Chris Brown Disses Drake On Young Jeezy's "R.I.P." Remix

R&Beef continues as Chris brown sends shots at Drake.

Just when fans thought it might be over, more fuel has been added to the Chris Brown and Drake beef.

After the bottle-throwing-ballistics from last summer at a New York City nightclub resulted in lawsuits and a criminal investigation, Brown and Drizzy's relationship has been, obviously, strained.

The lastest incident in the beef is a jab courtesy of Brown on the remix to Young Jeezy's "R.I.P.," where the singer references Drake's single "Started From the Bottom."

"Dearly departed, I bought a plane I departed/ And if you started from the bottom, go on and come out the closet," spit Brown, the sometimes-rapper.

The lines come just days after Brown claimed in an interview that he was looking past the beef.

Listen to the track below:

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  • Mario Parker

    R.I.P.- Shout out ta my dude Chris Brown man.. I can see now thats its some real beef goin on between Drake an dude, if it wasn't he wouldn't have brought it back up! They killed the now we know that Drake needa Come Out The Closet like Jason Collins and Frank O.!

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  • Chris Brown

    Ok I admit it, me and drake are secret lovers, it was over a fight cause hes been seeing frank behind my back and i lost it.. #PlsDontJudgeMe #FagSwag

  • Anonymous

    Both of these guys are fruit pops.

  • mbk260

    Drake claims to kill rappers, but can he respond to a RnB artist? Let me guess, he'll just take the attitude of "I don't give a fuck about haters, as long as my bitches love me" #BitchNiggaz


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    lmao..told that nigga to come on out the closet...LMAO

  • Anonymous

    RiRi must have some great pussy im talking like u go raw and once the head goes in you feel like u entered heaven

  • Anonymous

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  • Come On

    actually Chris brown isn't that bad of Rapper check out B.E.T cypher 2011 he was the best out of his crew easily, and he doesn't rap full time and he's better than half the rappers out right now. ex Gucci Mane, and Most of young money rappers besides lil wayne,drake,Minaj,Tyga IMO. For someone who raps part time I'm not a hater he's pretty good (also till I die wasn't bad either)

  • d-nucks

    I hate RNB rap niggaz.....just sing....NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY WANT TO HERE CHRIS BROWN, TREY SONGS, OR NEYO RAP. Leave that shit alone. I barely want to hear them sing these days. Imagine if Luther spit a 16 at snoop dog or some shit. This shit is corny. And why is Chris Brown still worried about Drake like that.....get over got Rhianna back. Your career is some what comming back. Let it go already....Drake must have really smashed that bitch..cause this nigga won't let this drake shit go.

  • gayhighway

    I think black people in general have unproportionally bigger amount of closeted homosexuals, because they are some of the most homophobic people (by that I mean the amount of homophobes is too damn high among black people).

    • d-nucks

      @ you saying that there are gay men that NEVER FUCK EACH OTHER UP THE ASS....they just give each other head? @Will......exactly how did I exemplify his point? Cause I gave a opposing view? On homo's? If anybody speaks out against it..we get immediately label bigot or homophobe. Shit is ridiculous.

    • will

      This dude D Nucks just exemplified your point exactly.

    • arel

      you make it seem like fucking someone up the ass is a requirement of being gay... also a mouth is not a sexual organ so is it unnatural to get head from your girl?

    • d-nucks

      fuck outta here with that shit. People overuse that word homophobe to much. Phobia pertains to fear.....I'm black AND I am NOT SCARED NOR DO I FEAR GAY PEOPLE. I don't condone that life style that is it. I hate the fack that society and tries to convince people there is nothing wrong with being gay and that it is Natural. Its not it is very unnatural and it is wrong. Scientifically the anus is not deemed a sexual organ. So fucking a man in the ass is REALLY NOT A SEXUAL ACT..nor is it natural. I'm also fed up with the gay community trying to say gay rights is the same as what black people went through with civil rights. BULLSHIT...we were discriminated against because of our color....we were enslaved at one point. There are gay people FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE AND COLOR AND GENDER. Who gets rights because of who they choose to fuck behind close doors? Shit is retarded makes no sense. If you feel out an application that don't ask if you are gay or straight. They just ask your race and gender. Becuase that is the only think that you can be discrimminated on.

  • Realest in tha game

    How da fuck is this news? esp on a site called HIPHOPdx smh. Both dudes are weak as fuck,this "beef" is laughable. Drake= Canadian rich boy actor, born with silver dick in his mouth and started as a bottom sucking Wayne and Birdmans dick. Chris Brown= Skinny bitchboy with no credibility, only azz hes ever kicked was a womans. 2 FAGGOTS.........oh yeah fuck the dickridas for supporting trash like this.

    • Fuck UKKK And British Ninjas

      Need I say more?!?!!

    • Anonymous

      @dubs . youre obviously british too which is why u mad. Nicca has a point, british people dont know shit about hip hop. all that uk rap is garbage and the kids over there just try to emulate niccas dress style over here. even when u guys try to be original with the music thing its just wack. Dont hate on Americans just cuz nobody internationally likes british people. Btw by british I mean english. Scottish and welsh peeps is cool.

    • Dubs

      "What do British people know about Hip-Hop?" I think you are a literal retard.

    • 2TRU

      init??? Aint that what brittish people say? GTFO this site what do brittish people know about rap? gotta agree with the above poster Drake and Chris Brown are weak. Waiting to get called a hater, any minute now.

    • ^^^^^IDIOT^^^^^^

      awwwwwwww are you buthurt? did I hit a nerve? Poor little baby lol. You obviously didn't think through what you just said cus it makes no sense lol. Supporting these fags (your idols) is buying their shit and giving them positive feedback, retard. I read most stories on here regardless of who its about and its hilarious that when somebody is critical of these no-talent bitches you immediately call the "haters" just cus we dont wanna dickride them like you, fag. Eat a dick, fag.

    • p

      you're supporting it by clicking on it just to start hating.. so i guess that means fuck you then init

  • Anonymous!

  • Fish

    As I've said before, the nineties had 2pac vs Biggie, the noughties had Jigga vs Nas, and now in 2013 we get these two homos beefing. smh. A born-rich canadian homo vs a wife beating homo - you reckon bodies are gonna drop in this one?

  • Drake

    Started from the bottle now we're here

  • Anonymous

    lol'd at "the sometimes-rapper"

  • BOY

    Christopher is what you call a BITCH-ASS NIGGA. His ass is done and over with. No one gives a flying flapdoodle about this woman-beating motherfucker. Drake is at the top of the game while this hooligan is busy busy trying to act tough cuz he aint shit but a HAS BEEN. Peace. GET THE FUCK OUT THE RAP GAME NIGGA. LONG LIVE WEEZY!

  • Anonymous

    it all Started from a Bottle...



  • Anonymous

    They ain't rappers they should diss each other with harmonies not rhymes

    • Anonymous

      What kind of soft ass nigga are you, I won't these dudes to fuck each other in the ass! With lyrics. of course...

  • Anonymous

    kendrick verse was not good

  • OG Darkskin

    chris brown is the best rapper alive, better then lil wayne and eminme

  • durne

    They are pussies. They should sing disses to each other instead or rapping.

  • OG Darkskin

    Anotha L for lightskin negro community! Drkskin Niggas for the win!

  • Clown Vs. Clown

    I'm going with Breezy on this one HELL YEAH FUCKEN RIGHT

  • Don't Hate On Me Cause You Already Know What I Could Do If I Were To Hypothetically Be Intimidated To You Know Do Something Sheeeeeit. STFU

    This is where I now get to defend Drake and not only his sexuality but my own, as a heterosexual male, I put it. I put that shit on a stack fucken bibles cuzzzz I'm straight, I mob with Drake, all day every day, CANADA PUT IT DOWN HAAAAARD

    • And as a homosexual

      I like being bottoming, and then flip fucking myself into the top. Just sayin...

    • Humor, If you don't understand sarcasm...

      Cut yourself carefully across the neck with a sharp yet blunt object, like a butter knife, you fucking idiots. If I stay off Chris Brown's dick will that reserve the right for you to hop on it? You fucken faggot.

    • Drake

      I would normally tell you to keep sucking me but stop plz oh and please sing along "Started from the bottom....

    • CutThroat4576

      Shut yo bitch ass up! Get off Drakes dick you cabron

  • BigWo0orm45

    Lol this dude needs to stop, forreal. And niggas hate on Drake but that Canada Dry nigga will toast a mf on a diss track, i doubt he will put one out though, like most of todays rappers. The game aint the same it changes. for the good and bad.

  • Anonymous

    Chris brown is a clown. Anyone who beats on women has no credibility. He shouldn't be rapping. Drake would destroy him

  • Shame

    Wow, brown completely bit that white girl/Chinese line from Tyler the Creator on Fish. "Slip it in her drink, and in the blink of an eye i can make a white girl look chink" to "and the molly make the white girl look Chinese"

  • braaaap

    if i didnt know better i would of thought chris brown is from west coast compton

  • jon

    ay roman cooper's on the low gay for Chris Brown...

    • Anonymous

      On the low gay, dayum, is he on the low gay, can you make sure if he's on the down low first bruh bruh and them let me know bruh bruh just to make sure I don't put my dick in a straight man bruh bruh, just to make sure you know? Just to make sure bruh bruh.

  • creamfilling

    awwww shit! Chris Breezy gettin at my boy Drizzy Drake! Drake's gonna fire back at him with that 9AM IN DALLAS/5AM IN TORONTO/BEST I EVER HAD FLOW. Drake's one of the best rappers alive and will be sure to let this clown Chrissy Brown know how things are done. Did anyone see chris brown's dickpic?

  • Zee

    I don't want to offend anybody but I feel as a fan of all genres of music specifically Hip Hop.. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of scrutiny and critical thinking.... All that said, let me ask this quest..... Do you think that's a good line... I mean Chris Brown can sing, dance.. He cannot rap. Dude sucks when it comes to rapping.. Also he is being a dipshit... Drake is not that good of a rapper either but his music is not bad. Also hee seems like a down to earth humble guy... Drake deserves to be tapping RiRi instead but he tapped her once and is on to the next one... Fuck Chris, thinkin his all Thug Life like Tupac Shakur Hahah...

    • Anonymous

      "Also hee seems like a down to earth humble guy" You must've been living under a rock since 2010. Drake is not a humble guy; he let the fame get to his head. That asshole acts like he runs the world and thinks he's invincible. I don't like Chris Brown, but fuck Drake.

  • Blocka

    Fuck these clowns .. they ain't from the inner city! Surburb asses

  • roman cooper gay !

    Why did this roman cooper guy post a pic with a shirtless r&b singer? Why are we ignoring that??

    • Anonymous

      damn you're petty

    • Anonymous

      Well, Chris Brown is also addressing Drakes sexuality... so, that may be an ironic indicator. You don't know how well HipHopDx has to play both sides of every argument and post intellectual articles that deconstruct the stupid ass yes men of Hip Hop and have to suggest that, hey, that's the opinion of that journalistic contributor, not the opinion of ourselves. It's smart. They know how to keep the attention of the Hip Hop underground heads and they know how to play to all you faggots while reluctantly saying anything intellectual. This is a good site. It's reliable.

    • Anonymous

      didn't notice either

    • DefRx

      I didn't even notice, until I read this comment. Repressing some urges are we?

  • Anonymous

    *Exhales Breath*....

  • Anonymous

    Dearly departed, i bought a plane i departed...........................................................................if anybody thinks this is a good line they should run in front of the nearest fast moving us

  • Anonymous

    Does this dude even have credibility?



    • WHITE


  • ok

    Recent Drake verses go hard as hell. He might kill chris brown's career his he makes a diss. Both pussie though

  • lexx

    drake will spit something nicer back at him no doubt

  • Anonymous

    Fuck that illuminati satan Drake!

  • R&BDX

    Hate when R&B sweethearts try to act tough.

  • shuttaman

    nigga was cooping for pleas on big boy's talmin bout he past that and shit, and he still wanna go at drizzy da gawd? Dumb ass emotional light skinned bitch ass nigga. He's jealous because Drake is the only one making light skinned niggas look good right now, since yall been losing since the begining of the year(Breezy ,that faggot ass freddy e nigga and etc). Breezy u a bitch

  • Anonymous

    SMH how is it beef when you don't name names in the song?? Rappers these days are pussies.

  • JT

    Drizzy will own this bitch slapping ho. Chris Brown cant even rap. And his last album flopped while Drake go platinum on all his albums and prolly has more money.

  • BK all DAY

    Hilarious, one faggot azz bitch dissing another faggot azz. Both these niggaz need to be fed to the dogs.



  • the1

    Chris Brown is a fucking clown

  • niggaplz

    I don't fuck with Drake, and definitely not Chris Brown, but this is obviously just some lame-ass stunt by Chris Brown to get some attention. Fuck you and your upcoming album, faggot. If there's any artist out there who deserves a proper beating, it's you.

  • Anonymous

    corny diss. Common's was better.

  • OG

    both these cute beige ass ninjas need to shut up, make money, and stop tryin to be hard..

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