DJ Clue Released From Police Custody, Lawyer Denies Allegations

DJ Clue and his lawyer appear to plan on fighting the New York Police Department regarding the mixtape icon's drug and driving arrest.

Following yesterday's (April 3) early morning arrest in Lower Manhattan, DJ Clue is now released from authorities. The former Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam Records artist and mixtape legend was charged with drug possession and driving on a suspended license, after his black Range Rover was stopped at a police checkpoint.

Xavier Donaldson, DJ Clue's attorney, denied the allegations and maintains the Power 105.1 deejay and Desert Storm founder's innocence. Donaldson released the following statement, as published on "[DJ Clue] doesn't drive around with a suspended licence nor does he drive around with any illegal items."

Per the reports, DJ Clue intends to fight the charges in trial. No court date has been released to the public.

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  • Anonymous

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    • hollywood

      PLEASE BAN ME from the hood, I lived it already Walked to school to it all that.... 16th & Grove Street 18th Ave Irvington, NJ Grew up on Hip Hop, Reggae, MTV 80s Soft Rock, Zouk, Jazz, Calypso Its called being well cultured... Now Back to you and your uncultured No flavor on your baked chicken Ravioli eating fake Music fan.. You need the internet so you can hide behind your silly computer and pop smack about artist who rep the image of the dude that took your lunch money in school. Typing on the computer with your bottom lip quivering... You don't want it with the kid verbally or even on a physical level killer... So cut it while you can cause all you can do is respond.. You not exchanging no real information to see if the funk can be brought to your doorstep so why bother.... Chump

  • Anonymous

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  • lostintimeradio

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  • Anonymous

    Man, I remember how important it was for an artist to be on a Clue tape. Professional is still one of my favorite mixtape albums of all time. But how this guy has fallen off. The professional 2 was eh, 3 was straight doo doo. Shouldn't this guy be super established by now? Like being a personal dj to a high profile artist? Why is he being busted on stuff like this? smh, taking blessings for granted.

    • Anonymous

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    • donnis mac

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    • hollywood

      Marroon 5 is dope actually the old stuff not the ones since they went top 40 Unlike you I actually listen to music from a perspective as a fan I don't read gossip articles from a perspective of a MUPPET sitting on top of a balcony. You wanna talk to me be a fan of MUSIC first, get off your Grandmother on a stoop style of judging artist or they personal life and start giving a damn about music only period... You ganna end up like a Golden Girl singing "thank You for being a friend" with 3 other internet losers if you keep commenting on PEOPLES LIVES OUTISDE OF THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO MUSIC

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    • hollywood

      Stop being such a sheep man. First of all since when is driving with a suspended license news? You could have gotten a ticket in 1996 that THEY forgot to clear in the system and suspended your license right now as you type your comment thinking you are perfect. THen what we can all CALL YOU AN IDIOT for an error made on the police part. Like come on now man why are we holding artist to such God Like pedestals to the point where we can't wait for paparazzi to snap pictures of famous people fresh out of surgery so we can ridicule their imperfections. When is enough, enough. BREAKING NEWS: SPRINT DISCONNECTS DJ CLUE phone for being 2 days late. And watch how much hate for being broke or etc. Like come one fam and if you say thats how it should go its the internet then maybe I'm wrong for still being on the internet and loving Hip Hop and admit that the culture is run by a bunch of pansies than people who have common sense

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