Justin Timberlake's "20/20 Experience" Nearly Breaks Spotify Record

Justin Timberlake's "20/20 Experience" nearly broke a record for the most streams in its first week available. However, JT's album does achieve another benchmark for the streaming site.

Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience very nearly sold one million copies in its first week at retail. The RCA Records project, produced by Timbaland also achieved a strong digital feat. Nielsen reported today, on behalf of Spotify, that JT's sophomore studio album very nearly broke a record for the streaming service.

20/20 Experience was tracked at 7,730,000 streams in its first week available on Spotify. That number is second only to Mumford & Sons' 2012 album, Babel, which according to Nielsen, achieved 8 million streams.

Additionally, it was reported in a press release that each of 20/20's 10 songs were streamed over 500,000 times. This was the first time this has happened on Spotify, with any album. The Jay-Z-assisted single, "Suit & Tie" led all songs last week.

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  • bswag

    Cracka or not...hes the only artist who survived diss by Eminem.


    It is extremely funny to see how angry some ignorant assholes get when someone is winning in life. If you don't like R&B or Justin Timberlake don't listen to his music. I didn't know "grown men/women" had time in their lives to shit on people/music they don't like. As far as Papoose I think he is talented but if you are waiting for Papoose to do a mill in a week you might as well hang it up patna!lol If he doesn't appeal to wide enough fan base. Hell he can't even do 200,000 in New York and that as of 2010 was the most populated city in the U.S not to mention the internet opens you up to a broader audience. Plus you have to keep in mind that you can have the dopest album in the world but if no one knows about it you are NOT gonna sell records.

  • Anonymous

    Stop posting articles about this molested cracka everyday!

  • nickrazor2000

    Damn! JT is ballin outta control and haters cant stand it! Justin has set a new bar for the music industry with this album. Increbible product + constant promotion = $$$$$$$$$$

  • pedmont grassiee


  • x9xxzz


  • Megadon

    Why is it all the albums that come out thats wack sell the most records that justin timberlake shit is horrible i am not a human being 2 by lil wanye garbage papoose album dope and no recognition from hip hop sites and fake fans that dickride and hate on every rapper that dope

    • LuvinDaWorldWeInRightNow

      sounds like you're a hardcore rap fan....lol since you're judging an r&b album so harshly, you might as well judge a country album and a rock album while you're at it... lmao - NOTE TO ALL COMPUTER BASED HATERS, LIKE WHAT U LIKE AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE REST.

  • L'Africain

    JT is blacker than many of dem niggas trying to disrespect him. Keep going hard. It's nice to see someone making it BIG

  • 0xxxzzz4


  • Anonymous

    soccer mom music

  • Anonymous

    JT is as black as you can be. All black people consider him black and love him. So enough of the white boy shit.

  • 9999xx4zox00


  • MircoSykes

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  • Abonive

    I feel this album. Great come back.

  • Humz

    Sophomore studio album?

  • Johnnie

    I know this has nothing to do with this particular album, but has anyone noticed that DX did not review "The Nacirema Dream" from Papoose that came out yesterday? Ive been waitin on that for like 7 years lol. But let me tell yall, its solid. Like easily a 4/5. Again i know its irrelevant here, but I think its crazy to talk about albums that are already out and re-releases and all that, even a Justin Timberlake album, but nothing on one of the most sought after MC's in the last decade with his album finally dropping.

    • LuvinDaWorldWeInRightNow

      @johnnie, it's safe to say, music is a popularity contest now. papoose album should have been reviewed in dx, but the powers that be don't want real hip hop to surface again - it will totally fuck up their destruction of black america. the music that they allow has a purpose. you gotta see the writing on the wall. if you're black, look at your surroundings BETTER OR WORSE ?????

    • Anonymous

      you're coming off as real butthurt about that papoose album not being reviewed a day after it released. theres no need to be whining on every article about that shit it will happes when it happens.

    • Johnnie

      Yea I feel you but that doesnt mean no one cares. WHen you say no one cares, it just means that everyone else is following everyone else on what everyone else thinks is hot and important lol. I cared, thats why I asked. And im sure out of 6.5 billion people on this earth, there is someone else who cares about Papoose's latest and first release cares, especially if they frequent a hiphop site like this. Im just sayin, JT is nice, I have his album, but you cant sit here and tell me DX or anyone else wouldt at least wonder how Papoose's debut album was, seeing how at the time he was the hottest thing in the mixtape game and has been talkin about this album for a while. It aint Detox level for takin this much time cause he aint popular like that, but hes still know when it comes to hip hop heads around here.

    • guerilla jones

      lol no one cares!! that's why,Justin Timberlake makes MUSIC news across the board and of course having jay z on the lead single with full production by Tim is the reason he qualifies being noted on this site.Who gives a damn about a dude that made more news by marrying a mediocre rapper that was more famous then him?just facts b!but im sure he appreciates the support!

    • Johnnie

      So you think a hiphopd site should talk about a Justin Timberlake album before a hiphop album? Im not sayin comparing numbers, Im just talkin strictly talking ABOUT a JT album, or a hiphop album? Which one would you rather read about on a hiphop site? And I have JT's new album its crazy good, but papoose like it or not is lyrically gifted, and only becasue of label issues and A&R problems did it take this long to release, just like Saigon Greatest Story Never Told chapter .

    • Anonymous

      cause no one gives a fuck about his 7 year late album.

  • Anonymous

    This album is trash....Pusha love girl,strawberry bubble gum, suit and tie, it all sucks ...."Mirrors" is the only good song on it.

    • Anonymous

      agreed his old album was so much better

    • Humz

      Lol, all of the tracks you mentioned in that comment are my favourites from the album. You should try listen to each song as a separate entity rather than an album as a whole. First time I listened I didn't really like it. Then I listened to Pusha love girl as a one off and dayum... Real classy music.

    • Anonymous

      don't hold the wall, tunnel vision are classics...

    • rahdawg

      Finally .. some1 says its garbage..I liked that girl only..don't get all the positive reviews..Bruno Mars a lot better

  • Justin Timberlake

    I stay winning, boy. From album sales, to mansions in the villa, to bedding one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. I'm JT, bitch. I'm unstoppable. I went from janitor to a girly little pop band, to solo star, to actor, and now? I'm God. Lick my balls.

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