Mack Maine Says Lil Wayne's "Face Dropped" When He Heard Health Reports

Mack Maine chronicles Lil Wayne's reaction to news regarding his health.

As surprised as fans were to hear reports about Lil Wayne's condition following two seizures, perhaps no one as as surprised as Wayne himself.

Young Money president Mack Maine explained how hearing news about Wayne's health actually affect Weezy.

"I was actually sitting right next to him, honestly, when it happened, and his mom was in the other room, and his face dropped," said Maine on MTV's "RapFix Live." "I just saw it in his face, like, 'I can't believe that.' "

While Mack Maine, Birdman and others reported that Wayne was doing well, TMZ reported that Wayne was in dire straits, even being prepped for his last rites.

"A lot of blogs and stuff put out some foolishness, but that wasn't true," added Mack. "He has four kids. Imagine his daughter hearing that somewhere in school or something like that, so he wasn't too happy about that."

Now, Mack Maine says Wayne is happy and safe. "He's blessed, he's up, he's in good spirits, and we'd like to thank all the fans for the prayers. A lot of people reached out and showed love, but Wayne's at home, he's relaxing. He's actually been in good health for a minute. They just wanted to run a few tests on him, that's why they kept him longer than expected, but he's been good."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Drake

    My boss is in great health. Stop the hate.

  • Nick

    Just saw a video on datnewhiphop com with Wayne talking after his hospital stay... let's see if he learned his lesson.. definately doesnt seem like it

  • Wtf

    Who is this mack maine fella, looks like a fake master p

  • Mack Maine

    "Hopefully now that Weezie knows how much I defend him off and even on camera, he'll give me the opportunity to get into that limelight"

  • Anonymous

    ...And Yet We Still Haven't Heard Anything Directly From Wayne...

  • picture



  • Anonymous

    Ya'll realize that this is most relevant Mack Maine has ever been in his whole career?

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Why does Mack Maine keep lying about the situation. You mean to say Wayne was sent to the ICU for 6 days for not sleeping? SMH Usually when TMZ reports on a story there is some truth to it, it might not be 100% true but you know they almost have it right. So Wayne did suffer a sleep/work related situation but a drug related event to be sent to the ICU

    • Truth

      You a lil swayne Stan not a Hip Hop Fan. WHO GIVES A FUCK?? 4 real... only nerds like you would make it seem like much more. Hip Hop will be better off with him retired.(No death wish)

  • me

    i bet they are lying about this, they keep bringing it up that it did not happen that it makes me think it really did happen

  • Lil siezy

    Dont Let this lil fuck die. put him on ice or something. the last thing we need is to be overrun with RIP weezy shit. i am not a humanbeing going tripple wood

    • Haha

      LMAO best comment of the day. That is so true. These skinny jeans wearing fags gon rep this nigga to the fullest if he dies, they gon make him look larger than Tupac but all they gon do is make themselves stand out as real fags

  • sebestian dantly jr.

    i heard mack maine laid in the hospital bed wit weezy the whole 6 days he was there

    • muzz

      lmfao hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa!! dats sum funny shit

    • Mack Maine

      Yes I did. You know why we call him Weezy? He can't fart no more, he whistles out the ass. Blame it on the Anal Sex but he's still my BOSS and I'm the President.

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up Mackwhattherfuck ever! We dont care. Some people just want to hear from Wayne and thats it. Not you!

  • Anonymous

    Weekend At Weezy's

  • Vilis Po

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    • Big Dan

      I sometimes see that a post has been deleted because its spam or whatever, how does this keep making it on here?

  • Anonymous

    i realy hope he dies verry soon

  • thank god

    thank god. if lil wayne died,then rap would die with him

  • McDonalds

    Our local store Managers at McDonalds earn more $$ yearly than the Young Money 'President'. Apply now for a brighter Future.

    • Brisco da Opa-Locka Fool

      Yo Baby when is my album droppin beacause im literally broke. Im tired of smoking reggie and shit. Well Mickey D's here I come.

    • Juvenile

      Ya'll gone give my extra salt on my fries HA? - Ya'll ain't gone let me super size HA?, ya'll gone stay here if Wayne dies HA? - Just drive thrus no more drive bys HA? - Ya'll gone give me cold apple pies HA?, no come again and goodbyes HA? - My happy meal ain't come wit no toys HA? - That's what you make a hour, you and ya boys HA?, who back there make that cryin noise HA? - Guess ya'll ain't makin shit HA? - Ya'll gone charge 129 for a mcdouble when that shit should 99 cent HA?

    • Anonymous

      hes not a midget yet he a lil kid. but im sure he'll grow up to be about as big as wayne

    • LMAO

      Lil Chuckee would be the 1st midget working for MCd lmao

    • Anonymous

      that lil wayne comments ruined it. niggas in comas cant type

    • Birdman

      That's it, I expect all you lil niggaz back at my Mansion first thing Monday!! And I don't want No But's! I mean I want sum butt's.. but NO But's! You know WTF I mean niggaz. ps: I'll give you more money, just don't tell Weezy.

    • PJ Morton

      Im a lover i'm a lover i'm a lover not a fighter not a fighter not a fighter... My former hit single on YMCM. Just got hired by Young Micky D'z! Fuck you Birdman & Wayne, you were about to fire me anyway...

    • Lil Wayne

      You disloyal lil niggaz! Your GAY for sucking MY DICK! I tried to teach you niggaz on how to be successful, tried to tell you to follow my lead! You gotta suck that LOLLIPOP real good! That's why I'm the FIREMAN, I come to the rescue. I got rammed in the ass a million times, A MILLI A MILLI A MILLI! 6 foot 7 foot, whatever size! I gave you MOTIVATION to suck that dick. I'M ON ONE feat. khaled & Rick Ross, best 3sum ever, thats why I GOT MONEY. Stuntin Like My Daddy! We gave the Gay Community A Swagga LIke Us. That's the MOTTO and that's how I get DOWN DOWN DOWN feat. Gay Sean. Let me teach you How To Love.

    • Lil Twist

      I'm applying right now!!! I know u havent heard from me, but I'm a YMCM artist. I artistically suck Birdmans cock every day, and get rammed in the Anus by Slim right after. Slim is not so "Slim" FYI..

    • McDonald's

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    • Bow Wow

      what kinda hours you got? Think you could work around my other job hosting 106 & park? i really need that extra dough for my child support

    • BG

      Woday I'm just tryna get sum'n to eat.

    • McDonald's

      Welcome Young Micky D'z Cash Money Thousanders :) (Disclaimer: salary varies from State to State)

    • Shanell

      I'm already working as a part-time Supervisor at Jack-n-the-Crack guys. I'm tired of being f'ed over my money and my asshole, it hurts.

    • Gudda Gudda

      I kant speell, kan summbodey arrply fo me

    • Jae Millz

      I'm in! They are screwing me(literally) every day at YMCM Billionaires office.

    • McDonald's

      At your local McDonald's store or Online, Lil Chuckee. We might have to give you a new name though... no prior exerience required.

    • Lil Chuckee

      Where do I apply?

  • Anonymous

    still waiting for that harlem shake vid

  • milehighkid303

    I CAN'T STAND THIS DUDE'S MUSIC OR HIM, but with that said you are an ignorant muthaf**** if you wish death on somebody, glad he's in good health. BUT sippin' codine and doin the shit he does with NO excercise will do that to the body, folks need to wake up.

  • M.I.C


  • A.J. Young

    I'm not a Wayne fan and I don't really like his music, but I would never wish death on anyone. Glad he's ok. Some people are fucked up in this world deadass.

  • JT

    Thats right all you broke ass haters wishin death to Weezy need to realize Wayne still have more money then you broke bitches even if he died. Broke ass haters always hatin on succesful niggas.

  • dentaldamboy

    You can hate all you want, but Birdman is making tens of millions of dollars from Bronald Oil & Gas, LLC every year. I know because I am an accountant for Cash Money Records. YMCMB, we have the game by the clit.

    • Anonymous

      only drilling hes doing is in waynes booty

    • dentaldamboy

      All of the drilling and extraction equiptment is on lease. Bronald Oil & Gas is doing so well that we are contemplating raising debt in the capital markets to pay ourselves a large cash dividend. In preliminary discussions with rating agencies Moody's and S&P, we are likely to earn a BBB rating. That's great or a first-time issuer! Go team! YMCMB, we the best.

    • Mike Balls

      He might work for YMCMB, as a PR agent... If he is, they deserve their money back because the articles by themselves give YMCMB better promotion than his deceit. Also, if he was an accountant he wouldn't be posting peoples tax liabilities on a public forum, especially about a company that there's no real proof is active in any way except some blog posts from 2010 which are little more than speculation. Oil and Gas exploration and mining is not a discreet, under the table business, it's heavily regulated, with government lobbying, strong liabilities which need to be insured and millions if not billions of dollars worth of equipment and specialist labor.

    • dr duh

      you must have some pitiful existence to constantly pretend to work for ymcmb.... you can't be happy with your life to perpetuate such a stupid fantasy day in day need help...

  • PF215

    why the fuck is this wack ass rapper still speaking on waynes behalf, no shit tmz gonna be suspicious with all of ym sketchy behavior on the matter.. just have wayne publicly come out or fuck it even tweet a photo and than you can prove us wrong, damn these niggas need to stop using all those drugs

  • tapeworm

    if he's so concerned for his daughter then he should take care of his own health

    • Anonymous

      yep. im sure waynes kids have computers and can easily see numerous pictures and videos of him all fucked up with a styrofoam cup in hand

  • 0xxxzz04

  • ToneLoc

    Damn, I had Wayne pegged all wrong, he only has 4 kids? I thought it would be at least 10! 4 is completely normal.

  • 490717

    So now Lil Wayne only speaks thru Mack Maine? I believe less and less of this everyday. Instagram a pic, do a phone interview, something. HipHopDx, stop carrying on this charade by everyday giving us a Mack Maine update on what Lil Wayne is thinking.

  • Anonymous

    Mack Maine is still lying. "They just wanted to run a few tests on him, that's why they kept him longer than expected, but he's been good." get the fuck outta here! They'd not keep him that long for a few lousy fucking tests.

  • 7

    Listen up folks and listen very well Wanye is in big trouble. These celebrities are not who u think they are.if any of u are familier with mk ultra this is prob whats happening to him. His programming failed causin the seizure. They prob working on him still with there methods thats y theres no pics but mack maime and them talking so confident. Listen u people need to stop worrying about this hiphop shit and read up cause the govt already know how to clone people and they doing it right now. They know how to create synthetic cells that means they can create humans and tho they have no soul they can be programming with real life memories from the original listen they already showed u in films they can do it terminator cycborg universal soldier and they offically disclosed to the public that they can clone sheep and all the stuff with brain stem cells wake up wayne is prob a clone look at the album name im not a human being. They are telling u trust me this is a true crazy

    • Anonymous

      You ppl are all fucking idiots.

    • PF215

      Nigga, that would be a great idea for a movie!!

    • donnis mac

      "Are you showing up when its time to build, or just dropping this conjecture that really can't be proven or disproven???" ^ Peace RMwB

    • Real Men wear Black

      word. aside from the fact that i'm writing/commenting on someone i dont really know, I want to say this: fuck this dumb shit. FEAR GOD NOT MAN. Can they do some 9-11 shit? yes. Are there people susceptible to "programming"? Most definitely (we call em the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, your local police department, TheBloods, The Crips, etc.).. Are there conspiracies of men behind closed doors plotting world politics, economics, social order? Of course, they are as serious at maintaining the status quo, as a real person fighting for justice. But fuck they "plans" Are you cultivating and nurturing the babies around YOU? Are you feeding people where YOU live? Are you treating your women with honor, respect, and love? Are you showing up when its time to build, or just dropping this conjecture that really can't be proven or disproven??? WHAT ARE YOU REALLY DOING BY PUTTING THIS SHIT OUT ABOUT LIL WAYNE ASIDE FROM FEEDING INTO SOMETHING THAT YOU REALLY DON"T KNOW 100% ABOUT. FEAR GOD, NOT MAN. We're all already dead, what are you going to do with the time you have left....

    • 490717

      You should be more worried about your own mental health

    • Greg

      N*gga where can I get the sh*t that you smokin on?

    • 8

      Thank you Based God.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of when Eazy E went to the hospital.

  • Anonymous

    still lying through his teeth

  • Anonymous

    I reacted the same way (my face dropped) when I heard that Mack Maine is the CEO of Young Money Entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    still aint seen no pictures of lil wayne.

    • Anonymous

      they just gonna have lil chuckee grow some dreads and get the same tattoos as wayne, no on will notice

    • Mack Maine

      To Birdman: what are we going to do without our cash cow? Birdman: Just prop him up and open his eyes Mack: i think people will notice him not moving Birdman: Just do it, how did you become CEO anyways?

    • Anonymous

      yeah, all future appearances of lil wayne are going to be him propped up on a stick.

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