Nas Hints That His 12th Solo Album Is Coming Soon

Nas is working on something, and the details are beginning to roll out.

In July of last year, Nas released Life Is Good, his eleventh solo album and third with Def Jam Records. The Queens, New York native received tremendous acclaim for the complete works and its video single, "Daughters" as well as a #1 debut, selling nearly 150,000 copies.

Approximately nine months later, the onetime Large Professor protege took to Twitter to reveal that roll-out for his next project will begin in May of this year. With rumors of a Distant Relatives follow-up with Damian Marley, it could be be something besides a Nas solo project.

The shortest period between studio albums for Nas, was 1999. In April of that year, the emcee released I Am... and followed in November with Nastradamus.

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  • Anonymous

    Interview: 2 Chainz Breaks Down His Def Jam Deal By Insanul Ahmed | Feb 2, 2012 | 2:29 pm | Permalink Few, if any, people in today's rap game appreciate the importance of grinding and timing as much as 2 Chainz. In fact, that's probably why he invented a term that combines them both: "griming." After years of ups and downs, Chainz's griming finally came to fruition this week. On Monday, he tore down the stage at a sold-out SOBs in New Yorkan impressive feat for anyone but even more so for a Southern artist. Yesterday, he went on MTV's Rap Fix and finally revealed that he had signed a deal with Def Jam. And to top it all off, he even said he's been working with Kanye West. The night after his epic NYC show, the 2 Gun Gangsta stopped by the Complex offices to give us the lowdown on how his Def Jam deal came together. But that wasn't the juiciest part: Chainz also claimed that he's got a surprise partnership he's going to announce soon. "Will it be a Watch The Throne type situation," we asked? "Maybe," he replied, reluctant to reveal much more. See what 2 Chainz had to say, and read between the lines... As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin) On His Def Jam Deal Im signed to Def Jam. It was a lot of things [that made the deal happen]. I was already signed to Def Jam through DTP with my group. I had a relationship with a few people in the building. And then just out of all the bidding and all that going on, theyre really who I had the most leverage with and who had the best deal on the table. I knew Sha Money before he got over there at Def Jam. I still had people who did promo over there who did promo with me for Playaz Circle. A few people that I didnt have good relationships with left and all of thatso it was cool. There was just a whole new energy in the building. I dont want to put a lot of the business out there, but I know for a fact I got one of the best deals. People may try to use [my name] and say, You did it for 2Chainz! But I work hard for my deal. So basically, whatever you can imagine, I imagined the same thing. I asked for it and it came to me. I was doing very well as an independent artist. So what Def Jam came with, their idea was basically adding a steroid to our workout that we were already doing with our own team. The money was on point. The whole all-around deal [was on point], everything all the way down to the merchandise was good. I dont want to put a lot of the business out there, but I know for a fact I got one of the best deals. People may try to use [my name] and say, You did it for 2Chainz! But I work hard for my deal. So basically, whatever you can imagine, I imagined the same thing. I asked for it and it came to me.

  • Anonymous

    But since YOU went THERE, AND know all about DEF JAM, what is "2Chainz' points per unit sold versus Nas'? How much was HIS budget and costs for YOU to think because he went gold that his album is MORE successful than Nas?" Gold is the new platinum. 2 Chainz visibility has been alot higher. He guest starred on a Top Ten TV show. He's making money left and right, and still moving units which is pretty impressive considering he's still under 600,000. I don't care what he gets per album sold. Point is dude hustling. That Wayne/Chainz song off Human Being II is doing pretty good on Itunes as well. You slay me with this rage you display on a daily all because I point out a simple fact that Nas is done. But by all means look for those spreadsheets, tiny. I'd love a tax return as well.

  • Anonymous

    "He's still getting more money than you and your family" Go wash Wayne's drawers, troll boy.

  • Anonymous

    "I just applied pressure and you broke" Your so called pressure was like a blind man getting hit with a nerf ball. I mentioned the flop singles. The non grammy win. The stall at 360,000. Yet you've mentioned nothing but your wishes that Def Jam recouped the millions they poured into this lame project.



  • Anonymous

    "NOW, he wants to FIGHT, because HE can't prove what HE says" I proved it with many examples. All of which you ignore because you can't show me where Def Jam made money off this. In the end, who gives a shit. This is my opinion. If you think Def Jam made millions off this, be my guest. Doesn't put money in our pockets.

    • donnis mac

      Wow. Quote-Man, you're a grown man, you know damn well when one asks for proof/facts you don't offer opinions. I don't need to prove anything, I didn't make the statement. I just applied pressure and you broke.

  • Anonymous

    "You need to do the same thing" Gladly.

  • gwap waffles

    i hear yukmouth wear fake jordans

  • the advocate mc

    honourable mentions: IT WAS WRITTEN GODS SON NIGGER

  • the advocate mc


  • Warren Peace

    Lost Tapes 2 Please!

  • Anonymous

    "By your logic Justin Bieber is so great because Millions are people like him" You mad cause he didn't sign your lunch box? lol

  • Anonymous

    "When a GROWN MAN confronts you, YOU BACK DOWN" I've said it before and I'll say it again. Come say any of this to my face. Neither one of us knows the other person, but when someone constantly talks shit, then you need to turn mom's computer off and come outside to the real world and back your tough talk up.

    • Anonymous

      NOW, he wants to FIGHT, because HE can't prove what HE says! Weren't YOU saying I'm OLD? NOW I'm on MOM'S computer? Why are YOU so confused when it's YOU who babbles? YOUR GROWN ENOUGH TO WANT TO FIGHT, BUT YOU AIN'T GROWN ENOUGH TO STOP SAYING BASELESS SH*T TO YOUNG KIDS. I'm IN the REAL WORLD, SO REAL, I'm telling YOU to GET HELP.

    • Anonymous

      You need to do the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    "Absolutely NOTHING YOU JUST TYPED shows that DEF JAM LOST MONEY from "Life Is Good" Two dud singles aren't generating money. It's getting next to no love on Itunes. 360,000 albums sold. Even 2 Chainz has sold more than that. It's nothing for Nas to be ashamed of. Stop getting butt hurt and move on.

    • Anonymous

      You BUFFOON, don't you get it? WE DON'T WANT YOUR SH*TTY ASS OPINIONATED DRIBBLE, PROVE YOUR WORDS WITH FACTS. CORPORATE SPREADSHEETS with BUDGET NUMBERS, COSTS, FEES, PROJECTIONS. SIGNATURES. But you're NOT GROWN ENOUGH to say YOU can't prove what you said and just STFU, you're STILL trying. 2Chainz ain't got SH*T to do with YOU proving WHAT YOU SAID. But since YOU went THERE, AND know all about DEF JAM, what is 2Chainz' points per unit sold versus Nas'? How much was HIS budget and costs for YOU to think because he went gold that his album is MORE successful than Nas?

    • YESSIR

      He's still getting more money than you and your family.

  • Now Watch Me Rule'

    fuck this broke ass hasbeen, he couldnt even out sell 2chainz and keef is spittin hotter bars, in fact you bitch made nerds dont even realize Ja Rule is the real brain power behind illmatic, ja's head is always flowing with great ideas that he felt like helpin a nigga out with his second thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    "They both richer and more succesful than you are or more than likely ever will be" So what? That doesn't make them better people. They just got lucky.

  • Anonymous

    The King is Back

  • adam

    This whole Premo/Pete Rock/LargePro thing, people just need to get over it. I would love to hear Nas over them too but he proved on LIG that he doesnt need them. The No ID/S. Remi duo worked extremely well. My problem with Nas is he always does one or two things that make you say "...the fuck?" like using Swizz Beatz or thinking doing that songs w/ Rick Ross is a good idea. That is another thing Nas never catches flak for. People continually bitch out how they want him to do songs with AZ and all these other great MCs but no one ever mentions how he is all over these YM/MMG songs (Nicki, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Tyga, Meek Mill). I guess he is tryin to keep his name out there? IDK is not like he is falling off but whatever... IMO, do songs w/ whoever you want but keep these clowns off YOUR album please!!

  • Anonymous

    cool some decent hip hop for a change

  • TT

    Nas is the greatest no doubt, and people are talking about his money? How laughable.

  • subz

    ....Nah, Life is Good dispite the problems we face every, if you focus on life is a Bitch and focing on the probnlem rather than the solitions. then life will sure be SHIT!!!!!

  • subz

    i cant wait, he always suprises the fans with great art work of music, i truly respect NAS, his music is so important

  • GBtha G

    I luv Nas he much better than bitch obama.I jus didnt understand why tha fuck he called dat album lifes good when in in fact its jus a bitch.... yo I'm jus keepin it Ol Skool, muthafuckaz.

  • top mcs

    nas black thought big pun big l q-tip common

  • doggfather

    and where is the duo album with Common?!?!

  • herpe boy


  • Anonymous

    Ya'll niggas on some fake a A&R bullshit here talking about buzz, recouping, sales and shit. Who gives a fuck? That's why shit is fucked up now by the industry, niggas reviwing quality based on billboard charts and budgets. Is the shit good or not?

    • IMhO

      true but that really started off rappers. rappers always dissin eachothers shit and talkin about how album sales means if your albums good or not.. it just had a drop effect on the fans now the fans do it..once rappers stop that competitive bullshit itll get back to what normal music genres do..judge the music and not compare it to past albums

    • Anonymous

      L.O.L. exactly

  • Hov

    Jay Z- Net worth over 500 milli Nas- Net worth in debt -6 milli with the IRS Don't get it twisted nothing Nas has done, affected Jay Z, you can ask Nas Himself that. If anything thats the only thing that keeps Nas relevant, "Ether & illmatic" LMFAO you cant count up how many Jay Classics he has.

  • Anonymous

    "so again, how do you know def jam is losing money?.." Only two singles released. Both flops. No buzz generated. No grammy also means a shorter shelf life. Now liken it this way. Ja Rule said one time in an interview that when he was going 2x platinum, the money was good, but he had to go 2x platinum everytime just to see REAL money after the label got their's. Now if we were talking about back in the day then no doubt Nas was caked up. People anticipated his shit, but more importantly they bought his shit. That's not the case anymore, and when this very site posts stories about his financial and baby mama woes, only a fool would sit here and act like Nas is king.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely NOTHING YOU JUST TYPED shows that DEF JAM LOST MONEY from "Life Is Good". ALL circumstantial, assessed GOSSIP. His OLD baby mama drama has NOTHING to do with Company's projected sales or recording budget for his RECENT album. YOU HAVE NO PROOF. The only fool here is YOU, thinking because you read a couple of articles THAT YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY GOES ON.

  • Jason

    I AM is actually tremendously underrated and has amazing production and guest spots on it. A favor for a favor is amazing. Hate me now has an epic beat like some Gladiator shit. Nas is like by Premier is bangin!!! The Timbaland track with Aaliyah you wont see me tonight is fire!!! DR Knockboot is probably the weakest track. You can cop this album for like 5 bucks at Frys Electronics right now. Nastradamus on the other hand was a sad album. I like new world though because of the Toto sample lol. But alot of rappers have sampled Toto. My mom had a chance to date the lead of toto but dissed him in high school. I said mom you mean we couldve been Toto rich? lol

  • yup

    AZ on every track or GTFO

  • Really

    Hope he takes his time and not rush it like I am..

    • Anonymous

      Money is my Bitch Big Things Favour for a favour NY State Of Mind Undying Love What the fuck are you people talking about these tracks are bangers . most of you niggers cant think for yourselves bunch of sheep

    • Big D

      I am, was still better than 90% of other rappers albums at that time .. NY State Of Mind,Small World,Ghetto Prisoners,still sound fresh as fuck People forget around 98/99 Dude was getting a lot of hate within the industry plus the whole Jay Z ,Cormega,etc beefs was going on .. Listen to the God Son album were he addreses some of the above .

    • Anonymous

      He didn't rush I Am.... It was just released at a really unfortunate time when people started downloading music. On wikipedia it says it was one of the first albums to be leaked online so Nas thought it would be a good idea to put a whole new album out but keep the same name. It sold well but didn't age that well ( still underrated)

  • Anonymous

    "NOW, less than 24 HOURS later, YOU FLIP FLOP" You sound like a fucking whining bitch. Dude, get off the rag. That quote you clearly took out of context was saying that when you bash Drake, Ross, Wayne, whoever you aren't taking into consideration the effort that goes into making what you call shit. It's ok to say you don't like them. I don't like every song they do, but it's clear they're selling and that millions of people like what you call shit.

    • Mylie

      By your logic Justin Bieber is so great because Millions are people like him so it must not be shit. You're a fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      WHERE, IS, THE, PROOF, BITCH? Ain't nobody take sh*t out of context, there are ARCHIVES HERE of your FLIP FLOPS. When a GROWN MAN confronts you, YOU BACK DOWN. "when you bash Drake, Ross, Wayne, whoever you aren't taking into consideration the effort that goes into making what you call shit. It's ok to say you don't like them. I don't like every song they do, but it's clear they're selling and that millions of people like what you call shit" ^ YOU DO THIS TO NAS AND 50 CENT! Last week someone said "I bet you have all of Ross' albums" and YOU said "I rather have Ross' albums than NAS' boring...." Now it's out of context? YOU'RE GONNA GET THIS WORK.

  • Anonymous

    "360k is far from a loss" It's further from a gain.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he should go back to columbia. def jam sucks ass

  • Anonymous

    hahaha. how did they lose money? shady fools stay hating.

  • Anonymous

    nigga just wants a damn grammy so he can retire

  • Anonymous

    "really, def jam lost money on life is good?" Did I stutter, dummy? Def Jam took a loss.

    • Anonymous

      lol, you're so gay.. all you did was take the easier half of my comment, and used that to defend yourself like the bitch you are.. so again, how do you know def jam is losing money?.. provide evidence.. or don't say stupid shit like that again..

    • Anonymous

      ANSWER THE QUESTION BITCH, HOW DO YOU KNOW DEF JAM LOST MONEY? PROVE YOUR WORDS COWARD. "It's hard work making albums, and putting songs together. What sounds like garbage to you probably took months to record and tweak to get just the right sound. Posted2013-04-01T14:19:31-05:00" ^ YOU said this retard NOW, less than 24 HOURS later, YOU FLIP FLOP. A GROWN MAN, LYING to KIDS, just so YOU CAN BE RIGHT. CHUMP. YOU ain't SH*T.

    • Anonymous

      360k is far from a loss.

  • Anonymous

    can't wait.. life is good is still getting play from me..


    Forget all these random producers on one album. They need to go back when it was real hiphop and have one or two, maybe three producers doing an album. Gives you the real feel and the album is consistent! look at Illmatic, 36chambers, ready to die, chronic, liquid swords, cuban linx, ironman. All classics with limited producers

  • jus10

    Distant Relatives = Best album of 2010 ...anything from Nas is cool... but I want that sequel!

  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    "Why would he hang it up when his last album was #1 on the charts" Because Def Jam lost money on it. Opening at #1 is never a bad thing, but nobody other than his hardcore fans rushed out to buy it. Why Def Jam would pour money into another album boggles the mind.

    • Anonymous

      Over 350,000 sound means the label received $3.5 million, there's no way that the production and features costed anywhere near that.

    • Anonymous

      really, def jam lost money on life is good?.. please elaborate, show evidence..

  • N.Y. State of Mind

    Still bumpin' that Life is Good album everyday!

  • 123

    We about to,eat y'all.

  • Anon...

    I would love to see Featured Guests: Bilal, Common, eLZhi, John Legend, Lauryn Hill, Marsha Ambrosius, Melanie Fiona Producers: Black Milk, Boi-1da, DJ Premier, Jake One, Madlib, No I.D., Nottz, Pete Rock But whatever man Nas it's your album you do what the fuck you do, when I saw the tracklist for Life Is Good I was disappointed but that album was dope.

  • pops

    want an old school collab with method man, ja rule, dmx, tht would be hot

  • Optimus Rhyme

    Take time to craft the album. No rush. I'd actually prefer if he announced Lost Tapes 2 instead. Also, if he intends on dropping a studio album this year I hope Life is Good was his last contractual obligation on DefJam. The last I remember it should have been. That label has gone to shit.

  • Blocka

    I can't wait !! Nas brings the lyrics everytime real lyrical street shit!!

  • Dashing

    More J.U.S.T.I.C.E League and Nas combos please... "Triple Beam Dreams" "Hip Hop" featuring Scarface and DJ Khaled "No Introduction" All fire. Plus stick to the formula, Salaam Remi and NO ID. Maybe a Premo beat.

  • Anonymous

    Album will drop by the summer, that would be my hunch. Looking forward to it. Never been a bad Nas album, no matter what some critics and fake fans will say. Some were better, but all were good. My fave album probably is It Was Written! follow at noles506

  • Anonymous

    yall have to understant nas is broke... this album is dropping this year for sure

  • R.Pgh

    If the title is next month, the album probably won't be until late 2013 or early next year. I don't know why people are still bitching about Nas beats. Life Is Good had 2 bad beats on it (one from Swizz Beats, the other was a remake from an old New Edition song). If you dislike his beats that bad, stop bitching and just ignore his albums then.

    • saahilio

      Personally I don't think Nas chooses poor beats. It's the way his emotion and lyrics relate to the music is what gets me. Good interview here, where he talks about his 'bad' beat selection and why he sometimes chooses them:

    • ....

      "They complain about the beats because they haven't been big name beat makers" What!? Look most Nas albums there has always been complaints about the beats even when he had producers like DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, L.E.S., Trackmasters, Timbaland, Havoc, Chucky Thompson, Buckwild, Q-Tip, The Alchemist etc.

    • Anonymous

      They complain about the beats because they haven't been big name beat makers, or what they think is a big time beat maker.. it's a corny train of thought, too many artists use 20 producers on one album and the thing just sounds like just that, a bunch of random songs tossed in together instead of an actual album... follow at noles506

    • Anonymous

      I liked all the beats on it.

  • Anonymous

    Nas has likely started to WRITE his next album but he's nowhere close to releasing new material. At least its doubtful. Nas has always been better when he takes his time and puts his all into a project, unlike these new generation cats who just go in the studio, drop a few verses and knock out songs quickly.

    • david

      since life is good dropped. hes stated in numerous interviews how hes "on fire ...or my favorite. "in a zone. id say its been in the works this whole time.,

    • ...

      People keep generalising like this I've already corrected before so I can't be arsed to do it again. All I gotta say is The Slim Shady LP & The Marshall Mathers LP were released in consecutive years, K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, Return of 4Eva & 4eva N a Day were released in consecutive years, Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star& Black on Both Sides were released in consecutive years, Donuts & The Shining were released 7 months apart... An album takes as long as an album needs to take.

  • kot

    don't get all hyped n shit. i bet it's gonna drop in one year and something, he dropped his latest album last summer i bet he's gonna take his time

  • Hiphop is DEAD

    Thank God for this. The only rappers I listen to now are Nas, Common, Kanye and Ghostface. All these new rappers are for gay teenagers. Fuck ASAP, Kendrick and his crew, Joey Badass, and all those faggots. I haven't bought an album since Wu Block, looking forward to what Nas has to say.

    • Anonymous

      haha yet you mention kanye west and call out joeybadass haha i agree asap rocky is wack but still the mention of kanye shat on your arguement

  • BOY

    Don't you see, Lil Wayne had classics like Hard Knock Life, Empire State of Mind, and Thrift Shop!

  • kennyken

    i really root for nas, and i've purchased every album he has, but i've not been amazed with any of them since Lost Tapes. And anything in between It Was Written and Lost Tapes was booty too. I want this dude to bring some shit to the table man, i'm rooting i swear. But he just stays on an even keel every time and brings mediocrity at best. Bring it NAS!

    • ....

      And not mediocre? 2001, ATLiens, Aquemini, Be, Black on Both Sides, Doggystyle, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), eLmatic, Fantastic, Vol. 2, Game Theory, good kid, m.A.A.d city, Graduation, How I Got Over, Illmatic, It Was Written, Late Registration, Life After Death, Like Water for Chocolate, Liquid Swords, Midnight Marauders, Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Phrenology, Quality, R.A.P. Music, Ready to Die, Reasonable Doubt, Section.80, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Stankonia, Supreme Clientele, The Blueprint, The Chronic, The College Dropout, The Low End Theory, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Minstrel Show, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, The Slim Shady LP, Things Fall Apart, Tical, Train of Thought, undun etc. etc.

    • ....

      @Anonymous has dickrider written all over him Nastradamus was terrible and I Am..., God's Son, Street's Disciple, Hip Hop Is Dead & Untitled were all meh.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Probably a Jay-Z fan trying to hate under the guise of someone who buys Nas' music. Nas has never dropped a "mediocre" album in his life. J Cole drops mediocre albums, Nas drops gems. If you think Nas' albums are mediocre then what the fuck is not mediocre to you?

    • Fuck Outta Here

      "anything in between It Was Written and Lost Tapes was booty" You think Stillmatic was booty? What the fuck do you consider good music then? That shit was classic.

  • a

    I want Em und Kendrick on this.

  • Anonymous

    someone tell nas to hang it up he became a joke last year making songs with nicki minaj and tyga. This niggas album was boring and hes just tarnishing his legacy. A lot of these old rappers need to hang it up and move on.

    • saahilio

      Kings & Queens

    • Anonymous

      He made "Champion" with Nicki Minaj, Drake and Young Jeezy; I haven't heard any songs he's done with Tyga.

    • Daniel

      He made a song with Tyga and minaj? I don't think I have heard any of them. IMO he is the GOAT in hiphop.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      I'm guessing you can't be older than 20 years old. Why would he hang it up when his last album was #1 on the charts and was given praise from nearly every music critic. young and dumb is no way to live life kid.

  • I AM Na$

    yes!!!! now confirms em and nas droppin the same year again just like 2010 cant wait. aint noone touchin these niggas

  • KarlW1992

    Get some beats from DJ Premier and Pete Rock, maybe Large Proffessor aswell!!!



  • DEEZmuthafuccinNUTZ

    So I guess that Nas/Common album isn't going to happen....

  • Nicky Flash

    Is it to much to ask for a couple Premo beats and an AZ feature?

  • Real Hiphop

    A young nigga can dream right? I hope Nas works with sick producers (Hot-boy, Dre, Premo, Kanye, No ID) and have some real hiphop features (Jay, Em, Cole, Lamar, AZ).

  • dentaldamboy

    I'm a faggot.


    I really want to see a Eminem-Nas collab. Same with Jay-Z. Hopefully Nas makes a classic. Young niggas dont realized that he killed the game in the 90s.

  • Yea Ro

    I was just listening to hip hop is dead. That album was classic

  • kim @NK

    this will actually be his 11th studio album, he should call it HHID 2

  • Dickrider

    I just hope he dosent fuck up the album with horrible beats, he should do an entire album with Dj Premier. Classic SHIAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Right there!

  • Anonymous

    it'll probably come out next year tho. the hype starts early, but he usually takes about 2 yrs

  • IMhO

    always ready for a new nas cd! hopefully its a joint album w kendrick lamar if anything. east coast and west coast story tellin.. could be a monster

  • Nas - The One

    1. New Tricks (produced by No I.D.) 2. Sound of Drums (produced by Boogz and Tapes) 3. Black Out (feat. Raekwon) (produced by Hit-Boy) 4. Changes (produced by No I.D.) 5. Chelsea (feat. Common and Andre 3000) (produced by Salaam Remi) 6. Lightning Strike (produced by Salaam Remi) 7. Sleeping Giant (produced by Salaam Remi) 8. Anything Goes (produced by No I.D.) 9. The Sweeney (feat. Busta Rhymes) (produced by Eric Hudson) 10. New Day (produced by Boi-1-da) 11. Thoroughbread (produced by Buckwild) 12. Cola Curvatures (produced by Salaam Remi) 13. Golden Cylinder (feat. Kendrick Lamar) (produced by No I.D.) 14. Freedom (feat. Jhene Aiko) (produced by Buckwild) 15. The One (feat. Christina Aguilera) (produced by Salaam Remi) 16. University (produced by Boi-1-da)

  • Anonymous

    I wish Nas can get together with all the Heavyweight producers for his next album. . .Imagine Dr Dre., DJ Premier, Large Professor, Just Blaze, A beat from Yeezy, No I.D., Maybe Q-Tip, and RZA all together on one album. . .! To top it off, only one feature from another emcee. . Rakim. . . Lol . .My dream album right there. . .

    • Anonymous

      -Dre and replace Rakim with someone like Kendrick or Andre 3000 and we have an album that is A. within the realms of possibility of happening B. would be perfect.

    • hiphopenthusiast

      this must be the most unrealistic dream album ur looking feat u hope its RAKIM..ya glad u put a lol after sayin that cuz nobody took what u said serious..go listen to (the seventh seal)an the ask urself why people gave up on thes e so called greats..cuz they lost it just lik u...seriously...people on hiphopdx use ur fucking brain

  • Jedi9al

    Looking forward to both albums, especially Damian Marley - their first joint is a CLASSIC. Went to the concert - CLASSIC! STILL PLAY "DISTANT RELATIVES!"



  • Cage

    Thank You... I'm sure he'll have a couple of tracks i might not be feelin but NaS is a real MC, support that shit

  • dmfslimm

    i need nas on some alchemist beats.

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