Tyga Explains His "Hit 'Em Up" Song, Which Features Tupac Vocals

Tyga says that his "Hit 'Em Up" track from "Hotel California" is not a remake, but the song with unreleased Tupac vocals may share some qualities with 'Pac's own controversial B-side.

One of the more surprising features from Tyga's Hotel California tracklist may be an inclusion of Tupac. The iconic Rap figure has now been dead over 16 years, but has had his unreleased vocals appear on numerous albums in that time, ranging from Ja Rule's Pain Is Love to Freddie Foxxx's Crazy Like A Foxxx to Bun B's Trill O.G.

Even more curiously, Tyga's Tupac-featuring song, "Hit 'Em Up," shares its name with 'Pac's 1996 diss track with The Outlawz. The song, released as a Death Row Records single B-side to "How Do U Want It?," attacked The Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim, Faith Evans, Diddy, Mobb Deep, and Chino XL, among others.

For Tyga, who was six years old when Tupac was murdered in a 1996 drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, his song has its own importance. "I got the vocals, and I just didn't know what to do with 'em," Tyga told MTV News recently. He had initially intended to get fellow YMCMB star Nicki Minaj on the song, but instead went with Jadakiss. "I was done with the song, and I had came across some [Tupac] vocals from a friend. I was like, 'Man, this would be dope.' But I didn't really know how to use it properly. When people hear it, they're gonna think it's real clever," Tyga believes. "They're gonna really respect it."

MTV pressed the Los Angeles, California native about the significance of the title. "A lot of people think it's a remake of 'Hit 'Em Up,' which is his song. It's not a remake; it's an original," he said. However, the song may share a trait with its questionable namesake. Tyga implied to use such a title, an artist is saying, "You ain't dissin' nobody, but you lettin' it be known [that] you don't rock with certain people."

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  • delta bravo

    tupac rollin in his grave

  • Whitney Houston's Ghost


  • Now Watch Me Rule'

    I'm Pretty Sure tyga needs Ja Rules permission for the rights to this song title, I'm Ja Rules best friend and 2pac was reincarnated into ja's body when he died to create the ultimate beast on the mic.

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  • J.Johnson

    Pac did songs with just about any and everybody. Some people act as if they share the same mind as Pac and know who he would let on a song or whatever. If the song comes out and is dope then i dont see what the problem is. Chill its just music...

    • killah_casp

      pac didnt just do songs with anybody you clown mofo he kept loyal 2 the few he respected in the game ever heard of one nation pac had beef with many artists and would defenatly not worked or evan respected any of these clown rappers from ymcmb he was a real G to the death this shit deserves retaliationship for pac memory and the whole hip hop nation these sellouts are sniffing around where there not wanted hip hop is already dieing you bitches where the ones who killed and now your digging up the history and pissing on it fuck ymcmb the plague of hip hop fucking leaches

    • Anonymous

      Pac didnt do music with jus ANYBODY, he only fucked with niggas he respected...

    • Anonymous

      pac used to run with mc hammer!

  • Anonymous

    lil nigga from the valley claiming he from compton because he paid game for a hood pass

  • Anonymous

    BigGhostFASE need to roast this fuckin' silver spoon faggot!

  • Anonymous

    Just like celebration aint rip off bone thugz.. Fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    2Pac is rolling in his grave right now.

  • ....

    I bet 2Pac isn't happy about being on a song with this silver spoon raised faggot, and the Cuban sunshine ins't gonna lighten his mood LOL.



    • NIKKA



      lol pac also had a silver spoon keistered lol he as fake as they come Studio gangstas.

    • ....

      And if y'all wanna read some more, go to www.ihateyouniggas.com

    • ....

      1st Anon: Are you to thick to understand my comment was a joke aimed at people aimed at people who think he's still alive and in Cuba 2nd Anon: Oi! Tyga's bitch! Have you seen the footage of him on some bitch ass "Minstrel Show" (LB meaning) MTV dating type show? PS. Eat shit and die....

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      hes dead. how would he be happy or sad about anything dumbass

  • bl

    Tyga implied to use such a title, an artist is saying, "You ain't dissin' nobody, but you lettin' it be known [that] you don't rock with certain people." First of all, 2pac was definitely dissin' people with Hit 'em up...and second, how did this untalented shit stain get his hands on unreleased 2pac material?

  • Anonymous

    tyga got robbed by 40 glocc and that nigga got beat down 1 handed by a stripper!

  • foreal

    LLLLAAAMMMMMMEEEEE this dude is lame and like many people have said and will say, Pac would have never rapped with this lil dude. I will never listen to this track.

  • CD

    Tyga is a fucking trash PaC is real, Tyga don't Fuck YMCMB

  • TheThirstForTygaWantingToSeemStreetGetsSoRealHeDoesAnLiveInterviewAtALocalComptonBlockPartyWithoutYGorNippseyWithHim.

    Random Deebo looking blood runs up:***slaps the shit outta Tygas hand so he drops the mic and stands over him looking down***, MY NIGGA how you gonna force the hand of a man who no longer is on this earth to be on a song with you?, how you know he would want to collab wit your cheesy ass if he was still here?, Shouldn't you give those unreleased vocals to Dre and know your place?"**pretending not to see me for a moment looking passed him while shaking in his chair, slowly looks up** "Come on broddi, its all love, im doing this to keep his memory alive not for money weessside" **SLAPS THE SHIT OUTTA TYGA AND HE FALLS OUT THE SEAT ONTO THE GROUND**, WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY YOU BITCH ASS NIGGA!?, CUS I KNOW I DIDNT SO WHERE DID THAT THOUGHT COME FROM!**Tyga crying on the ground**: PLEASE DONT KILL ME I DONT WAAANA DIE!..."naa imma keep your bitch ass alive but empty your pockets nigga"**Snatches the shit outta Tygas chain and a big group of random bloods strips that nigga naked for all this expensive close**. "NOW GET'CHYO BITCHASS out here!", "kicks the shit out Tygas ass as he starts to run too his car" Tyga:AHHHHHH!(in a female tone), "OH YEAH NIGGA ONE MOE THING, THOSE IF THOSE VOCALS DON'T MAKE DEY WAY OF DAT TRACKLIST DONT COME BACK ANYWHERE TO CALI MY NIG!!!", "RUN HOME TOO YOUR DADDY BABY YOU BITCH ASS NIGGA!"

    • Anonymous

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  • nigga creep

    lol, like 2pac would have had anything to do wit this lil weak ass nigglet !

  • Anonymous

    "i didnt know what to do with it"........"intended to have nicki minaj on it" WHYYY?!!!!!!!iafdl324723lqwd. this make that g-unit on a Pac record sound waaay better now. smh

  • "savvy, bang her like cincinatti"-Tyga(WTF)

    **siiighh**and the sad part is the outlawz co-signed this on twitter. It kinda made me loose respect cus they have to realize how cheesy this cat is. right? Wich makes me think they are motivated by money. This nigga didn't really grow up in a poor area of compton, he grew up in the valley. If you spent anytime around anyone thats about that life you would know this cat had an easy up-bringing, he doesnt give off that street energy AT ALL. He gives off the energy of my white artist friends. THIS NIGGA BELONGS IN MAC MILLERS LANE, BUT EVERY SONG PRETENDS TO BE SOME SORT OF DRUG KING-PIN MAFIOSO BOSS AND PPL GIVE HIM A PASS FOR IT. Fuck Tyga. Did this nigga even get permission from pacs mom to do this?!!,

  • Js

    I hate tyga but at least a younger generation will hear 2pac

    • Anonymous

      so tyga's the only way the young generation will hear tupac?.. they can't look up pac's songs on youtube on their own?..

  • Anonymous

    "When people hear it, they're gonna think it's real clever," Tyga believes. "They're gonna really respect it." NO! They're not! and who the fuck gave this kid unreleased Tupac vocals?

    • TYGARAAARRR,DRugkingPin

      Cus the thirst to make it appear like Tyga has a classic album is real. They want those GKMD numbers. Even though Tyga is humanly incapable of making a classic they want people to THINK this album is gonna be one, look at the track listing. The track listing looks like some shit Tyga and some random ppl in his camp said too themselves "come on guys lets come up with the coolest sounding song names OOOOooh I know! Fuck The World!, hmmmm I got another one my nigga, It Never Rains! oooohhhhh that one was good, boys were gonna go all out with this one fuck it, Lets make a song called Hit'Em'Up and pretend like the idea for the song was completely original and I didnt name it that to bite of the hype of the Tupac songle...And speakin of Pac my nigga, WE PUTTIN HIS UNRELEASED Vocals on the track!, We have a classic here my niggas WESSIIDE**makes that ugly ass face when he sticks out his tounge and throws up wesside**" FUCK DIS CHEESY NIGGA BRUHH BRUHH.

    • Anonymous

      why would they waste the money and unreleased pac vocals on Tyga though? You would think they would put that shit on Waynes album

    • ETK

      Birdman got enough money to clear that


    Damn Tyga tries too hard

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