Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop" Breaks Billboard Rap/R&B Chart Record

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Thrift Shop" hit from "The Heist" bumps DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Drake and Rick Ross from a sales streak.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' August, 2012 single "Thrift Shop" has reached a benchmark, confirming the latest accomplishment for the Seattle, Washington duo. This week, the Lewis-produced song maintained a #1 spot on Billboard's Hot Rap/R&B Songs chart for a 12th consecutive week.

That feat bests Miami, Florida-based DJ Khaled, whose "I'm On One" collaboration with Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross held the title 11 straight weeks in 2011. Billboard points out that the crossover single continues to climb in sales, to over 280,000 purchased downloads in the last week.

Yesterday (April 4), it was revealed that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be among the few non-Pitch Perfect performers at this year's MTV Video Awards, which airs April 14.

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  • Macklewho?

    The fact that I'm FROM SEATTLE and only half the city knows or even vibes with this guy is a testament that his success is based a little off his skin. With that being said though he does talk about some pretty deep stuff and is not to be slept on. Name one other person off the XXL cover that blew? And he's still independent? BANK!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think Wacklemore knows he's corny and just doesn't care. He's banking it right now.

  • Anonymous

    "If that's true, how does the music industry record revenues in the billions every year & last year recorded a "positive" profit from mainly "digital"sales" That's because a handful of non hip hop albums usually sell enough too save the industry. That being said, illegal downloading costs the industry money everyday. Albums that would normally go gold or platinum are going wood. If it weren't for digital singles I bet there wouldn't even be new albums being made. Also factor in fewer "event albums", next to no promotion for the albums that do come out, and the decline in popularity of MTV, and the death of Rap City. The industry is still here, but the question is for how much longer.

  • Anonymous

    Any nigga that says that Macklemore is successful because he's white is stupid as hell. So explain to me this; why did Kreayshawn flopped? Why didn't MGK go gold or platinum? Why isn't Yelawolf doing Eminem numbers?

    • Anonymous

      Macklemore being white helps only in that it's a gimmick that can be sold to more people. If he was a black rapper people would probably just dismiss him as wack. You mentioned those other white rappers. Their problem is they aren't being promoted right, thus it's easier to make fun of them and toss them in that white rapper catagory.

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore is reading this comment box dying of laughter right now, cause he knows you all are aspiring rappers masked as anonymous commenters.

  • Essex

    I'm a black Male emcee. Maclemore does not suck, he can flow. With that said. White kids are gonna pay a little more attention cause he is white. But what he has done being an independant artist is nothing short of amazing. I think he will go on to make some good records.

  • huntingtonrob

    I hope they dont get crushed by how popular this song is cause they have way better music.

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing, despite anything, these dudes are getting PAID!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This song is not hip-hop, Its Hip-Pop

    • RedX

      It's not an issue. I'd much rather listen to this kind of commercial Hip Hop than commercial electro Hop. This is much easier on the ear for a real Hip Hop fan and it has got good, original lyrics.

  • gwap

    Yall are making me sick on here... Why people all ways have to get called niggas??? People on here talking about he took over hip hop because of one damn song... You all sound so uneducated. For one this dude is not all that his flow is basic as hell and his lyrics are nothing special, he is a 6 out of 10 as a rapper. The only reason this bull shit ass song is doing this is because its basically a pop song, and pop has a way bigger fan base than rap. Im not saying this dude sucks but his other songs are way better, the whole message of that song is just corny af. but I prefer other white artist over him like a MGK bt thats just how I feel. And to clear it up he is no where near a Eminem so yall better get back on that one

  • Evanator

    There's a reason for's called not being a slave to the industry. Macklemore thought of a catchy idea and put it out on his own, without major label backing. Most labels would've initially heard this song and thought, "Eh...nah" Wiz Khalifa (ironically) said it best on his Taylor Allderdice mixtape, "What labels don't have is that mindframe and that spark that makes that [first] million dollars. They know how to manifest that and make more millions off of that, but they don't have that spark." Plain and simple. Macklemore had an original idea and ran with it, and didn't sell out. More props to him.

  • Kizman

    According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), 30 billion songs were illegally downloaded between 2004 and 2009. Even with sites like iTunes and Rhapsody offering legal downloads, peer-to-peer file sharing still exists. Illegally downloading music has had a significant impact on the music industry resulting in a loss of profits and jobs, and changing how music is delivered to the masses.

    • donnis mac

      Co-sign SBMobile. Nothing but another clever ruse to get the people to buy into the propaganda. Like: "rap is only for teenagers"-so they can take full advantage of the young demographic as new consumers and push out the elders who know better Lists-the MTV, XXL (freshman) annual media events are not comprised of popular votes

    • Kizman

      ^ i agree with what yall said

    • SBMobile

      If that's true, how does the music industry record revenues in the billions every year & last year recorded a "positive" profit from mainly "digital"sales (for the first time) of 0.9%. Downloading clearly has NO effect on the industry. The industry is in decline because radio & corporate are in bed & only focus on singles that drive ad-sales. This ties corporate business, radio (which is corporate) & billboard (a corporate entity) together as a conglomerate that consolidates the industry under "1" umbrella, while creating a guise of choice amongst the power players. Focusing on ads only highlights the corporations lack of understanding of how to facilitate innovation in the music industry. If the industry focused on talent, then more people would buy music. Before corporations coveted artists publishing, artist felt free to "create" original works that today, stand the test of time & can be played forever. The only way to go is INDEPENDENT 1,000,000%!! Private industry will buy-in to an artists brand if it generates money, but they should NEVER sell their rights away. #imjustsayin lol


    you think about it, all of your favorite rappers are gay. *Jay-Z's best friends are gay *Kanye West wears women's clothes *Lil Wayne kisses men on the lips and wears lepoard print jeggings *Eminem hates women *T.I. and DMX kept going back to jail (they must love the prison sex) *Drake and Big Sean are closet homosexuals *Rick Ross and DJ Khaled are always together (they're life partners) *Nas talked a lot of homo shit about Jay-Z on Ether (stalking Jay?) *Ludacris is Bieber's butt buddy *Tupac was a ballerina as a teenager *Biggie talked about sucking a man's dick (on Me And My Bitch) *Dr Dre wore some suspicious wardrobe in is time in the World Class Wreckin Crew *Eazy E had AIDS *Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are weed (butt) buddies *2Chainz dickrides Kanye West (literally...) *J Cole dickrides Jay-Z (literally...) *Kendrick Lamar dickrides Dr Dre(literally...) and has a gay voice *Diddy fucked every artist in the business (figuratively and literally) *Young Jeezy's voice is fucked up (from sucking too much cock) and his nickname is Jizzle (meaning he loves it when it rain jizz all over him) *50 Cent is super hyper-masculine (meaning he's really a homo) *Waka Flocka yells on every record (from letting Gucci fuck him in the ass) *Chief Meet let Jimmy Iovine fuck him in the ass for a deal *All female rappers are lesbians *Lupe made Lasers

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    Suburban whites who don't have the street IQ to know the difference between a C.O. and a policeman are still heartbroken that Ross doesnt know Pablo Escobar and that JayZ didn't lose 92 Bricks. The Streets and people who listen to music for entertainment don't concern themselves with weather or not Dr Dre was ever a "Gangsta" or if Pusha T ever sold kilograms or if Snoop ever lived off the earnings of a prostitute....we listen to rap-music for the sound of the instruments and the slickness of the poetry. Suburban whites listen to our music so they can live out a "Ghetto" fantasy through the lives of our rappers which is why they focus so much on what they perceive as real/fake or fabricated/authenticated...our music is their only means of getting a street education so they actually attempt to believe song lyrics are supposed to be biographical criminal confessions. I think they should stick to listening to Emenim rap about serial killing or discuss how "fraudulent" it was for Emenim to make racist rap songs and then try to sue the Source Magazine o keep them away from the public.

    • El

      I'm suburban white, and I don't listen to rap to fulfill any fantasy. I llisten because its a unique form of art. The cleverness and history of rap music is phenomenal and one that too many people over look. A fellow artist understands that legimitacy in their words has become an ambiguous concept. Yeah some people are "faking the funk," while others are authentic in every way. The point you made about listening to rap for the instruments and the slickness of the poetry is correct, and I like that you made it,, but you contradict yourself when bringing in the comments on suburban white folks. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of folks out there that fit your description, but not all do. Times are changing, and we have much more open-minded people on both ends of the spectrum, just remember that. Peace fam, God bless.

  • Eye Control

    Macklemore and Kendrick are my favorite rappers, but Macklemore has been my favorite since I heard gift shop on the radio. They are real rappers and I'm glad they are selling the most. And I'm not racist, I think Macklemore and his partner Ray Lewis make a nice gay couple, hip-hop needs equality. What they do is their business. Macklemore knew he was gay since 3rd grade, so he's been through a lot more than you guys hating.

  • rideonemjixxer

    People love to hate just to hate. All i hear is people commenting about how hiphop is cliche and saturated with money cars hoes BS. Then someone comes along and raps about the opposite and people are still unhappy. Jeezus. Our society is filled with people who are never happy. They should hand out Prozac with condoms in sex ed. These kids are doomed otherwise.....

  • Greatest white person to walk tha Earth

    Real Hip Hop is Black! Black people are the Originators of everything. Black culture raised me! Peace to the Farrakhan and whole NOI.

  • Anonymous

    I swear white people just step in out of nowhere and just ruin everything. First it was that overrated demonically possessed son of a bitch Eminem which made me put rap/hip hop on hold for ten years. Then Justin Bieber starts smoking weed so then I had to put down my blunt and inject myself with heroin instead. And Now faggot Macklemore and his boyfriend Ryan just killed hip hop so now I'm gonna have to put this shit on hold for another ten years. Smh!

    • Anonymous

      OP is a white boy being sarcastic.

    • anon

      Thats too bad. I just don't listen to them. That sucks someone is forcing you to listen to them. Make sure you use the lube man. I'll keep you know, searching the internet, finding music for myself. Not waiting for Jimmy Iovine to shove it down my throat then piss and moan when I don't like it.

    • Anonymous

      Kill yourself, OP.

    • Tapeworm

      now they'll play the reverse racism card for what you just said , but its not just the white people it's the uncle tom black hipsters who have ruined this culture

  • poppa alrge

    oh, and its not that he's white its that he's a cornball with cheesy gimmicky songs, basic rhyme skills, dumb image- basically music for soccer moms and little kids who dont know shit anyway. i see the formula there using to get money- the silly videos, funny clothes, catchy songs with weird themes, but its weak shit.

  • poppa large

    corny shit for corny people who have bad taste.

  • DJJJ

    That is awesome that Macklemore broke that record. His music is real and its always cool when someone like that can achieve great success! PEACE TO M & RL.

  • Bram Gesink

    I don't see why it has always got to be about race. I don't give a damn as long as you are a good rapper. If you are a 65 year old half-Korean, half-Indian Buddhist female with Alzheimers I will still happily listen to you if you spit fire. Macklemore isn't a bad rapper because he's white he's a bad rapper because he's a bad rapper.

  • Lucien

    You know what? You all complain about drake and lil wayne and shit there there the only rappers out there. You love to complain about how mac up here is good and there shit, but there are a bunch of good rappers. I bet half of you have never listen to the warm up by J.cole or the light by common, have any of you even put an effort into finding good rap music? No you just sit here all day and go on with your crap about drake and lil wayne. IN FUCKING FACT have you ever listened to pray to the lord by lil wanye or Say what's real by drake? You guys think you know sooooo much about everything about those guys because you watch only the songs with video's, why don't you guys shut your fucking mouths, and listen to most of a rappers music before you try to rate them huh? Your fucking silent now right? Thought so.

  • Anonymous

    This record is a gimmick. They have white people all over America going crazy. This song is so fucking whack, and the equivalent of a filler song like Ice Ice Baby or Baby Got Back. Macklemore is corny as fuck. That is all.

    • BitchPlease

      It's funny how all you fucking idiots are so willing to quickly call something new "garbage." Have you listened to the whole ablum? Probably not. But here, I'll give you the run down: Talks about how women are supressed into wearing makeup. Talks about how America will kill over a fucking brand of shoes (consuerism at it's finest). Talks about his struggle with alcoholism. Talks about how fake the music industry is and comes to the conclusion that he'd rather be broke as fuck making his own music than sell-out. Talks about gay rights. Now, with that being said, I don't think I've heard a more well-rounded album. You dumb fucks just don't like it because A) He's white or B) you can't see a life past the thicket of "bitches, cars, drugs & money." There's more to life than sex, money and partying all the time. Grow the fuck up and wake the fuck up you brainwashed, brain dead morons.

    • Anonymous

      most of the top hip-hop records today are a gimmick cant you just be happy for them? they put out an album independently not knowing america was gonna go crazy over their song and make it 5X platinum. what makes him so corny to you?

  • euro

    he's trash no real hip hop fan listen to his gimmick trash music.

  • jason

    lol @ all these niggers mad that a white dude is dominating rap once again. same shit happened when Eminem released. Niggers just jealous White people are superior in every aspect of life

    • Anonymous

      Crackers ain't shit in Basketball tho....

    • BramGesink

      You're nuts, Macklemore is obviously not dominating rap, one song that every teenage white girl in the damn country loves is not "dominating rap." And do you watch the NBA? or the NFL? or Olympic Track and Field? Or listened to a black choir? Or heard a black man play the saxophone? There are a lot of things that black people are clearly superior in.

    • Anonymous

      shut up cracker!

    • Anonymous

      They're so superior in every aspect that one of you in Florida needed to have over one million images of child porn to show how powerful he is.

  • shell

    people just made music with MEANING is making a comeback this has nothing to do with race

    • Anonymous

      if eminem made b.m.f. it would have went diamond

    • D. From Q.U.

      Yes it does, there are thousands (I'm making up an estimate) of black independent artists that are socially conscience and struggling to go gold. Its more of an appearance preference. That white artist can sound or try to sound like that black artist but if that artist appears to be white, the white crowd are going to support. FACT!

  • That Guy

    Before bashing macklemore because of his successs, listen to his music. His music has alot of meaning to it, even thrift shop has a strong message about not paying a fuck load of money on a label which will just go to extremely rich corporations, his msuic brings has subject matter and everyone still bashes the fuck out of him because hes white meanwhile whack MCs rap about bullshit and get ratings. Atleast he stays true to himself...

  • Karan.Kyanam

    You asshole Wig**** and NIG****. Let me give you an opinion that is unbiased. Macklemore is talented as fuck. He has a crazy flow, makes music with a meaning and picks beats actually made out of instruments, unlike others made out of bubble gum farts. Fuck your continent. Failed mother fuckers hating on each other. Fucking hiding behing a keyboard and talking shit. Put that adress down bitches. Atleast i dont pretend to be gangsta like half you whores. I come to this site to listen to music, but all i see is a bunch of grown ass men being bitches behind a keyboard. FUCK YOU ALL MOTHER FUCKERS

  • Cracka X

    i ain't listen no white hip hop. give me that real black hip hop shit with 5 percenters teachings. word iz bond! word to the mutha. peace.

  • Anonymous

    It's good to see Vanilla Ice making a comeback.

  • Anonymous

    i'd rather have drake than that fag white rapper

    • anon

      What does anything have to do with him being white?? Gotta bring race into shit. White boys rap now, and its acceptable. Get over it. Hip Hop will always be rooted in african-american culture but, instead of trying to highlight that and be proud about it, you want to piss and moan because some white people can rap better then you.

  • foreal

    One man's trash is another man's come up. Good for the duo. It shows that people can still have fun on a record and be successful.

  • queso

    all of you saying something against macklemore --> im sorry but you just suck. he is the first artist in over 10 years who made me spend my money for music again. because lilwayne drake and all the other dickheads made me going crazy about the music i used to love by just writing garbage to stupid and overloaded beats. thank god there is macklemore who brought fresh music. i will support this guy and boycott all these other so called rapper. a bunch of faggots. now sue me

    • Somone

      @smokealone wtf are you smoking??? I hate dudes that call dudes is not overrated he deserves the fame hes getting as well as Macklemore and joey is probably among the top lyricists to come out in recent years.... Then you say go buy Rittz??? dont get me wrong Rittz is dope but I dont get what your criteria is for "dope" and "wack" then seeing all those you mentioned as "Wack" are as lyrical/engaging within their songs as Rittz, probably even more so And wtf is Kiss Land??sounds like some shit Nicki would do

    • Anonymous

      smokealone. Now I know why you smoke alone. You listen to shitty music. Many of the names you mentioned there are beasts. Bottom like you're a fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO @ hating on kendrick but listening to RITTZ and some gay ass album called KISS LAND

    • smokealone

      Yeah good for you queso. With that being said Macklemore sucks, but it's not just Wacklemore. Top 3 Overrated rappers: 1.Kendrick Lamar (I've given dude a hand full of chances he sucks) 2.Joey Baddass 3.Macklemore Say what you will but there's 3 albums I'm gonna buy this year. 1.RITTZ - The life and times of Jonny Valiant 2.The Weeknd - Kiss Land 3.Eminem - King Mathers (title not confirmed)

    • White Man

      good for you. well, I will spend my money on Ghostface's 12 Reasons to Die.

  • White Man

    Im white and I think Macklemore sucks. I just can't stand his music. so weak and annoying...



  • pickle

    and i thought white people were the racist ones....@previous comments below

  • hate being white

    i don't wanna be cracker no mo'

  • smokealone

    Cornballs making white rappers look bad. Macklemore is the closest thing to Vanilla Ice I've seen. IJS

  • ytpeoplewin

    haha fuck all you faggots white people have topped the hip hop and r/b chart and the top 100 chart! and no that nike oreo Aubrey aint topping shit, Macklemore wins bitches

  • Yawa

    Good for them, but the song still sucks dick

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't really call them rap hip hop

  • dentaldamboy

    No Worries!!! Drake will break that record soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    Before when nobody had heard of them I didn't care but now they're successful I'm mad! That's why I post comments of hate on blogging sites.

  • Anonymous

    its just a garbage track....smh

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