Andre 3000 & Beyonce To Cover Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black"

Amy Winehouse's 2006 hit is getting a new treatment courtesy of "Party" collaborators Andre 3000 and Beyonce, on a soundtrack executive produced by Jay-Z.

Next month, the latest film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. On May 15, audiences will hear in the movie, two musician/actors covering the late Amy Winehouse. Andre 3000 and Beyonce have teamed to perform "Back To Black," which will also appear on the film's soundtrack. E! News broke the story late last night when they confirmed this with film reps.

The Outkast emcee and Destiny's Child front-woman previously worked together in 2011 on "Party," from Bey's 4 album. "Back To Black" was the third single on Amy Winehouse's 2006 album of the same name.

Jay-Z is executive producing the soundtrack, which currently does not have a release date.

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  • micah dancy

    Andre 3000 when are u and big boi doing another album the game needs it foreal from ur number 1 fan

  • bloody bastard

    @Keith 3000 I agree with you on this. Bey can't touch Amy's voice. I don't know, I will probably listen for 3 stacks.

  • oh

    Oh well... let's just wait what the whole soundtrack will sound like.

  • Anonymous

    andre 3000 and elzhi got one comming out too

  • Mike Balls

    I'm not a fan of Winehouse, she had talent none the less, she made good music just not my style. Andre 3000 and Beyonce covering her, just seems really cheap and shallow and only happening because Winehouse is dead. It will probably sound good but the emotion and meaning will be totally lost in their version I expect. I am a fan of Andre 3000 of old, Outkast is dope. That doesn't give him a pass on the vapid consumerist angle he's been on lately though.

  • Keith3000

    Keep Beyonce the hell away from Amy Winehouse's music. No disrespect. I got love for B. But she doesn't have any soul. Winehouse had so much soul. I would like to hear Andre 3000 and Cee Lo cover Back To Black. Or Andre and Thom Yorke. But not Beyonce. As a die hard Amy fan, please keep Beyonce far away from her music.

  • Fuck Marcy

    I hope Andre's fucking Beyonce on the down low.

    • Anonymous

      you sound like your life is want a guy to fuck another bitch...Are you gay homie?..that's suspect

  • ....

    All I see is some Three Stacks on a track! Dopeness Personified.

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