Jay-Z & Beyonce's Cuba Trip Reportedly Licensed By U.S. Treasury Department

A source tells Reuters that Jay-Z and Beyonce were cleared by United States officials before their apparently-controversial fifth wedding anniversary visit to Cuba.

Over the past week, Jay-Z and Beyonce's fifth wedding anniversary vacation to Havana, Cuba has been called into question. Two Florida lawmakers have reportedly investigated how to celebrity couple obtained permission to go to the island which is part of a trade embargo with the States. As reported yesterday, United States Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart, asked Adam Szubin, who serves as Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control, for "information regarding the type of license that Beyonce and Jay-Z received, for what purpose, and who approved such travel."

Reuters, who originally reported the investigation, now claims to have been contacted by a source, allegedly close to Jay and Bey, and familiar with the trip. That source claims that the couple obtained their license from the United States Treasury Department. No official statements have been made, though Reuters' report has re-appeared in multiple newspapers.

Republican reps Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart are also calling the vacation disrespectful to Cuban immigrants who lived through an oppressive Castro Regime. Jay-Z and Beyonce have not addressed these challenges.

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  • Otiz,

    Welcome to Havana Smoking cubanos with Castro in cabanas Viva Mexico, Cubano Dominicano, all the plugs that I know Driving Benzes, wit' no benefits Not bad huh? For some immigrants Build your fences, we diggin' tunnels Can't you see? We gettin' money up under you.

  • Mr Hov

    told you murfuckas all i do is ball...

  • Cynical_Heathen

    I'm starting to think you do this on purpose. The 2nd g'damn sentence this time.. my god.. smfh "reportedly investigated how to celebrity couple ..." wtf?! You were the only one I had (a small) hope for Jack, but clearly your entire team fails miserably at proof reading anything before its posted. I'm honestly starting to come here only to see how terrible of a job everyone does. As well as starting to wonder how much you should be paying me (I'm obviously the ONLY person reading these for grammatical accuracy & willing to take the time to point it out). Everyone should be fired at this point.

  • Anonymous

    The perks of selling your soul!! Gotta love it! lol

  • X




  • Brandon

    Hes not a business man/ Hes a BUSINESS MAN!/ Let him get back to his business DAMN~!

  • Anonymous

    It's like I said on here yesterday, Beyonce & Jay-Z have helped Obama get elected in the US, not once..but twice.. they donated & campaigned for the man.. the least he can do is let them go to Cuba..lol follow @ noles506

  • Anonymous

    Land of the free (accept for traveling to places we say you can't)

  • IMhO

    who rly cares if jayz went to cuba loll seriously ppl rly care about ppl do TO much. stick to judgin the music and not the personal lives of ppl hiphops turnin into gossip girls

  • yo

    I'm Cuban and I don't give a fuck where Jay-Z goes on vacation.

  • Infurneaux

    How are they disrespecting the country by going on vacation for their wedding anniversary?

  • Anonymous

    The US has a no vacation law and trade embargo because of the regimes in Cuba, it's nothing new. Read a book before you start spouting off about shit you dont know

  • Papa G

    Just cause we have an embargo against cuba doesnt mean US citizens dont go there...especially a multi millionare, who the fuck cares? Jay could go wherever he wants

    • J

      To the jackasses saying, "oh well who cares about the law, thats an old outdated law." maybe you should do a little bit more research on Cuban American relations. You're not a "nerd" because you agree with a law. Its illegal for someone to travel from the US to Cuba. However it is not illegal for an American to travel to Cuba. kind of like a rectangle is a square but a square isn't always a rectangle. Maybe the shape analogy that took it back to a 1st grade level will help some of you understand. I have no problem with Jay Z going to Cuba, he is free to do so in the way that every other American who wants to go to Cuba does. Just because he's rich doesn't mean he is more entitled to go somewhere. He puts his pants on and shits the same way i do. He just might be shitting more expensive food.

    • Papa G

      i know there are no direct flights, but regardless, because of the amount of money he has, he can make it almost possible to go anywhere in the world. wasn't saying whether it was illegal or not, because I dunno and that obviously doesn't stop someone who has that much money.

    • Anonymous

      another thing, its not illegal. ppl can get permits, which is what they did.

    • Anonymous

      true. also, its not illegal to go to north korea. if there was some sort of logic to the rule, like you'll get your ass kidnapped, then it makes sense. but its just spite

    • Anonymous

      People are mad because these clowns, the same ones like Mitt Romney, who fly to the Caymans and hop on a Cessna to Cuba for food and bitches and cigars, NOW want to make it a big deal because Jay & Beyonce did what these hypocritical assholes have BEEN doing, touching down in Cuba. Y'all sound like nerds with "well, the law says....". That tourism and embargo law is some outdated, holding a grudge bullsh*t. Cuba is no threat with those crickety Soviet missiles. Dudes still salty over Bay Of Pigs.

    • Anonymous

      J: HE JUST DID.

    • J

      Holy shit you people are ignorant. He can't go wherever he wants. It is Illegal(ill type it again in case it takes you reading it twice to understand the word), illegal to fly from the US to Cuba. you can go down to Mexico or Argentina and get into Cuba and i know that from word of mouth from people who have been. These people i know that went had to go to Mexico to get to Cuba from the east coast. people are mad because these are 2 celebrities who are somehow above national affairs laws.

  • janisfreimanis

    holy shit! you now need a license to travel... go use!

  • Lboy

    These republican sheep dont have a hgiher cause then this to dedicate their energy too?, Who made them the official spokes people for what Florida Cubans find disrespectful? Cus alot of people didnt even know Jay and Beyonce had their annivery in Cuba, I sure didnt til I read this article. What are they trying to get out of this? fail.

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