Chris Brown Says Drake "Would Be Stupid" For Dissing Him

Chris Brown thinks it would look bad on Drake's part to respond to his "R.I.P." remix diss.

The Chris Brown and Drake beef has taken another strange turn, with Brown claiming that it would be ill-advised for Drizzy to respond to the singer's recent diss track.

Earlier this week, Brown rhymed on Young Jeezy's "R.I.P." remix, spitting bars that questioned Drake's sexuality.

Despite the fact that he rapped on the track, Chris Brown says Drake shouldn't respond...because Breezy is a singer.

“You can’t take me serious, I’m not a rapper.” said Brown on Shade 45's "Sway in the Morning." “...'Cause, I know aint nothing finna happen so I say whatever I want. Rebuttals is gonna be stupid, I’m not a rapper. So you’re gonna be stupid rapping back to a singer, but I’ma keep coming nigga, I don’t care."

"It's okay, I aim for the top," added Brown of throwing shots at Drake.

Watch the interview below, as well as a freestyle:

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  • Frank Zappa

    All Nigga Biz to me


    Maybe its just me but at this point I wouldn't be mad if Chris Brown and Rihanna just disappeared so we didn't have to hear about either one of them again!

  • ghost

    never even liked Drake but Drake is alot better than Chris browns wack ass

  • Because, ...

    But because..., I'm not a rapper

  • BOY

    Aint nobody scared of you Christopher. Drake will mop the floor with your woman-beating ass. LONG LIVE WEEZY!

  • 5AM with Sway

    Chris brown swore he killed the freestyle.. The only thing he killed was his career after beating Rihanna

  • stfucb

    at least he got one thing right. HE'S NO RAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!! but then why do rap freestyles and verses? hmmm. kid confused as fuck. nigga needs to stfu and just stop. drake would murder him. hell, dr suess would kill this fake ass nigga

    • Jay Daniels

      It actaully looks to me like Chris Brown is straight up happy for once. Watch the interview, he's clowning around. Everything he said ain't serious one bit. He's just having a little fun. The only reason he does freestyles is cause the radio hosts keep throwing it at him to do it. CB ain't got no problems right now.

  • flo

    chris brown is a coward. such a pussy nigga

  • killah_casp

    LMFAO since when is chris brown a fukin rapper stupid clown of a artist although usually i wud side wid anyone who would diss drake this shit is nothing more than a fukin publicity stunt this dude was tounging drake the other day in a interview then all of a sudden hes back 2 the dissing not being funny but wtf does he wish to accomplish from a bitch move like that both these cats need a slap grown men playing childish games portraying the beef like they want drama one slapped his bitch up and now thinks hes gangsta the other is a wannabe wayne who keeps goin back and fourth on genres while lieing in his rhymes give me 10 mens with these dudes i aint evan famous and id rip them in two wid the rhymes brown espescially shoud stay away from any type of rhyme war cos it would be as easy as taking candy from a baby getting under his skin lyrically.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO Gotta love Chris Brown! Get em

  • WestCoast17

    2013 ike n tina = chris brown n riana. fuck them fools

  • Dat Nigga

    this guy is stupid as fuck real talk

  • Anonymous

    This dude has a lot of female traits.

  • Drake

    It's over Chris. Just pay Tony Parker his money and get on with your Ike Turner influenced life.

  • Anonymous

    Now i done heard that both drake and chris was raped not so long ago.. them dudes was bent over while a buncha men took turns on they anuses how's that gangsta well i'll tell you its not

  • Anonymous

    Drake ain't paying you kno attention lil nigga.

  • John Blaze

    Wow Some Thick Hate In Here....How Did He Dodge Common Or Ludacris? Common Responded To Stay Schemin With A Wack Verse Then Ended The "Beef" A Week Later, Then They Kicked It At All Star Weekend Last Year. Drakes Stay Schemin Verse Was Also Directed At Ludacris Who Didn't Respond. DMX? Lol Who Gonna Respond To DMX At This Point? It Hurts Me To Say That As A Fan But That Nigga DONE. Who Else? Pusha T? Where Is All These Rappers He Duckin At?

    • killah_casp

      if it wasnt 4 all the bullshit goin on in his life X would kick the shit out of drake and drake is a worm hes never responding to any shots and that whole fight thing with brown was a worm move he got someone to whispers in browns ear how he was fukin rihanna then snuck out the back door thats some gay shit right there how u gunna respect someone like that oh thats right cos u a faggot ass motherfucka 2.

    • Anonymous

      Good joke. Everything you said is bullshit. Common and Ludacris served Drake. Drake's subliminal diss was weak. Hop off Drake's dick, Stanley.

  • Anonymous

    If this nigga ends Drake's career, and Common couldn't...

  • Anonymous

    Rhianna or however that big fore headed woman spells her name...well she should slap the ship out of him...and what the fuck is "FINNA"? Dumb niggas!! And it doesnt matter if youre a singer you stupid fuck. Yourr going after someone, so your saying Drake should just stay quite because you're a fruitie R & B, POP singer? Shit Drake should murder you just for that.....Or do a KRS and throw you off the stage like he did PM DAWN! You fuckin' corny niggas are straight pussy nowadays.

  • AZ

    LOOOOOL all u hating ass bitches quit riding drakes dick

  • pops

    drake aint a woman brown, he will hit you back

  • Drake

    Don't fuck around bitch, cuz ya bound to get ethered I'll call up Wally, better yet, we'll leave it to Beaver You want to be a rapper, well I'll treat you like a rapper Steal your whole style like I stole ya bitch & kidnapped her You're a r&b singer turned rapper turned thug Bet if I smoke you with this pistol, you'll be really turnt up In a shallow fucking grave where nobody will find ya Shoot the pallbearers at your funeral, they're right behind ya And don't think about coming out to CA with that nonsense Call the mounties or Rick Ross for back up, they're my friends MMG, Young Money, we the mafia, pay ya dues lil nigga I'll never let this go, like my finger on the trigga

    • killah_casp

      both u motherfuckas suck if ur the real deal good u can finally understand that the hip hop community fukin h8 u ur getting money from school kids and 13 year old virgin girls so stop thinking u run hip hop and especially dnt be fukin saying ur pulling triggers because one u motherfuckas never been in a situation were you cud take someones life and b as i said before ur market is school kids so dnt try and portray to them u live tht life so they can copy u and lose theres and if u aint drake and brown ur jus some really sad pathetic wannabes that need 2 stop idolising shitty "rappers".

    • Chris brown

      who u talking to u Canada fly? like common ima beat u till u Canada dry said you started from the bottom well u still aint shit that's why ur crew wants me me on all of their beats if what u do is called rap then i don't wanna be a rapper ur songs are washed up like u record in a shower talk about banging me with a pistol u wouldn't have the heart even if you was high on the liquor i made u who u are,bitch u should thank me later u lil pussy ass drizzy ur 15 minutes in now over

    • Keith Sweat

      Fuck booooooooth of y'all nigaaaaazzz

    • Chris Brown

      Oh, how cute the Degrassi actor is desperated, he's depraved nobody paid attention to you, i'll honor you by dancing on ya grave lets finished what we started at the club that night no bottles, no entourages, just a good old fishfight let's see who wins, although I'd feel bad hitting a handicapped person you remind me of burt from sesame street, the handicapped version i might be a r&b singer, but I can belt out more than tunes once I blast this .45 you'll do more than swoon

  • What

    I swear I read something on here a few days back in which Brown said he hasn't got any problems with Drake now he's throwing more pot shots..then again Drake would be a bitch for replying to this after dodging Common, DMX and Ludacris.

  • Fon Z

    Drake would be a punk bitch for dissing Chris Brown... especially after dodging Ludacris, Common, and i dont know how many other rappers... then having the audacity to diss an R&B singer? No credit in my eyes...

    • ^

      Common never apologized. He responded to Drake's wack ass subliminal diss with the Saty Schemin remix.

    • kburban

      Smh. N#*gas on here frontin' like Drake didn't body "9 am in Dallas"..."Stay Schemin'" and "5 AM in Toronto" verses. How was "Stay Schemin'" NOT a reply for Common? Go fix your ears b. N#*gas forget is was COMMON apologizing when it was all said and done.

  • Anonymous

    chris brown is spazzing out when he was talking. he looks like an immature little kid

  • Anonymous

    chris brown is lame everyone knows

    • Anonymous

      He's so lame he has lamer people like you following him and taking time to post comments saying he's lame.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Chris Brown stays sonning himself. Every day that goes by where Drake pays this bitch no attention is another W for Drake. Meanwhile, Chris Brown, the Maury Povich ass nigga that he is, channels his inner "Game" and says one thing, but does another. Niggas are made different these days.

  • OUCH!

    ...'Cause, I know aint nothing finna happen" what the fuck? editors are idiots

  • Anonymous

    "Despite the fact that he rapped on the track, Chris Brown says Drake shouldn't respond...because Breezy is a singer." well drake isn't a rapper either, so this should work out just fine.

  • yoson

    the only line chris should be rappin is "Everyone fucked my girl thats why i hit her lol"

  • hahaha

    Bitch. So he goes on the radio, talks his RAPPED verse, which is aimed at his opponent, does a RAPPED freestyle - and then says "I'm not a rapper, it'd be stupid to respond to me." Ahhhhh bitch. Guess he told Rihanna "Don't beat me, I ain't a woman, it'd be stupid to respond to me."

  • JRich

    I swear man, I must have had some respect for him somewhere before this. Because just yesterday I thought it was impossible for me to respect this nigga any less, but this shit takes the cake. What a bitch thing to say

  • Dre'

    This is the equivalent to a female tryna buck up against a dude and start a fight with him, hittin em in the head cursing at him but when the dude turns around and knocks the chicken's bobby pins straight, she plays the "I cant believe you hit me, Im a female" role. Chris Brown lost all respect, or whatever was left on this one.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, someone, anyone (not necessarily Drake) needs to call Chris Brown out on this. Pathetic statements from a pathetic man.

  • shuttaman

    Typical emotional american light skinned nigga bitch

  • d-nucks

    I think he has gotten wind of a diss comming his way from drake that will be he is trying to diminsh it and diffuse it by saying...he should'nt be taken serious and drake should not take him serious. If i was drake I WOULD GO ALL IN..AND BURN THIS NIGGA UP...CLOWN HIM AND HIS BITCH...BRAG ABOUT HOW I NUTTING ON HER BACK RIGHT ON TOP HER him a bitch beater...spoiled brat

  • mbk260

    But has Drake ever made a diss track? Let me guess he doesn't have to because he's "the greatest"

  • Anonymous

    FUCK Chris Brown, I've lost any interest I had in your music. Cock sucker

  • Anonymous

    ... fuck the industry beef ... Brown needs to stay out of trouble.

  • foreal

    the more i hear from this dude makes me not like him. how is he gonna diss drake in a rap but then say wait dont do it, i am not a rapper. roc a bye baby. get him drake

  • Brandon

    This is a pussy ass move he knows drake can easily shit on him. In the beginning of this shit he calls himself a rapper but then he flips it at the end like this guy is wild pussy look at his clique he not fuckin wit YM teambreezy needa stay in their lane

    • 614grind

      Drake has never shit on anybody. This should be a freebie for Drake, the emcee who's never battled anybody.

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad Brown realises and admits that hes a talentless twat who shouldn't be taken seriously, although thats not an excuse and he should just shut his stupid lips and start doing a bit of growing up.

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  • C-will

    I Don't fuck with Drake, but... Got'Damnit Chris, why you gotta be so wack!? Saying bullshit like "Ahh, you can't diss me, cuz I'm the ginger-bread singer..." Let me break it down for you Chris, Drake doesn't have to rap to diss you, he can go on your turf and sing yea a diss. And the fucking song would end with "You can't take me serious, I'm not a singer... bitch!"... In the end, they both stupid, Drake is best for staying away from this, never should of been beefing over Rihanna's stanky ass anyways.

  • So Icy Boi!

    HHDX bloggers should come out of da closet! too much gay fantasies on dis fuckin site. closet homos! Weezy da GOAT. swag

  • dentaldamboy

    This RIP remix is terrible for Jeezy's credibility. The original song was pretty good but NO ONE on this remix goes hard. 2 Chainz must be rolling over in his Bugatti. YG, Kendrick and Chris Brown should all have their tax rates doubled for the year 2013 due to the poor lyricism demonstrated on this song. Also, allowing someone to insult YMCMB on his track really puts Jeezy in an awkward position. Jeezy and Wayne have always been cool, but not as tight as Ross and Wayne. Now Ross can totally turn Wayne against Jeezy. And the dumbest part about this move for Jeezy is that Wayne just sent sublimals at Gucci Mane on the INHB2 song "Beat the Shit". Oh well, life goes on. YMCMB is still the richest, the best and the straightest.

    • mbk260

      Kendrick Lamar's verse is better than any Drake verse I've ever heard. YMCMB is just a bunch of hip pop bitches.. If Drake was the dogs bollocks then Chris Brown wouldn't even dare diss him, but he knows drake is a bitch ass who doesn't respond to anything. "I don't give a fuck about no hater as long as my bitches love me" GTFO...

  • Anonymous

    Drake gonna disable this niggas career.

  • ETK

    that is the absolute biggest bitch move I have EVER heard. "you can't take me serious I'm not a rapper" THE FUCK you doin then jumping on every two god damn remix joints just to throw a shot at Drake to satisfy your ego? STFU if you're not a rapper. you got your bitch back, just take care of her. hell, close the curtains next time you gonna raise a hand on her for all I care. you may not be a rapper but there are 15 reasons for any nigga in the game, let alone Drake, to shit on you. you beat up women and you throw stupid ass tantrums, in part over a mo'fuckin 10$ bill. man this fruitcake bitch makes me wanna stand up for Drake. and I'm far from a Drake fan.

    • Anonymous

      lol, thats how I feel, I dont even fuck with Drake in the slightest but damn if this fuckboi dont make me wanna see Mr Degrassi air him out

  • Anonymous

    Cancel this bitch.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not a Chris Brown fan but honestly he didn't do bad. A lot of MCs can't freestyle for shit. If he is taking shots at Drake I think he did fine. Drake can't even freestyle his written shit here:

    • thaTruth

      Its obviously not a freestyle man. These rappers get the beat in advance and someone definitley ghost wrote that for Breezy

  • ....

    Someone please verbally murder this douche. You can't keep rapping if you say that you're not a rapper. If this fool only rapped once, then his statement would be valid, but this fag is rapping whenever he gets on a remix or freestyles over somebody elses beat. He's completely scared because he sucks ass and knows that he won't be able to diss back if somebody did get at him, corny one liner disses only gets you so far, he wouldn't be able to an actual song out of them.

  • That Nigga In His Basement (Don't Call it a Comeback, Nigga))

    Imbeciles. This Chris and Aubrey nonsense is clearly a ruse. Their petty conflict is merely a distraction from the oncoming missile strikes funded by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, who are using North Korea and Iran as mere masks. The signs are clear. When Brown says "Rebuttals is gonna be stupid" he is actually referring to the yearly ceremony of "Rebutt" where members of the elites such as him, Aubrey, Dre, Jimmy and Jeffrey Atkins slather each other in sacred avocado oil and proceed to furiously penetrate each other in the anus in a private marigold garden on top of a hill somewhere in eastern Europe. This is clearly him secretly addressing his brothers in the conglomerate of elites planning to launch Dre Beats packed missiles whose explosions will affect trend ass whiteboys and Lil Wayne occupied basketball courts globally. WAKE UP

  • JP


  • JP


  • Anonymous

    I hate people with this kind of mentality, that ol cornball "I'm little and skinny so I'm gonna talk wild reckless to whoever I want because nobody will check me for it" type shit....... Somebody should spit 100 bars at him anyway just for the fuck of it

  • Anonymous

    chris brown still thinkin he thugged out

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