Ray J To Release New Record Titled "I Hit It First"

Ray J alludes to former girlfriend Kim Kardashian in the title and cover art for his new single.

On Monday (April 8) morning, R&B crooner Ray J will drop a new record via TMZ and if the title of the single and its cover art are any clue, the song may allude to former girlfriend turned reality star Kim Kardashian.

HipHopWired.com reports that the title of the new single is “I Hit It First,” and the cover art seems to depict two blurred out individuals in an intimate position.

Both Ray J and Kardashian gained quick notoriety following the release of a home video several years ago. Kardashian is currently dating rapper Kanye West, who referenced the tape on “Clique.” On the record Kanye raps, “Break records in Louis/ Ate breakfast at Gucci/ My girl a superstar all from a home movie/ Bow on our arrival the un-American idols.”

The cover art for “I Hit It First” can be seen below.

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  • Ja Rule

    i have had this damn song stuck in my head alllllll morning. I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it first!

  • cris90s

    Smh after all these years he still talking about it. The funny thing is Kim played her cards right and made big money and kept it moving. What has Ray J done lately besides that Flavor Flav knock off show he did smh. He need to try again

  • foreal

    i like ray j, but come on... show some class. the WHOLE world saw that video, multiple and multiple times. We know you hit it homie, i am not hating. not too many people can say that got someone as good as her. i do not see a need to make a song about this topic, it makes it look like he hasnt moved on. She must have some good PSSY

  • Anonymous

    Ray Gay got no talent doe

  • What

    This is a sad nigga, ok you hit it first and do you know how many nigga hit that after you, and you still holding on to Kim, its scien to me you still got feeling for the chick and still miss her, why didnt marry the chick, then you would have to be talking about here all the time dude she been gone let it go.



  • Ray-J

    I hit it 1st and made the whore Famous. I've BEEN RICH, way before Kanye started sucking dick for $$.

  • Anonymous

    Ray J seems to be upset that he isn't relevant and will never be.

  • Anonymous

    watch kim and the mum try and sue him

    • ^^^^^???????^^^^^^^

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    • FTHEUS

      More like fuck the US. You guys are the biggest bunch of wankers on earth. 'More guns creates less violence'type of mentality. Tip toeing around Nth Korea like some bitches. Cant have all your troops everywhere all the time!


      brittish or british nobody gives a shit about brittain, fag.

    • Your Mom

      Its *British, dickhead..

    • Anonymous

      "mum" ? Whats with all the little faggy brittish kids on this site?Lol Fuck off and go suckle on your mumsie's titties.

  • Anonymous

    The sextape sucks and he'll forever be known as Brandys Little brother

  • Anonymous

    Ye is going to embarrass this lil Dude, not the right type of material to try and get some attention from, whatever lil buzz -if any will get killed by Ye.

  • Anonymous

    Hate to interrupt you scrubs gossiping, but the song leaked already. Pure comedy, just like you nerds acting like you wouldn't smash Kim. I'll let y'all get back to your butt-hurt, emotional, project bench chitty-chat.

  • Anonymous

    Kim's father should come back from the dead and slap her for sharing a bed with Brandy's little brother.

  • Gunn Starr

    who cares....whatever he does now is limited by what he has done...a sex tape

  • K

    With all the gorgeous Women in the World and the Entertainment Industry I still find it funny how Rappers and Singers share Girls and brag about it. Like Ray J ok you hit it back in the day we all know that. You bringing this up makes you look like #1 you're begging for attention #2 you're still not over her and #3 your career ain't so hot at the moment so you gotta come up with some kind of gimmick to get back in the Game. Real Playa's smash Girls and keep it movin and don't need to brag about it. We know you're getting around the Block so I just hope you're wrapping it up with all them Chicks you've been with. As for Kim and Kanye all the best with the baby congrats. But Mr West why would you wanna have a Kid with Kim? Gorgeous girl and all but that's not the type you Wife or have a Kid with. She's not Girlfriend material you'll see soon trust me. This should be interesting tho to see how Kanye's gonna reply to this track, if you do reply Kanye please don't sing during the verses or on the Hook.

  • Anonymous

    Kris Humpries is releasing a song called, "I Sued That First".

  • Anonymous

    lol this is funny. Ray fucked the shit out of Kim and now Kanye is fuckin this bitch. Everytime kanye sees this bitch mouth he knows ray has put it 10.000 times there already. lol

  • Anonymous

    the amount of industry women ray j fucked is admirable you gotta respect a pimp like ray j

  • Anonymous

    ray j never hit it first some nigga popped the cherry

  • Phill

    This shit is mad funny, I already know how Kanye is gonna respond too......"R n b singers/throwing stingers, with a middle a finger/but we aint with it haaahhh, been here for a minute hahhhh/you might have hit it (beat stops), but motherfucker i KILLED IT/

  • Kanye West

    I love watching Ray-J fuck the dog shit out of Kim K. Yes I admit..I am a BIG FAN OF THE TAPE and watch it nonstop while having sex with other girls. ps: Ray-J has a ANKLE SPANKER! My dick is only a lil midget

    • Ma$e

      Nah homie, you wrong about your sister Brandy, that hoe used to love me.

    • Ray-J

      Nobody knew this whore until she sat on my lap Rocket. She videotaped it to get some fame. Blame her success on me. I been on! My Whole family been rich, without slaving for $$. My Sister Brandy is NEVER a hoe, never made a tape.

    • Kim Kardashian

      Reggie Bush's custard launcher is a Beaver Basher... My ex Kris Humphries has a deep-V diver and Kanye.. well he has a giggle stick, not as much fun as a Jackhammer that I am used to.

  • Ja Rule

    fuck brandys lil brother and the gay fish, everybody knows i hit it.. It's Murdaa!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    everybodys wife or girl has been with another before you bif fm deal

  • Anonymous

    "the cover art seems to depict two blurred out individuals in an intimate position." I'm not sure what kind of intimate position you DX writers get into, but that is clearly the picture of Kim Kardashian in a bikini at the beach.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Swift's boyfriend shuffle: 13 Guys in 4 years!

  • Essex

    Taylor Swift has been with more men than Kim K.

  • Essex

    Can we honestly and seriously name all the guys you know she has "been with" I bet it's still less than your bitch. I can only think of four/five 1.Ray J 2.Reggie Bush 3.Kris Humfries 4.Kanye West 5.Nick Cannon....who may not have smashed, just went on dates.

  • eyesandteeth

    Ray J did NOT hit that shit first! Kim lost her virginity when she was 6 years old to the 1986 New York Mets. It was a crazy scene... Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, Mookie Wilson, and the rest of the crew tore that pussy up! Lots of cocaine was involved. I heard they even had Punky Brewster in the mix! After this, young Kim was hooked on black cock, especially penis from professional athletes. 2 years after this, the 1988 Detroit Pistons (The Bad Boys), ran a train on young Kim. Rick Mahorn, Dennis 'The Worm' Rodman, and John Salley all waxed that ass (Bill Laimbeer was not invited). I could go on, but I think you get the picture...

    • LMAO

      LMAO I remember an article last year where Kim was saying how her mom made her train for/have sex at the age of 14 or some shit. That's a sick Family to begin with. The 2 youngest ones are already being turned out

    • Anonymous

      we get the picture, you're a corny white boy

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is a big fan of the tape he used to watch it while having sex lol ray j is his idol 2 woman have said the same thing

  • ......

    he needs to get the fuck over it. the only way he can get his name in the news is to mention kim.

  • Anonymous

    Bad Azz exposed him as a homosexual already....He messes with a dude called "Young Buck"...The sextape was put out so we wouldn't question his sexuality anymore...So this means nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Ray J needs to go sit his ass down somewhere

  • ....

    Are all the people that hit it before Kanye gonna make a song about it? Because that'll be a lot of songs!!

  • kennyken

    you claiming to have hit it first sounds like you aren't happy that someone else is hitting it now, or either she's hitting someone way more talented than you now. shut up brandy brother.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. Ray J knows that's his only claim to fame. He's gonna be the old grandpa in the club dancing the two step talking about "back in the day...I hit that..."He reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite's uncle.

  • Truth

    I've seen the tape, Kim can't fuck for shit. She has no fucking skills whatsover. She can't ride dick or nothing. All she was doin is layin on her back with her legs spread wide open.

    • Anonymous

      but they probably made that tape on purpose, so she wasn't giving it her all.... i'd be willing to bet that she was holding back because she didn't want to seem like TOO much of a freak or a slut or whatever... and then, that shit is like 5 or 6 years old anyway. i bet that once she really became famous and started fucking around with mad people left and right then her skills in the bedroom improved greatly

    • Anonymous

      Who gives a damn? I'd still hit it

  • Kim K's Pussy

    Actually the 100 black guys in my 8th grade hit it first.

  • Born in 86

    This is Typical of a Nigger, always bragging about how he Fucked a White Bitch !

  • Yo!

    Did he think there were still people who don't know this already? It's his ONLY claim to fame! Ridin' the coattails of previous achievements? Lame.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you dude! lol These dude fighting over a bitch is some bitch shit. Well actually Kanye isnt really caring, its just Ray J thats still acting like a bitch about it.

  • xripperx

    this is so fucked up. regardless of how retarded kim kardashian may be, she's a fucking person, not a mannequin for these fucking guys to publicly claim possession over. also jacking Yeezy's cover art steez. this is shitty

    • @1st Anonymous

      Watch a KUTTK too much? Put your tampon on and realize that bitch is a piece of shit human being.

    • Anonymous

      What's with these idiots defending Kim? Ske's nothing more than a untalented reality TV whore who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth (other things go into her mouth, too, if you know what I mean.).

    • Anonymous

      "got pregnant by another dude while still technically married" ^ so? She ain't the only woman who's done that and won't be the last. You sound like some morally correct square.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not defending her. If she were anybody else, the situation would still be fucked up. Kanye shouldn't be calling out chicks he's slept with (even though it was on some psuedo subtle shit), and Ray J's L taking ass definitely shouldn't be responding to that. It's just disrespectful. A slut and a whore though? really? what do you think about male rappers who talk about fucking hundreds of women in every damn song? I'm not trying to get on some extra feminitst shit right now, but it scares me that there are people who honestly think Kim Kardashian is a slut and a whore who deserves whatever treatment she gets 'because this is the life she chose' (considering that you don't know her or her life for shit). What do you think about male rappers who make 17 million dollars off of pimping their supposed crack-dealer-straight-from-the-hood image? That's success, right? That's cool, right? If rappers have to brag about selling drugs and killing people to get money, and idiots like kim have to sleep with those rappers and make sex tapes, I say all's fair. There's just a lot of hypocrisy and bullshit that these rappers put out in their music that people get wrapped up in.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      Be fucking real. Your defending the same slut who pocketed 17 million for a sham marriage, got pregnant by another dude while still technically married, and who's only talent is whoring herself out on television. This is the life she chose, stop feeling fucking sorry for her.

  • Anonymous

    It's gonna be a hot summer, once Yeezy gets wind of this.

  • 101

    The 20/20 Experience Vol. 2: 1. Dance Like This (feat. T.I.) 2. Glass Slipper 3. Pony 4. Put It Down 5. The City (feat. Drake) 6. Ride It 7. Show Off 8. Tuxedo Style 9. Seduction (feat. Rihanna and Timbaland) 10. Poppin' Bottles (feat. Missy Elliott) 11. Lights, Camera, Action 12. The Beat Goes On (feat. Beyonce, Jay-Z and Timbaland) *Deluxe Edition* 13.Last white hope *Posse (Feat. Eminem,MGK,Mac miller,Yelawolf & Macklemore) 14.Suit & tie part 2 (Feat. Jay Z) 15.Jamaican spirit (Feat. Snoop lion & Damian marley) 16.Married life 17.Make love to me (Feat. Frank ocean)

    • LOL

      LOL ore tracklist trolls!! LOLOLOL its called the 20/20 ex. because each album that he releases will have only "10 tracks" on it so LOL guys lets try not to get trolled ya bunch of stupid porch monkeys

    • lol

      this would be one of the best track listings ever

  • Art Brooks

    OJ hit it first.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I can't stand the whole Kardashian family, Ray J needs to take a seat. This nigga's whole existence is sad.

  • Thysmic

    Danger,she smashed tha homey! Danger,she smashed tha homey!

  • Ralph Tresvant

    I hit it before first! "Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike...I like the girl, who cares who you like!"

  • Anonymous

    nick cannon hit it first nicca

  • Anonymous

    slaugherhouse aint making records any more maybe the third will be thier come back

  • Anonymous

    slaugherhouse - we outta here

  • Anonymous

    slaugherhouse - not tonight

  • Anonymous

    slaughterhous - onslught 2 bring rap back

  • Anonymous

    joell ortiz - can't you tell

  • Anonymous

    slaughterhouse - fight club

  • Gay fish

    I hit Kanye first and you don't see me making songs about it

  • Anonymous

    Isn't this the dude Fabolous slapped the only way he can ressurect his dead career is by naming Kim K, Kanye will respond in typical fashion, I sense a rant

  • Anonymous

    This nigga always be that nigga that was playing the piano at Mayweathers crib looool the money teams waterboy

  • Anonymous

    "hes the dude mayweather paid to play the piano in his living room lol" No. That was Curtis.

  • Anonymous

    ray j reaching now

  • lil know nots

    What is it with the idiots on this site constantly talking on "reliance". Yall simple muthafuckas forget to turn the page on your word-a-day calenders. This shit is just funny who cares if he's been out of the lime light!

  • B.A.D. Music

    Kanye dont give a shit he only got with her to get at them dresses and skirts!

  • Unbelievable

    The only history widely known is between Kanye, Ray J and Kim about who hit it first if he takes this much time, the lyrics will be aimly squared at the both of them, there are most likely a good hundered people had sex with her before with him, she's desirable but vulnerable


    lmao....The even funnier thing is, if he's referencing Kim, he wasn't the first to hit it either.....But maybe he talking about between him and Kanye, ctfu

  • BTMoney

    What Ray J doesn't know is that at least a hundred niggas hit it before him. Get your shit right next time, Ray J.

  • Cornen

    www.congruencism.com yall

  • Lmao

    Lmao at the title, I gotta hear that iish. Y'all should check www.thegrandrwport.com too, they usually have some good reads as well


    lmao its true and he's trying to bank off her now Kim is blown up with her marriage to Kanye, I don't mind him for this one despite how clownish he behaves with Fabolous lol

  • bolddebauchery

    so mediatakeout got this right

    • Anonymous

      Naw Allhiphop got it right for once they reported this shit months ago didn't think it was true lol nigga Ray J crazy nigga need that check can't blame the brother.

  • igodis

    One is considered one of the greatest artist of all time, the other is a washed up one hit wonder who is known more for a sex tape. If he has one wish, he would diss someone to jump start his career.

  • Well...

    There's no better way to come back from irrelevance. I mean two years ago, he tried getting publicity by bringing up his fight with Fabolous a 1000 times after it happened, then he moved onto trying to get publicity from the Kris Humphries/Kim K shit, and now he's still trying to get publicity from Kim. This dude is like a weird male version of a gold digger. One irrelevant ass singer, and one rapper who has an annoying ass voice, making a song together...should be a winner.

  • Flatworm

    He also got knocked out by Bad Azz... and I'm pretty sure Reggie Bush hit it first or am i late in the Kim Kardashian Jungle Fever timeline? for all we know OJ might have hit it first...

  • Anonymous

    he's a singer ? lol

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha foul as fuck bro i love it

  • Lboy

    lol. he petty for this. Its fucked up he is more known as the nigga who smashed kim k in that video then for his actual music. but hey that's the buisness....

  • p


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