Kanye West's "I Am A God" Believed To Be Song Title, Not Album

UPDATE: Huffington Post gets the scoop on what now appears to be a Kanye West song title that was incorrectly quoted the first time. Malik Yusef seemingly confirms.

G.O.O.D. Music artist Kanye West is no stranger when it comes to pushing boundaries and the rapper is already ruffling feathers thanks to what may possibly be the title of his sixth studio album. The BBC reports that West is contemplating I Am God as the title for his upcoming album.

The report from the BBC also states that West and girlfriend Kim Kardashian are looking into North as the name for the baby boy they’re expecting in July.

“Mixed emotions greet reports that Kanye West is considering calling his first child North. It's a good joke, from a slightly unexpected source (neither the rapper nor his possibly even more famous partner, Kim Kardashian, are best known for their self-deprecating sallies, although the title Kanye is supposed to be contemplating for his new album, I Am God, is said to be ‘half tongue-in-cheek’),” read a March 23rd story from the BBC titled “A Boy Named North West.”

Neither West nor a rep for the rapper has responded to this latest album news. Aside from a possible title and a small list of album collaborators, all other details on West’s sixth studio album remain scarce.

(March 25)

UPDATE: The Huffington Post has heard from a source said to be close to Kanye West that the BBC's report was not correct. They stressed that the title was actually, "I Am A God," and it will likely be a song, not the album's title.

"We would never be so presumptuous or sacrilegious to call ourselves the supreme being," the unnamed source said. "While everyone will have to wait for the actual song to parse the specifics of the song's message, the source hinted that the idea was generally that all people are manifestations of a higher power."

Longtime West affiliate and onetime G.O.O.D Music artist Malik Yusef took to Twitter, which aligned with what the source appeared to be correcting:

The Psalms 28 verse quotes,

"I said, 'You are gods,
And all of you are children of the Most High.
But you shall die like men,
And fall like one of the princes.'"

Kanye West has yet to speak out to confirm the song or the title.

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  • aMusicJunkie

    all i can do is laugh.

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  • Anonymous

    Not to be outdone, Scott Disick is releasing a song called, "Marry Me Already Kourtney So I Can Get Half In The Divorce".

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  • Farrakhan

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  • nash

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  • Anonymous

    LMAO at the media and the haters. Getting their panties all wet thinking it was the album title.

  • Anonymous

    I heard this pillowbiter was assraped

  • Anonymous

    Niggas got back to that Five Percent Nation shit

  • Anonymous

    every black man is god!!!!

  • truth

    The most concise description of the concept of God in Islam is given in Surah Al-Ikhlas, the 112th chapter of the Quran. The surah contains only 4 verses. 1. Say : "God is One. 2. "God is Perfect. 3. "He was not begotten, nor did he beget. 4. "None is equal to Him." We Muslims believe and know that there is no God but ALLAH and Muhammed (Peace & Blessings of ALLAH be upon Him) is the Apostle of God. It is the simple and invariable belief of Islam. And He alone is the God in the heavens and the God in the earth; and He alone is the all-Wise, the All-Knowing (that is, He alone possesses the wisdom and the knowledge required for governing such a Domain). (Quran 43:84) And they have taken for their gods others than Allah, that they may according to their reckoning be a source of strength to them (or that coming under their protection may confer security). (Quran 19:81) And they have taken others than Allah as their gods hoping that they might be helped when needed. (Quran 36:74) And when the Decree of your Lord had gone forth (and the time came for its execution), the Gods they used to invoke instead of Allah proved of no avail to them and contributed only to their doom. (Quran 11:101) And those whom the people call to instead of Allah have not created aught, but are themselves creatures. Dead they are, and not alive, and they know not when they would be raised from their state, the real God is the One and Only God. (Quran 18:20-21) Invoke not; or pray to, any ilah along with Allah. There is no God but He. (Quran 28:88) ....And those who, instead of praying to Allah, pray to His supposed associates do but follow suppositions and idle guesses. (Quran 10:66) And, verily, We did destroy the places of which you see ruins about you, and We showed them Our signs in diverse ways that they might turn (away from their wrong ways to Us). So why did not those whom they had made their Gods, and presumed to have access to Us, help them in their hour of doom? Far from helping, they abandoned them and made themselves scarce, exposing the hollowness of their falsehoods and fabrications. (Quran 46:27, 28)[The reference here obviously is not to mythological or inanimate gods, but to priests and others who exacted peoples' worship and thus set themselves up as gods in opposition to the True God. A. A. Maududi] [36.22] Why should I not worship Him who has originated me and to whom you shall all be returned? [36.23] What, shall I take, other than Him, gods whose intercession, if the Merciful desires to afflict me, cannot help me at all, and they will never save me? And those who have taken others than Allah as protectors or helpers say, "We do not worship them except that they may bring us closer to Him." Allah will decide for them on the Day of Judgement regarding that in which they differ. (Quran 39:3) And they worship other than Allah those who have power neither to harm nor benefit them, and they say that they are their intercessors with Him. (Quran 10:18) "Do not make two gods; there is but one God; So, fear Me alone." (Quran 16:51) And (Ibrahim said to them): I fear not those you associate with God. Any harm can come to me only if He should will it, and not otherwise (through any or all of your supposed gods). (Quran 6:81) (And said Hud's people to him:) All we think of you is that you are under the curse of someone or other of our Gods. (Quran 11:54) They made their religious scholars and rabbis their rabbs instead of Allah, and Jesus son of Mary too into one, although they had been told to worship but one God only, besides Whom there is no God at all. (Quran 9:31) Have you noticed the men who has made his selfish desires his god? Can you assume any responsibility about such a one? (Quran 25:43) In Islam there is only one Allah

  • musa

    but im sure he'll enjoy the attention

  • musa

    that nigga has an ice cream on his face,niggas in jail gonna be wantin to lick his face and shit

  • Come On

    For all you haters and winers on the blog I'll make this quick Kanye West career will be over when he chooses to. If your one of those waiting for him to fall off you'll be waiting for a while...

  • Anonymous

    The Bible thumpers in here forgot that Psalms verse, lol. Bunch of sheep you are. And you can't take back all of the negativity you said about him, his woman, or his child. Now bow before god and ask for forgiveness you judgmental hypocrites.


    He needs to call the new album 'Good Ass Job'. I remember back in 04' Kanye was saying he would put out College Dropout, then Late Registration, then Graduation, then Good Ass Job to complete the series...But after Graduation he started to do weird, fashion bullshit, and lost track of it. I want to see a return to those soul beats and that bear mascot on the cover for this new one.

    • ETK

      yes and no, 808s and Heartbreak was a direct cause of his mom's death. but then again, MBDTF was too... and that was a damn fine album

    • Anonymous

      He hasn't been the same since his Mom died, you can see the slow decline afterwards

    • Anonymous

      agreed. that kanye is long gone now. we can only hope for a high quality album that is innovative such as MBDTF

  • 614grind

    Well, he is...and so are you.

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  • pammiegurl

    he's a st8 up idiot...he is so full of himself...when he dissed Taylor Swift at the grammy i would have b**tch slapped him if i was her mother, but she had too much class for that...Kim is a good digging skank, they deserve each other...

    • To ........

      yea but she doesnt put out for any of them so they end up going where the action is

    • Lboy

      Kanye and Taylor are cool now, She modeled for his womens clothing line. So your holding onto a grudge that the person it actually happened too let go of numerous months ago, and you dont even know her personally. Or Kanye. And you clicked on this article that's completely unrelated to anything you mentioned in your rant just to leave this comment....Ooookay, not much left to say after that.

    • .....

      Tell me again, the difference between Kim and Taylor, slut wise? Oh yeah, one is Armenian while the other is American. Taylor Swift is probably going to surpass Kim's dude count soon, bitch has a new dude every 6 months.

    • Anonymous

      This person is white. Silly little honkey teenager.

    • Anonymous

      Y'all have to be the most stupidest people on earth pouring out your emotions and morals over a rumor. You don't even ask or find out if it's true, you dive head first in a pool with no water. Dumbasses.

    • Anonymous

      Taylor Swift is a dirty hoe with enormous body count.

  • Brad

    He spelled it backwards !!

  • Aaron

    Kanye West is a piece of poop his music sucks he is sleeping with a piece of poop. He needs relevance so he has to use God's name in vane to get publicity.What a loser.

  • DAD

    I feel bad for that kid...His mother is a slut and his dad is a fag

  • DAD

    His kid's name should be "South".....cause that's where Kanye's career is going

  • Ball

    God forgives all but: you, your stanky severely used up slu*, and unborn bastard is another story. Dig six BOY, you are a nobody now.

  • Ball

    Falling into an endless,dirty co*khole makes him feel like God then I pity the bas*ard they are having, if it's his.

  • Ball

    Who cares about this fence-hopping, no business for being born Wigger lover. Dug in a in dirty hole and got swallowed up by the biggest and most used dirty pu**y in the world.

  • bargalastragedia

    This fag's ego has no limit :)

  • Anonymous

    SMH at these comments. first off its a RUMOR. it doesn't mean its true. and if thats the name of the album he most likely means that he's god of HIP HOP, MUSIC OVERALL, FASHION, etc. people take things way too literal


    Lil B is the one & only god. Swag!

  • nig3

    His mom sure wasn't no god. Bitch couldn't even handle plastic surgery. If he was God he wouldn't have let his mom die. He is just rich and black and better than all you poor niggas so you worship him.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this website will do anything for hits man...nobody confirmed this shit, and just citing the BBC doesn't make it any more credible...because they got it from a rumour too. Fuck the media yo, i'd rather just wait till kanye releases it or announces the album name

    • donnis mac

      Don't forget it's an off school week for many of their teenage viewers and it's not a coincidence that this topic is around with Easter near.

  • Anonymous

    The title clearly says rumor, and you clowns ran with it like it's truth.

  • Anonymous

    taylor swift body count is bigger than based god's discography

  • Anonymous

    Crackas always get mad when Black man call himself god. Black man is God and white ppl are devils.

    • actually

      we laugh. esp when the person doing it is broke on ebt foodstamps and has the same shoes for years lollll

  • Truuu

    What an uncreative title. Everybody clearly knows that Kanye is God and we pray to him several times a day as he bestows his blessings of good music and bad bitches on us all. Why use such an obvious title that everyone already willingly acknowledges? Then again, who am I to question his supreme holiness???

  • Anonymous

    Kim K is modern day mother Mary

  • Satan

    Kanye West Rumored To Be Naming New Album "I m an asshole" This fucker thinks really that he is better then every artist in the whole game wheter its rock, pop, reggae, metal, hiphop etc. This prick started nice with the college dropout but after the money he became the most arrogant person in the world. His lyrics are like swizz cheese only saying: i have cars, money and bitches.

  • 614grind

    Don't do it, Ye. Don't go Lil' B on me.

  • Fuck Chicago

    LMAO niggas are REALLY cosigning this shit!!!

  • Kanye West

    It was the Illuminati idea to name my new album "I am God". They see how delusional 95% of American teenagers and young adults are in America so why not make them think that I am God. I have money and all my fans envy me.

  • dumbprotestant

    should just call it "i am satan" or "i am jimmy swaggart" farrakhan is a homo, no swagg.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kanye West is Satan.... Lil Wayne is da God of Hip Hop. Weezy inspires ppl to get a better life. swag

  • Anonymous

    he should name his son Wild Wild.. but since its kim and kanye they will name it some stupid K name.. Names with O are the best tho so eat a dick

  • Louis Farrakhan

    Every time I see a Black man, I'm looking at God. No Homo. Swagg.

  • Anonymous

    Peace to the Gods and Earths. Kanye is God and Kim K is Earth

    • Supreme Lollah

      None of the people were here in the early days of the earth, just so you know. You were probably a prototype of a god damn hipposaurus or swamp lizard back then too. And who knows, the original first human could've been fucking neon green for all we know. Don't put yourself on a pedestal, we're all basically nothing and everything on the same time, and distantly related to the douchebag Kanye and his mother earth reality wifey via some link, like it or not..

    • EARTH??

      ^ the racist above makes a good point

    • Supreme Allah

      Kim ain't no Earth cause she ain't one of the original people

    • Jus Sayin

      I believe I've seen Moesha's brother fuck that mother earth in the pussay on porntube. So much for the religious references.

  • Anonymous

    God is not backwards. God is powerful

  • cp0

    more blasphemy from the demonic diva homo named kanye west. he has very little talent. getting other people to make your beats and write your raps is easy. dressing like a fag and acting like your gods gift to music is hard. the fakest, gayest, superstar, in all of music. the celebrity idol worship is disgusting. people in a trance. i'm sure kanye will have some gay artist do the cover and all the loser kanye fans will start jocking that gay artist cuz kanye is a genius.

    • Obscene

      Yo Anon, Rhymefest wrote Jesus Walks and Consequence is on record as writing for Kanye West. It's no secret that he doesn't write some of his rhymes. That's just part of the business. As far as his production, he uses other musicians just like any other producer so he gets a pass on that. http://youtu.be/ybih4CmA8Kw

    • anon

      you obviously don't follow kanye lol. he makes his own beats and lyrics. he always has. he was known for his beat making/production before he was a rapper. everything else u said made no sense. dismissed

    • Anonymous

      And your supposed to be a devout follower? Ok hypocrite.

    • Anonymous

      you're just hater cuz Mr. West is God.

  • DEEZmuthafuccinNUTZ

    This is obvious a publicity stunt from an usual attention whore.

  • Anonymous

    'I AM GOD' clearly he is anti Christ. and he does songs Jesus walks

  • Anonymous

    lol its probably publicity stunt.

  • Shaneeka DeLaGhetto

    All religious people are mentally disabled. That god shit is backwards.

  • Not So Wise

    You might want to reconsider that title Kanye. Didn't turn out too well for John Lennon when he made fun of religion publicly by stating that the Beatles are more famous than Jesus.

    • what?

      Since when have the Beatles ever been more famous than Jesus? People, whether they believe in Jesus or not, have been talking about Jesus for over 2,000 years. The average person, white, black, or whatever couldn't name all the members of the Beatles, and there are a large number of people 30 and younger that have had no exposure to the Beatles. That was a very assenine statement homie.

    • cinavenom

      But John Lennon was right, the Beatles are more famous than Jesus. Secularism continues to rise while religion falls but the Beatles are still the best rock group of all time.

  • Anonymous

    they (white ppl) use their fuckin' imaginary (white) god to justify their crimes.

  • the pope

    All you illuminati and kanye fans & non believers of God are going to hell and burn forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • R.Pgh

      Actually, the origins of the illuminati come from Bavaria and the intent of the group was to eliminate superstition, prejudice, and the Roman Catholic Church's domination over government, philosophy, and science. So the Pope would be what the original illuminati was against. As for modern day illuminati...it's called the government.

    • Anonymous

      ^this is kinda true. The catholic church is a large institution of power that can pull strings like that. not judging their actions either way.

    • Anonymous

      The pope is more illuminati than Kanye will ever be...

    • Anonymous

      shut up you pedophile! stop spreading all these hilarious lies

  • free ya mind

    all religions are very anti feministic cuz they were created by faggots and bigots. believing in some god is really primitive and stupid. god is not real, god was made by man.

  • 666

    "virgin" mary was a dirty hoe

  • Anonymous

    all these religious retards smh...

  • Come On

    I don't believe Kanye's that stupid to call his album that he's just trying to create a buzz.

  • Bobbybottlesevice

    Look at this Gary Coleman looking cubby little midget with wings or a black suite...guy should it... "I Am Gayfish."

  • snIPez

    All these fags think they are so "elite" with all their Freemason references, sun/solar references (Naming his kid North? Fuck outta here you fag), God references. Why don't you just name your kid Aleister Crowley? Just like fat ass cock in da mouth Ross. Too bad they are too fucking stupid to realize they are all pawns. ALL OF THEM. You are being used. And when you are of no worth they will throw you to the gutter. So throw up your pyramid signs all you want you fucking homos. You don't even know the shit you are promoting. Money doesn't buy intelligence. And secret society's are suppose to be hidden. Everyone knows what you fags are up to. I don't think its on purpose. You guys are just that fucking stupid.

  • Anonymous

    well its only matter of time when this clown flops, i hope this album does some JESUS PIECE numbers

  • Anonymous

    North West what the fuck HAHAHAHHAHAHAHH! what a illuminati clown

  • Tarik

    Seriously? Fuck this guy. Why does anyone pay any attention to what he says? He's not even a good musician. And before you argue with me: Sorry, sampling doesn't count as musicality.

    • Robert the Great

      Obviously you pay attention to what he says and hence why you are on this site posting a comment right now.

  • Anonymous

    and on the mic, he must feature God Mc's like, Rakim, Nas, Eminem, Dr Dre (ghost written by a dope mc), and Canibus

  • The_Observer

    I AM God, he must assemble best of the best producers ever, and that name will have meaning. He must handle 60%, of the production, and outsource the other 40% - Himself - Dr Dre - Rick Rubin - Alchemist - Large Professor - RZA - Scott Stortch - No ID - Hi-Tek Christians are sooooo sensitive, so what if he claims the title, 'I Am God'????

  • calikingjames

    I already refuse to buy another Kanye album because of how far removed his character is from his music... now I'm just not gonna download the shit neither.

  • Joe

    Is this Kanye's way of saying he's not real?

  • ben

    well, if your not christian that is one thing...But if you are, and this is true. I dont see how you can sit here and defend this. there are some people behind these cats that are pulling there strings..and they have sinister motives. These God references are getting more and more prevalent. From all the stuff going on with Jay-Z, to Rick Ross, to the Game,to meek mill, to now this. Im teling, you this is beginning to look purposeful. they are mixing the waters. We maybe too old to maybe be affected by it. Speaking of people already over the age of 25 or so. But kids coming up these days. Their morality is going to be so twisted up. They are hearing about christ from church and parents, but seeing Game with his Jesus Piece and all the shit that he talks about on that album. So is that what a kid is supposed to think is the right way to live. I can do all this crazy stuff, but as long as I got my Jesus Piece on like Game it is cool.

  • [[[]]]

    Kanye West is an egotistical attention whore. Most Religious people are very delusional, irrational, fearful, judgmental and sensitive creatures. (Especially Catholics & Muslims) Most Atheists are intensely arrogant, frustrated, disgustingly respectful, pseudo-intellectual, fucked-in-the-face assholes. (Especially Online)

  • Anonymous

    pretty sure God wouldn't have dated a bald ex stripper pretty sure God wouldn't have girls say "he fucks like a lazy ape" .. just another black dude with inferiority complex

  • Anonymous

    Didn't think God would make a ho a housewife......

  • FACT

    Without Kanye, there'd be no Drake, Kid Cudi, Wale, or any other emo-rapper out now. Kanye paved the way for these niggas with that 808s and Heartbreak.

  • The 1st Annual HipHopDX Awards

    Here are the nominees for the 1st Annual HipHopDX Awards. Troll of the Year *YESSIR *So Icy Boi *dentaldamboy *YEBO *Eye Control SDG (Stan/Dickrider/Groupie) of the Year *Anonymous "Quote-Man" *Ricky Rozay *dentaldamboy *So Icy Boi *The only Ja Rule fan in the world right now HipHopDX's User of the Year *ETK *donnis mac *Anonymous "Quote-Man" *The only Ja Rule fan in the world *Eye Control More award categories coming soon.

  • Anonymous

    Real Hip Hop was created by Five Percenters. So Kanye taking it back to the roots.

  • Anonymous

    Every time I see a Black man, I'm looking at God.

  • Anonymous

    every Black Man is God #NowPlaying Brand Nubian - Lookin' at God (Interlude)

  • free ya mind

    if you believing in god that means that you are mentally enslaved.

  • ....

    Questlove from The Roots tweeted, "I am God...(You'll get it later)". So something has to be going down with this. Since this site is full of trolls and backwards faggots, we'll see what happens if/when this drops.

  • Anonymous


  • Art-illery

    Kanye ain't 5%, so why is he even sayin some shit like this?

  • Nigga creep

    Should name it "I am a weak ass nigga".

  • Jeremiah

    I don't understand when fans claim to know exactly what Kanye purpose for the album title supposedly is. If it is supposed to be GOD OF RAP then surely he would call it 'GOD OF RAP' and not 'I AM GOD'. I'm not happy with this due to being a Christian and believing there is only one God. But what I don't understand is why the man who shouted 'God show me the way because the devil tryna break me down" is claiming he is God. Shits Wack.

    • Tapeworm

      yea hes a hypocrite its just like how he suddenly blasted Louis Vuitton while rocking Louis Vuitton everything this guy is so bipolar

  • let's be real now

    do you dumb niggas actually believe this shit. c'mon now. for the past 3 years any official info that has come out regarding kanye news has come from his own twitter. just because some random BBC article reports it does not mean that this is true. THEY DONT EVEN HAVE ANY SOURCES. and shame on HipHopDX for validating BBC's bullshit article. if you believe this shit than you are a sheeep

    • TMG

      You are probably the smartest nigga on here. Bbc is full of bullshit wanting to get some hits. Ye trollin yall with this North West shit, like he gonna tell you a baby name. This I am god shit was either made up, or completely taken out of context, and BBC knows it.

  • tha OG

    If he names his album that I will never buy another kanye album again!!!!!!!!!!

  • ETK

    see, THIS people... this is a publicity stunt. not some legitimate shit like getting checked into a hospital. Kanye probably blurted that out his mouth as a joke and people close bought into the rumor so much it started to make airwaves. plus it's directly related TO his album. he ain't gonna make his album that shit nor will the kid have that retarded name, watch

  • Black Era

    A lot of people hate on ye but he owns this hiphop genre which other rapper puts hip hop on like he does in racist hollywood? Exactly kanye deserves praise! Haters & trolls are bad

  • Anonymous

    what if the Illuminati is god

  • Anonymous

    Kim already has a baby. His name is Rob Kardasian.

  • Anonymous

    separate church from rap

  • Shabazz

    Maybe he meant GOD of rap! I am god of rap!! Some ppl are so fucking dumb wow ! Are you serious people?

  • B.A.D. Music

    This fool should go to his mom's surgeon

  • B.A.D. Music

    Why are people wasting bullets on Rick "the Diabetic" Ross and French Montana when they should peel this Homo's cap back?

  • Anonymous

    this guys way over his head, makes me laugh when someone's ego gets bigger than they think, i hope this album sucks shit

  • Anonymous

    Bad album title. It will ultimately be the reason the tight pants generation becomes bi sexual. His listeners, fellow gay fish, will wonder is Jesus was actually cool with bedding men. Hopefully they keep the weenie rubbing at the skate parks. Kiss, push, kiss, push.

    • @kangay

      You're a fucking moron. Please stop listening to rap, and just go ahead and slice your ears off. Kanye and Wayne are the same? Yeah right.

    • Kangay

      They both killed hip hop together. and i didn't hear you mention any of his newer queerer albums. His best production was always for Talib plus the blueprint and the fix were dope. BUT HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A SHITTY RAPPER. And now he's an even shittier singer!

    • Mylie

      WOW! There are nothing alike. If you compare waynes albums towards you never heard Late Registration, College Dropout, MBDTF, Gruadation there a clear distinct difference. as far as dressing wayne brought that faggot dressing into the game. check your hiphop history. You have to be a troll. LOL people like you can't exist.

    • Kangay

      Lil Wayne/Kanye West there is no difference! They both make music for 15 year old girls and dress gay!

    • Mylie

      Holy shit that as corny lol. I think you'll find lil wayne jumped start that tight pants bisexual shit dummy, Kanye brought backpack niggas into the mainstream and grew his swag from there.

  • Anonymous

    he naming his son ja north rule

  • Anonymous

    he is waiting for ja rule to jump on his single

  • Anonymous

    6 in the morning police @ my door

  • Kangay

    No it's I am G.O.D. (gobbling on dick)

  • Anonymous

    I Self Lord And Master

  • Anonymous

    Arm Leg Leg Arm Head

  • Farrakhan

    The Supreme Being Asiatic Black Man = GOD

  • Farrakhan

    Every Black Man is God.

    • ^^^

      Uh oh. Some pasty-skinned, emotionally sensitive, slick back, white blondie who sucks ass at skateboarding is pissed and sad because his entire race is po' white trash. OOOOHHH!!!! And no human is god. Energy is God. Fuck humans (me included).

    • Anonymous

      correction(you rascist fuck): every PERSON period is god...

  • Anonymous

    ud think gods music would be perfect i dont like kanye he racist to

  • Markov

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  • internet rap critic

    jump that shark!

  • Mortis

    Name that album my breathe smell like Ray J dick

  • Tone P

    The whole thing was satire and wasnt meant to be taken this serious. Come on DX you shouldnt you should not only be smarter than this but shouldn't be trying to spread an unreliable story for purely negative purposes.

  • dentaldamboy

    Let's get one thing straight. Drake is the GOD MC. Kanye is just an angel.

  • SMH

    Ok so that means we'll be expecting by Big L, Big Pun, Biggie and Pac as features, make it happen Kanye

  • Anonymous

    Kim Kardashian fucked up this nigga's mind.

  • Anonymous

    If that's true, then a lot of religious folks will be pissed off.

  • SMH

    Anything for attention

  • Joe

    Huge Kanye fan but I don't think he should name his album that. I don't believe in God one bit but I know a lot of butthurt people will be pissed off and album sales could decrease.

  • Anonymous

    They should name their child, "Media Blitz".

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