Lawsuit Filed Over Rights To Aaliyah's Songs

Reservoir Media Management is suing Craze Productions over alleged illegal iTunes sales of Aaliyah's albums.

Nearly 12 years after Aaliyah's death, a music publisher is embroiled in a legal battle with a record company for illegally selling the late singer's music.

TMZ reports that Reservoir Media Management has filed a lawsuit against record company Craze Productions.

The suit alleges that Craze has been illegally selling songs from Aaliyah's double-platinum releases Aaliyah and One in a Million on iTunes.

Reservoir claims that it is the sole owner of the songs in question, after acquiring the rights to them in 2012, and that it never gave Craze permission to sell the music.

Reservoir is seeking an injunction to prevent Craze from selling further music, and is seeking monetary damages.

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