Talib Kweli Speaks Out Against Rick Ross' Rape Lyrics

Talib Kweli points out that Rick Ross' apology for the "U.O.E.N.O." perceived rape lyrics "was unacceptable."

On Monday (April 1), Talib Kweli appeared on Huffington Post's HuffPostLive segement with host Marc Lamont Hill. While appearing, the Brooklyn, New York emcee reacted to one of Hip Hop's bigger stories of late: Rick Ross' perceived lyrics condoning rape in the song, "U.O.E.N.O."

"I don't care if Rick Ross is 40 years old—he's a misguided 40-year-old person," said Kweli, who recently collaborated with Ross affiliate Lil Wayne. Kweli was also aware of Ross' apology, submitted late last week, where he said that the lyrics were not referring to rape and that it was "a misunderstanding." "Rick Ross condoned rape in that song ... and he should apologize, and his apology that he offered was unacceptable," said Talib Kweli.

He was joined by Ebony editor Jamilah Lemieux, Washington Post columnist Rahiel Tesfamariam and activist Rosa Clemente.

Within Talib Kweli's catalog, he made the bonus song, "Four Women" on 2000's Train Of Thought album by Reflection Eternal. The Nina Simone-inspired song spoke out was a critical statement on the mistreatment of women.

UPDATE: You can watch the full discussion, added later today, by Huffington Post.

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  • DudeFromAfrica

    lol this was almost a pointless debate, if you don't like something just let it be & stay away from it... simple...find something else that makes you happy... kwelis point about different moods is true.rap is very powerful but many dont realise it has a lot of flaws as an art; i love hip hop (esp rap) but i believe it could've evolved into a really beautiful art than what it is today; i mean as long as you can drop bars and rhyme on a dope beat despite what ur message is, and people buy your stuff- its safe to say that eventually nobody will know what rap is anymore,lol. if you really think about it; it doesn't have rules, it hasnt for a LONG TIME and now we want rules?? its a bit too late..maybe when rap started out rules would've been a good idea, but in rap whether its a cypher or top 40 chart- dope is dope, and wack is wack that's it... majority rules, its exactly like politics... if u dnt like something or someone vote for someone else or dont vote at all if nothing makes u happy.. whether your influenced by propaganda or by personal opinion or ignorance, do what makes u happy. its how the world works.. i consider classical, opera, mozart, poetry(yes i know), jazz as arts- they have rules & constraints that make some people happy. hiphop is too opinionated, misleading and contradictory on its own level... but regardless, i still say: just stay away from things you dont like and keep some things to yourself; hence which is why i end up creating my own playlists so i can listen to the songs that make me happy- hey thats just me anyway right? loving some of the comments here though. Peace

  • Reality Jones

    Since when did "Molly" become a Date-Rape drugs? Are people really this square or just bored? The only rapper that can get away with raping about rape is Emenim because none of these rappers will speak against him for fear that they lose their careers. I wonder how these activists feel about their hero Biggie using rape lyrics in "Dead Wrong", or Tupac being convicted of sexually abusing a woman? These hypocrites are laughable because they still worship Emeneim after his raps about rape towards his own mother.

  • 80's and 90's Hip Hop Head

    @G So let me get this straight Eminem is another level of greatness how? Yes Eminem has a good flow and he's been doing his thing but 90% of his Raps were about drugs, drinking Alcohol, raping Women, killing his Mom, disrespecting others even making fun of Black Women in one of his old songs etc #GTFOHWTB acting like you know what greatness is. You want greatness go listen to Rakim, Nas, KRS 1, Andre 3000, Big Daddy Kane, Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Chuck D, Dead Prez, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Roots, Common, Paris, Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) etc. Fake Ass Hip Hop Fans frontin like you know what real Hip Hop and greatness is, take your wack ass and get outta here B

    • TaZzZ

      Why does everyone sell Eminem short like he wasn't the best rapper in the world for at least 5 years. If this was 2003, you wouldn't have a leg to stand on, its only because he has dropped some subpar shit that ppl say anything at all. Ask basically any emcee on that list you got if Eminem isn't a top 10 emcee. I've seen interviews with Rakim, Kool G Rap, Nas Chuck D and Pharoahe all praising him, saying he was the last emcee to actually impress them. Those cats are all amazing in their own way, but aside from Andre, Pharoahe, Thought and Mos Def, none of them are fuckin with Eminem's lyrical dexterity. Paris, seriously? C'mon man, I've listened to everyone of those artists but aside from the one's I named, none would hop on a track with Em in his prime...

  • G

    Eminem is another level of greatness muthafuckaz, stop comparing him to Rozay, rozay is just a fat nigga that spits some none sense shit, Eminem is a legendary hip hop icon, and come on, rozay similar to biggie??? Are u guys retards or what da fuck is yo problem, nowadays hip hop suck, but nowadays hip hop fans suck more than the current hip hop itself!

  • dentaldamboy

    Fakest rappers in the game right now: Lil Wayne-never was a gangster/blood, only person he shot was himself, kisses men on the lips, pretends to be a rock star/skater, only crimes he commited was having drugs and a unregistered gun he never used Birdman-biggest poser/snake in the world, kisses Wayne on the lips, doesn't have a criminal record Rick Ross-pretends to be a big-time drug dealing gangster, was really a C.O., acts all tough until he gets shot at by real gangsters and acts like a bitch Tyga-claims to be from Compton, really comes from the Valley, never had a criminal record Drake-claims to start from the bottom, grew up privileged, was a child actor on Degrassi Nicki Minaj-rips off styles from Lil Kim and Lady Gaga, claims to be hood, does shitty pop music

  • JRich

    Is there anything Talib Kweli doesn't speak out against?

    • JRich

      Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. It takes a pretty acute mind like yourself to pick that one up, nice job. And thanks for the quick geography lesson, I almost forgot that this was America. Thank God for people like you

    • phd.engr

      So what are you saying, don't speak out and say your opinion? This is America you fucking moron

  • Anonymous

    So what if Ricky like to get his rape on, bitches aint shit.

  • Tha Bay

    Wake me up when Talib goes copper, or even wood for that matter. The lower bottom guppies always play the crab in a bucket role. Ross is fake as shit and I dont fucc with him. But, Talib is a nobody! I cant name one song hes ever made that I would put on replay. More important, I would never even read or click on a topic about him. He gets NO play in Tha Bay! A nobody vs. A Cop, Wow!

  • mynameismyname

    Their is not 1 Eminem/D12 album where he doesn't mention rapping or assaulting a women in some form or another.. Listen to the intro to Recovery

  • mynameismyname

    Eminem has made a career making songs about raping women, but he is still looked at as "deep" (the great white hope)

    • Hmm...

      Well em is overrated for sure... but to be fair hes not absolute worthless trash like ross. That may have something to do with the double standard.

  • Anthony Wallace

    If you dont have an issue with his wack apology or think what he said is okay then you are a SUCKA!

  • GBtha G

    fuck talib kweli n all his fuckin fans.There no way in the world a nigga like the Bawse could rape.how many pussies would like 2 fuck his dick??????? way too many.So fuck talib kweli.

    • 80'S and 90's Hip Hop Head

      @GBtha G: You are probably one of the most ignorant People to ever make a comment on hiphopdx.com "Fuck Talib Kweli and fuck Talib Kweli Fans" really!!!? Did you even graduate from High School because you sound dumb as hell and can't even put together a sentence that makes sense. Check this out GBtha G Talib Kweli has done more for Hip Hop then Rick Ross will ever do for Hip Hop you got that. I have a feeling you're very young so I'm gonna give you two albums to check out. Anyone of these Albums alone will distroy Rick Ross's entire Catalogue. Talib Kweli and DJ Hi Tek (Reflection Eternal) or Black Star (Talib Kweli and Mos Def). Go learn something and when you have something intelligent to say come back then. By the way get off Rick Ross's jock because he's done nothing postivie for Hip Hop chump. This guy said and I quote "fuck talib kweli n all his fuckin fans. There no way in the world a nigga like the Bawse could rape. how many pussies would like 2 fuck his dick??????? way too many. So fuck talib kweli." What the hell does that even mean? Oh you wanna sleep with Rick Ross makens sense now. Anyhow done talking to this cat beat it

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAH at his nigga calling another nigga a homo after he the one who brought up Ross' package, faggot as nigga. Go back to the ghetto you came from you uneducated piece of shit, youll be dead, in jail or on welfare in a few months HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • GBG is a BITCH

      You sound like a queer talking about that pork chops cock. And you are retarded for liking any shitty music he makes.

    • Anonymous

      ross cant even see his dick

  • Anonymous

    fuck this fat nigga ross, hes life doesnt have a cost, seriosly dude looks like a big show,

  • So Icy Boi!

    Ricky Rozay's date-rape verse was dope to me cuz I think deze white bitches deserve to be raped. YMCMB MMG all day err day. swag


    all yall like oh em did it and blah blah blah, this fat fuck is saying it in a realistic tone, and not to justify em, cuz i i think its not right to say some of the shit he said ,but nigga all ems shit like that aint club bangers getting radio play ross is commercial af so wen he says he's druggin bitches to take them home honestly i think hes that fuckin trifling and hes a fat bitch I HOPE SUMBODY GETS OFFEND AND COMES AT ME LMAO

    • ^

      Never. Ross isn't even close to Biggie. That's blasphemy. Ross will never be as good of a rapper that Biggie was.

    • Ricky Rozay

      Nigga Rozay is the closest hting to Biggie. Biggies closest partner Diddy even said that shit. Ross may not be as lyrical but he make the same type of songs as Biggie. You niggas can hate all you want Ross is the new Biggie. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Just cause he fat, niggas tryin to compare Biggie and Rosss.....foreal? Biggie is one of the GOAT while Ross is a shit rapper who chooses good beats. Fuck outta here with that shit..

    • Anonymous

      He is not Biggie, at all. Please never put the two in the same sentence, ever, again.

    • Jeff

      Rozay is the closest we got to Biggie

  • Anonymous

    I like Kweli, but he needs to STFU . You're ashamed of being a "conscious" rapper, yet you want to speak against "commercial" hip-hop?

    • Kal-El

      Anon is ashamed because he's a rape victim thanks to Ross' lyric

    • Too many gimps on here

      You decided he is ashamed. And what the fuck would you know about it?

    • Real

      Talib has never stated he is ashamed of being a conscious rapper he has embraced. His lyrical content has never changed.

    • Anonymous

      There is no shame there buddy, he's one of thee most pragmatic artists in Hip Hop and his arguments are valid, you, considering how stupid you are that you have to hope for a generalization in order to formulate your contention, should have no say in Hip Hop, none.

  • shitfunny

    Our culture focuses and gravitates towards the negative. Look at the attention this is getting. Rick Ross is happy. When his album coming out? lol

  • shitfunny

    When will we talk about the bottleneck that only allows the poisonous music to come to the forefront?? How many rappers can you name with great positive songs that get no play?? Only the poison gets played and we fall for it. I listened to a rock station and they played system of a down byob "why do they always send the poor?" You hearing or seeing anything like that in mainstream hip hop? Nothin will change until we focus on the bottleneck, not the artist

    • Anonymous

      The radio plays what the fans want to hear. Don't blame the people trying to get ears listening, they just do what the fans want. You dumb if you think radio stations and MTV are brainwashing these kids in this day and age, the kids find what they want on the internet and request the shot out of it, leaving the media with the decision to play or not to play. Society is a piece of shit, get used to it and be prepared for it's eventual downfall.

  • Nick T

    So eminem can make an entire album about raping women and drugging them, and yall say nothing. but when ross says one line hes the worst person in the world. What is with these double standards in hip hop. Biggie and eminem talked about kidnapping children, praising the devil, murdering jesus, raping the virgin mary, and none of you niggas said shit. ross says one line and u niggas become moralists. yall so quick to condemn this nigga ross not even realizing that your favorites are 100x worse. I cant stand fucking bias, selective memory having, double standard using hypocrites.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem got a lot of flack for the shit he said.

    • Anonymous

      U mad a white boy better than Ross? It's ok baby girl, dry your eyes...

    • Anonymous

      yeah honestly eminem is way better than ross in everyway, but this is a double standard. or it would be if eminem wasn't persecuted for it in the same way.

    • DUH DUH

      Your a fucking idiot ^^^ L.O.L.Z at your low i.q slow thinking mind ..

    • Ricky Rozay

      Look at these two asshole niggas comin up with excuses for feminem. Make all the excuses u faggots want em said the same shit in hs songs yet talk got ur pantes in a bunch cuz u don't like Ross. Double standards and shit by dumb niggas on this site. And @2nd anonymous how the fuck you knw Ross was supposed to be realistic, u in the studio and Ross tell u that shit. If u don't know shut the fuck up. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Em was clearly joking with all his lyrics. Ross' shit is meant to be realistic to some extent

    • DrebinSlevin

      Eminem made shock rap. Ross is making club songs where he talks about drugging a girl and fucking her later on. That's date rape and it sounds more real than, "SLIM SHADY HOTTER THAN A SET OF TWIN BABIES"

  • Kizman

    So the white rapper can talk about this shit on every track on relapse, but when the black guy makes one tongue in cheek reference about it, the community demands an apology. WOW. I'm not a fan of ross (dont hate him either) but this just isnt right.

    • haha

      Cant believe this needs to be said - the difference is em jokes... Richard Ross is a joke. and em is even overrated, but richard is nothing at all

    • Anonymous

      Difference is when Em spits some shit, MAINSTREAM media is all over him calling him the devil, protesting his shows and shit. No one but these shitty hip hop sites are talking bout Ross, mainstream media could give a shit. So they both have to deal with complaints just on different levels.

  • 2pac is king!!!

    eminem TALKS ABOUT KILLING HIMSELF and RAPING WOMEN and killing chopping up woman AND KIDS and BEING A PEDOPHILE, EMINEM is trash just like CHUCK NORRIS IS TRASH but the white population refuse's to let them go trying to make them more than what they are... All he does is goes to the studio makes songs and dissing people from his studio then cries about how people hate him because he is white...He is trash just like his label...And trust me im far from a "hater

  • Fontaine 888

    This dude is seeking attention. If 50, Cube, Gucci, Beanie had said the line he wouldnt say shit. He commenting on Ross bcuz its the popular thing to do. He knows Ross hands are full with beef and negativity so he jumped on the band wagon. I would have more respect if he came at Ross years ago, but now? Why not go at Cheif Keef for teen violence? Why not go at Game for beefing on the net? Why not go at 50 the twitter beef King? Why not go at Gucci for slapping a woman? Why not go at Gucci for his lyric about digging up a dead man? Where was Talib when Cris hit Ri Ri? Shut the hell up Talib, the fat cop is wack but so are you!!!

  • KeepEEP

    Some rappers and critics giving Rick Ross a hard time on this but the same people were dick riding Earl and Tyler the creator mix tapes not too long ago which the main theme was Rape!!! then again they weren't 40 year old men

  • lil no nots

    Anyone talking down on Talib for speaking his mind on some positive shit are ignorant children with nonexistent parent issues!

  • Oz. F

    If Ross was rappin bout slippin Zanz in the girls drink, then maybe it would've been an ill rape red flag. But a molly? bitches dont black out on that shit, phony outrage.

  • breh

    eminem was never serious, just a voice that spoek out for all the dark thoughts lurking in weird people's heads that they were too scared to speak about...spokesperson for all the weird kids in the back of the classroom imo, but the rhymes scheme+ delivery was on point biggie was telling stories of the fucked up shit that happened in "the hood" and was the spokesperson for the crack dealers nd shit imo, but once again rhymes+delivery was on point ross is acting out the life of a overglorified drug kingpin, and unless he's pulling some crazyass double meaning through his music, where towards the end he starts to devolve on some scarface shit, he's not much more than another guy who has an overblown ego due to the money hes making imo....that being said he usually forgive him and his less than PBS content because his rhymes+delivery etc is on point. BOTTOM LINE in hip-hop, if you can really rap then you get a pass for anything...immortal tech stay talkin about aborting fetuses nd shit....the real problem most people have with this, and should talk about is the fact that its a corny line, not what he said. There's plenty of other musicians who talk about worse shit but get away with it because theyre good at their craft.

    • Anonymous

      nah, it doesn't. in the context of ricky's world it isn't rape. out of context it could be taken that way, but the pictures he paints, hes puttin the molly for the freakiness, not necessarily to get it. basically the line is too vague to be taken definitely one way or another

    • ilexx

      Honestly if we wanted to highlight it as a corny line then we would just disregard the song because the whole song is corny and wack. But the line in context and out of context still sounds like date rape. There is no way to spin the line to make it sound otherwise.

  • Fuck Kweli

    Gawd I hate conscious rappers. Get outta here with your holier than thou spike lee shit. U need to be defending this music man. Don't let them assume Rick Ross is a rapist. I bet you kweli love dem white girls. I bet u any money. All them conscious rappers are hypocrites.

    • ilexx

      What does a conscious rapper and loving white girls have to do with being hypocritical? ... and really, does Talib need to be defending this music? He don't need to defend what Rick Ross said because it was wrong and the lyrics scream date rape any way that you look at it. The interesting thing though if you actually watch the Huffington Post video is that Talib does defend Hip Hop and rappers artistic freedom but he still thinks Ross is misguided for rapping those lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    Ion like Rick Ross but dat date rape verse was dope to me cause I think the way these bitches carry themselves they deserve to be raped, lenched, and have they insides fucked up!!

  • Anonymous

    Ion Like Rick Ross but dat date rape verse was pretty dope to me cause I think the way these bitches carry themselves these days deserve to be raped & have they insides fucked up real bad!!!LMAO!!!


    Wow - I'm not the only one that listened to the interview... I thought I was the only Black guy left on the site. Props to Talib - good interview - our women need more support!

  • asher1985

    its so funny because if you've ever done molly you would no that no girl could be raped on it. it gives you a feeling of euphoria but you still know whats going on. it was just an excuse to talk about molly

  • Where's the Misunderstanding?

    "put molly all in her champagne, she aint even know it I took her home and I enjoy that, she aint even know it" -Rick Ross sounds like rape to me...its not even metaphoric fat nasty ass

  • Anonymous

    There would be no point in having a go at Eminem for his lets say "over the top" lyrics, he's already had that shit against him a lot worse for his homophobic lyrics and uses it to his advantage I guess that's the difference Em was/is a shock rapper.

    • Anonymous

      this dude is gonna have a breakdown! he cant stand that ross is on his way out, his run is over

    • Ricky Rozay

      Stop making excuses for Feminem. Did he have other rappers comin at him for his rape and killing lyrics. Niggas like you are stupid. Yall (rappers included) give Em a pass but when Ross puts in on wax yall bitches act like you shocked. Niggas its just music. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Anonymous

    Feministic women are so attractive for me.

  • dubs

    Major props to Talib for standing up for what he believes in



    • Niggas are feminists

      but them feminsts gonna flood his shows and concerts and maybe he can get some pussay too. so he knows what he's doin'. show your support to them feminists and they reward you with some good pussay. nowadays many niggas claimin' that they're feminist too. think 'bout it..

  • recordpusher

    ummmm Salute to Talib... I recommend you listening to his whole interview.. not just what this blog is telling you. lol or just follow him and Twitter @TalibKweli

    • ilexx

      Yeah this site didnt do that interview ANY justice. That interview was actually a GREAT conversation and it's a conversation that we should be able to have here. I know they posted the link to the video and left it up to us to view that link if we wanted too but just like how they embed other videos to articles they should have embedded the video to this article so that their viewers could see the video and join the conversation.

  • yeaaahh

    Eminem was venting through his music. That's what artists do. His lyrics are graphic like a Quentin Tarantino movie...the purpose is to paint a picture and make you use your imagination. Ross just spit a simple, corny line. That's the difference between the two. I personally think Ross should've kept his mouth shut because the explanation just made it worse..

  • A-Game

    Respect to Talib. Finally someone in the industry keeping in it real when it comes to Rick Ross and not just condoning everything he does.

    • ilexx

      Exactly.. I think that is the most important point. Somebody is standing up and actually saying something about it.

  • Hypestyle

    at least someone's willing to take a stand against the stupidity in the culture, regardless of the pushback from the dimwits. let the fallout come where it may.

  • gnigga_pleeze

    eminem condones rape in like every song yo. then his excuse is that your stupid if you take his music seriously, which is a good point, but your also stupid if you sell dope on the iphone and believe manuel Noriega owes rick ross 100 favors

  • WestCoast17

    Pretty funny shit lol I cant stand officer ricky but who cares he said that, any one who listens to hip hop can name 10 lines off the top that are worse.... "My nigga gutter fuckin kidnap kids, fuck em in the ass toss em over the bridge" "Know why my head is so numb? cause my grandmother sucked my dick and i didnt cum" "fuck my cousin in his asshole slit my mothers throat' etc.

  • double Standard

    Don't Let me pull your card Kweli because you and your boy Common talk a lot about hitting chicks and splitting

  • ilexx

    Look I think alot of these comments are baseless. Some of you need to really think before you post your damn comments. Everybody wanting to compare this shit to Eminem is really distracted from what is happening. Right now I don't think it is about comparisons. The question should be, "was Ross' lyrics highlighting rape?" and when you realize the answer is yes, then just address that fact alone. I hear one dude saying who is to say the girl didnt want the molly or she wasnt going to have sex with him anyway? Like are you serious? In these situations I try to bring it around to a moral ground that can really put the situation into some perspective for me, if my sister or female cousin came home telling me somebody slipped her a molly and basically took advantage of her after, how would I feel? Just fucking think about that for a second. If a woman wanted the molly, dont you think she would ask for it for voice that? Ross said... "Put molly all in her champagne, she aint even know it, I took her home and I ENJOYED that, she aint even know it." If you took any girl home and enjoyed ANYTHING from her sexually and she "aint even know it", then that's rape. Hands the fuck down, if this happened in real life and was presented to a judge, Ross would serve jail time. Yes rap is entertainment but there is a difference between entertainment and glorifying something that is negative. I don't condone alot of shit Eminem said in his past, no matter how lyrical. I remember back when I heard alot of Em's most graphic shit, I thought it was sick then and still think its sick now but do you remember how much flack Eminem received in the media when that shit was going on? Whether it was from the media or not, men and women were out there protesting. A rapper stands up for what is right and you guys call him a hater, trying to say he is seeking credibility? Do you realize that you are actually defending Rick Ross when you do that? It's a matter of fact and not opinion, he is NOT shedding light on a negative situation, he is DEPICTING it with his lyrics, he is painting a picture of him slipping MDMA in a woman's drink without her knowledge and then taking her home and ENJOYING her without her consent. If that aint rape then you guys are brainless and need to check yourselves. The same ones asking why Talib never stood up and said something when Em or anybody else spit those lyrics are the same ones who would have called him a hater if he did, so what's the point? Just acknowledge that at least somebody in the industry is standing up to the fact that the shit is wrong. Jay-Z & Nas are two of my fav rappers but those dudes AINT SAYING SHIT about this because these dudes collaborate with Ross and a pay check is more important than standing up for what's right to them. Some of you need to go find your moral center and come back, go ask your mom if slipping a girl a drug when she isnt aware is something cool, then going home and enjoying her sexually without her consent... She will tell you that sounds like RAPE.

    • Anonymous

      "If a woman wanted the molly, dont you think she would ask for it for voice that? Ross said.." The only shit i read. See there, that's an assumption. That's why all this is bullshit, its an interpretation.

    • Anonymous

      I didn't read all that, but stop w/ the eminem excuses. Really. Eminem>Rick Ross. Talib> Rick Ross, but this is a double standard. You can't tell me all eminems, biggies, big ls, mobb deep, bizarre, sticky---they all get fuckin passes for murder rape and abuse, but rick ross says one vaguely suggestive line and he's lambasted... gtfoh

    • ilexx

      Dude you said it yourself, Em stays making rape jokes. Did Rick Ross sound like he was joking? Did he imply that it was a joke in anyway? What I said about Jay-Z and Nas is that THEY WON'T speak on it. Simple and plain.

    • SWORDZ

      JAY * NAS - wtf are u on bout?? ike they would speak on this/ Also - EM stays making rape jokes no difference expect black people actually listen to Rick Ross so that why OUR community gives a FUCK!

  • blackula

    Ross' explanation just digs himself a bigger hole. Those lyrics aren't going over anybody's head and he has the gall to say that's not what he meant?? lmfao! The guy was just born to lie. The L's just keep piling up for Rick.

  • dilli

    I'll kill you! I'll steal from you! I'll sell alot of drugs! but oh no just don't rape anybody oklol (smileyface) lame ass industry..

    • Anonymous

      They're all bad idiots, quit trying to pit one argument agains the other hoping one is more tolerable than the other, it isn't. You guys are the type of idiots that hope one issue is gravitated on so much or more so than the others to compensate for being ignorant on another.

    • ^

      WTF are you talking about? Rape is bad.

    • Anonymous

      ^ unless by raping them u saving their life.... think about it.

    • S

      Dude... raping someone is worse than dealing drugs.

  • teddybass

    Kweli should apologize for working with Wayne. You can't have it both ways!

  • Ryan

    what are the lyrics that they're talking about? wouldn't it makes sense if you're writing an article about somebody's lyrics, to include a reference to said lyrics?

  • Anonymous

    about time talib grows some balls and a conscience, He is a real mc not a rapper and these clowns mmg need to be accountable for the negativity there pushing on these kids. Little niccas grow up listen to this hot garbage and want to emaulate these clowns.Rape is not ok

    • 614grind

      I agree. He was sounding like a company man there for a while, just defending bullshit for business reasons. He tried to jump in front of a bullet for Nicky Minaj after the Mitt Romney verse. Glad he came back to his senses.

    • bob

      Couldn't agree more.


    FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Even for the ugly son of a bitch, William Leonard Roberts aka Bitch Ross. And yes: Talib has the right of own opinion on this topic.

  • Just Troll Wit It

    If you think about it the entire rap industry is gay *Jay-Z's best friends are gay *Kanye West wears women's clothes *Lil Wayne kisses men on the lips and wears lepoard print jeggings/Ugg boots *Eminem hates women *T.I. and DMX kept going back to jail (they must love the prison sex) *Drake, Tyga, and Big Sean are closet homosexuals *Rick Ross and DJ Khaled are life partners *Nas talked a lot of homo shit about Jay-Z on Ether (stalking Jay?) *Ludacris is Bieber's butt buddy *Tupac was a ballerina as a teenager *Biggie talked about sucking a man's dick (on Me And My Bitch) *Dr Dre wore some suspicious wardrobe in is time in the World Class Wreckin Crew *Eazy E had AIDS *Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are weed (butt) buddies *2Chainz dickrides Kanye West (literally...) *J Cole dickrides Jay-Z (literally...) *Kendrick Lamar dickrides Dr Dre(literally...) and has a gay voice *Diddy fucked every artist in the business (figuratively and literally) *Young Jeezy's voice is fucked up (from sucking too much cock) and his nickname is Jizzle (meaning he loves it when it rain jizz all over him) *50 Cent is super hyper-masculine (meaning he's really a homo) *Waka Flocka yells on every record (from letting Gucci fuck him in the ass) *Chief Keef loves a nigga named Sosa *All female rappers are lesbians *Lupe made Lasers *Wu Tang is a bunch of men hanging out with each other *Gucci Mane named himself after a woman's purse *Macklemore thought he was gay and in love with Ryan Lewis *Hopsin jacks off to Eminem and is Tech N9ne's butt buddy *Immortal Technique believes in the Illuminati *Vinnie Paz always say "faggot" in every verse (notice how even the Nazis were homos as well) *Sugarhill Gang are pedophiles which rapped childish rhymes *Tyler the Creator/Odd Future are all gay *Chris Brown fights with women, handicapped child actors, and homosexuals

  • Talib Who ?

    Nigga ain't had a hit since "get by"

    • Anonymous

      ^^ I love Talib - but every other record the nigga trying crossover... I need some BlackSTar!

    • 614grind

      Does he rap like he's fishing for a "hit"?

    • JB

      So what? Just because the general populous has absolute shit taste in music doesn't mean jack - you're gonna tell me cats like Ross, PitBull, LilWayne etc are even in the same stratosphere as Common, Talib, Mos Def etc... the former make weak ass tracks with weak ass beats catering to drunk chicks in clubs The latter are true MCs who have skill and can spit circles around these clowns -

  • JB

    Good for Talib Ross sucks - he's an over produced lame ass rapper NOT an MC - the skill level between him and a true MC (like Talib) is not even close. A shame most people don't even know the difference between this dude and true Hip Hop - hell most cats don't even know the Four Elements of Hip Hop (if you don't know - you don't know Hip Hop).

  • Anonymous


  • Ricky Rozay

    I love these Feminem ball lickers who say when Em make lyrics like this he's joking and the media was all over him. I didnt see other rap niggas on Feminems ass when he was talkin bout rapin his mom and girlfriend. Yet the same niggas come on here and bash Ross for similar lyrics. Stop ridin the white man niggas and stop hatin on the black man. Like Jay said its only entertainment. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ross stans stay making excuses.


      ^^ Yeah because lacing your all your albums with "satirical rape" and child molestation is much better!! U can't rape anyone on Molly - Ross is serious - FOH!

    • 614grind

      Bad comparison. Slim Shady is a caricature whose lyrics are rooted in satire. Rick Ross is serious.

    • Anonymous

      he wasnt talking about feminists he was making fun of eminems name by calling him feminem

    • Doubl Negative

      I'm in total agreement with dude regarding the double standards in rap lyrics. Feminists, especially white ones condone Em's mysogony, but always take umbrage with Black rapper's lyrics. This hypocracy weakens their feminist cause and also highlights their bigotry. As for Tabil's response, I never understand why men speak about feminist issues, it doesn't concern us and women are capable of defending themselves. Dope emcee though.

    • Anonymous

      like jay said theres only so long fake thugs can pretend

  • B

    Kweli is one of a hand full of rappers that can speak on this issue without being accusedof hypocrisy. That song "Four Women" and Sam Cooke's version of "Change Gonna Come" are the only songs that bring a tear to my eye every time. Rosay is a goon, but his rape line is far from the worst in hip-hop. Hopefully the negative response will send a message to others as well.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    ...what i'm tired of is ppl trying to censor. stop talkin and just point it out in your music. stop lecturing, your emcees. go at him then.

  • Anonymous

    I think worse things get said all the time, people are just up in arms because he said it so subtly. Didn't biggie talk about nigga fuckin kids on dead wrong? no one criticized puffy for releasing that shit. or em for gettin on it. BIGGIE AND EMINEM AND DMX TALKING ABOUT CRAZY SHIT IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE ITS SO OVER THE TOP WE ALL KNOW ITS NOT REAL

    • Anonymous

      LMAO RICK ROSS IS NOT A STORY TELLER? WTF? I thought that was the common theme w/ ross? NOW he's telling the truth. Yall lames are lying to yourselves, making excuses. Ross isn't in the same league as biggie, but its a double standard. He'll say over the top things about having ppl killed and knowing dons, oh and THAT was real and to be taken seriously? and i'm a way bigger biggie, em and talib fan, but im not going to lie to myself.

    • already

      tomato tomato

    • blackula

      well said Mr. Blackman. I've said the same thing. Big was telling stories. Rick Ross is not a story teller at all. Ross' lyrics are said in a manner to be taken seriously. There is no joking ala Em or story telling like Big involved. Ross is just a mediocre rapper who is not creative at all.

    • Mr. Blackman

      I think the major difference is we all know Biggie was telling a fictional story "...kidnap kids, F#$K 'em in they A$$ throw 'em over the bridge." It's like listening to Gangsta NIP back in the day, it's audio fiction entertainment. Ross on the other hand was DEAD SERIOUS, and reinforced his seriousness as well as misunderstanding of what constitutes rape in his statement. Also, when a person of his influence says something like that it gives people the idea to try the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      besides, em's is over the top, but in the same ways. ross is talking about slippin a molly. em talks about brutalizing women.

    • Anonymous

      we all know ross is a character, its exaggerated the same way em does. its the same shit he does but w/ different subject matter.

  • Anonymous

    Biggie also talked about stickin up pregnant women.

  • Anonymous

    I think worse things get said all the time, people are just up in arms because he said it so subtly. Didn't biggie talk about nigga fuckin kids on dead wrong? no one criticized puffy for releasing that shit. or em for gettin on it.

  • Anonymous

    Niggas talk about kidnapping children all the time.

  • p

    This fat prick clearly talks about rape then as an "apology" all he said was that's not what he meant.. what the fuck else does dropping MDMA in someones drink and then using them mean?? these rappers start trends, kids and his dumbass fans actually listen to these rappers all over the media and its scare how he's basically making rape sound "cool".

    • Anonymous

      the point is this is all based on one interpretation taken out of context, unlike the many more violent crimes depicted by other rappers all the time that aren't vague at all. For all you know, as ross usually depicts in his songs, they pop molly all the time and he just put it in like its nothing. One could assume that too, but thats what the listener hears. But they're just assumptions, not what he said.

    • p

      So its all ok because MAYBE she would have done it anyway..

    • Anonymous

      or maybe ppl were probably doing it before, but it brings the danger to light. Just because he gave her the molly doesn't mean she didn't want to take it or did not want to have sex with him. He states that simply that she doesn't know she's taking it. Maybe she asked him earlier, maybe not. but because its just a song and not a real event, theres no way to know or to judge him...

  • Ricky Rozay

    Another irrelevant rapper throwin out Rozay name so he can get attention. Niggas is stupid its just lyrics but these niggas out here takin all this shit literally actin like they on higher ground. Bullshit niggas its music get over it. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gee Notes

      Irrelevant rapper? You're a f*cking clown. Why don't you slip yourself an MDMA and go f*ck yourself?

    • Marcus_Aurelius84

      Again when a rapper fucks up and gets called on his bullshit by another rapper that rapper is either a hater or trying to rebuild his credibility. At least that's what sackless, fickle fans like you would think. Rozay (Rosey) fucked up and the best defense you have is that? Hope no woman in your life gets raped. There is no poetic justice in that, but hopefully you wake the fuck up and stop dick riding.

    • Anonymous

      Another irrelevant rapper? Get a clue and know your Hip-Hop... this dude actually can rap. He has been true to himself and the game since he came on the scene. Can't say the same about Ross or the majority of people this site profiles.

  • dave

    couldnt the chick ross meant put miley in the drink be his gf, maybe she likes tht sort of shit

  • Anonymous


    • Ricky Rozay

      @2nd anonymouss Finally a nigga callin out these other cats on her ridin Ems cock. I guess when the white man talk about raping its all joking and shit but when Ross says it its real life. choose one side dumb niggas. These fuckin uncle toms be selling out the brothas while riding the dick of the white guys. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Get off eminems dick loser

  • Webslinger

    Thank you, Talib

  • Anonymous

    Get the fuck outta here Talib. So you are good with rappers glorifying murder, drugs selling and not about a joke "rape" lyric sang by a known liar? Too many hypocrites in this music industry. Fuck Ross and fuck yawl criticizing him. SMHID

    • Marcus_Aurelius84

      Obviously you never listened to Talib Kweli.

    • p

      Joke lyric? he didn't say it as a fucking stand up comedian you idiot! did he say it was a joke? did talib say he is ok with rappers glorifying murder and drugs? keep your comments to yourself next time.



    • pavel

      Oh jeeze Johnson, you really can't tell the difference between a song lyric and actual events? You must be slow.

  • Anonymous

    ross lyrics is clearly on some date rape shit but why do other rappers get a pass. Talib should be and shouldve been as vocal to eminem all the rape lyrics he said and lil wayne for that emmit teel verse

  • brollya

    how he commenting on rick ross stuff wen he doin songs wit wayne and mack maine.... the ones he been talkin bout his whole career... phony

  • Anonymous

    It's funny how I didn't see this coon talking shit when Eminem was on that wild shit

  • Getouttahere

    Soooo....Eminem can talk about raping his mother, kidnapping his wife and slitting her throat, pretty much all rappers can gay bash by calling each other faggots, but Ross can't comment on a drug's side effects. Once again, he never used the term "rape". He's alluding to the side effect of memory that molly, or ecstacy, causes. But I guess people handpick the rappers they want to target even though most rappers seemingly advocate the wrong things. I actually like Talib but he sounds pretty stupid here..."he should apologize, and his apology that he offered was unacceptable". That makes zero sense man lol

    • Anonymous

      firehawk17 is excusing eminem just because hes lyrical that makes no sense

    • Getouttahere

      Believe it or not, I'm farr from an MMG head...and believe it or not, I know more Eminem than you do bruh. Been an Eminem fan since Infinite. But the fact remains that artists jokingly speak about these topics all the time. They're clearly wrong but it's just funny how some artists' comments get swept under the rug while others get a pass by fans like you who say they were just joking. Wrong is wrong is wrong. Doesn't matter the intent. In fact, justifying Eminem usage is incredibly sad on your part. You wouldn't want your child or loved hearing either one of Ross's or Eminem's comments would you?

    • firehawk17

      yes eminem or anyone else can because the premise of their stories are basically a verbal movie scene... we know eminem has never raped his mother or killed his girl friend so thats pure entertainment... but saying your gonna slip someone a drug she DIDNT KNOW IT then you take her home to enjoy that SHE DIDNT KNOW IT.. is 2 very different things.. and you seem not able to wrap your peon mind around the difference... Your sick if you think what ross said was ok.. there is a clear and present difference from I'm gonna chopping up a person.. furthermore name the lyric where em said he was raping a woman?? i know where your gonna go... he didnt say he was raping his mother...he was talking from a 3rd party perspective about what they though he was doing...basically slander.. listen to the line again.. "oh now he's raping his own mother..... wasn't him saying he was doing that...stop making excuses for rick ross.. you fan boy...you got MMG tatted on your lower back

  • Cage

    This cat can rap circles around rick ross...

    • Real Talk

      THANK FUCK SOMEONE POINTED THAT OUT! Talib is a serious hip hop artist. Everybody going on about how Em can say this and that and get no negative response from it! You FUCKING IDIOTS Em was getting that response 15+ YEARS AGO! and didn't apologise for shit! But think of this way 1 minute officer Ricky is locking rapists up in there cells and telling other inmates to get off the phone, get outa the shower, you cant have your mail,spinning inmates cells,calling threw on the radio for back up, The next he wona act like he never done any of that shit and condone rape FUCK RICK ROSS 1 FAKE ARSE NIGGA. He don't deserve to breath the same air as Eminem or Talib cos thats real hip hop oxygen them boys are breathing!!!! I hope a heart attack creep up on that fat cunt!

  • dentaldamboy

    What's really unacceptable is how boring Talib Kweli's music is. His target demographic must be grandfathers. I swear his music has soporific effects.

    • firehawk17

      if talib kweli wanted to he could easily rap circles around most of these dudes.. his flow is ill.. his topics are more conscious usually and intellectual... thats fine.. but its easy to rap grimy ... his pen game is strong..

    • Anonymous

      You're an internet troll, worse than the scum of the earth, you're bottom barrel feces in a virtual world.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga you have the worst taste in music of anyone on this site, getting shitted on by you is a sign of doing something right. If I made music and you liked it I would seriously consider quitting. Kill yourself, for the greater good

  • iron mic

    Its about time someone from the golden age speaks out against all the bull thats goin down in hiphop right now. props to talib

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