Palestinian Hip Hop Group DAM Launches US Tour

The veteran Palestinian Hip Hop pioneers are bringing their new album "Debka Over The Moon" to United States stages.

Considered the first Palestinian Hip Hop group, DAM (a/k/a Da Arabian MC's) have maintained a career since the late 1990s, sharing stages with the likes of Black Star, Chuck D and GZA. The trio of brothers Tamer Nafar Suhell Nafar and Mahmoud Jreri has just released their second album, Debka On The Moon.

To promote the album, the group has announced a Stateside tour, beginning this Sunday (March 31). The dates are as follows:

March 31

April 1
Princeton, NJ

April 2
Madison, NJ

April 5
Chicago IL

April 6
Stanford University, CA

April 7
Berkeley, CA


  • American

    Whats Palestine? I don't see it on the map anywhere..?

    • Grace

      Check out DAM on CNN, Huffington Post, Stanford and UC Berkeley University Campuses... Yeyah!!!!! Palestine Breaks Free... Has Always Been and Always Will Be On The Map!!!!! Word...

  • Grace

    Welcome To The United States of America Again!!!!! You guys are amazing and I have been following your music all over this planet for many years... Don't pay attention to the ignant low life comments posted here... There will always be lil' haters on this planet, but the wise people will always stand tall and support all the beautiful people of this world... The comments on this page prove that jealousy is rampant amongst those that are unfulfilled... Keep on lifting up those beats and lyrics that educate and motivate those who keep a clean, open mind and heart... Bless Your Tour and Shine On Brothers!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Your "debate" is being fueled by a bunch of teenage male Caucasians.

  • Thorough Ass Nigga

    DJ Khaled's a bitch for not reaching out to his peoples

  • Anonymous

    non-partisan because i've visited this site for over 2 years and they've never documented any other foreign rap groups. So, seems like a selective approach here. As per the unpacking of my 'racial tension' comment - Israel is not a military occupation unless you're referring to post 67 borders, which, well I can see your point. I'm a two state solution advocate who wanted to see Rabin's vision come to fruition. Westbank should be given back BUT on the condition of recognition of the Jewish state. I don't believe my initial post was inflammatory, you should be able to glean my support for a viable Israel and a viable and contiguous Palestine.

  • p

    Some really dumb people here.. I'm not even gonna dumb it down and argue with any of these cunts who just came here to hate. Much respect for these artists though, hope they do well.

  • Farrakhan

    Free Palestine!!!!

  • Yehudi

    hmmm not very non-partisan of hiphopdx. This is 'news' under the guise of fomenting a political debate. Anyways, I ain't got no hate, best of luck to them, although presumptively I imagine all of their lyrics are about the 'occupation', hating zionists, etc etc. There used to be a Israeli/Pali rap duo who had concious lyrics, two state solution approaches etc, unfortunately, like most things in that area, they're relationship dissolved under racial/ethnic tensions.

    • frenchhill

      Yes populations were transfered which technically makes it ethnic cleansing, but when you write ethnic cleansing it bring to mind massive massive murder which did not happen compared to other historical 'ethnic cleansing.' And also calling Israel a white/jewish could not be more wrong (as if those two words are interchangable). Today over half the jewish population in Israel is not white (originating from north africa,ethopia,iraq,syria,etc.) Just think it's important when speaking on an important conversation that the facts are correct.

    • consantiniasis

      racial/ethnic tensions? you mean the jewish ethnocracy that sees all non-jews as "demographic threats"? or do you mean tensions fumed by the longest military occupation of modern history or ethnic cleansing by the white/jewish supremacist settler colony?

    • mo kapote

      nonpartisan? so they shouldnt highlight a hip hop group because they dont accomodate your zionist political dream? thats called censorship

  • Anonymous

    fucking curry smelling rat pakis

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  • Towel Heads

    They bout to get dem US dollars on y'all broke asses lmao lol!!!

  • George W. Bush

    Have they been checked for bombs yet?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck these broke ass sandniggers and camelfuckers. HeArd these towelheads got raped

    • m

      so did ur momma u craker ,,, dont u have a sister to make out with..... Camels ,, what u mad at we got history and u dont


    Go back to your country you middle eastern fucks! I agree with the post below me. 2 albums in 20 years. FAIL

  • Doubl Negative

    I wish all the best to these Brothers. We share an affinity and the same struggle with people. PLO.

  • Anonymous

    DJ Khaled family !!!!

  • Anonymous

    They've been around since the late 90s and only have 2 albums?? Damn.

    • Anonymous

      No, they have more then 5 albums and they were part of more then 3 great films. slingshot hiphop check point rock art/violence But only 2 international official albums!

  • Anonymous


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