Video Released Of Too Short Running From Police During Drug Arrest

UPDATE #2: Too Short is charged with drug possession, but admits his own surprise that the Driving Under The Influence charges did not stick.

Oakland, California pioneering emcee Too Short has been arrested, according to Short was reportedly stopped for a traffic violation by police in his vehicle early this morning (March 20) in Los Angeles, California. Appearing under the influence, the rapper was allegedly given a breathalyzer test and is reported at .09—which is over the legal limit.

TMZ's report also alleges that Short tried to escape police once he was out of the vehicle. Unnamed law enforcement sources claim, "Too Short took off  ... and tripped as he ran down the street." The report also claims that Too Short tried to dispose of drugs after being detained in the police vehicle.

At present, Too Short is believed to be in the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department.

In 2010, the longtime Jive Records artist was arrested in Boise, Idaho after he was charged with battery involving three club bouncers. Short later spoke out publicly, claiming reports were "exaggerated and false."

The full report is available at

UPDATE: Yesterday (March 20) Too Short was released by the Los Angeles Police Department, hours after his arrest. TMZ captured video footage of Too Short leaving from the incident. The rapper clarified the charges, but affirmed earlier reports that he may have been intoxicated. "Possession of a controlled substance; I thought it was a D.U.I.," proclaimed Short, when asked about the charged. Further pressed about if he tried to dispose of evidence once in the police cruiser, all Short said was, "I was tryin' to avoid a D.U.I."

The rapper added that he'll return to court in April. No specific date was given.

UPDATE #2: has released a second video, taken yesterday (March 20) during Too Short's arrest. The video clearly depicts the famed rapper evading police before being apprehended.

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  • Bobby Knight

    TMZ take Rich People And Try To Embarrass them On Live TV what? You Think Maybe A Little Jealous. Punk Bitch!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Drake

    Why run from the police when you can just bribe them with bacon.

  • emerson

    Too $hort was Too $low

  • Anonymous

    this nigga dipped quick.....looked like some of the guys from our neighborhood lol.

  • Art Brooks

    Ain't no love in LA bitch!

  • AKKK

    The drugs the cops found in the backseat are obviously his. That's the only explanation for him acting like this. And acting all confused the day after.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, TMZ just dry snitched big time, now he'll never beat the charges. Fuck TMZ.

  • Anonymous


  • MrNelson

    $hort my man but he must've reverted back to them "I Want To Be Free" days lol

  • Anonymous

    hahahahaha this is too funny ! Does the guy is serious ??? Really ??? Man he is too old for that shit



  • Anonymous

    The hell was he thinking, lol!

  • Anonymous

    i cant even watch this shit!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "If you are going to run at least make sure you know you can outrun them ie know youre fast" Then they'd run his plate, find where he lives, and arrest him there. Too Short is too old for this kind of stuff.

  • rosspenn

    run Too SHort run!!!!!omg, this shit too funny....lmao...he couldnt even out run the cops. so why did he try in the first place...check his concert in germany at

  • Anonymous

    Run! If you sell drugs in the school zone Run! If you getting chased with no shoes on Run! Fuck that! Run! Cops got, guns! They givin' out life like wontons Run! If you ain't do shit, you it That next felony, nigga, is like three zip So, run! Hop fences, jump over benches! When you see me comin' get the fuck out the entrance! Run! Fuck that! Run! Cops got guns! Muthafucka

    • skr8up

      yea yea yea thats right crooked

    • jada

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    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Say no more, The Almighty GFK

  • Anonymous

    Damn Son got like 10 yards away and flopped...If I decide to run, two cops with batman belts and a bisquit on their waist not catching me...

  • Anonymous

    Oh well, no one perfect. It was dumb tho, he didnt even get that far. If you are going to run at least make sure you know you can outrun them ie know youre fast.

    • rosspenn

      i feel u on this one dog, he should have ran if only he was sure to outrun the cops........check out more run videos @

  • Anonymous

    He was trying to avoid a DUI by running away? lol These Bay rappers are hilarious.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Couldn't tell whether it was Too $hort or not. If it was, I wonder what went thru his mind. "I'm damn near 50 and I've been drinking, smoking, and fucking my entire life. I'm about to outrun these muthafuckas." Got about 20 ft lol. Gave it a try tho, props

  • dentaldamboy

    Those two cops are lucky they didn't pull Wayne over. Wayne would have shot them and walked away like it was no big deal. Then he would have tattoed 2 more tear drops.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck was he thinkin trying to run away? like they wouldnt just look up who he was from his car and arrest him later

  • Anonymous

    At least he tried to get away

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  • Anonymous

    Damn $hort..... guess this is just another case where rappers aren't doing what they rap about. Say I!!!! too $hort... we all heard that track.

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Art Brooks

    Damn $hort, U rich playboy. Should've just played it cool and let the lawyers handle that. U sounding partially retarded trying to run away and tripping and shit son. U're smarter than that $hort.

  • Lon

    short was tryin to get it wadn't he?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga getting WET

  • Kayaman

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  • playboy pryor

    Free Too short!!! fuck the haters!! everybody makes mistakes in life

    • Anonymous

      C'mon son! This is his second or third time being arrested for the same thing. You cant use the 'everybody makes mistakes' line when someone continues to do the same thing. Especially something as serious as impaired driving.

  • Anonymous

    "Too Short took off ... and tripped as he ran down the street." lol damn homie, you can't be running like that under the influence esp. at your age. Hope this was a reality check. Some people just can't grow up. Play Nas "2nd Childhood" BEIIIITCHHH!

  • Anonymous

    Running from cops at 50 years old? Grow up



    • Edubb

      Totally agree!! TMZ is Bullshit, they should be outlawed or banned however you want to put it. I see no point in rushing to break a story about how a celebrity got arrested or was involved with such & such. If TMZ was a person it would be a CACKLIN BITCH!!!

    • Anonymous

      for reporting the truth to the public? maybe niggas should stop getting arrested and over dosing on drugs

  • Anonymous

    some ppl never learn

  • ant banks

    Don't this geriatric nigga got a crew or girl that can drive him lol?! He just caught this same case like a year ago.

  • GOUDDA23

    How is Too SHort gonna release a song about..dont drink and drive.. then go and do this ..."Say I" - Too Short, E40, and Wiz Khalifa

  • TyranBeats

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    • Anonymous

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    • Lyonel

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  • Chi-Ill

    Too $hort= Too $tupid, Com'n son! You too old for this shit!

  • Hypestyle

    The homie Short is too old for this kind of carrying on. Sometimes a pimp has to know when to retire-- that is, just learn how to relax and enjoy life instead of wilding like you're still in your teens or twenties. Slow your roll!

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