Nicki Minaj Admits To Being "Better Than Most Of The Male Rappers Out"

Nicki Minaj says she doesn't receive the credit she deserves as a rapper, blames it on an industry run by men.

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj didn’t shy away from speaking on her lyrical side during an exclusive interview with “MTV First” and even referred to herself as being “better than most of the male rappers out there.”

The Queens emcee, who also moonlights as a judge on American Idol, blamed the lack of credit she receives as a rapper on Hip Hop being an industry that’s heavily dominated and run by men.

“This time I care less about the acceptance and more about me being the lyrical, ill bitch that I am. Knowing that I am lyrically better than most of the male rappers out there,” Minaj explained in a video posted on “Yes, I’m gonna say it. I don’t get the credit that I deserve. Like ‘Up In Flames’ on The Re-Up. If a dude was on that song with me everyone would have talked about it and they would say ‘Oh, who had the best verse?’ or ‘Blah Blah blah.’ But when I put a song out by myself…Men run the Hip Hop game, let’s be honest…They not gonna recite a female. They just feel funny and it is what it is.”

Minaj’s comments on her lyrical skills stemmed from a question regarding the pressure she feels as an artist who rose to icon-status in such a short period of time.

“I think I had more pressure during my second album. Because I had just sold 2.5 million records worldwide after eight years of [being] a female rapper. Even having a number one on Billboard,” said the rapper prior to her comment about today’s male rappers. “So I had all these things in my head like, ‘Can I live up to this?’ It’s just I felt so bombarded with everything people were expecting.”

Nicki Minaj is currently at work prepping for her third studio album.

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  • Anonymous

    EVERYONE! Nicki has potential, she just hasn't reached it.. Her good verses were obvi monster, up all night and hell yeah (her song) she could be the best in the game but she needs to stop being wack. Also y'all just haters, actually listen to her sometimes, unlike calling her a hoe.

  • OK!

    It's sad to see that no one on this website can read. I believe she said This time I care less about the acceptance and more about me being the lyrical, ill bitch that I am. Knowing that I am lyrically better than most of the male rappers out there, referring to the growth mindset she'll have for this next album Pink Friday: The Pinkprint. If that's the mindset she wants to go in using then fine just make sure the outcome is not crossover like Roman Reloaded, same realm of concept as Pink Friday and swagger of her mixtapes with a touch with her star power and what she's learned working beside super producers Randy and Jimmy Iovine and being on Idol

  • OK!

    She's thinking just like she was thinking when she first came out.

  • imperialshalom

    She sounds bitter to me. The music speaks for itself and excuses for why people don't recognize your "lyrical ability" don't help your argument. If you can spit I say prove it on the next album because a couple verses don't make you dope consistancy does!

  • simpleTOM

    this broad is off her rocker completely. she is an insult to hip hop. i cringe at the thought of ANYONE associating her with hip hop/rap. there are a few instances where i thought she had a decent flow. but I never thought she dropped any bars. the only female rapper that was much better than a high percentage of male rappers is rah digga. she served plenty of emcees on the mic and during rap battles.

  • Anonymous

    if she can beat azealia*

  • Anonymous

    I say prove it! get at Azealia Banks, if Azealia can beat her at spittin, i'll believe nicki

  • PhillyMu

    I wonder if she truly believes that "Roman Reloaded" bullshit was the "greatness" her fans expected of her. You gotta be good first to be great. I can only point to 3 Nicki songs/verses that I can say were good. 1. Moment For Life, 2. Monster verse & 3. "Up All Night" verse on Drake's Thank Me Later album. That's all I got

  • #teamjarule

    She will never be better than Ja Rule

  • John-Boy

    I am not a Nicki fan at all but if look at the current list of top rappers anybody can say they are better than most of them. Hell, I dont rap but if I sat down and thought out some lyrics I could easily compete with these garbage ass dudes. Just look at some of her competition. 2 Chainz, Waka, Future, Gucci,Rick Ross, Big Sean, and Kanye West and even Lil Wayne. All of them are hot by today's standards but none are lyrically potent. Not one of these artists have any verses even remotely dope as what she said on 'Monster'. I think people just need to put her comment into some perspective. She honestly is not far from the truth.

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    This dumb bitch is delusional. Then again you gotta remember she is on a label where every artists is wack as fuck, but claims they are the greatest or one of the best in the game. Greatest at what I dunno, but as far as rapping they are all a waste of space, just like this dumb hoe.

  • GBtha G can "stupid ho" call itself a rapper? check there r betta female Mcs like Dabrat, Lady Of Rage, Ilnana,..... but not dat muthafucka nikki minaj.

  • Narcotick

    this bitch lost her dont get credit because you cant fucking rap....this woman is talentless and i dunno how she got as far as she has.......anybody who thinks she is a good artist needs their head checked

  • Anonymous

    Didn't she just re-release her 1st album and call it her 2nd?

    • Ok

      No, her first album was Pink Friday her 2nd was Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. You know how Twilight was Twilight then Twilight: New Moon, then Twilight: Eclipse then Twilight: Breaking Dawn

  • Zach Nicki. You are absolute garbage.

  • listner

    Nicki aint admit to shit, aint no one been saying she is better than shit, Nicki - pink wig and 800 implants = same shit young money been doin.... gettin hype from 12 year olds

  • Anonymous

    it's going down..... basement

  • Jos

    I wonder if she would be successful without all the plastic surgery she's had or without riding the coattails of Lil Wayne and Drake. Would she be successful if she didn't resort to making pop records? (Starships was a real hip-hop classic ay Nicki?). She's had a few good bars and maybe she is better than some male rappers (shout out to Benzino!) but there's a ton of female rappers better than her.

  • Lool

    LOOL @ all the male bloggers below cussing & hating on a female Nicki doing her thang

  • John

    Please tell me this is a belated April Fools joke. This woman has not a shred of talent and her songwriting skills are non-existent. Here is one example from that song 'Up in Flames' which also has the most generic lyrics for the chorus: "I'm in Saint Tropez on a big boat/On my way to make a billi like a big goat/Pull my dick out in case you bitches get a slick throat." She's nothing but a pretentious, attention seeking whore who used the same sexism she complains about to become 'famous.'

  • Roos

    Well it seems to be her brains are in her tits.......... This is what she does to get attention and her team bird man and lil wayne should all be shipped to a stand alone island to live out there music fantasy since it's not HIP HOP I Can't believe I even found time to type this for them Ughhhhh

  • Anonymous

    oh shut up bitch, your more pop than hip hop

  • nah ah nicki

    you aint half decent lyrically, youre only good for walking around have naked and giving me a boner when i see that ridiculously large ass of yours. ya music blows though, non of the members of your team are emcees and neither are u... pop stars more like it

  • Art Brooks

    This bitch got the body of a goddess. I know she rocked shit on that "Monster" song, but thats about it.

  • So Icy Boi!

    real tlak Nicki Minaj is betta den Eminem, Dr. Dre, Nas, Jay-Z and Nas... fuck you homos who prefer dem homo niggas over a beautiful girl. Nicki da Best! swag

  • Anonymous

    This no talent bitch is terrible lyrically and is annoying as fuck. She got rich off dumbass white chicks that wanna feel ghetto sometimes. Yous the stupid hoe nikki!

  • Anonymous

    lol even 2 Chainz is better than her


    I think what she meant is she is better at blowjobs then most mainstream rappers but i disagree big sean is pretty good

  • dr blunt

    best tranny rapper....

  • nickie mirage

    I think she is confusing nagging and crying with being lyrical. When she does a show she has an audience of 12 to 18 yr old little girls. If she wants to hang with the big doggs she should being doing shows like "paid dues" or "rock the bells" and support real hip hop. Show and prove.

  • MATT


  • Paul Mooney

    Stop looking like me you untalented cum rag

  • LilWayneSucks

    You did a song with Eminem, you got lyrically destroyed. You do a song with the weak ass niggas that are on your label, you still get bodied. You're not even better than the weak ass squad that you run with, so shut your dumb ass up, Nicki. I'm so sick of this ignoramus.

  • I Say A Little Prayer To You Niggas

    I hate this broad so much...

  • Anonymous

    man I had to see this comment section first thing when I seen this article up on the site lol.

  • J

    Nitty Scott, MC is a way more skilled female rapper than Minaj is.

    • Anonymous

      Nitty Scott, Jean Grae, Psalm One, Rapsody, Invincible, RAtheMC, Stahhr, Marz Lovejoy, Kalae All Day, Dessa, Boog Brown, Rocki Rivera...these are just the ones off the top of my head.

    • Aight

      thats some word right there. people need to listen to her

  • Kontious Filosofy

    man niki struggles in rap because like her as well as other rapers cuz dey aint rappers are trash. u may be a judge on american idol but really dat dnt mean shit ur album still trash because dat reloaded shit was da same fuckin album! smut cmon wit da jokes and u clearly have self hatred for yourself smh take dat wig off and play like phyllis hyman and kill yoself bitch #YMCMBK 4 LIFE STR8 LYK DAT

  • Anonymous

    Shes a judge on American Idol

  • Anonymous

    Okay so shes a rapper, lucky for her alot of rappers are amateurs, she's signed. So yeah, Nicki you're still shit. I hope you pig face melts in an inferno cause you blow like a major league ho. Word on the streets, your rhymes are pretty beat you gotta go see some of the elite that aint me.

  • FACT

    REAL female rappers are Roxanne Shante, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Monie Love, Yo-Yo, Boss, Nefertiti, Bahamadia, Mecca Black, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Jean Grae, Rah Digga, Lauryn Hill, Lady of Rage, and several others alike or better. Even Mary J. Blige (when see raps), Sweet Tee, Da Brat, Left Eye, and the other average, yet decent rappers are better than you. Sorry Nicki Minaj, but you lost and destroyed your rep when you sucked Lil' Wayne's bisexual dick for fame and sold your soul to become a global, generic pop star and an American Idol host. You were never even that good of a rapper to begin with. When you blew up in late 2009-early 2010, you were this weird and annoying rapper, but still half-decent at best nevertheless. However, you were better then than you are currently. You are a full-blown industry bitch now. Seriously, you are a walking version of a Lady Gaga and Lil Kim hybrid and cater to people who love RuPaul and have a bad taste in music. Also, the only female rapper that is allowed to both sing and rap in songs is much more superior Lauryn Hill. My take on this is issue is that YOU stop being a whoring, self-entitled crybaby. This is not a sexist issue. You are just not very good at rapping and you clearly sold out; thus you are not a true hip hop artist. So either go back to your fucking roots and attempt to prove us wrong, or begone and become a laughing stock of a has-been in the near future. Lady Gaga is no longer relevant because she relied on shock value, tired antics, tired promiscuity, and everything else to make her music "good" and lure people in. You (Nicki Minaj), YMCMB, MMG, Justin Bieber, and all of the other no-talent hacks will soon fade into obscurity as well. You and countless others are a fucking disgrace to music.

    • THIS

      NICOLAS you are spot on. I also forgot to mention Missy Elliot (as well as her creativity), Trina, and other dope female rappers who are much better than Nicki Minaj. And I meant Mecca Star, not "Mecca Black"; I fucked up on that one. Look at this list here >>> femalerappers (dot) tumblr (dot) com (slash) listofrappers At least 95% of the female rappers on that list are better than Nicki Minaj. So if he's not better than most of them, then she damn sure isn't fucking with at least half of the overall population of male rappers in the mainstream and underground combined. She's merely a spokesperson and replacement of Lady Gaga for the LGBT and tween community now. I'm also sick of these newcomers dissing vets like Mariah Carey (Nicki), Common & Ludacris (Drake) to name a few. Also, sick of newcomers calling their albums "classic" before day of release (ex: Meek Mill, French Montana, Kendrick Lamar, etc). And damn sure sick of people comparing themselves to Snoop & Dre (ex: 2Chainz & Kanye West) and countless other vets, trolling the hip hop game with shit like Tupac's Back (ex: Rick Ross, Lil B), being hypocrites and scared to call out the bullshit in hip hop (most fans and rappers), and doing bullshit sellout attempts (ex: Slaughterhouse). Sick of people doing songs with dead talents like 2Pac (Tyga), Aaliyah (Drake), and whoever the hell else to make themselves look better. And fucking tired of dickriding and bullshit excuses from stans. When will the fuckery stop?


      She whines about not being nominated for a Grammy as if it were a given, totally ignoring the fact that their are REAL artists who have put much more effort into their music for 10years and they did this WITHOUT tripping naked, shaking their Clunge at men, shaking there booty selling sex (beez in the trap, freaks, stupid hoe), rapping nursery rhymes a 2year old cuda written or without going for the 'easy hit' cough cough *Pound The Alarm*.| She then comes on Breakfast 105 and moans & throws her toys out the pram like a bitch moaning about radio hosts not listening to dat money makin scheme 're'-up trash reloaded' She calls her fans 'barbs' & 'ken barbs' even though the woman is hitting 31years of age Does songs with Justin Bieber, Willow Smith & Calvin Harris - for easy makin money (willow smith song 'fireball' was MAJOR flop my i add' Verbally attacks & shows NO respect to a LEGEND like Mariah Carey, a woman who outsells arenas on pure soul/r&b music. Now look at all of this & compare this beahvior to that of the late -great Aaliyah Face it, The woman is a Pure JOKE & it's embarrasing that people even like this piece of trash #enough said

  • FACT

    "You a industry bitch [Nicki Minaj], I'm a in the streets bitch" Foxy Brown

  • Nicki MANaj

    She sucks the worst dick out of all YMCMB

  • Nicki MANaj

    She should admit to being more male than most male rappers. cause that bitch is swanging some meat!

  • SDK

    Who am I? The MC, la-di da-di I don't wear Versace, I wear DJ's out quickly at the party Who am I? If you're like me hip hop is in your body Who am I? THE MC! When the jam is slow and you need a proceeder Who am I? THE MC! When you need a lyrical leader wit oratorical triple features Who am I? THE MC! When you need to rock your 3000-seat arena, best believe, uh Who am I? THE MC! When you need to get the word on the street wit demeanor Who am I? THE MC! I beg thee, let me splurt rhymes, I have plenty Who am I? THE MC! Lord have mercy I hit sudden like Hersey always New like Jersey, stay thirsty Who am I? THE MC! Showin my authority, superiority an artistic minority, now you startin me Cuz party philosophy can only be carried out by Who am I? THE MC! No doubt, predicting far ahead what will set the party off immensely with plenty of who? THE MC! Trained at Rooftop, Red Zone, Roxy and Bentley's Who am I? THE MC! Gently move crowds with harmonious rhythm Cuz the lyrics we give em they miss em Who am I? THE MC! again, THE MC! Her infinite power helps, oppressed people sent me to tell you if you truly study lyrical flows and stay on your toes you will be Who am I? THE MC! and as an MC you will study verbal magic but watch what you say cuz you'll attract it control your subconscious magnet from pullin in havoc Who am I? The MC! Non-stoppin MC, hip hoppin MC Verbal rockin, head knockin, quick droppin MC I laugh cuz I mastered the craft MC In sound clash I'm the first and last MC It's sort of like Jim Carrey throwin that Mask to me I black out and wake up to catastrophe 3 MC's dead from the sound blowin out massively, wow! Who am I? The MC! Untouchable, can't be caught off guard with fast tracks or slow tracks Ass cracks get waxed to the max, MC's pack raps for all tracks Indigenous cultures, Asians, Whites and Blacks never missed it the linguistic of Who am I? THE MC! Meta-lyrical poetic mystic MC Hearin the voice of an ancient spirit MC Premeditated worder Killin negative concepts out the mind of the observer MC You deserve a break from counterfeits, frauds and fakes claimin to be an MC for heaven sakes Well, this MC done raised the stakes under the stress from KRS contracts and mental gats are bound to break Who am I? THE MC! again the MC! Conduct yourselves properly MC...........

  • T

    lauren hill is pussy jean grae can hold her own a track with pharaoh monch and royce da 59 Pharoahe Monch Assassins ft Jean Grae and Royce da 5'9

  • dentaldamboy

    You YMCMB haters are fucking idiots. Because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time with Birdman. He told me that in 96, Biggie was looking to get out of his contract with Bad Boy so he could sign with Cash Money. If Cash Money is right for Biggie, then it's clearly the top record label. Unfortunately, Jay-Z and Diddy found out about Biggie's upcoming departure and had him shot. Also, Birdman as always a role model for Pac. Most of you don't know this, but the song Hit Em Up was originally supposed to be Split Em Up, a song where Pac brags about fucking Faith, leading to her breakup with BIG. But Birdman explained to Pac that real gangsta's talking about killing people, so that's how Hit Em Up took on such a violent tone. YMCMB for life. We got the game by the clit.

    • Anonymous

      Ummm.. Cash Money didn't blow up til HA was released

    • You gave it a shot

      Fucking nonsense right there...

    • KontiousFilosofy

      look bottom bitch clearly you work for these suckas a real gangsta dont talk and dont put himself out there like specially on some coonery shit like dat you niggas contributed to the jim crow shit and pac would spit in your face for dat one champk aint no message tellin motherfuckas to rise up in da ass creampies you call artists and i bet most niggas worldwide agree with me but hey real niggas know watts up actions speak louder den words

    • Anonymous

      Please get some new material, you troll.

    • Fukymcmb

      So let me get this straight........................You kissed birdman on the mouth? So tell all the skinny jean wearing queers what lil waynes dick tasteds like!

    • Anonymous

      thier fans of lil wayne not hip hop

    • Anonymous

      ymcmb dont like hip hop

  • worst fans in hiphop

    1 - Nas fans (refuse to realize he fell off after Stillmatic) 2 - Eminem stans (similar to Nas fans, plus they tend to be racist) 3 - Lil Wayne fans (they worship a nigga who sounds like a roach) 4 - Kanye West fans (this nigga ain't no music genius) 5 - 50 Cent fans (if he never got shot, he would never have fans) 6 - Biggie fans (he only had 2 albums, overrated AF!) 7 - Ross fans (they support a fraud)

    • @ETK

      Looks like you got all sad and emotional from the cold truth huh? It hurts the ass being so irate from my honesty doesn't it? You are the type of sutpid, wasteful person who would let the bullshit go on rather than fix it. This is one of the reasons why the economy, education, government, entertainment industry, and everything else is fucked up because people like you would rather go with the flow rather than make shit better. That's how the Nazis got complete control, which was due to people's fear and submission (like your pussified sorry ass). Continue ignoring the truth and not wanting to fix shit. That's also part of the reason as to why no-talents such as Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are popular because no one wants to wake up and demand better. Stop letting the standards decline. And yes, I (and everyone else) need to get my lazy ass up and fight for REAL change as well.

    • Sort of

      You are right on just about every point... sorry but Stillmatic was overrated, and "Life is Good" his best album since Ill.

    • Anonymous

      funny cuz 50 had a record deal and had a solid reputation in the game before he got shot. stupid fuck

    • ETK

      okay, guess what... you can say something bad about every fucking rapper's fanbase. get over it. that doesn't make "hip-hop" or "hip-hop fans" bad or dickeaters, you just need to focus on what you like and shut the hell up. you people are worse than all those dickriders combined, pointing fingers like you're somethin

    • Anonymous

      I Like the roots because they have been doing it for 2 decades and keeping it real with the live band type deal, Greatest Hip Hop Group ever(that is still doing music). No disrespect to outkast but they are not making another album we all know this.

    • Sigh.

      Jay-Z stans count and brag about his money and success. Odd Future stans blow ALL of the members, prostitute for rare tracks and shitty expensive OFWGKTA merchandise, and take it up the ass from Tyler The Creator, Frank Ocean, and Earl Sweatshirt. Tupac stans are delusional dummies who think he's a non-bipolar political activist, as well as Jesus Christ, and that he'll be resurrected in 2014. Kendrick Lamar stans believe he's the greatest rapper of all time and that his "classic" albums (the underground Section.80 and the very overrated GKMC) "saved hip hop". Immortal Technique stans believe every little conspiracy theory. Nearly are hip hop fans/stans are hypocritical, delusional, servile dickeaters.

    • dopeboi

      While I agree, i would add that any dick rider, no matter who they support, is a terrible fan... Question is: Who do you support??

  • anonymous

    hey nicki how about the fact that your not a fucking rapper your a pop star...get your head out of your huge ass

  • tony

    you stupid ignorant bitch! u aint no lyrical nothing! u ani't hip hop your bubblegum pop shitty garbage. watched your mini documentary on tv about t your tour, you made yourself look like the stupid ignorrant talentless bitch u r, fuck off and die!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah but that aint sayin shit if your competition is weak ass niggas like future,gucci,french,plies...

  • Anonymous

    Erykah Badu is much better rapper than Onika. Erykah's raps are spiritual and mad deep.

  • Anonymous

    unless she can name people or diss guys she ain't better than shit

  • Anonymous

    she raps just as good as the males nicky dont

  • Anonymous

    stfu its jean grae

  • Anonymous

    her catalog cant fuck with foxy or kim nuff said

  • ETK

    she's on some hoe shit. for real. Nicki doesn't realize it's actually the opposite: BECAUSE the industry is run by men, female rappers will stand out more. it doesn't take much to gain attention, especially for her wavin that big booty around like a bicycle light. she's like top 3 in the whole YMCMB roster, if that. better than most male rappers my black ass.

  • Why Blacks want to be white?

    Why certain Black artists when they get more famous they change their skin color to white? Are they forced to do this by industry or what?



    • Nateup

      Haha Nick... whats there really to say about him/her? Now, her fans - they fuckin dumb as fuck. They are many because people generally dumb as fuck. Doesn't take much to figure that one out...

    • James

      Haha YESSIR you never fail as either a really good troll or really have genuine pride in your words. That being said there is a difference between an artist influencing the world and infecting the world. I let you decide what path nicki is on

    • JRich


    • Anonymous

      Nicki got a larger fan base because she's a pop artist, who usually have bigger fan bases than hip-hop artists.

    • tony

      ymcmb ain't shit! especcially wit this stupid bitch over there, and that talentless bubblegum pop soft bitch ass ho drake, someone please drop a bomb on all those ho's

  • Anonymous

    Thats why you have to use lame ass gimmicks to sell your music right? Dumb bitch be quit!

  • Jose

    That's why she's won so many awards as opposed to none, right? Shut the fuck up Nicki, you're worse than garbage.

  • Anonymous

    i wanna fuck the fake out of this fucking bitch.

  • Najee

    Oh, Nicki. You're not getting the credit you feel you deserve because you're terrible, not because the industry is ran by men. You're terrible. You and the rest of Young Money. Now stop using sexism as an excuse and step your game up, you Crayola-colored, no talent hag.

  • Arya

    HA! She is better than no one. Even on the few songs where she's "lyrical", it sounds like a retarded 3rd grader helped her write them. She ain't even the best rapper on her team, and thy ALL suck lol

  • qonvex

    maybe on a mainstream level but doesn't say shit considering 90% of the hip hop talent is the underground indie grind. Besides that though, other female emcee's such as Jean Grae & Boog Brown could murder this dumb hoe.

  • Anonymous

    honestly she probably is, but she has to actually release more hip hop focused album next time. she gotta prove it.

  • Antar

    Nigga, suck my dick nicki ^_^

  • mike


  • anon




  • slam

    her music will be remembered as a JOKE

  • Ortega

    This chick swears she is Lauryn Hill, who is one of the best MC's ever. Saying "stupid hoe" repeatedly does not contribute to you being lyrically better than most.

  • Anonymous

    Everything about this bitch is fake.

  • x

    this bitch is garbage and one of the many reasons music & radio is fucked up today. the fact that she think she deserve credit for nothin' is absurd. the 90's she would have never got a record deal.

  • YouSerious?

    Women can get equal respect and even outdo many male rappers in hip-hop if their actually good and not just making some bullshit. Someone please tell Nicki about when Lauryn Hill used to rap.

  • HAHA

    is this bitch crazy? you fucked ur own career up by tryna be the female lil wayne and fake plastic barbie with 100 wings and different voices and styles.. should of stayed a rapper instead of sellin out.

  • James

    Hahahaha thats a funny joke take the mask off your face you actress

  • nastynas

    lol this bitch is wack as fuck. her "rapping" sounds like meaningless babble. honey cocaine is better

  • IMhO

    no the reason NM doesnt get her due justice is bec shes wack.. she started off fire coming out lyrical beast then went to that bullshit weezy does and it fucked her career up.. if she stayed lyrically in her lane she woulda been the next lil kim or foxi or w.e but she didnt, went pop, and fucked her rep up..your fault

  • RC

    Naw this is an equal opportunity buisness, she's just as wack as the rest of them bitches.

  • jacob c

    Has she heard any Method Man, anything from the roots, Nas, Ghostface, Raekwon, Diabolic, Immortal Technique? I can go on and on, lyrically she is an insignificant piece of shit, worse than Drake, worse than anything in life. I don't even like her production, she isn't a real person... she is a fucking gypsy. If I ever saw her in person, I would tell her she is a piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    she def is not a brand...

  • Amber

    this is a fucking joke.

  • Brandon

    She's a better lyricist than she gets credit for but that doesn't change the fact that her first two albums were pretty much shit.

  • Lil Wayne

    I tried to eat this bitch out but her pussy tasted like a toy soldier

  • ThatCaliDude

    Who is this broad better than? Doesn't get the credit she deserves? Maybe if she goes back to the mixtape Nicki, then we can talk about credit, until then she'll just be another pretty face with a fat ass.

  • A-Game

    What the hell is she talking about? She got signed by Young Money, sold millions of records (which is hard for a female artist especially during this day and age), and was asked to be on American Idol but yet she says she doesn't get the credit she deserves? I'm sorry but she sounds like a whiny ass diva. Just saying

    • A-Game

      @anonymous I never said she was good at rapping. I'm saying because of her popularity she shouldn't be complaining because there are artists that are way more talented that have problems getting the type of exposure she has. Her complaining about getting her "props" makes her seem like she's being a cry baby. She should be thankful where she's at.

    • anonymous

      That's has nothing to do with good rapping, if she could really rap she wouldn't be where she is now. You gotta be terrible at rappin nowadays to make it as a succesful rapper.

    • Anonymous

      all that shit was accomplished by selling out.

  • WakenBaken

    Okay, I've seen Nicki Lewinsky grow as a rapper, and ya kno she did her thing with that Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape, and then she took off like a year after that... She was really on top of the game in my opinion in the female emcee realm like after that sick verse on Monster w/ Kanye West. But then she started going solo forreal, apart from YMCMB and she got her own style with her "singing" and rapping. I listened to her less at that time, but I'd admit she had a strong presence in the game. I completely lost her after hearing that song Starships, not a fan at all. That's some wack direction to take her music... I mean knowing that she was being all tough on all verses, and then going all melodic. Didn't see that coming... Anyways, I support her creativeness and yes she can be considered better than most male rappers at the moment, because she delivers decent punchlines BUT ONLY ON THE SONGS SHE FEATURES ON. Her solo tracks ain't shit really...But she did get that whole female emcee battle going on in the recent few years, where Lil Kim, Foxy, Eve, Trina, etc all up on each other.

    • Prynce

      ....So much lose in this paragraph. How is having good punchlines in guest features (debatable, to say the least) and shitty solo songs make you better than most male rappers?

  • GoGettum

    lol she sucks just as much as the rappers that r out today!!!Talk about lyrical u should listen 2 dem underground dudes 2day Prince EA, Action Bronson, Kid Ink, OnCue, Penny Shaw, Lyrically iLLz, so much more


    before she signed to the gay parade of hiphop, she was a decent rapper.after the deal, she became a female version of wayne, then she wanted to brittney spears, now she goes harder than most male rappers? confidence is one thing, but i think it's prooven who the wackest people in rap music is, people dont wanna say it because they will be labaled as haters, but if you wack, you wack period point ten years, ymcmb will not be a footnote in hiphop history only a laughing remember them joke.

  • Slimdog

    If she would rap about something RELEVANT when she raps on her own, maybe men would recite her raps. Talking about nonsense doesn't qualify you as lyrical or maybe even good for that matter.

  • The Brain Trust

    Nick dat bitch. stop hating and get a job

  • JRich

    Good trolling Nicki, I give you props for that. And that big ol fake ass...that's about it

  • sincereproducer

    Please Pusha T, you already hate YMCMB, diss her!!!

  • Anonymous


  • VickLovesDogs

    Is she out of her fucking mind?!?

  • Hmm

    Her entire crew are a bunch of self proclaimed greats. How about this? Let your career play itself out and the fans will decide whether or not you're deserving of the title 'great'. Thank God there's some good hip hop finally on the rise again, it's been too long. I'm tired of this wannabe disco crap.

  • Hmm


  • Knox

    This Sammy Sosa hoe needs to give all that credit to Drake, who wrote all her hits.

  • Anonymous

    this idiot hoe is bleaching her skin, fuckin wannabe barbie bitch.



  • better than who?

  • Anonymous

    "claims" rather than admits. It's not a statement of fact. If "all the male rappers out" = YMCMB - then in my opinion she's right. But if she's referring to the industry as a whole, then she's out of her depth. I'd make the case she's not the best female rapper if I'm honest. It's an arrogant, slightly condescending, comment from someone who's ill-informed about what they're talking about. I like some of her music... I increasingly don't like her.

  • Sharp Thought

    Ms. Hill ain't even give this bitch no love fuck away!!

  • Fuck She Talm Bout ?

    Bitch you ain't rapper !! Fuck ymcmb suck a dick

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHA, hahaha



  • Anonymous

    Well its that Ass which is selling not her words!

  • DJ Game

    wasn't april fools a couple days ago? you're late onika.

  • Nicki Minaj is a dumb ho

    The headline should have used the word "Claims" as opposed to "Admits". This bitch is a joke and a stain on hip hop. She's a living walking stereotype that "confirms" a whole bunch of racist beliefs people have against black folks. She should be ashamed. She proudly flies the flag of ignorance

  • Anonymous

    Lol ugly fuckin skank. hope someone kidnaps this hoe, tortures her and burns her alive. Nicki Miaj aint shit.

  • Anonymous

    Compare the skin color of her face to the skin color of her shoulders and chest, that can't be normal.

  • Nicki Minaj

    Score a hit for the bitch who didn't sell bricks It's a hitch when you don't look like a butch bitch Most female battle mcs are straight lesbo but I like girls, boys, and hermaphoties, I'm trisexual and to think all i had to do was colorize my hair stuff my booty with pastry injections, shit aint fair went out with drake, even made a few goofy faces it was a difficult struggle shout out to jada, we gone make it

  • Malcolm X's Ghost

    Fuck this selfhating hoe!!!

  • Anonymous

    wannabe white bitch

  • Tapeworm

    if it was jean grae, lauren hill or rah digga saying this i wouldnt have much of a problem

  • Chris Etrata




  • Humz

    Well if you are better then prove it... no point saying you're ill if you never demonstrate it

  • aladdin

    Bitch plz you fake ass plastic barbie bitch wit a fucked up nose maybe if Wayne could still spit ppl might believe you well prob not cus Your a fucking pop star

  • Anonymous

    She's better than Nas that's for fucking sure.

  • Anonymous

    Credit, pretty sure you have to earn that shit before its due dumbass. Just because she put in the time to write her shit doesn't make it good.

  • Anonymous

    lol gotta be fucking kidding me this bitch sucks worse then 3/4 of the people in rap

  • Anonymous

    The only reason she's still in the game's because she's hot. Nicki sucks balls at rapping.

  • dazeone

    She can rhyme although I am not crazy about her songs ...switched up to get that paper which is smart...she startd on DVDs...may nt like it but gotta respect her grind and hustle

  • ....

    "Admits To Being "Better Than Most Of The Male Rappers Out"" You mean she says she is, and even then she be saying she's better than Future, Gucci Mane, Wocka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Birdman etc. etc. "They not gonna recite a female. They just feel funny and it is what it is. Well we all loved Lauryn Hill. And talk about women MCs not getting credit just look how famous you are and look at Rapsody who is obviously an iller MC but is extremely underground. Bitch you talk too much.

  • King Tut

    I'm not against the idea of a female saying she's underrated or could hang with most of the guy MC's (Jean Grae, Rah Digga & Rapsody come to mind). But if you believe that you're one of the best, you have to prove it. Nicki has stood out on songs with Kanye West, Jay-Z & Eminem. But that doesn't mean anything if you turn around to become a pop princess. Her last album had a couple good songs out of 19. The rest was a wasteland of bad pop music. So no Nicki, you're right where everyone placed you, you have a couple good songs. But that's doesn't give you the excuse to call yourself underrated.

  • Anonymous

    The industry is male dominated because the females like her use it as a stepping stone to go Hollywood, pop, or some other form of selling out. Not just her but Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, Eve, and I'm sure more to come.

  • griz

    maybe she's not getting the recognition cuz she FUCKIN SUCKS at rapping

  • Anonymous

    If she's better then why she ain't got a rap album then?

    • Anonymous

      Cause most rap albums don't sell. If she can adapt to what sells then more power to her and her pocketbook.

  • Josh

    She's a female version of Lil Wayne: Nasty MF'er who only cares about cashing checks.

  • 614grind

    Oh Nicki...stop. You jacked Kim's whole image, made millions doing it, and now you think you're underrated? FOH.

  • Now Watch Me Rule'

    i guarantee you my slave master Ja Rule, would rap circles around this hoe, ja rule is a lyrical wordsmith, and if you sucka white kids are wondering why em fell to drug addiction, look no further than jeffery...

  • Anonymous

    she should just do a porn

  • Anonymous

    How is she gonna admit to something she was never accused of?

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Was this broad accused of being dope or some shit? Chic acting like she copping a plea.

  • dentaldamboy

    Agreed. The only rappers better than her are: Wayne, Drake, Ross, Tyga, Kanye, Kendrick and TI.

    • Anonymous

      Damn @Dentaldamboy if you think shes better than anyone I named you need your head checked

    • @OP

      Everything you say is BULLSHIT!!

    • Tapeworm

      @ anonymous you should know by now this guy dentaldamboy is a troll he enjoys soliciting reactions from you and jacks off to your angry responses, makes another comment to piss you off... then cleans the screen

    • dentaldamboy

      I forgot about 50 and Em. But yes, she is better than studio gangsta terrence, snake-z, broke nas, "ghetto" fab, Banks, Style P and LAUGHTERHOUSE.

    • Crate Mayne

      I sure hope you're just trolling, or on crack.

    • Trini

      Tyga is garbage as hell lmao

    • Anonymous

      STFU so shes a better rapper than Jadakiss, Styles P, Lloyd Banks, Pusha T, Meek, all the members of Slaughterhouse, Eminem, Fabolous, Nas, Jay Z even 50, shes a good rapper but let be real theres a whole bunch of rappers that are better lyrically than Nicki

  • Y-Rap

    If she would have just stuck to her roots in the first damn place, she wouldn't have this issue.

  • Anonymous

    admits to being better? doesnt that imply that this is true? it should say nicki minaj feels she is better,

  • What The Fuck?

    Is this bitch serious?

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