Meek Mill Confirms Jadakiss & Rick Ross Features On "Dreamchasers 3"

After some new delays, Meek Mill updates fans on "Dreamchasers 3" and updates some names from the February tracklist that now appears erroneous.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania emcee Meek Mill is finishing up his Dreams Come True tour. While in Washington, DC this past weekend, the Maybach Music Group sensation spoke about his third volume of acclaimed mixtape series, Dreamchasers.

Interviewed by 93.9 FM WKYS, Meek revealed that it's still a work in progress. "I'm like halfway through it," said the touring emcee. "I've been movin' around, tourin', so I didn't get to finish it as [originally planned]." Originally, Mill shared an image that was believed to be Meek's Dreamchasers 3 tracklist in late February, not that he hadn't added all the features. Asked about guests on the upcoming free tape, Meek confirmed, "I know I got Akon, I got Tory Lanez, Future, a bunch of people—[Rick] Ross, you know the whole MMG, automatic." Ross, Wale, and other members of Maybach Music were not originally listed in the February post.

The full six-minute interview is below:

Meek last released Dreamchasers 2 in May of 2012.

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  • Anonymous

    "Nobody's gonna buy his next album" Nobody is a laughable word. If there are people out there buying Chief Keef then MM has nothing to worry about. All he has to do is sell another 300,000 and he's still in the game.

  • Anonymous

    damn dude is quiet after his album went triple wood. this mixtape better be fire or i don't see him recovering from this slump.

    • Anonymous

      Niggas making excuses. 360k is a good number for a vet like Nas; there's vets who can't even push 200k. Meek, however, there's no excuse for him to flop. Being young is no excuse; there's plenty of niggas his age who sold more. He does have a stable fanbase and his songs are all over radio/BET/MTV.

    • Anonymous

      Nas only sold 360,000. Guess he went wood too. A veteran rapper with a solid track record can't even push 500,000. Meek has an excuse. He's young and doesn't have a stable fanbase yet.

  • foreal

    maybe he should come out with a studio album after he had a good buzz last year and stop wasting rhymes on mixtapes. rick ross is too dumb to think of this himself.

  • Rick Ross

    Meek smell like the shit i just took, realtalk



  • Rick 4 lyfe

    Hip hop as we know it is about to change for the better. A secret supergroup label is forming between MMG and Murder Inc. Rumours are that Rick Ross and Ja Rule have been having secret meetings. Expect change! ITS MURDA RICKY ROZZAY AND JA RULE ITS MURDGA.

  • Anonymous

    meek meek confirms that he will be screaming all over this mixtape

    • What new

      Raps about the same shit, shouting in a microphone, same generic beat, rapping about his money (which he doesnt actually have much of) and there will be rick ross sitting on a bonnet of a laborgihni or porche supporting it. They will release some gay ass track called Maybach 4 lyfe. Which will make me vomit in disgust and never want to listen to rap music again. GENERIC SHIT.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously he'll ross on there he's on ross' dick

  • Dreamchasers 3 Tracklist

    1. Started From the Bottom (New Freestyle) 2. I Got Money (feat. Rick Ross) 3. Fuck You (feat. Jadakiss) 4. Loud Ass Niggas (feat. Waka Flocka Flame and DJ Khaled) 5. R.I.P. (Freestyle) 6. Maybach 4 Life (feat. Rick Ross, Wale and Gunplay) 7. Hallelujah (Amen Part II) (feat. French Montana and Future) 8. Livin That Life 9. Chrome Rims (feat. Rick Ross and 2 Chainz) 10. All Gold Everything (Freestyle) 11. Bad Bitch (feat. Trina and Wale) 12. Money Hungry 13. She Ain't Even Know It (feat. Rick Ross) 14. Drinks On Me 15. B.A.I.T. (Barry's Ass Is Terminated) (Cassidy Diss) 16. Still Chasin' Dreams (Outro) (feat. John Legend)

  • Chris Etrata

    What did you think of the tracklist below? Any hints to recent news lately?

  • Colione

    Ok.. I want all of you to understand something. I'm Colione from the world famous j.u.s.t.i.c.e League. Nothing can stop us. We are God compared to you. We have produced songs for the best artists in world. So understand that you will bow to me Rook, and Kenny. You will worship our name. The J.u.s.t.i.c.e League are the best producers in the history of music. NO ONE HAS DONE WHAT WE HAVE DONE. So get on you knee's and worship us. Look at me. Look at my tatoo's. You think for a second that we are going anywhere. I'M COLIONE MOTHERFUCKER. I'M COLIONE FROM THE WORLD FAMOUS J.U.S.T.I.C.E. LEAGUE. WE WON A GRAMMY. You will bow to us. Everyone of you reading this will worship me..

  • Anonymous

    Nobody's checking for this nigga. It's all about Ja Rule. #FREEJA

  • Anonymous

    C'mon, Meek. Put Ja Rule on there and you'll crash DatPiff even harder than last time.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody saw this one coming!!!

  • chaboi614

    Nooooo wayyyy...Rick Ross is gonna be on this??!!!?? What a fuckin surprise!! Haa..

  • Anonymous

    no Cassidy feature?

  • gun di liro

    Didn't this guys album just drop? lol. By dropping a tape this quick you're basically saying your album has no replay value. Nothing to go back worth checking for. Ross did the same thing, but dropped his tape even quicker after GFID. These guys clearly believe in quantity over quality.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Meek Mill is confirming that Rick Ross will be on his project ? shocking stuff.

  • Anonymous

    And I'm here to confirm that it will still be garbage!

  • Anonymous

    wack! desperate, screamin, cop lover is done.

  • dentaldamboy

    THANK GOD he was smart enough to not have Cole or Jay-Z on this album. Those two bums are billboard poison.

  • CD

    Exit to MMG Meek, your boss is a cop Future,Rick Ross Trash

  • Anonymous

    same shit different day you already know what to expect lol from the beats features drum patterns etc


    1. Dreamers 2. Pardon (feat. Jadakiss) 3. Molly (feat. Rick Ross) 4. Officer Undercover (feat. Rick Ross) 5. Bitches in the World (feat. Wale) 6. Raining Girls (feat. Drake) 7. Precious Gifts to Men (feat. Rick Ross) 8. Still Here 9. Fall of an Empire (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 10. It's All In the Past (feat. Chris Brown and Rick Ross) 11. Best Rapper Ever. 12. Lil Snupe Freestyle 13. Im Out.

  • >_

    who the fucks meek mill?

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what a free mixtape is going to do for Meek's momentum right now, but he seems to be getting the respect of other artists which is what he needs if he wants longevity.

  • Anonymous

    rick ross on a meek mill project? SHOCKING NEWS

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