Activists To Protest Rick Ross' Rape Lyrics In Front Of Reebok Store

Activists plan a protest, saying "Reebok & Rick Ross have crossed the line."

UltraViolet, a women's rights group, has announced a protest set to take place at Reebok's flagship store in New York City later today (April 4) due to Rick Ross' current deal with the athletic apparel company. UltraViolet is protesting because of lyrics in Ross' verse on Rocko's "U.N.E.N.O." where he raps about putting molly in a girl's drink without her knowing and then taking her home.

“We are appalled that Reebok would pay a spokesperson who brags about enjoying drugging and raping a woman,” Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of UltraViolet, explained. “Reebok devotes a lot of time, energy and money to marketing to women–and now they are paying a man who is literally bragging about raping us while absurdly insisting it can’t possibly be rape if he doesn’t use the word 'rape.' Reebok is apparently okay promoting rape culture, but when one out of five women are the victim of an attempted or completed rape, that has consequences.”

Chaudhary was referring to Ross' recent attempt to clarify the rhyme. His statement below says this was "a misinterpretation." 

"Woman is the most precious gift known to man, you understand? It was a misunderstanding with a lyric, a misinterpretation where the term rape wasn't used," he noted. "I would never use the word rape in my records."

UltraViolet released a statement on the matter saying his attempt to clarify the line only added to their reasons for protesting.

“Reebok and Rick Ross have crossed a line— not only does Ross brag about drugging and raping a woman, he is pushing the idea that if you don’t use the word ‘rape,’ it doesn’t count. We are fed up and disgusted with Reebok and Thursday we will bring this fight to their front steps.”

The lyric in question is below.

“Put Molly all in her champagne. She ain’t even know it,” he says on the track. “I took her home and I enjoyed that. She ain’t even know it.”

Later today (April 4), UltraViolet will appear in front of the Reebok store in running gear and marathon style numbers reading "71,763," which is the number of signatures that have been gathered against Ross. The protest is scheduled for 2pm.

Others have also joined in on the conversation regarding this line. Talib Kweli recently spoke out against Ross for the line. "I don't care if Rick Ross is 40 years old—he's a misguided 40-year-old person," he said. "Rick Ross condoned rape in that song ... and he should apologize, and his apology that he offered was unacceptable."

UPDATE: Hours after the protest was announced, Rick Ross has again, publicly apologized for his interpreted lyrics.

(April 4)

UPDATE #2: filmed footage of yesterday's (April 4) protest outside of Reebok:

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  • Money Emp

    F_*K Reeboks they made for Girls Anyway.And Any Muth@f_*ker Who disagrees can "READ THESE NIKES",Like the O.G. Willie D. use'ta Say.

  • Anonymous

    talib kweli is a fuckboy, seriously.

  • Anonymous

    I bet u all dem chics ross slept with, now know, how he got in those draws!! phat boy aint got no game!! sucka

  • Anonymous

    lets not act like Rick Ross was the only one to condone rape, remember Guilty Conscience by Eminem

  • Brad Jones

    Rick Ross watched that protest in front of Reebok store today in New York City and starting thinking I wished I never did that verse.

  • billy

    Eminem raps about rape on every album and Chrystler didn't get protested for negotiating with him.

    • Anonymous

      eminem will be the first one to tell you his lyrics are for entertainment while ross wants everyone to know hes real. really from the streets. this shit is deeper than rap. he never comes out of character.

  • its a joke

    fuck hoes rape is good, 9/10 people love it lol

  • bully tha clown

    Girls just dont have sex with guys wearing Reebocks, it always ends with rape... Hysterical people need to get a live....Say no to Molly while she says yes to you

  • foreal

    This is a GOOD thing. I am not one to hate on another dude making money, but if you are going to rap about raping women then you deserve to get protested. Seeing as how Ross isnt a HUGE pro athlete, I think reebok will fold and pull his endorsement. PROTEST! THE ONLY REASON ROSS IS APOLOGIZING NOW IS BECAUSE HE KNOWS THIS WILL EFFECT HIS MONEY!!! thats all he cares about

  • jamal

    how the fuck did they even hear the song in the first place. you know he don't make Disney songs why you listening. Go after someone who is actually rapping children people on the news. stop being offended by shit a rapper says in a song its just lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    There are much worse things going in the world to protest over than a rappers line. As bad as it may be.

  • Reas

    These Orgs spend all this protesting one rapper who isn't going to be phased by this one account is complete BS. Rappers been talking about "rape" for years and all of a sudden they want to go after Ross. These people aren't genuine and all they want is the attention on themselves and not the victims. Ross should not have to apologize anymore nor the song should be edited.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    that tyga album ain't that bad. it got some nice recycled beats

  • Anonymous

    "good thing he sold more records in one year than most of these rappers will sell in their whole lives" Alot good it's doing him now.

  • fat rappers

    all the fat and ugly rappers do this. All the slimeballs in vegas and shit that cant get women to sleep with them through looks or conversation turn to drugging women. Its more of a club problem than a rap problem. it just turns out rappers are the slimiest of people who tend to hang out in clubs, throw money around, and have no game but their fame, drugs, or money.

  • Anonymous

    "check out how many views and plays his songs get compared to officer" Unfortunately for Curtis view and play totals don't count towards album sales. Nice try though.

  • Anonymous

    "why he need a new deal when he still signed to interscope? the album is coming" He's already fulfilled his last album with them.

  • TaZzZ

    Since when does Molly make you lose all of your faculties? I mean the line is what it is, but its not roofies or ether. Molly makes you happy and attentive, your not gonna wake up in the morning all disoriented and shit. I feel like these dudes don't even take the drugs they rap about... Might as well, him and Frenchie couldn't get much worse than they are

  • Rick 'diabetes" Ross

    he must have his shoes made personally to fit over his grotesk, sweaty, smelly kankels

  • fukMMG

    Reebok still makes shoes?

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule Changed my life, literally.

  • Now Watch Me Rule'

    see this is why you broke ass haters are sitting behind a computer screen talking about a very sucessful business man making big moves lately, you see real niggas respect real artists with real talent and ross is full of all three of those, so why would he care if some cranky old skanks on their period dont like his lyrics?? Murda Murda!!!

  • give ross a triple bypass burger so he can die

    this fat fuck brags how he enjoyed raping a chick. anyone would've blacked out if served a molley with out their knowledge of it being mixed in an alcoholic beverage. now imagine being served more alcohol, it could kill someone. mollies dehydrates you, so does alcohol and that can leave you in a hospital. he glorified this amd refuses to give an apology and ppl still defends this scum. GD plz off this fat fuck. one less diabetic libral in the world!

    • ignorant suckas

      Drinking too much can kill you, and molly can kill you, taking them together certainly raises the risk of death... be careful. don't listen to what people say, do your own research. smh people like these idiots and rick ross push this drug to the youths for what? so they can become unmotivated suicidal welfare hoards? typical liberals... enough with pushing poison to our brothers and sisters and pushing the "glamorous lifestyle" of drug dealing. all that leads to a destructive life and helping the elites from us progressing, the human race is meant for something greater than this.

    • Anonymous

      "Molly is like E and like any pill if you drink with alcohol you'll die from it" ^ smh People pop pills and drink all the time young boy.

    • Anonymous

      tazz why dont you take a molly and drink yourself stupid like a no game nigga would drown a chick with alcohol. let's where you'll end up, probably raped by the biggest fudge pack packer in a rave you fucking hipster. Molly is like E and like any pill if you drink with alcohol you'll die from it. ohhh im so trendy I take Molly's ohhhhh look at me im a hipster who jumps on anything fashionable even if its sucking dick GTFOH

    • TaZzZ

      You ever been slipped Molly kid? Its the best surprise there is. If you don't get wasted when your rolling, you got a fuckin problem. Stop acting like your a doctor or some shit, Molly is a fuckin pussy drug... Why is it the new thing w these rappers? Tech N9ne was eaten 15 a night while these dudes were in diapers

    • Anonymous

      conservative because hes against rape?

    • dat gangsta shit

      fuck you! you conservative piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    "Is it how my chain swing? Tired of my face/ Telling lies get niggas wives tied up and raped" - Rick Ross on Gun Play "And as far as my camp, Hip Hop don't condone that, streets don't condone that. Nobody condones that, you understand me?"

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is willingly to forgive Rick Ross for that line. Isn't it about time you do too?

  • Guest

    He ain't even 40, you ain't even know

  • Anonymous

    Ross 14 minutes almost up, not only do he have the GD's gunning for him, now Women are claiming he's a rapist...HA HA HA HA, Who knew his fall from the Top would be like this? Years ago FIF told you this Clown was a fraud, you folks now just realizing it...Smh

    • reas

      The album should've came out 2 years ago. What's the point of bringing up album sales anyway? No one is doing crazy numbers anymore. If 50 did drop the album today it would do at the most 150K 1st week not saying that not bad but everybody is selling the same. The Forbes list isn't really a big deal neither considering most of that money wasn't made off of music

    • Anonymous

      Yes look where Curtis is today, just last week I saw he Number 5 on the Forbes list under a bunch of vets with 20+ years in the game. Funny I didn't see William on there though.

    • Anonymous

      why he need a new deal when he still signed to interscope? the album is coming you say zero fanbase but he still has more fans than william, just check out how many views and plays his songs get compared to officer date rape who never had a platinum album in his life

    • Anonymous

      And look where Curtis is today. Without a new deal. No album, and zero fanbase.

  • Anonymous

    Biggie and Eminem are my heroes. fuck Rick Ross. fakest rapper alive.

    • #teamjarule

      Hell no, it doesn't support some of European letters, it's Kazik with long i.

    • #teamjarule

      Damn, I made a mistake again. Robert Kazk.

    • #teamjarule

      Sorry, I made a mistake. It should be Robert Kazk, one of the best singers in Europe. Ja Rule was supposed to appear on his track but then Robo signed bad deal which didn't allowed him to have any feature on his album. Just give it a try - Ja Rule fans are the best when it comes to art and respecting other cultures. But just because we have to prove that no one's better than Ja.

    • Anonymous

      yo #teamjarule who the fuck is Rbert Kazk? thanks in advance for soon answer.

    • #teamjarule

      Ja Rule >>>>>>> Micheal Jackson, Tupac, Rufus Wainwright, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, The Beatles, Mike Shinoda, Elvis, Ella Fitzergerald, Louis Armstrong, Rbert Kazk, Jedker, David Backham, Bill Gates, Majk Spirit, Frenkie, Eminem, Kurt Cobain, Travis Barker and Slash put together

  • RealityMan

    When Biggie was rapping about having his man Gutta kidnap and sodomize "kids" we're was all the outrage? But I bet Talib Kweli has Biggies "Life After Death" in his Top 10.

    • Anonymous

      on the real to real...u never lived in south florida...what ross said, is a problem in south florida. it happens all the time down there and for ross to put it out there, exposes it to the public & women protestors. what if that happened to ur sister or daughter....ross meant exactly what he said because they do it all the time....chicks wake up the next day and dont remember anything...thats a dam shame that ur G cant bag them.

    • Anonymous

      stop bring up shit from the past! biggies line was on some revenge shit. he didnt say his nigga actually did it that stuff it was a warning and an exaggeration ross casually rapped about druging a woman and taking her home and raping her

  • Reality Jones

    Since when did "Molly" become a Date-Rape drugs? Are people really this square or just bored? The only rapper that can get away with raping about rape is Emenim because none of these rappers will speak against him for fear that they lose their careers. I wonder how these activists feel about their hero Biggie using rape lyrics in "Dead Wrong", or Tupac being convicted of sexually abusing a woman? These hypocrites are laughable because they still worship Emeneim after his raps about rape towards his own mother.

    • Anonymous

      The difference is that people weren't as sensitive as they are now, so you could take a reckless line and dismiss it as entertainment until suburban hovering parent having ass kids started listening to rap then they were up in arms.

    • Anonymous

      niggas keep bringing up shit from the past "I wonder how these activists feel about their hero Biggie using rape lyrics in "Dead Wrong"," who says Biggie is their hero?

  • sumguy

    Why wasn't there any protests when lil wayne said that disrespectful line about Emmet Till? Remember? "I beat that pussy up like Emmet Till". PROTEST OVER THAT SHIT.

  • Anonymous

    ross needs to do a bed intruder remix video with antonine dodson! he's climbin in your windows he's snatchin your people up tryna rape em so y'all need to hide your kids, hide your wife hide your kids, hide your wife hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband cuz they're rapin errbody out here you don't have to come and confess we're lookin for you we gon find you we gon find you so you can run and tell that, run and tell that run and tell that, homeboy home, home, homeboy we got your t-shirt you done left fingerprints and all you are so dumb you are really dumb--for real the man got away leaving behind evidence i was attacked by some idiot in the projects so dumb, so dumb, so dumb, so

  • Optimus Rhyme

    The L's just keep piling up for William. Instead of coming out with a sincere apology this idiot says that simple ass line of his was misinterpreted. That line is not going over anyone's head. Sorry, Willy. You're not Rakim, Nas,Lupe or double entendre Jay. That bullshit line does not require multiple rewinds to be understood. That line was clear as day! Offensive lyrics happen, but anybody else would have came out with a straight forward apology, but this goof keeps hiding behind his 'boss' persona. Please GTFOH!

  • Mannski

    Only people protesting are women. This guy is a correctional officer who fantasizes about being a drug dealer. It is just entertainment. Women want to praise Rihanna and Nicki minaj when they wear skimpy dresses showing all sorts of body parts but when big belly Ross slip a hoe a mickey they all wana cry. Boo fugn hoo

  • Anonymous

    Remember the line in one of Biggie's song where he says something to the effect of getting one of his boys to kidnap a kid and ..........? That was crazy!

    • blaklex

      I get that, but I was trying to determine whether or not people had an issue with the line with Big dropped it

    • Anonymous

      but that was on some revenge shit like saying if you fuck with me my nigga will kidnap yo kids, rape them and throw them over a bridge ross on the other hand said I PUT DRUGS IN HER DRINK WITHOUT HER KNOWING THEN I TOOK HER HOME AND FUCKED HER WITHOUT HER KNOW

  • KingO

    The MMG stock is going down....down.....down....til it goes pooof!! rick ross just put south florida out there because they have been using rape pills in down there since the early nineties....if ur game is strong, why would you need to use that....that's my philosophy

  • teamjarule

    The only one who can ever protest is Ja Rule.

  • mike

    no real man likes rape and so just because its rick ross, these ultra what what people want to popularize themselves by attaching ross. a lot of rappers have said horrible things and have bad skits on their albums and that was not the issue and these ultra what what people stayed quiet and now its roos. they must leave ross alone

  • A77AH

    Black man is God!!!!

    • Anonymous

      "I DIDNT KNOW GOD WAS A SLAVE" "Jesus probably wasn't white or black. He probably had more of an olive skin tone, which is what the people who lived in that area looked like." ^^ "You are not contributing to any form of progressive dialogue & in a best case scenario, you are literally an anchor (dead weight) that the rest of 'us' have to drag along, kicking & screaming like a ignorant child." "Please stop embarrassing yourselves."

    • Cynical_Heathen

      SMFH @ anyone still believing in religion in the 21st century.. Please stop embarrassing yourselves. If fairy tales & myths keep you feeling safe at night, keep it to yourself. You are not contributing to any form of progressive dialogue & in a best case scenario, you are literally an anchor (dead weight) that the rest of 'us' have to drag along, kicking & screaming like a ignorant child.

    • A77AH

      God overcame many levels of life, from slave to the king. Once again, Black man is God! Respect it you fuckin' faggot!

    • Anonymous

      Jesus was an African....GOD equals the Eloheem, which is more than one entity and skin as dark as melannin

    • Anonymous


    • dentaldamboy

      Let's be real...Jesus probably wasn't white or black. He probably had more of an olive skin tone, which is what the people who lived in that area looked like.



    • Anonymous

      He doesn't need to perform with anybody just apologize instead of trying to justify the line. He hasn't done anything sincere about it.

  • Anonymous

    Ultra Viole(n)t hoes is a racist and hate group! #fact #reality #truth

  • Like a Bawse!

    Rozay need to put molly to them Ultra Viole(n)t hoes and enjoy it! RAWSE!!!

  • atl404zone4

    rick Ross Is A Fuckn Joke. You White Folk And Bitch Ass Niggaz Need To Getreal

  • Ricky Rozay

    These bitches and activissts need to shut the fuck up. Shit is only lyrics it aint like he really did that shit. What the fuck is the big deal. These feminists just like the niggas on this site, just throwin shit out there even though there aint no controversy at all. These bitches need to get a fuckin life. Instead of bitchin about lyrics why not go out there and try to improve the violence in the inner city or feed the hungry instead of whining about music lyrics. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yoson

    Well you guys wouldnt like it if your chick went out and some asshole put a molly in her drink. just think about it.


    Walmart is the Devil.

  • Ultra Violent Hoes need to chill!!!

    Them hoes must have too much free time on their hands and i bet, mostly of them hoes are white racist hoes. Rozay is a good person. Freedom of speech! Fuck them ultra violent hoes! Let a Black man prosper you wicked devils!


    The more pressing question is how the fuck Ross got an endorsement deal with supposed "athletic apparel company" Reebok...Seriously, is Ross now a poster child for fitness and good health??? WTF

  • p

    @Fish You're both dumb as fuck... advertising rape and condoning it has NOTHING to do with freedom of speech! what if another dumbass just like yourself gets gassed of their favorite rapper's lyric and rapes YOUR loved ones because this fat fuck said it was ok.. would you still feed the same?

  • atl404zone4

    @Dental BoY. You Must Be A Whiteboy?

    • dentaldamboy

      @atl404zone4 You really think small, don't you. This isn't about Ross. This is about the ability of rabid liberals to control artisitic integrity through extortion. You are a pathetic Jeezy stan. I like Jeezy but my appreciation for his music doesn't interfere with my ability to assess the bigger picture.

    • atl404zone4

      Your Are A Fuckn Lame..Black Or White.

    • atl404zone4

      But You Support Rick Ross?

    • dentaldamboy

      I'm not. You sound like you are a self-loathing black man. I am offended that you think all black people should support welfare. I certainly don't.

  • M

    Who the hell even buys Reeboks anyways

  • dentaldamboy

    Don't these women have jobs? Or are they just the product of the Obama welfare society? Rick Ross should be able to say whatever he wants. If people are offended, they don't buy the shoes. However, organizing a large-scale protest is the equivilent of extortion. People should have the right to protest government action, not the action of a corporation. It goes without saying that I wish nothing but the worst for all of these women. I hope that each and every one of these women hits a tree driving home. They are just mad at Ross because he works hard. These women are lazy socialists and want to sit around all day.

    • dentaldamboy

      They should be held consumer choice...not by extortion. If these women don't like something, then they should refrain from buying Reebok products.

    • Marcus_Aurelius84

      Really? Corporations aren't to be held responsible for their actions? Fucking troll.

  • CTE spokesperson

    Gucci Mane Jailed... Rick Ross is being slammed by the media people want to murder the fake rick ross.. goes to show don't fuck with Jeezy nigga the realest gets the last last!!!

    • Now Watch Me Rule

      only right after my lord and savior Jeffery "Aka Ja Rule" Bc he is the greatest black person to ever walk the earth

  • Anonymous

    Wow, smh. Every time something of this nature happens rap fans use that "he/she did it too". Ppl bring up Eminem, DMX and countless others. Do y'all even know how much shit Eminem went through? Women groups, gays and the whole 9 were after his head since he first came out. That is why he tried to clean it up with that Grammy's performance with Elton John. Same thing with DMX too. First of all, that rape lyric was a part of the story in the song. That wasn't what Ross was doing let's be honest. Either way X got the same criticism bcuz of that. When he got the rape case in 1998 the media and ppl immediately wanted the judge to throw him the book. His situation was almost identical to Snoop and his "Murder Was The Case" irony. All y'all doing is re-directing the pointed finger

    • Moonie313

      Agree %100 with your comment. That's the first thing people wanna do is point the finger at someone else, they did it! Yea & EM paid big time for his lyrics. The real question or focus here should be, what are they trying to do? U wanna protest? What are they trying to get out of it? Have Adidas drop him? Take that song of the airwaves? Which by the way many stations have already done. I don't like how sometimes you buy a CD like say MMLP and they slap it with the explicit lyrics stamp, but yet they STILL edited 'Kim' and 'remember me' among countless others.

  • Mystikal

    "Somebody tell me the woman complaining talking bout I'm too sexual But leave me alone with her, betcha I could sex the hoe" - Mystikal. He been forcing women to have sex with him in real life and in his lyrics for years. We cant stop this shit now its censoring art.



    • dentaldamboy

      @P You are such a socialist, it's not even funny. People like you hate it when black men succeed and serve as positive role models for others. You want all black men to be dependant and subservient to the government. I want every black man to have a shot at success.

    • p

      maybes its just the difference of good and bad instead of black and white

  • rommel

    i bet u if Slim Shady said these lyrics, not an ish would happen

  • S

    Officer Ricky taking more L's

    • dentaldamboy

      Glad to know you support the socialist/feminist/welfare-recipient movement. You must be a Jay-Z fan.


    People have too much time on their hands. As much as I dislike Ross, he's allowed to say whatever he wants due to Freedom of Speech. Eminem said shit, Jay has said shit before, NaS said said shit. You can't have a double standard. Hell most of what Ross raps about his lies so why do you even believe he's telling the truth?

  • Anonymous

    Fuckin' idiots! for fuckin' lyrics about a rape? How about protesting about the killings that he niggas talk about? These fuckin' people must be stay at home moms with nothing else to do.

  • 614grind

    This guy's run is coming to a close.

    • dentaldamboy

      First of all, I'm a Democrat. However, I strongly oppose welfare. Most welfare recipients, regardless of where they live and regardless of what race they are, voted for Obama. Why did you make this a red state / blue state issue?

    • Tapeworm

      for once i agree with dentaldamboy

    • Marcus_Aurelius84

      Actually more red states have the most welfare recipients... eat a dick.

    • dentaldamboy

      ALL of hip-hop will cease to exist if lyrics are censored. You must be a welfare-recipient obama supporter.

  • Anonymous

    Fat fuck be thinking people are naive...

  • Fish

    If you start censoring one lyric, you're giving permission to censor it all, and that would be the end of hip hop ladies and gentlemen.

    • Fish

      @P You, my little friend, are guilty of 'selective outrage.' You're the type of faggot that listens to an hour or Officer Ricky talkin about shooting people and selling kilograms of poisonous narcotics to people, nodding your head and loving life, and then you shit your boxers when you hear this lyric. What if someone gets 'gassed up' and SHOOTS one of your loved ones because this fat fuck said it was ok? Your moral compass is fucked. NO CENSORSHIP IN HIP HOP!!

    • dentaldamboy

      @p Listen here you fucking feminist. If lyrics about rape are sensored, then lyrics about murder, drugs, etc will eventually be sensored as well. You really are an idiot. You probably think that Ross should go to jail for talking about rape and when a rape actually occurs, you think the rapist should get out after two years. Get the fuck out of here with your PATHETIC liberal bullshit.

    • p

      You're both dumb as fuck... advertising rape and condoning it has NOTHING to do with freedom of speech! what if another dumbass just like yourself gets gassed of their favorite rapper's lyric and rapes YOUR loved ones because this fat fuck said it was ok.. would you still feed the same?

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY!! These dumb niggas don't get it.

  • Anonymous

    ross is old as fuck

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