Macklemore & Ryan Lewis To Perform At 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will unleash their new single during MTV's annual Movie Awards gala.

On Sunday April 14 at 9pm EST, the 2013 MTV Movie Awards will premiere. This year's event is hosted by Rebel Wilson of Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids. Yesterday, MTV confirmed that among the night's film festivities, Seattle, Washington duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will perform.

The pair, who released the gold-certified album The Heist, last year, will launch their latest single, "Can't Hold Us."

Also performing will be the reunited cast of Pitch Perfect.

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  • rgtr

    Macklemore - sellout clown... he may outrap Wacka flocka, Wayne, Kanye, Gay Z and all them retarded dudes, but underground emcees would eat him for breakfast

  • Anonymous

    rap music for people who normally don't listen rap music

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy your fifteen minutes.

    • Educated

      You mean besides his the rest of his GOLD album, The Heist, his other albums: Open My Eyes, The Language of My World, The Unplanned Mixedtape, VS. Redux and EP (which reached #7 on iTunes). He has one of the most loyal followings of any rapper of this generation. Please don't make conclusions without a little research.

    • jamal

      really one hit wonders. lol you must have never heard their album. you probably only heard the song thirft shop which is a fun song that anyone can enjoy. the album went gold for a reason. he's independent doing numbers like a major. now chief keef sucks hes a one hit wonder his album flopped. macklemore actually has concepts in his music and can actually rap good. next time listen to his album because your comment on one hit wonder makes no sense. but it did do 5x platinum thrift shop thats why you mad lol.

    • Anonymous

      they werent even trying to have a hit record like this so its all good. they had fans before thrift shop and they will still have fans after

  • Anonymous

    These white boys stay doing big things.

  • Anonymous

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  • lol

    what's ryan lewis going to do? make a beat on stage in front of everyone then play it?

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