Meek Mill Signed Lil Snupe Moments After Hearing Demo

Lil Snupe says he waited all of 20 minutes to hear back from Meek Mill about his music. Meek says he "seen potential" in the 16-year-old rapper.

Some may believe that the era of the demo is long gone but that's precisely what helped Jonesboro, Louisiana's Lil Snupe get a deal from Meek Mill. According to Snupe, Meek was so impressed by the 16-year-old's demo that he called him with an offer to join his Dream Chasers imprint roster only minutes after meeting him at a show.

"[Meek] was in a van. They was finna pull off. And I went and knocked on the van, on the window. They let the window down, grabbed the mixtape and it was like 10 minutes later, 20 minutes later they called me," Snupe said of his initial encounter with Meek in an interview with MTV.  

"He was spittin' so much pain. He's from the south with a flow like an East Coast guy," Meek explained. "Like with that bounce flow, all over the place, he really can spit, and he was talking that talk that I can really relate to. I seen potential in him." 

Mill's initial impression of Snupe was so strong that he also took to Twitter to tell fans about Snupe right after hearing the demo, though he didn't spell his name correctly then. Here is Meek's tweet after their first encounter on October 20, 2012.  



A clip of Meek and Snupe discussing their initial encounter can be seen below courtesy of MTV. It was shot earlier this year, in February. 

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Snupe is already working on new music. He has the "R.N.I.C." mixtape ready to drop and he has also released "Nobody Does It Better" featuring Mill. Moreover, Snupe is participating on Meek's "Dreams Come True" tour. The two have also recently been seen with cash in hand, posing together in photographs.


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  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. snupe, im glad you saw ya dreams come true before that nigga killed you.

  • eddy

    real shit doesn't come with a mirror it comes with being yourself.i love this nigga meek even if we'll never meet

  • Chris Etrata

    Are there any good rappers that rely on the lil name?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck illuminati, Meek Mill on that NAMBLA shit

  • blazr

    this nigga sound just like meek

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • Anonymous

    "cassidy better than meek" Cassidy wishes he was Meek instead of a weak geek whose career already peeked.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga just ended his career before it began.

  • Anonymous

    We all know Meek signed this lil young nigga just to suck his dick.

  • T

    freddie foxx - wEaRe aT WaR fuck whack rap

  • Anonymous

    "who cant go platinum" Cassidy can't even go wood now.

  • Anonymous

    That's the label's money their holding.

  • Anonymous

    why doesn't meek mill ever look into the camera? lol

  • Anonymous

    you gotta be pretty desperate to sign a deal with meek mill

  • Whitey

    Why do blacks always look so over excited when they see a little money . We all know they not investing that money in any tangibale assets except blowing it on WHITE OWNED PRODUCTS , cars european designer clothes,Watches and all that other dumb shit they fantazize about in their so called RAP songs This picture sums up why every other race has advanced over the past 30 years except black people Some of you are so brainwashed and dumb it's laughable ..L.O.L.Z

    • Anonymous

      ^ This is entertainment. It's not like Meek is a Dentist flashing his money bands on instagram. Ur generalisation of "black people" based on rappers is ignorant or just racist.

    • Anonymous

      Even though u sound like a racist cracker motherfucker most of what u said is true

  • smokealone

    Wow he signed with Dreamchaser Records thats a big deal LOL GTFOH. signed to a nigga thats signed to a nigga thats signed to anotha nigga

    • Anonymous

      and what you signed to? why must we try and knock everyone down instead of giving them the props they deserve.

    • Anonymous

      signed to a nicca who can barely sell 300k records whos signed to another nicca who cant go platinum

  • dentaldamboy

    The YMCMB MMG family just keeps growing. We getting real talent in here while Roc nations signs a bunch of 80's stars like Kylie Minogue. Can't wait till Emre gets out of jail and pays Jay-Z back for snitching on him. YMCMB, our enemies bring themselves down.

  • Anonymous

    i hope this lil nigga isnt thinkin that he's set for life n shit especially since he signed to a dude who wont be around a couple of years from now

  • Kendrick Lemar

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    • Lil Snupe

      You won't go far, you're not Kendrick Lamar I'm high as the moon, bitch you're not a star Got signed to some label at age 12 Put my album out, let's see who sells No thousand mixtapes just straight fire Me, Juice, and D the new Run DMC, call us sire Hope I dont die before I turn 18, god willing 16 sitting on 16 mil I'm chilling I am 16 spitting hot 16s and you're about as big as a tire, Michellin come at me again, I'll stretch you out like nylon I'm on every rapper's top 5 five times, call me Dylan

    • Anonymous

      yo does he really say pushing my fart? or is it fort?

  • John-Boy

    They keep signing these rappers at younger and younger ages and then portray them as thugs, killers, and dope dealers. This influences people in similar age groups to do what? Yep, be a thug, a killer, or a dope dealer. It is driven home by images and videos of the young rapper covered in money (see pic above) jewels and woman. Younger people see this and connect the money woman and jewels to selling dope and thuggin.. So they go out and do it. Proudly. Rappers these days are nothing more than pawns used by whites to help destroy the black community. They are no better than the Africans who sold blacks to whites for slavery.

    • Anonymous

      Amateurs .... go take a class on politics learn how power works. Its actually more complex than white 50 year olds men. No one is forcing these niggas to act like this.

    • Big D

      Exactly this industry is run is run by white 50 plus businessmen, who push their own agendas. 99.9 of these record labels are backed by the exact same share holders who are also investors in private run correction facility's . Do the maths it's really not that difficult

  • Anonymous

    let that young nigga do something with his life when i was his age i was up jacking people all night

  • Meek Mill

    Ayo, tricker treat, smell my feet Give Meek something good to eat Yelling at the top of my lungs again I'm not even a smoker, yet my voice is suffering Gotta drink alot of tea to get it right Use to scream when mommy would turn off all the lights And when i wouldn't get my way, I would st-st-start yelling and when my brother broke my toys I would st-st-start telling

  • Sean Combs

    Black folks always look like they ain't never had nothing...Damn slave mentality. We make ourselves look substandard with that bill shi$. You got a couple dollars? Cool. Look like you know what a couple of dollars feel like. Taken pictures looking like a monkey is insane. You'll be broke as hell in 10 years least have some sense about your self.

  • Anonymous

    How can Meek Sign someone?



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