Miguel To Release "How Many Drinks?" Remix Featuring Kendrick Lamar

Two of Los Angeles brightest young stars link up for a remix to the third single from Miguel's acclaimed 2012 album, "Kaleidoscope Dream."

Los Angeles, California R&B/Soul artist Miguel announced this week that he's soon to release a remix to "How Many Drinks?" The third single from Miguel's 2012 Kaleidoscope Dream album is produced by longtime Nas producer Salaam Remi. On the remix, it features an artist deeply influenced by Nas: Kendrick Lamar.

Yesterday (March 28), Miguel confirmed the remix on Twitter:

According to Rap-Up.com, Miguel will shoot a video for the remix in L.A., with Kendrick's involvement. Next month, the J. Cole and Blu collaborator will open for RCA Records label-mate Alicia Keys on tour.

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  • Rick Ross

    Come to Miami Tyler and I'll stuff you inside a dryer.

  • Nas

    Don't do it Kendrick. You heard Summer on Smash. Miguel is like a curse. If you need a collabo, hit Drake up. Or Ross. He might be too much for you though. Lyrically he reminds me of Eminem before the accents.

    • zerocool

      Supertroll lol... this guy constantly posts showing love for Ross under several different names. This shit is gold... I believe he has also posted as Kendrick a couple times. I am not sure if he is a comedian or what but these posts carck me up! Ross like Em before the accents LMMFAO... classic

    • Tylerhaas96

      how would hittin up drake or ross help him out his real fans dont want to that shit im a real fan and im down to hear this remix

  • LeoVeliki

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