Kidz In The Hall "Wishful Drinking" EP Release Date & Cover Art

For their fifth release, Naledge and Double-0 are coming with a six-song digital EP.

Veteran Hip Hop duo Kidz In The Hall announced today, courtesy of their manager, plans for their fifth studio album, Wishful Drinking. The six-song EP will reportedly be a digital exclusive, sold at retail outlets including iTunes on April 2.

In 2011, the team of emcee Naledge and producer Double-0 released full-length Occasion on Duck Down Music. The project featured Esthero, David Banner and Freddie Gibbs.

Earlier this month, Naledge released a free EP with Grand Rapids, Michigan emcee Willie The Kid.

(March 19)

UPDATE: Chicago, Illinois music blog FakeShoreDrive has presented the artwork to Kidz In Hall's Wishful Drinking (pictured). The digital effort releases tomorrow, April 2.

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  • Anonymous

    Can't see these guys ever being successful until they stop trying to be successful

  • blackbond007

    The problem with this group (who I USED to be huge fans of) is that they are trying WAY too hard to make commercial party tracks for college kids, but that shit sounds so fake. Stop worrying about trying to sell the records and just make music. People can tell the difference when you're just doing it for a check and when you're doing it for the love of making music.

  • Anonymous

    these bums still in the game? they started off with potential, then lost it, and are now trying to dumb it down? even the first Duck Down album was a disappointment, not that were that much potential there to begin with, as time has proven.

  • out side

  • MarkoBejlis

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  • Anonymous

    I honestly want to see these two succeed but it just seems like Naledge should go solo

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