Two Members Of Congress Investigating Jay-Z & Beyonce's Cuba Trip

United States Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart are curious about the type of license Jay-Z and Beyonce used to tour Cuba, and claim it disrespects some Americans.

Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba last week. The celebrity couple appeared in numerous photographs on their tour to the capital city of Havana. Less than a week later, at least two members of Congress want answers.

Reuters reports that on Friday (April 5) United States Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart, asked Adam Szubin, who serves as Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control, for "information regarding the type of license that Beyonce and Jay-Z received, for what purpose, and who approved such travel."

Diaz-Balart and Ros-Lehtinen are both Republican members of Congress, both representing districts in Florida with high Cuban-American populations.

"Despite the clear prohibition against tourism in Cuba, numerous press reports described the couple's trip as tourism, and the Castro regime touted it as such in its propaganda," read the letter. "We represent a community of many who have been deeply and personally harmed by the Castro Regime's atrocities, including former political prisoners and the families of murdered innocents."

Last week, the State Department claimed no knowledge to the trip by the high-profile couple, who have been public supporters of President Barack Obama since his first term candidacy.

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  • Me

    Welcome to Havana Smoking cubanos with Castro in cabanas Viva Mexico, Cubano Dominicano, all the plugs that I know Driving Benzes, wit' no benefits Not bad huh? For some immigrants Build your fences, we diggin' tunnels Can't you see? We gettin' money up under you.

  • Anonymous

    rich as hell, and 'we' still aint 'free'

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up you little Penn State ho. Most parents wouldn't leave their kid just so they could go jet set somewhere.

  • Reas

    Americans go to Cuba all time though, so this is waste of time for the govt to even investigate this

  • Anonymous

    no body investigated D Rodman when he went to North Korea and chilled out with Kim and got to chop it up with a man who is now threatens to shoot nukes at people why dont you dumb fools do something bout Kim I guess he doesn't have any oil to steal like they do in Cuba

  • melissa

    Congress is investigating this? Oh sad...our country is falling a part as we speak from the laws set up by the same people trying to govern the land. The members of congress really need to get their priorities straight and learn how to do your job you're overpaid to do but DON'T do....fix the country and stop worrying about petty shit



  • j



  • j

    There is a US embargo on Cuba. Americans, unless given a special visa, are not supposed to spend money in Cuba and could be arrested or fined. why are so many silly comments being posted here?

    • Anonymous

      because its a stupid law being brought up at the wrong time by the wrong people with ulterior motives which makes this a piece of crap more. thats why...mean while cubans buy our music, smartphone, and clothes, and where does the money go?? yyyeaa....exactly....effin morons! I support Jay & Beyonce.....GOOD FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • truthforrealg

    he has no control of what the gov. does and who they like and who they dont like,how can you tell a free american who is not breaking laws he cant go somewhere because an old beef he has nothing to do with,stupid,were not much better than cuba,were just better at bullshitting and hiding the truths,HONEST

    • Anonymous

      I can tell by your words that you're not out there. People are barred daily from flying, word to the holding rooms in every airport in the nation. People get their passport apps denied daily. Ordinary non-felon citizens are on the TSA no-fly list. Not allowing you to fly IS a refusal of service, and if they feel you do not follow their rules they can even throw you off of the flight. Also, you can touch down in the next country and they don't want you there, you have to camp out somewhere until your return flight date, so you're not as free and entitled as you think. That book smart bullsh*t you're talking doesn't hold up against real life archival accounts little man. You don't even read the fine print on the service agreement.

    • JRich

      2nd Anon...I think you're the one who needs to get out more often. For one thing the right to refuse service has nothing to do with the OP. You don't have the right to tell people where they can and can't fly when they have taken the necessary steps to make it legal. Stupid son of a bitch

    • Anonymous

      "how can you tell a free american who is not breaking laws he cant go somewhere" ^ easy "we have the right to refuse service to anyone" signs are in America, you must don't get out much.

  • Anonymous

    yeah I went I caught a plane to Jamaica then caught a charter over to Havana big wop Congress

  • Anonymous

    So because you hate the leader we can't see the land or the country of Cuba itself? Jay-Z and Beyonce don't vote in Cuba so why are they mad at them?


    Jay and B were getting a healthcare plan for baby Blu...YUNG!!

  • Hank HIll

    It's congress.. if I were Jay-Z i wouldnt be giving a fuck. These niggas just want their names on mediatakeout so niggas can remember the name next time they cast their ballots

  • Art Brooks

    Fuck those bitch-asses in Congress.

  • Anonymous

    he was looking for cuban linx volume 3

  • Anonymous

    Where was Blue Ivy during this little getaway?

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z and Beyonce are sell outs to big corp and government. They and Hip Hop.

  • Nuts

    /Jay-z-public-service-announcement-Im-like che guevara with bling on, im complex

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z & Beyonce helped Obama win TWICE.. the least he can do is let them go to Cuba... follow @ noles506

  • anon

    this is stupid haha, anyone can go to cuba if you just go through mexico or canada...smh

  • Anonymous

    Two Republican American Cubans (both from Florida surprise!) mad that celebrities dare go to Cuba, shocking........SMH. Fucking republicans are too much lol.

    • Jack

      I love it, it does 't mean anything to you that they are CUBAN-Americans, people with far more knowledge than you or I about Castro's past and the oppression of a people in general, what matters is they are republican right? Lol who cares? And I think the two of them should make a monthly visit to Cuba, it's beautiful there. Wait, what? They're both whores for money and will sellout to the almighty dollar for whatever cause of the day there may be? Bwahaha what useful idiots.



  • Anonymous

    Heard Jay-Z was looking for new b-ball players while in Cuba.

  • George Zimmerman

    These rappers always get away with taking shady vacations. I'm going to turn into Charles Bronson and put an end to this right now.

  • Real Talk 1000

    As America consist of a nation of Free men, Americans are therefore free to travel to any place on this planet, without having to ask our own government for permission. Furthermore isolating the peoples of North Korea and Cuba from personal contact and international trade with free people does not hurt dictators, it empowers them.

    • donnis mac

      "As America consist of a nation of Free men, Americans are therefore free to travel to any place on this planet, without having to ask our own government for permission" ^ loL Go tell that nonsense to someone with a felony or in arrears. Meek Mill is a perfect example of telling you to stfu.


      You are a god damn moron.

    • grip

      I get your point, but if you have a social security card and a birth certificate you AIN'T are a WARD OF THE STATE........that means the government can get and stay in your business.....

  • RC

    These fuckin' politicians bitching about a celeb going to Cuba but I bet you dollars to doughnuts half of them are in line to suck some Chinese buisness man's dick and they're as fuckin' communist as you can get.

  • Fuck Marcy

    Cuba got the best cigars point blank, fuck the haters. By the way, fuck both Beyonce and Jay.

  • Anonymous

    sex tape of me and ja rule:

  • Anonymous

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  • riqrude

    Hey assholes remember slavery and those mean whitefolks who partook?? Shud we expect diaz and ross leithan to not assoc with witey for us?? Free world esp wen ur rich!!!

  • glrfc

    Good thing everything is going so well in the USA that all these idiot congressman have to worry about is where JayZ and Beyonce are.

  • George W. Bush

    he was probably smuggling narcotics.

  • nixnox

    perhaps congress should be concentrating on the debt crises not someones vacation plans

  • dentaldamboy

    This scumbag is going to get thrown in prison where he belongs. While Wayne and Birdman are out running the streets breaking all kinds of real laws, Jay is on his typical pussy shit, breaking some soft laws. I can't believe you welfare-recipients worship this guy.

    • Anonymous

      hes not breaking anything, i went to cuba through canada, why the hell are tensions so high its 2013...smh

    • Anonymous

      Either way, Jay's not breaking any laws here. These Congress people should more worried about other things like unemployment, North Korea, the economy, health-care, education, etc. than what rich celebrities do.

    • ^

      Nobody believes you. Jay-Z ain't getiing in trouble. You'd been saying sonething different if it was Birdman and Wayne, who, BTW, don't run the streets; why be in the ghetto when you're worth $100 million?

    • dentaldamboy

      Bribing an official will get Jay-Z more time in jail. I hope he tries is. Oh, and Birdman and Wayne DO run the streets. I know because I'm an accountant for Cash Money.

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z is worth more than $400 million. He ain't going to jail; he'll pay some people off to leave him alone. Also, if you think Wayne and Birdman are running the streets, then you're delusional as hell.

    • @OP

      Kill yourself for the bullshit you say.

    • cj

      you sound ignorant and uneducated, it would do us a whole lot of good if you never opened your mouth again. when did breaking laws become a sign of a man's manhood.

  • Anonymous

    We Americans can be so hypocritical sometimes. I've heard of Americans that were smuggled to Cuba to receive health care and certain operation's that they couldn't afford here. Because Cuba has free health care.

  • Anonymous

    Its not like they're touring Kim Jong's fortress ... its just fucking Cuba, its a vacation spot ... this is about rich black folk doing what they want.

  • stfuuignants

    Lets see is homie Obama is going to stand up for their friends.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder Jay doesn't take many vacations.

  • foreal

    i really do not understand this story. As many pointed out, congress should be worried about bigger problems like.... Unemployment, North Korea, The middle east, the economy, health care, education... i can go on and on Can someone please correct me if i am wrong, cant a person LEGALLY fly to... lets say canada or mexico then fly right to Cuba? I do not want to get into the whole castro topic, but i do not feel it is right for the government to stick their nose in the vacation plans of any american.

    • Jay-Z

      Ha! Ha! If you really want to know how to LEGALLY get into Cuba, fly to Venezuela or Panama, catch a boat, and I'll be waiting on the shores to show you how to do this son. Ha! Ha!

    • Anonymous

      "cant a person LEGALLY fly to... lets say canada or mexico then fly right to Cuba?" ^ no But no one was pointing you out either.

  • JRich

    Somehow I don't think that anyone who escaped Castro's regime gives a fuck if Jay and Beyonce go to Cuba. These salty ass Republicans are just mad that Jigga and Beyonce have the $$$ and the connections to do pretty much whatever they want, and they don't.

    • Burmy

      Meanwhile, the "Occupy Wall Street" Democrats are on their case for being part of the "1%". I think both political parties are going to split in two in the next 20 years...the GOP will split between the mainstream and the Tea Party, while the Democrats will split between the Occupyers and the minority business owners.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Sounds to me like congress is worried about the wrong shit, once again.

    • Anon

      You mean Chavez.

    • Anonymous

      I think he meant the face that Castro was a top ally of the Castros.

    • Burmy

      Chavez was head of VENEZUELA...*facepalm* The Castros are still your history & geography again.

    • donnis mac

      Seriously though. Russia been cut off Cuba since the Soviet Union, the Castro's are leaving public office, Chavez dead, ain't no reason to still be hating on Cuba. These out of touch clowns want to investigate, instead of using the platform to "help" out their constituents, especially when an immigration bill is pending.

  • whatevs

    people are gettin killed out ther and ya'll are busy on hov's dick.

  • shuttaman

    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen looks like a fat ugly bitch, the ones that are mad that they are mamis, but are mad that they are fucking ugly. A fucking waste. Dumb cunt.

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