Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric's "Czarface" Re-Released, 7" Vinyl Coming

Exclusive: "Czarface" gets a facelift, a digipak and a bonus track. Additionally, the trio partners with Get On Down Records to release cassette copies and do a 7" vinyl of two unreleased tracks.

Brick Records announced today that this year's Czarface album, a full-length collaboration between Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck and veteran Boston, Massachusetts duo 7L & Esoteric has sold out initial CD pressings. Those pressings included pop-up artwork when the CD jacket was opened. The independent album featuring Ghostface Killah, Vinnie Paz and Action Bronson has been re-released to a digipak with slightly new artwork.

The new version will also include a bonus track, "Rock Beast (Death Czar Remix)."

Additionally, Brick has partnered with neighboring Get On Down Records to make the promotional cassette tape copies of Czarface available to the public. The labels will also release a 7" in April of "Czardi Gras (It's Raw Again)," featuring Action Bronson. This is an alternate 7L remix of the original track, "It's Raw," as heard on the album. The track is backed by "Wake Up Show Promo," an homage to the longtime radio and later television show by Sway & King Tech. The vinyl also comes with picture cover sleeve, as pictured below:

HipHopDX is hosting a contest to win the 7" record and a copy of the Czarface cassette.

Previously, Esoteric commissioned an action figure for Czarface. The models sold out in less than 24 hours.

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  • Anonymous

    The whole shit is nice kid.

  • Anonymous

    Q: when and how much is the version without fucking Esoteric coming out? thanks,

  • dentaldamboy

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  • Anonymous

    still waiting for method man's next lp

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  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      what are you? 12? Studies show that homophobic comments stem especially from in the closet individuals. Think about that. Oh yeah, Czarface all day sons!

  • Johnnie

    I know this has nothing to do with this particular album, but has anyone noticed that DX did not review "The Nacirema Dream" from Papoose that came out yesterday? Ive been waitin on that for like 7 years lol. But let me tell yall, its solid. Like easily a 4/5. Again i know its irrelevant here, but I think its crazy to talk about albums that are already out and re-releases and all that, even a Justin Timberlake album, but nothing on one of the most sought after MC's in the last decade with his album finally dropping.

    • Johnnie

      And yea that Czarface is crazy. One of the best albums of the year so far.

    • Johnnie

      Lol true, Im not gonna lie I know I was one of a few. But still the album is fire. And yea he may not have the buzz he used to have, but its still papoose, and he still lyrically gifted. Not to mention there are artists on this website that are new or old, or not really popular that get press, and you can review Papooses long awaited album? Comon now....

    • nignog

      Johnnie, that's probably because you're the only person who waited 7 years for a papoose album. Czarface all day.

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