Immortal Technique Announces Rebel Armz Album & "The Martyr 2"

Exclusive: Immortal Technique also updates "The Middle Passage" and explains delays.

Yesterday (April 1), Immortal TechniquePoison PenSwave Sevah and Constant Flow stopped by the HipHopDX office to speak about a variety of topics. During an interview with HipHopDX's Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte, Technique revealed information about his next few projects and provided an exclusive regarding a Rebel Armz album. 

"I've got people playing instruments on this mothafucka," Technique said of his highly anticipated album, The Middle Passage. Technique continued by saying that he had to scrap two songs from the project recently because of issues clearing samples. 

"I really wanted to go all out and have an organic sound but it's still Hip Hop. This doesn't sound like an Opera album or some crazy shit like that. We didn't go off the deep end but technically, I had to scrap two [songs]. What came out of that was also the idea that if 'The Martyr' was so successful - because we did over a million downloads for it - if 'The Martyr' was so successful, we're gonna have to have a 'Martyr 2' now. That unreleased song is gonna go on 'The Martyr 2.'" 

Next, Technique shared that he has plans to release a collaborative project with Rebel Armz, a group of emcees that includes Poison Pen and Diabolic.

"I'll be able to put out The Middle Passage, 'The Martyr [2]' and me, [Poison] Pen, Diabolic and the rest of the crew have been kicking the idea around a lot about doing a Rebel Armz album and I think it's overdue. So I'm gonna say [it] here on DX, since y'all like exclusives, that we are definitely gonna do it. This is the first time I'm saying it. The Rebel Armz album [with] Immortal Technique and the whole fuckin' squad is gonna happen. It's going down."

The Middle Passage has been delayed for several years. In 2010, Technique said he was working on the album, which was to be a "conceptual" project. By 2011, Technique explained that he hoped to release the album in the first quarter of the following year. “[It’s about] halfway done," he explained then. In that same year, Technique released "The Martyr" to critical praise and over a million downloads online. The Rebel Armz consists of various emcees including Technique, Chino XL, Swave Sevah and Akir.

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  • Anonymous

    tech n9ne the greatest lyricist of all time perfect bars

  • Anonymous

    he can rap i just dont like what he rap about

  • Mechanic

    bitch ass niggas go listen to them faggot rappers who only talk about money and the only money they have is the advance from the record company they go broke after 3 years usually and end up in prison for tax problems

  • Mechanic

    Technique is the rawest nigga in hiphop your motherfukin favourite rapper is scared of technique y'all niggas betta watch wtf you say

  • Mechanic

    any nigga dissing Technique is a monkey that needs to be put down inhumanely

  • Anonymous

    Dude I have been anticipating this shit for so long. Now that were are getting closer to all this coming out I am hyped as fuck!

  • Alonso Avila

    There are many good artists out there, and that doesn't include the artists on the radio. However, Immortal Technique has been around for a while now too, and the material and maturity of his material over the years has been very dope. Not many artists like him that know how to wreck a stage & an audience. Salute to the brother & the Rebel Armz.

  • Fuck Peru & Harlem

    Nigga should go back to Peru and stop assaulting hip hop fans ears with his whiny political crap.

    • Nigga115

      STFU up u white ass nigga u racist political pawn. Take the dick and just sit in the sidelines bitch I bet ur ass listens to trap music. GTFO my face nigga. Immortal technique is the shit

    • Jon

      Lol at least he raps about REAL things, thte rap you listen to got you all up hustle. Niggas like drake, rick ross, meek millz, and all them other faggots are just posers. You think rick ross is a drug dealer, you think lil wayne is a gangster? No they are not, they rap like they are what they say but are just posers and always rap about the same shit; women, money, drinks, over and over again. Ive heard that for over a decade now and these motherfuckers still rapping the same shit, NONE of them are original in what they do especially since they are owned by their labels and are given their lyrics to sing. These mainstream rappers have no talent what so ever, so shut the fuck up and continue to listen to these posers

    • ForallTheHaters


    • sean-mckevitt

      @Fuck Peru & Harlem: go back to jacking off to your nicki minaj and rick ross pictures gobshite

    • Humz

      What about the people that like political rap?

  • RaZdarebel

    word another Immortal & Beast 1333 NEEDS TO HAPPEN a deeper song

  • Snodras MALEEK

    agree wholeheartedly beast 1333 would be dope as fuck on these with the king of all Tech

  • GilbertContreras

    Man they better feature Beast 1333 on one of those albums, anytime they feature that kid he kills. My favorite song on the Martyr album was the one he was featured on.

  • Anonymous

    fuck a revolutionist

  • cardo rhinez

    Dude is the rawest around. Political Science mastery!

  • RC

    Can't wait for the Middle Passage, Production from DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, & Ali Shaheed Muhammad it's gonna be madd ill. Martyr II will probably be dope as well, seems like all the best beats get left out due to clearance issues.

  • ky

    that rebel armz album is gonna be so raw

  • Mk

    Some dumb ass people in this world. This guy is crap? ok go listen to your lil wayne rap. All I know is this guy and lowkey are probably one the few REAL rapper left.

  • Anonymous


  • AnthonyMason

    ummmm. Last I checked, The Martyr was dropped when Obama was in office. Please, please, please, check your stupidity before typing!

  • dat guy

    all you people on here dissing saying hes weak, wack. STFU u cliked the link that had Immortal Technique on the headline. talking about Ja Rule? WTF Bitches are lame! Immortal is the TRUTH

  • 490717

    Once Bush was out of office this dude fell off. When was the last time you heard a good song from Immortal Technique. Everytime he does a show its the same songs, the same screaming. I like the guy, but come on, he hasn't been relevant in a minute

    • hahaha foolish

      listen to rich mans world. listen to the martyr, watch his documentary on youtube. all of those right there will put him over the top of anyone else in the music industry. come on man.

    • Hector

      Have you listened to any of his more recent albums. This guy doesnt make a point out of relevance, he is relevant to the point. If you fail to miss that from his music, then you fail to understand why his music is what it is.

    • ^ up there is dumb

      the 1% was completely relevant of the Occupy movement as well as other songs on the Martyr.

  • nibs

    haha I love when goofs comment amount how stupid this guy is, when in fact, he is the only hip hop artist that reads real books and not just biographies of other rappers. over the last 5 years or so I've slowly dropped listening to all other rap except this guy because he is the only rapper that says anything.

    • Jon

      LMAO im with you 100% ive been dropping off rap slowly as well the past 5 years, and now that I know about Tech he's like all the rap I listen to and some other undiscovered rap artists with similar subjects

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck? HORRIBLE rapper, had to get into crackpot fake liberal politics so white people would give a shit.

    • Oz. F

      How is he liberal when he calls out Obama on his foreign policy and calls him out on deporting more immigrants than Bush? "Humanity's gone smoked up in a gravity bong by democrat, republican cheech and chong." He knows both political parties are in bed with the same interests groups.

    • Le2e

      Apparently you do if you're clicking his links and reading about his albums and commenting on them. Go back to listening your autotuned, no message/talent radio cRap

  • Anonymous

    He been talking the Middle Passage album up for 10 years lol

    • Who Da What

      And in that same time he made a free album, started an orphanage in Afghanistan, made a documentary, did mad touring, and kept his responsibilities as V.P. of Viper Records. What the Fuck have you done lately?

    • WallySean

      nah it's 10, he mentioned in it in revolutionary vol. 2's liner notes. either way, it's getting to detox levels of ridiculous

    • Anonymous

      its been 3.

  • Syed Khizar

    *again with truth and reality!


    Sounds nice, but ja rule would pop this punk-

    • Oz. F

      Jaisking was sitting in elementary on career day then it hit him..... "When I grow up I want to be a Ja Rule troll online and make a name for myself"... And nobody cared and nobody listened.

    • nikola

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      This is why I don't visit hip hop sites anymore, the commenters have a mind of a 5 year old. Wtf do you mean ja rule will pop him? Who the fuck was talking about ja rule in this post? Stupid ass ignorant bitch.

  • Syed Khizar

    That's a great news. World wake up gain!! :D is martyr 2 is "THE MIDDLE PASSAGE"?

    • Zorrow

      No, the Martyr 2 is going to be a separate album released after The Middle Pjavascript:void(null)assage.

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