Forbes Again Names Diddy "Hip Hop's Wealthiest Artist"

Diddy reportedly worth half a billion dollars according to Forbes' 2013 "Hip Hop's Wealthiest Artists" list.

Sean “Diddy” Combs is continuing to cash in on his various business endeavors and his knack for wise investments has earned the Hip Hop businessman the top spot on Forbes’ newly-released “Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists” list, according to

Diddy’s net worth is reportedly worth close to $600 million thanks primarily to his involvement with the Diageo-owned Ciroc. The Bad Boy Records founder also topped “Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists” list last year, again due to his deal with Ciroc.

Forbes’ list is comprised of five Hip Hop acts whose total net-worth far exceeds $1.5 billion. They include Diddy ($580 million), Jay-Z ($475 million), Dr. Dre ($350 million), Birdman ($150 million), and 50 Cent ($125 million).

With their ranking on Forbes’ “Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists” list it should come as no surprise that several of the artists mentioned have been featured on other lists from the publication. Just last year, Forbes’ named Dr. Dre the “Highest-Paid Musician” in the world.

Forbes’ full “Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists” story will appear in their April 15th issue.

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  • Satan

    BULLSHIT !!! Ja Rule is worth $1.5 Billion alone, all stuffed in his mattress !!!

  • renzo

    Money ain't shit. Most people have to get a serious disease to realize that.

  • What

    So where is Suge, 2pac and the rest of the DPG Or Ice Cube niggaz,the niggaz that screw of the HIP HOP world, look who on top Diddy, that nigga still eating off biggie Money son, LOOK like the EAST did win after all.

  • bswag

    Damn ..Dre made like 320 of these 350mil in a year. and that illuminati sht is retarded, all these are employees. Jimmy or David Geffen are bosses.

  • Justin Timberlake

    listen here, Puff Diddy, Poppa Diddy Pop, or whatever he chooses to call himself might be the richest rapper on earth, but he's not Justin Timberlake. Justin just put out an album and next week I'll skyrocket to a million copies. Justin has the number one album in the country. Justin was once a member of one of the greatest boy bands in the mid 90s. This article is a fraud. What Forbes didn't mention to you all was that MC Justin Timberlake is ACTUALLY the wealthiest rapper/poet/gas station attendent of all time, with a net worth of 999.999 mil.

  • gunnstarr

    thought they were worth more

  • YEBO


    • p

      why are you sucking his dick as if you're getting any of that money... get a life

    • Kno Boddy

      Wayne is at $110 million so it's possible.

    • Anonymous

      Damn, you're stupid. Wayne ain't gonna make more money than 50. Birdman is not going to be a billionaire; either Jay-Z, Diddy, or Dr. Dre will be billionaires. Everything you say about 50 is BULLSHIT. 50 ain't no snitch. And if everything else you say is true, then why is he still worth $125 million.

  • Anonymous

    Lol@ jay dock riders. They are pissed today

  • John

    Diddy is def going to get to that billion first.

  • QFT

    "It's hilarious for people to be arguing about what these fools might be worth." "I hope you groupies aren't here counting another man's money. Oops too late!" Cosigned and QFT! Only THE ARTISTS/MOGULS themselves now how much they are worth. Forbes merely releases estimates of the assets and incomes, not the EXACT financial readings. These people don't give two fucks about me, you fuckboys, or anyone else. Furthermore, why are you flip-flopping, cock-leaping whores worrying about how much dough they have stacked altogether?

  • Anonymous

    I hope you groupies aren't here counting another man's money. Oops too late!

  • SnoopLionLA

    Hmmm, let me think here, what do all these niggas have in common? O yes, they are all tied into Jimmy Iovine and the illuminati!! Keep selling your souls you satanic clowns! Your money wont go with yo to the devils playground!!! KILLUMINATI - 2PAC "What good is it for a man to gain the entire world, and loose his soul in the process" -JC


    I still find the whole "Puff robbed Biggie" thing rather comical. I know they have said that he tied up all of his artists but lets be clear. All of these artists signed contracts. He cannot enforce anything that is not in a contract and if it is in the contract that and the artist signs it without reading the fine print or getting proper legal representation I have a hard time with any sympathy for the artist because you agreed to allow this man to rape you for your royalties and copyrights. Contracts are all about what you negotiate and if you don't negotiate it you are not going to get what you want. Not to mention as a new artist with no indie sales you are at a huge disadvantage when it does come to negotiating because the actual label is taking the most risk by investing money into you as an artist with no guarantee they will see that money back. The problem for artists is that they get all excited about the concept of "getting on" that they forget that this is the music "business".

  • Anonymous

    Where is cracka Eminem? Oh, I know he gettin' pimped by Rosenberg.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross got 30 million

  • Farrakhan

    I'm so proud of my brotha Diddy. Diddy is a very successful Black man (God). Bless

  • Anonymous

    I wanna get paid!

  • Anonymous

    $600 millions that's that straight real cash

  • Anonymous

    Harlem We did it!

  • Anonymous

    I wanna work for you Diddy. Hire me please. I can be your personal slave.

  • Anonymous

    Take that take that!

  • 5905

    50 raised 200 million alone last year to start his boxing promotional company, how is he worth 125 million , SK energy shots and SMS audio headsets needed at least 100 mill , after all that SK & SMS AUDIO's money go to feeding america and UN world hunger program -------------------- SO NUMBERS ARE WRONG

  • Anonymous

    first of all i'm pretty sure dre is worth more than 350m, secondly diddy is a fucking clown he is a disgrace to hip hop- he made millions off biggie even after his death. just like method man said about that biggie duets (diddy had many features on that album who biggie never would of worked with) fuck off diddy your a snake bastard

  • Anonymous

    they are racing who is first worth 1bill, I hope its dre. and 50 only 125, he is real spender or made some bad moves... in 2004 he made 50mill, 07 100m+ and god nows on other years, so where is all the money curtis? cant be on jewerly, you aint gucci mane

  • Momento

    Them niggas are leaving the American Dream man.

  • Anonymous

    50 cent still worth $125mil...still? that is his Vitamiin water money.That nigga dough stagnant.Ever since that deal home boy aint made more money.So where is all the GUNIT record money...the SK soda or whatever money?...P.diddy,Dr (Uncle) Dre, S. Carter done doubled their worth within the last 5yrs...Even birdman worth more than Curtis Jackson.

    • Anonymous

      these numbers arent acurate. i guarantee 50 got more than birdman

    • foreal

      you are what i like to call an idiot. You are actually talking trash about a dude who made more than $125 mill and is choosing to sit on that cash, enjoy his life and NOT work. did i read that right? because that is exactly what i would do. or open up a car wash and liquor store and have some family run it.

    • Adam

      Yet you are probably worth $2000 max and you are sitting here hating.

  • pops

    50 a jealous snitch bitch

  • Jnr

    Watch 50cent hate on Puffy AGAIN... He hates on him yearly after Forbes list comes out lol

    • Anonymous

      not really. i seen diddy in that video at mayweathers house when 50 had rick ross baby momma and child there

  • Gooch Escobar

    Want to get paid like the big dogs, Sign up with Mca and stop worrying about who making the most hip hop quiet dollars! Be your own boss! and get started, your welcome!

    • Anonymous

      ^ This site seems to be unsafe because of viruses, I google'd it and there were reports of this bullshit site.

  • Anonymous

    when justin bieber reaches these niggas ages he will shit on all these niggas

    • Anonymous

      white boy is already starting to lose it. you can only been a teen idol for so long so he better save his paper. what do yo think hes gonna do when he grows up? no one is gonna care anymore and hes gonna turn to drugs.

  • kizman


  • Anonymous

    why isnt master p on the list

    • Kno Boddy

      Master P has 350 million but maybe it's because he hasn't released anything in a while so he's not considered an artist.

    • Anonymous

      wikipedia? lol must be true then. its not like anyone can put anything on that site

    • TheGetUp

      According to Wikipedia, he's worth 350 Million

    • Anonymous

      the hell has 50 or puffy done this year? the list has nothing to do with what anyone done this year, its about overall bet worthy and clearly master p aint ballin like that anymore or maybe forbes is just hating and he got that shit stashed away

    • Anonymous

      the hell has he done this year???

  • Anonymous

    theres no way wayne is worth 90 mill if birdman is worth 150 n he takes half of what wayne gets n atleast 25percent of what young money gets

    • Anonymous

      Wayne is Birdman's bread and butter so I doubt he's screwing him over money wise. It's hilarious for people to be arguing about what these fools might be worth.

  • Anonymous

    French Montana net worth is 18 million

  • genuisidiot

    these scavangers gettin paid millions of dollars & yet we everyone in america all over the world are living in debt & the dollar currency is bond to collapse soon. irony

  • jerryc

    p diddy with 500 million dollars yet still sold his soul and didnt help rap out whatsoever. Only the guys that big and powerful could keep rap what it was during the transition around the mid 2000s. Diddy did nothing. You would think that with B.I.G. and all he would have felt some obligation. F'in loser.

  • Daniel

    "Artist" explain....

  • MircoSykes

    Be paid weekly and earn like a boss. I just bought a great Chrysler, from earning $9844 this last 4 weeks and $10k last month. Its by far the easiest and without any doubt the most financially rewarding job I've ever had. I actually started ten months ago, and practically, straight away got at least $81p/h! This is what I do - Epic2.com_

  • Anonymous

    "Wayne is actually worth $90 million" I'm sure he'll make at least 10 million this year.

    • Anonymous

      lol if birdman has 150 mill wayne must have 40 or 50 mill

    • Anonymous

      birdman and slim taking half, then his 3 or 4 baby mommas taking a good chunk. his drug addiction and subsequent medical bills are gonna eat up another good bit.

  • juzdan


  • huh


  • Anonymous

    but i thought birdman had half a billion?

  • Anonymous

    Damn. Puffy shitting on all competition. Always has been

  • Anonymous

    Some of the ppl are dumb as hell..theyre just htinking about whats OUTSIDE of the bank right now, so what if jay doesnt make as much from the Nets or Barclays or Rocawear or whatever? Put that shit in a bank and see how much he makes off interest.

    • Anonymous

      All his info was NOT leaked it was ONE credit report. And this how I KNOW y'all are some ignorant, non paying attention scrubs. You CANNOT hold that much money in one bank. FDIC only INSURES 250k IDIOTS.

    • Anonymous

      we could actually check that if we wanted. all his banking info was leaked a couple weeks back with a bunch of other celebrites. its not as much as you would think. he definitely dont have hundreds of mills sittin in the bank collecting interest

  • Anonymous

    jay-z fucked dame over diddy raped every bad boy artist and profited off biggies death birdman raped every cash money artist and producer

    • Anonymous

      jay-z fucked dame over diddy raped every bad boy artist and profited off biggies death birdman raped every cash money artist and producer, dre and jimmy also fucked over the guys at monster who designed and created the beats headphones but they were overcharing people for cheap ass cables anway 50 the only one who never fucked over anyone to get what he got and he did it in half the time. cosign this nigga. you spot on

    • Anonymous

      dre and jimmy also fucked over the guys at monster who designed and created the beats headphones but they were overcharing people for cheap ass cables anway 50 the only one who never fucked over anyone to get what he got and he did it in half the time

    • HUH


  • Truth

    For the people who keep doubting JayZ's net worth....all it takes is going to Forbes to read the article. "Still rolling in cash from megadeals like his $204 million Rocawear sale in 2007 and his $150 million pact with Live Nation the following year, Jay-Zs net worth has continued to grow in tandem with his Roc Nation label and management outfit (according to one insider, the rapper owns the company outright and merely shares profits with Live Nation). He also boasts smaller stakes in Carols Daughter, the Brooklyn Netsand, more significantly, the Barclays Center itselfas well as new partnerships with the likes of Duracell and Bacardis Duss Cognac. (For more on Mr. Carters rise as a businessman, check out Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went From Street Corner To Corner Office)."

  • Andre Allen

    Didnt 50 do tha Vitmain water deal a few years back for $400m??

    • Anonymous

      "Vitamin was probably sold for 400 mill and he got 200 mill before taxes and 100 mill after taxes." On May 25, 2007, the company was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company for $4.1 billion in cash.

    • Shamba

      He didnt get 400 off that deal. that doesnt make any sense. Vitamin was probably sold for 400 mill and he got 200 mill before taxes and 100 mill after taxes. No way would the govt take more than 50% of your profits. They aint that bad.

    • P

      its called taxes dummy, his protion was 400milli but after the gov't taxed the sale he walked away with slightly over 100mill

    • Anonymous

      no one really has any way of knowing for sure. 50 definitely isnt gonna come out and say how much he got he will just smile and let you think he got 400 million

    • Andre Allen

      Seriously?? Thats what everyone was reporting at the time. It was even mentioned on the Oprah special and they are notorious fact checkers.

    • Anonymous

      he never actually got that much, it was probably closer to 80-100 m

  • OUCH!

    So Diddy made 30 million more then last year, Jay Z 15 million, Dr. Dre 80 Million, Birdman 25 Million and 15 MillionThe way it seems going Dr. Dre will catch up to Diddy soon, He Might Be Hip Hops first Billionaire with that rate of progress

    • Anonymous

      beats by dre is making dre sooooo much fucking money...with Kendrick's album out ems new shit n if detox every drops hes passing diddy in 2 yrs n then some

  • RG

    Why do people doubt Jay's numbers? Dude sold Rocawear, has RocNation, deals with LiveNation, puts out number one singles or features on them multiple times per year, not to mention every single one of his solo albums have gone platinum. He's also about to get 100% full control and publishing rights to his music, so he will make ALL the money from that soon. I bet it costs a pretty penny to get a guest verse from him. He's got stake in the New Jersey Nets, Arsenal Football Club, Def Jam, 40/40 clubs. He probably has a decent stock portfolio beyond that. If I had that kind of money floating around, I'd be making that shit work for me, too. He's a brand, and his wife is a brand. Together, they are the most powerful celebrity couple since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

    • Anonymous

      forbes has no way of really knowing though. they just estimating

    • ^

      Everything you say is bullshit. Go to Forbes' website and shut up.

    • Jerome

      JayZ M.O. is to put his finger in many pies to give an impression of running an empire. Ultimately these investments bring relatively meager returns and suit the purpose of putting a front. Many of his deluded fanbase swear by his business accumen. A problem with putting a finger in too many pies is mismanaging investments. His rocnation label is simply a list of underdeveloped and disappointing artists unlike other labels which focus and develop artists. is supposed ownership of the nets and the barclays centre is deceptive as he 'owns' very little of either but profits by being the popular attachement of the team and allowing advertisements and his 40/40 chain to be in the vicinity. This investment is more about the perks then turnover. If you look at da nigga, hes still touring and leeching off whatevers got a buzz. It happens to be Justin Timberlake now. Touring is the primary source of income of this dude. Last year him and Ye did the WTT tour. Kanye in that year earned 35 mill and Jayz earned 37 million. You mean to tell me that all this portfolio and supposed massive empire he has only brought up a few million from his contemporary?

    • Anonymous

      all his personal info was exposed a few weeks back. tax shit bank records all of that. he was paying like $1400 a month on his credit card bill


    Hip Hop's biggest Snake, never held B.I.G down and stole publishing from his artists

  • Anonymous

    these are all estimates they have no real way of knowing their net worths

  • Anonymous

    all these guys have been in the game 20+ year except for 50 who did it in half the time

  • dentaldamboy

    Can anyone even try to build up to Jay-Z's $475mm net worth? What assets or equity positions does this guy have that amount to $475mm? 1% of the Nets, 2% of AEG, a few 40/40 clubs, whatever stake he has in Carol's Daughter cosmetics and Roc Nation aren't worth close to $475mm. It should be obvious to everyone that Jay-Z has MUCH less money than Birdman. Also, most Jay-Z fans are poorer and less educated than most YMCMB fans.

    • Here's your answer, mouth-condom bitch

      The No. 2 spot goes to Shawn Jay-Z Carter, with a net worth of $475 million. Hes still rolling in cash from megadeals like his $204 million Rocawear sale in 2007 and his $150 million pact with Live Nation the following year. He continues to hold stakes in Roc Nation, Carols Daughter, the Brooklyn Netsand, more significantly, the Barclays Center itselfwhile adding new partnerships with the likes of Duracell, Budweiser and Bacardis Duss Cognac.

    • ^

      He's still making a lot of money from that.

    • Anonymous

      "plus he owns part of the Barclays center. " what does he own like 0.002 percent?

    • RicFlair

      you guys forget Jay gets money from Live nation!! dumb asses thats were the bulk of his money comes from doing tours. look at any artis thats signed to Live nation. Modona, U2, Rihanna.

    • Anonymous

      I dont know why all of these country ass niggas think Jay is really broke or less rich than Pigeonman. This nigga been going platinum and making major moves in and out of hip hop since 1996 and stayed away from all of that monkey shit and stuntin that niggas equate with talent nowadays. This cat is having breakfast with billionaires. What is YOUR hip hop hero doing???

    • JayDub

      Jesus!! Did that just get typed? I can't believe how someone could type that and think they sound convincing... is 'dentaldamboy' a real person or just a web bot making up words and making no sense whatsoever?

    • JG

      According to Forbes Jay-Z sold Rocawear for around 200M, then signed a long term deal for 150M. For the past 5 years he's been making between 35M and 80M per year, plus he owns part of the Barclays center. Adds up pretty comfortably if you ask me.

    • Viooy

      I can see your point right thurr.

    • Anonymous

      "Also, most Jay-Z fans are poorer and less educated than most YMCMB fans" i would say young money fans are actually some of the dumbest people alive. definitely not scholars

    • dentaldamboy

      @2nd do you get to $475mm for Jay-Z. I'm posing a serious question. The numbers just don't add up!

    • Anonymous

      i want to feed the troll

    • Anonymous

      Word. Jay-Z isnt worth anything close to that. But I doubt Birdman has that much money as well.

  • Daily Exclusive


  • Anonymous

    I don't believe these lists....They're just guesses and not facts. If we're going to guess, I think 50 cent has a lot less then people think he has. I would say about 10-15 mill or less. And Jay-Z doesn't have no damn 400 million. He was just hacked and they exposed his credit card limit as well as unpaid mortgages and bills in collections...People with that kind of money don't have those problems. They create these lists based on popularity and visibility...Artists like a Master P or a Nas or even Magoo (timbalands former partner) are caked up, but you'll never see them on these lists because they're not on TV bragging about it. The only person i believe on here is Puffy.

    • Anonymous

      So does Bow Wow.

    • Anonymous

      nas had serious tax problems

    • d

      Yeah you're right bro, I reckon you know more than Forbes.

    • ^sheep

      ^^ How are they credible, because they're popular? You don't know shit about shit and you believe everything you read on the internet. So called "credible" sources said 50 Cent made 400 million from vitamin water too, then it was proven that he made a lot less then that. 50 Cent is a great liar, he gets people to believe all kinds of shit.

    • GoReadABook

      haha well since you are disputing the legitimacy of the factual backing of these numbers, where do you get that 50 Cent has only 10% of what the most credible financial record keeping business ever says he has? hahaha fuckin moron

  • Anonymous

    Dam Fif! No new album out, no concerts and he still making the list! Thats called being a Baawwssseeeee!!! Where is yall Fva rappers at?!

  • Anonymous

    50 still making money, where the fuck is rick ross i thought he was a boss hahaha

  • Anonymous

    No of them even come close to a billion, chicken feed money the top 5 hip hop richest can't even fuel Zuckerburg's jet plane.

  • Anonymous

    haha no ross no wayne

  • Anonymous

    I heard this Diddy fella was raped.


    jay z keep stunting on birdman.........."baby money"

  • rape n u records

    take that take that

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