Yukmouth Takes Aim At Plies On His "Charles Bronson" Diss Record

Yukmouth and The Regime air out their differences with Plies on their diss record, "Charles Bronson."

Oakland rapper Yukmouth has officially taken his issues with fellow artist Plies to wax with the release of the visuals to his diss record “Charles Bronson.”

The music video opens with what appears to be an exaggerated version of Plies dancing with a woman while the rapper’s “Low Miles” plays in the background. This portion of the video lasts about 45 seconds before the Plies character is ambushed by Yukmouth and the rest of The Regime.

On “Charles Bronson,” Yukmouth goes on to drop numerous bars aimed at the Miami musician including this particular line that mocks the tragedy at Sandy Hook: “I have killa’s at every show this nigga book/ Turn it to Sandy Hook.”

The Luniz co-founder also attempts to call out Plies for his educational background as he raps, “Bitch, you live the class life/ But he screaming ‘trap life.’"

Not one to shy away from the occasional rap beef, Yukmouth has also had issues with Master P, Game, Suge Knight, Scarface, and more.

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  • Joe

    Yuk is a legend and all that snitching stuff wasnt even true. Plies is a nobody

  • killah_casp

    my man yuk just killed this dude opened his mouth and pissed down his throat dragon game till the end REGIME LIFE

  • Ur writers suck

    Plies aint from miami get the f ouuta here, ur writers need to start proof reading

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Why Yuk?....nobody's checking for you nor Plies....

  • Anonymous

    Yukmouth is off the beat on this. But I think this is still a dope song.

  • Anonymous

    Plies is the definition of studio gangster same as ross and khaled

  • yeeeeee

    i fuck wit yuk..this the bay area you bitch!!!! my niggaz supplying alll yall fuck boyz on the east wit the dro...but sandy hook???? come on cutttyy.... that aint it!!! straightin that shit up yukmouth cuz you lookin like a bitch!

  • Knoitall


    • killah_casp

      stupid kids like u think jus cos a rapper aint posing and trying 2 get singles on mtv they aint getting money u kids better start understanding the definition of respect yuk got my respect 2 the end defo the best rapper alive and actually proved it in every diss track ever released dudes had beef with so many yet always come out on top so fuk u clowns go listen 2 ur pole dancer rap shit

    • Anonymous

      ...Yuk hasn't had bread since "I Got 5 On It".....

    • Desperado

      lol isnt it obvious? for attention. plies been paid while yuk hasnt had money since 03

  • Trapped in the 90's nigga

    This shit go hard. Yall born after 1985 niggas jus mad cuz yall fav new age skinnies wearing fag rappers gettin dissed by OG 90's niggas. Disagree? Fuck You. G-d bless

    • Desperado

      have u ever seen the way plies dresses? he def aint wear no skinny jeans. hes dat dude that rapped "i let my pants hang low, im from da hood n thats how shit go"

  • Anonymous

    I hope Talib Kweli calls this nigga out as well since he on some Delores Tucker shit nowadays

  • Fuck Oakland

    This nigga beefed with Scarface?!?!?!

  • Desperado

    seriously Yukmouth needs a reality check. He just snitched to the pigs bout Suge Knight robbin his ass. Shit Vanilla Ice let him hold him over the roof of a building but never snitched. this shit is so against code YUKMOUTH doesnt have the right to diss anyone on bein "thug" anymore

    • killah_casp

      eh man yuk aint no snitch people be talking about people being snitches in the game jus to break them down and it wasnt evan suge knight and it happened out side a store wid security cameras people see someone getting jack from a security camera and they gunna phone the police evan if the person bein robbed doesnt want it ur stupid and dumb 2 say shit like tht without knowing what really happened step ur weight up not ur hate up.

  • C'mon son

    lol....dude diss plies GTFOH Really

  • Desperado

    Yukmouth fell off hard now he tryin to go at plies to get his cred up. this shit is hilarious. Yuk is claimin to b so gangsta right? this is the SAME DUDE who just filed a POLICE REPORT saying SUGE KNIGHT robbed him. yea go ahead yuk u so thug

    • Desperado

      http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.10880/title.suge-knight-wanted-for-yukmouth-robbery the associated press originally reported it. sorry but its true i used to fuck wit YUK heavy but this is bitch shit.

    • Anonymous

      Link me to the police report or I call bullshit on it, lol, anybody can start an internet rumor but I never seen that so-called police report, just people talking about it.

  • dave

    That sandy hook looks like a right set up though look it up, theres one pic where the women who is the killers lawyer then another pic where the same women is one of the parents of a dead child, Crisis actors. Maybe not but looks dodgy as fuck

  • Anonymous


  • JRich

    Always liked Yuk, don't really like the Sandy Hook line...and dissing Plies is like dissing a pile of shit. You aint accomplishing anything and you're yelling at a pile of shit

  • Anonymous

    Don't expect Yukmouth to get booked in Connecticut anytime soon....

  • Anonymous

    Yukmouth is a fool. If you don't like Plies then whatever, but don't make a reference to a tragedy that involved kids.



  • Anonymous

    It's not the end of the world but Plies is from Ft. Myers not Miami. Never even lived in miami

  • Anonymous

    this guy still raps?

  • nigga creep

    Yukmouth a weak ass nigga nowadays and Plies BEEN a weak ass nigga since birth.He just tryin to make waves cause he just dropped that garbage mixtape like a month ago.

  • Tim

    Two wack rappers! Y'all should checkout www.thegrandreport.com too, they usually have some good reads as well

  • Anonymous

    personally, i liked what happened in sandy hook. i remember i had a boner when i heard about it

  • Anonymous

    He "mocks the tragedy at Sandy Hook". What you going to try to get him censored DX? Get him banned from radio stations huh? Fucking Hip Hop police ass niggas.

  • kev

    Damn, i don't like plies either, but this nigga straight disrepectful for using Sandy Hook as a punchline..

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