Mack Maine Says TMZ Is "Wack" & Claims Lil Wayne Is In Good Health

Mack Maine updates on Lil Wayne's health and says TMZ needs to be shut down.

The controversy surrounding Lil Wayne's health after an apparent second seizure has somewhat subsided, but the YMCMB push-back against TMZ hasn't.

Cash Money Records president Mack Maine came on BET's "106 & Park" along with Talib Kweli to discuss the duo's collaboration "Celebrate." However, Mack started off the segment by addressing both Wayne's health and the media.

"Just to clear the air about Wayne: Wayne is great, Wayne is in great health," claimed Mack. "God is good. I wouldn't be here if he wasn't in great health, honestly. He's watching the games right now, he's enjoying life. He's ready to get home, talk to his kids, chill with his kids, and come back to his fans. We appreciate all the prayers."

Mack continued, admonishing TMZ without naming the website. "The blog with the three letters, y'all wack. I just gotta say that live on air," he said. "Y'all need to be shut down. You don't play with people's health."

Last week, T.I. lashed out at TMZ on Twitter.

Watch the interview below:

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  • kajsdhkfhadsfkjhsadk

    who is this freakin retard ? who gave this stupid twaat those glasses ? finally a biiitch looks like biiitch

  • Lil Wayne's Doctor

    I don't care how much money Birdman pays me. Lil Wayne is dying. There. Now I can go on with my life.

  • picture

  • 4z000

  • xc0aa



  • milowough

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  • huh?

    Who the heck takes TMZ seriously as a news source to begin with? They are known for sacrificing credibility for speed. For every Michael Jackson death they report, they report 10 crap like Lil Wayne on deathbed or Justin Bieber being gay.

  • PF215

    tmz is wack, but they reported this right on the bills in this story, but if wayne is doing good why doesnt he come out and prove us wrong instead of wack maine doing it??

  • dentaldamboy

    You can hate all you want, but Birdman is making tens of millions of dollars from Bronald Oil & Gas, LLC every year. I know because I am an accountant for Cash Money Records. YMCMB, we have the game by the clit.

    • Big Dan

      And I am sure his accountant would not be on HHDX talking about his business like that, especially since that was not the topic. Hopefully, Birdman has moved beyond having some hood rate for his accountant. And no he can't possibly be making that kind of money off his oil investments. Junior operators struggle for years before hitting payday. Before you make random comments, understand that oil producers have to pay royalties to the government for every barrel of oil, so this is public information that can be verified. Your boyz are not producing any oil at this time. They bought leases on land that they hope will have some oil and gas and that's where they're at. So either you are a liar, which would be interesting since we are debating whether Weezy's people keep lying about the seriousness of his health or you are just a nut licker, in which case I am sure Baby has no shortage of girls to do that for him, so chill.

    • Andrick

      LOL. Bronald Oil is a name made of combining Bryan and Ronald Williams' names and only ever consisted of a website that no longer exists. The address listed for "Bronald" with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission is a beachfront condominium in Florida. Cover company? Good accountant you are!

    • Anonymous

      just like that football team he bought right?

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up already! If he is doing good then thats something to post about, if he is dying that is something good to post about but every single fucking word him or anyone else says about it is not good to post about. No one cares about whet these dumbasses have to say.

  • Super Nigga

    LOL, how long are they going to keep lying about Wayne's health? We already know the truth. He's in ICU! SMH

  • Anonymous

    yes Lil wayne is in excellent health. thats why he spent 6 days in ICU thats why he flatlined. TMZ was correct, but thankfully, the doctors saved his life.(no need for yet another young artist to die) TMZ didnt report nothing wrong. lil wayne need to take this second change and get off the lean.

    • Big Dan

      I really don't understand the need to lie here. Yes its embarrassing if it was an overdose, although interestingly, no one on the team, while screaming he was not near death, has said, no this was just a seizure, not an OD, but if it was serious, his fans won't hold that against him, they would love him more. So heck we keep lying for? Dudes are lying so much that they are probably now believing their own nonsense and are legitimately pissed of at TMZ for spreading lies. I can see them chilling after a visit to the hospital, still sipping and smoking and saying "eff TMZ, them niggaz lie yo, why they gon be spreading lies like that? Weezy down in Miami chilling son?"

  • Anonymous

    dont listen to the press who is usually right! listen to birdman and mack maine who have been proven liars - bow wow

  • Anonymous

    no shit you wouldnt be there if he wasnt in good health! no one gives a fuck about mack maine if he aint talking about wayne

  • TMZ

    This breaking news from TMZ: Mack Maine is wack. He should be stressed if his "cash cow" dies

  • Anonymous

    when are they gonna release lil waynes harlem shake video?

  • Anonymous

    should have asked him why he tweeted he was watching the game with wayne if he wasnt even there?

  • Anonymous

    Luke and Pitbull too.

  • Anonymous

    If Pusha T was a real figga, he would have made fun of Lil Wayne being in the hospital. Them real gangster would shoot up the funerals of their enemies. This lets me know that Pusha just a

    • Big Dan

      Get your point, when your enemies are down is when you kick 'em in the nuts, but if it was just him and weezy, cool, but this would seriously backfire and cost him fans. Would not be a good move for his business and he is on shaky grounds already. Don't care if Kanye is behind him, I can't see this dude moving a lot of units. He'll do all his numbers in the first week

    • Anonymous

      no shit, btw the easter bunny doesn't exist either

  • 011781

    Niggas in good health aint in the hospital for 6 days, and pretty sure Chris paul didn't go out his way to visit dude because he was in the hospital with a sinus infection. Fuck outta here Mack Laime.

  • Erica

    I'm glad he pulled thru...y'all should checkout too, they usually have some good reads as well

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