Immortal Technique Comments On North Korea's Threats To The United States

Immortal Technique shares his thoughts on the Unites States' issues with North Korea, says people should be more worried about China.

Not one to shy away from giving his thoughts on politics, Harlem rapper Immortal Technique recently voiced his opinion on the United States’ current issues with North Korea. While speaking with Brooklyn Martino, the Viper Records emcee didn’t seem too concerned with North Korea and instead encouraged people to shift their focus to what China’s response may be.

“A war with North Korea would be over before Paid Dues was. Alright? I think people need to understand that. This posturing that they’re doing I feel that’s just the new regime trying to establish itself and using it as a foothold to try and get more food, more aid. Because they’re really like a crippled economy,” Immortal Technique explained. “But if they did go to war, I think we shouldn’t be worried so much about what North Korea’s gonna do. But about what role China will play in it.”

Recent reports from CNN state that North Korea has entered what they refer to as a “state of war” with South Korea and has made threats to “dissolve” the U.S. mainland.

On a lighter note, the rapper also spoke on his loss against Postaboy on 106 & Park’s “Freestyle Friday” segment over a decade ago.

“You know what’s so funny? Every single person that I’ve ever known that has seen something from back in the day at 106 & Park always reminds me of the curse. The 106 & Park curse,” said Technique. “They say if you go there and you’re losing and hated on, you’re gonna be successful. If you win the whole shit you’re most likely not gonna do a motherfuckin’ thing.”

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    Visions of the future toxic in my cranium(skull)/ Like the byproducts of enriching uranium/ Gentrification byproduct like the palladium/ So this is the message that I relate to them/ ~Immortal Technique All of you should seriously look up those words in the dictionary. Gentrification: Gentrification is a dynamic that emerges in poor urban areas when residential shifts, urban planning, and other phenomena affect the composition of a neighborhood.[1] Urban gentrification often involves population migration as poor residents of a neighborhood are displaced.

    • jose

      Damn you still in high school man? Petty ass name calling because you can't grasp what he's talking about. Or you don't have a life yourself so to make your unsecure ass feel better you go around judging others.

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  • RC

    Tech is I dare say not only one of the most informed Hip-Hop artist in the game but one of the most humble dudes I've ever met. He may be very no nonsense but if you step to him politely like a normal fucking human being dude gives the utmost love to his fans.

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    this guy is delusional spits nothing but conspiracy theories with horrible flow. Musically he can't make an enjoyable song to actually listen to due to the facts that his vocals can't ride the beat. His fans are perhaps on of the most annoying fan bases ever who are delusional to think this guy is the only form of real hiphop,

    • random ass hip hop dude

      i'll admit, Immortal Technique can be a little choppy on his flows but at least he is questioning the assumed. While the "major label hos" may make good sounding music (they have talent too, can't deny that); its good to hear someone addressing in some way, the many issues we face. There aint nothin wrong with that. I like the guy; i got all his albums, i listen occasionally, but i am not a delusional fan. I don't take everything he is saying as truth and i don't think that he is deep at all. lol understanding politics and aspects of they systemic nature of society doesn't make you deep - it makes more aware if anything. yall niggas need to chill; if u don't like tech, don't listen to him, shit on his fans for all i care, but at least strive to be more aware of your situations and surroundings - your experience, ya dig?

    • Anonymous

      Co Fucking Sign IT I dont really have a problem with but his douchebag fans are the absolute worst. Acting like this guy is so fucking deep, all he does is whine and bitch.....and even that would be okay if his voice and flow could do more then the same fucking thing on every song......and even still, I could live with that if his ear for beats didnt suck as bad as it does Dude is mediocre, and his fans are delusional

    • Mike Balls

      Anon3, you have no idea what you're going on about. Music is expression in artistic form, and Immortal Technique does it well, he has a message and putting it in music is a good way of getting more people to hear that message. If all you want is "pleasing to the ears", go listen to some Mozart or Vivaldi, but that shits over all HipHop in that respect..

    • Anonymous

      exactly, be a fucking preacher, this is music. it has to be pleasing to the ears. and if you cant do that you're just talking, you dont need a beat for that

    • Anonymous

      "Musically he can't make an enjoyable song to actually listen to due to the facts that his vocals can't ride the beat." I've been hearing this fuck shit ever since Tech debuted and it's got to be the worst bullshit excuse YMCMB/Eminem fans ever came up with. So you don't wanna hear it just because the nigga rather talk some actual relevant shit istead of doing some acrobatic flow on the track like a monkey? Ain't a damn thing wrong with dude flow, Boo. Not every single rapper on this earth gotta sound like DMX or whoever the fuck your favorite rapper aka "major label ho" is. You're the one being delusional here if you think only Pac/Biggie is "real hip hop". Just grow the fuck up.

  • Daniel

    He has no credentials or credibility to be making these statements. Might as well ask your barber what he thinks of the NK situation.

    • DefRx

      Almost no one who is making statements on the DPRK situation has a clue what they're talking about, however Immortal Technique is actually talking from a pretty sober view point. If you have been following the rhetoric coming out of DPRK in recent years, you'll know the present situation is little different now from before, the statements and threats havn't really changed. The media is now all over it being the only difference. Arguably convinitently, during the annual SK-US war games, which would be seen as highly provocative by anyone, when a hostile nation is flying nuclear armed aircraft near your disputed borders, as preparation for military operations against you. All those military resources, need something to justify the military-industrial complex and the presence of US forces in every corner of the globe.

  • IMhO

    deadass though.. chinas gettin tired of NK's bullshit but if china did feel the need to get froggy thatd be an issue cuz chinas a beast.. itd turn into a nuclear war thennnnn goodbye world or most of it anyway.. if NK didnt have china in their back pocket we would of been cleared out NK

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  • PF215

    someone who says "Because theyre really like a crippled economy" shouldnt have his poltical opinions taken seriously

    • Anonymous

      ^^ I really don't know where did you find this (9Gag maybe???) but I've never seen such a thing out there.

    • IMhO

      @PF215- I.T is right though, why is it a problem how he said it "to white" maybe?.. they are almost a crippled economy 2/3s of that country dont have enough food bec of the regime and the sanctions put against them and their country bec of their leader constantly threatening our mainlands...

    • Anonymous

      more worried about how they are saying something instead of what they are actually saying. at the end of the day you know what he meant and he wasnt wrong. sheesh. you youngins get a keyboard and think youre smart

  • ruler2013

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