you? how do you reconcile that notion in your head? are you saying if this was a funny song you have given him a pass? my bet is that you would just use it as ammunition just as you are now. not to mention biggie also made serious songs about raping the virgin mary and dissing jesus. but where was your outrage? no where to be found the truth is, even he said it as a joke, you would let him have it, not because of what was said, but because of who said. eminem made serious songs about killing his wife and kids etc. yet you never said anything about it. there is clearly more to this than a line about rape. this is clearly more about your dislike for the person who said it.

    • smartdumbnigga

      ive noticed you dropping that line on multiple hip hop blogs today... so lets look at that line... and the entire track youre referring to entitled, DREAMS. i dont think anyone took biggie seriously on that line. raven wasnt even a teenager at the time. Lol. rick ross is trying to sound sly here. much more authentic in terms of realistic application





  • Anonymous

    can someone tell him this has nothing to do with freedom of speach. You can say whatever you want no one said you couldnt its the subject matter that is offensive and pretty much saying heyy i rape bitches, and most people arent cool with that

    • Anonymous

      "oh no a rape lyric! I'm not cool with it so I need to voice my opinion on it and act emotionally because acting logically hasn't done shit for us!"

  • asher1985

    like it or not tyga is absolutely right

    • asher1985

      exactly, or give a pass to eminem for whatever reason. have you listened to kim? that line was so tame by todays standards anyway!

    • Awlready

      Yeah, he is. Regardless of how you feel about Ross's lyrics, he absolutely had the right to say what he said. Freedom of speech overrides your 'feelings'. You don't have a right to be censor another person's viewpoint because you were offended. It's really that simple. These are the same idiots who listen to music about murder & kidnapping all day.

    • asher1985

      no he's not idiot!

  • AV

    Wait. Everybody, let's see what Tyga thinks of the situation. Are you there, Tyga?

  • Anonymous

    Tyga = Dumbest nigga alive

  • Anonymous

    after how all these other rappers talked about oh he got shot like how I got shot but he aint fucking breathing, they dont investigate that but do investigate this? Yea... somebody just wants some money...

  • real nigguh

    "Mane fuk Tyga" ^^^^ Realest post I've sen today

  • Cen

    Man you idiots dont know shit. We all know that John Cena is the best rapper in the game.

  • westcoastallDAYY

    TYGA is legit the FAKESTTTT nigga in hiphop. ross at least looks like he may have a penis. wheter he see his dick or not is a dif subject, but i think the D is present at least. Tyga on the other hand is the fakest lame ever, a product of industry connections babying him into a role cuz he prolly gave the hot mouth to a label CEO or double popped weezy and baby in the YMCMB office. nigga u are soooo dumb. ur defense was pathetic and ignorant. kinda like the last album. and oh yeah, BTW nigga, ur like 4 months LATE to the Molly party, and Honey Cocaine is a massive gook terd. joke shit. its okay if this music shit is all hollywood. hollywood is all hollywood and no one has a problem with tiny, bisexual Tom Cruise playing a alpha male hero in erry film. thats cool, know why? CUZ HE IS AN ADMITTED ACTOR. YOU STILLLLLL TRY TO SAY YOURE NOT. Im from compton u penis boi, ur name ring no bells, no one respect u. ur a disney channel ass nigga. stop acting hard, stop playing a role, and most of all....read a damn book. oh yeah, stfu about shit that dont pertain to u, especially when ur opinion set all of us black ppl back yet again. just cuz you can speak freely in the USA doesnt mean outwardly talking about date rape is a defendable move, but u dont look like u the type a nigga to treat a woman anyway. especially if the women in ur life and sex trade bati bois from south asia like Honey Cocaine dog.

  • Really?

    He sounds like a complete moron. Uhh.. its like uhh.. freedom of speech. People can say what they wanna say but when they say it they get in trouble for saying it. It's not fair. Dumbass. I don't see how anyone could condone anyone promoting rape. Maybe he needs to get raped in his asshole to see how unacceptable the sh*t is. And sorry but music does have an influence on kids. I used to think it didn't, but then I grew up.

  • 5thlion

    jus cuz we have freedom of speech we shouldnt use that shit as a crutch to say dumb shit its bad enough that this young generation get influenced so easily why not use the right to speak to say something meaningful that will get our peoples the fuck out the ghettos instead of keeping em there while you chill in your mansions an an fancy cars not giving a fuck about your fans while they try to emulate the dumb shit u say cuz they look up to you ....positivity is silence in the hood these days

  • Anonymous

    whole problem is you ain't NWA



  • yeaaahh

    Music/video games/movies do NOT cause tragedies!! I grew up listening to gangsta rap and not once have I committed a crime. You know why??? It's because I have GOOD parents who taught me right from wrong. That's who you blame if you want to blame someone!! Mental health issues and bad parenting are the reasons for violent acts -- not entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    How surprising. A fake rapper defending another fake rapper.

  • corny

    Tyga is one of the wackest out. I'm all for "freedom of speech", but you have to be dumb to have yourself out here defending blatant rape lines like that. I wouldn't even speak on it let alone defend it. smh

  • Unicorn Meat

    I'm surprised this idiot can even spell freedom.

  • donnis mac

    loL, this dude jumped in front of a hail of bullets with a pleather vest on.

  • AONHipHop

    Tyga, your an idiot. Stop focusing on issues that you shouldn't be focused on (because your opinions are idiotic) and start focusing on making a half decent album. Cuz you new one? TRASH!!!

  • Anonymous

    this computer really messed up the way I worded that statement. LOL

  • Anonymous

    "Freedom Of Speech" vs "Responsible." Like it our not, entertainment have some kind of responsibility over the culture. Whether they want it or not, young kids really do live by their words. That is evident just by looking at twitter and ig posts.

  • Anonymous

    interesting how he says dont download it. instead of dont buy it

  • Chris Etrata

    Also, I found Tyga's defense in regarding to the petition pretty weak. It's more like a deal with it response!!


    lol that was a well thought out educated statement...ummmmm, its like...ummmmmmmm...and then...they wanna petition...what a lil clown...hes an idiot for even getting involved in the situation, he deserves whatever backlash comes from it

  • Anonymous

    of course this lil fake ass is gonna defend rick ross, they have a lot of in common and its not keeping it real

  • Anonymous

    "Funny how you call out rappers but don't say anything about Video Games or Movies" Blaming movies and video games is weak and has never amounted to anything. The thing that makes rap lyrics more dangerous are the millions of kids who listen to Ross and Tyga talk about raping chicks, and then they want to turn around and try to do at a party. I think that's why people get outraged because they know kids look up to these fucking idiots more so than any other form of entertainment. They aren't role models, and yeah they have free speech, but free speech isn't what it used to be. Anybody who thinks they can say whatever is in for a big surprise.

    • Mitt Romney

      you fucking idiot, lanza had a mental disorder and was on antidepressants which fucks with your head. I bet you are a liberal welfare hoard wanting to ban guns.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe Mr. Lanzas has a mental disorder.

    • Anonymous

      "Blaming movies and video games is weak and has never amounted to anything" ^ nope "Though Mr. Lanzas life remains mostly opaque, interviews in recent weeks show that he was a socially fragile individual captivated by warfare video games and bent on military service." "agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed a person who said Mr. Lanza rarely left his home. The witness considered Mr. Lanza to be a shut-in and an avid gamer who plays Call of Duty, amongst other games, according to a law-enforcement affidavit accompanying the warrants"-NYTimes ^ search that article

  • Chris Etrata

    What did he mean by it's not Rick Ross's record? He wrote his lines so he's responsible. Also, freedom of speech, does not mean encouraging others to brake the law by raping someone. What did I expect from Tyga anyway he's from YMCMB. Common would condemn that shit.

    • Wes

      Seriously... even if he hadn't written his own lines, he chose to say (and profit off of) them. Also, just because he technically has freedom of speech to advocate for rape, doesn't mean the rest of us can't use our freedom of speech to be pissed off in return!

    • Chris Etrata

      Your theory is right but Tyga's explanation is piss poor weak. Rick Ross wrote his own lyrics, or at least chose to rap them. (He might have ghostwriters) Besides, you can't just attribute to Free speech each time there's a problem. If someone made a serious threat to murder someone, would you think the public will just blame it as a statement? Anyway, what misunderstanding exists? I heard the lyric and it sounded exactly like date rape.

    • Anonymous

      he thinks because its a rocko song from a mixtape that ross shouldnt be held accountable to his lyrics promoting date rape

  • Colione

    Ok.. I want all of you to understand something. I'm Colione from the world famous j.u.s.t.i.c.e League. Nothing can stop us. We are God compared to you. We have produced songs for the best artists in world. So understand that you will bow to me Rook, and Kenny. You will worship our name. The J.u.s.t.i.c.e League are the best producers in the history of music. NO ONE HAS DONE WHAT WE HAVE DONE. So get on you knee's and worship us. Look at me. Look at my tatoo's. You think for a second that we are going anywhere. I'M COLIONE MOTHERFUCKER. I'M COLIONE FROM THE WORLD FAMOUS J.U.S.T.I.C.E. LEAGUE. WE WON A GRAMMY. You will bow to us. Everyone of you reading this will worship me..

  • PF215

    "And I have the right to say what I want on my music cause its my music. If you dont like it, dont click on it, dont download it." At least he knows he aint moving no units.

  • 905

    Tyga, Ross and many other rappers need to take responsibility for the kinds of messages they promote. Unfortunately young people listen to this kind of music and are influenced negatively by it. I know because I used to be one of these young people. It promotes sexism, consumerism, violence and a whole slew of other negative things. Man up and take responsibility.

    • 905

      Well I am white, but I'm certainly not racist; I'm not quite sure how you found racism in my post. I'm actually a hip-hop producer in Canada. I support music with positive messages and as far as video games go, they aren't influencing kids to go out and spend all their money on iphones and chains or to sell drugs in their community. Sorry buddy but you sound like an ignorant fool.

    • Industry Advocate

      905 is 1000% right! That's why Hip Hop isn't a respected art form anymore outside of Urban Areas! Rappers never want to take responsibility for what they put out, but always wanna keep it real!

    • dentaldamboy

      Sounds like you are the one butt hurt by innocent lyircs. Funny how you call out rappers but don't say anything about Video Games or Movies. You must be white and a racist.

  • dentaldamboy

    That's right you idiots. Organizaing a protest in front of a company's offices is extortion. It should not be protected. Protests should be relegated to opposition of government action. These ugly socialist dykes want to stop black men from expressing themselves and succeeding.

    • dentaldamboy's tutor

      You sucked me off last night.

    • You are so dumb

      You're so fucking dumb. So basically black men are expressing themselves by promoting rape? They have nothing positive to say? You just obliviously fed us right into the stereotype. Go floss your teeth and take your dumbass to bed. Seriously. Dont speak for us anymore. Ignorant lil punk.


      lol if it was black women protesting white people he would have no problem with it...butthurt is the perfect word for him...everybody is out to stop the black man...keep telling yourself that kiddo lmfao

    • 905

      uh oh...someone's butthurt

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