DJ Whoo Kid Reveals Details About 50 Cent's "Street King Immortal," New Eminem Feature

DJ Whoo Kid promises a "hungry" 50 Cent on "Street King Immortal."

As 50 Cent's oft-delayed Street King Immortal draws closer to its first-half 2013 release, more details regarding the album emerge.

In an interview with Montreality, 50's deejay, DJ Whoo Kid, spoke about the upcoming release.

"I heard twenty-two songs, a lot of ridiculous shit," said Whoo Kid of Fif's album. "[Eminem] is on there, of course, and I love the Em record. Not the one that's out - there's another one, I think. I don't know if he's gonna use it, but a lot of fuckin' shit on there."

"I was trying to steal one joint to try to... leak it on the radio, but I couldn't do it, because I knew he'd beat the fuckin' shit out of me," he added.

Whoo Kid explained that on Street King Immortal, fans will be hearing a revitalized, "classic" 50. "But it's definitely an upgraded 50 Cent. It's kinda like...the struggles of bringing it back to Get Rich or Die Tryin', he always tries to top that, but I think he did it with this one. Kinda like, got the producers back, and his hunger's back, too. The last couple albums was a rich 50 Cent, but I think he made his mindset back into the hungry 50 Cent, so he's bringing it back..."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    cant wait anymore.... 50 the boss

  • Anonymous

    better than curtis and bisd maybe for sure

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule's next album >>>>>>>>> 50 Snitch's Shitty King Immortal. That's a cold hard fact for y'all bitches! Murdaaaa!!!

    • Anonymous

      i truly cant wait to hear some songs about getting ass raped in jail and how he missed playing tennis with his jehova friends

  • Anonymous

    "he's his fucking DJ, of course hes gonna hype him up! thats his boss" So if you were formerly a multi platinum artist you'd rely on your DJ to hype your fucking projects? lol That should be Interscope's job, or 50 telling the world how crazy his new shit is.

    • Anonymous

      it was a 35 minute interview where he talked on all kinds of shit but hiphopdx just makes an article out of what he said about 50's new album

    • Anonymous

      you are a moron. they asked the man about 50's new project and maybe he is actually hyped about it. 50 doesnt rely on him for shit.


    50 is a great businessman. no one can dispute that. he peeked artistcally/creatively at least 8 to 10 years ago. not even Birdman can rejuvenate his career.

  • i want 2005 50

    we'll see...

  • 101

    If 50 is gonna release the other track with shady Just hope it'll better than "My life" don't get me wrong tho song was ok just sounded too much of a pop track as opposed to a fire track

  • mike

    whats up with dre dropping a single for his imaginary album, and fif dropping a single a year before his shit comes out. em is the only one selling!

  • Anonymous

    DJ Whoo Kid is such a groupie. Always talking on behalf of 50, or giving some exclusive update. Let conceited Curtis hype his own album.

  • yeah yeah

    ill belive it when i hear it..been hearin the same shit for every album after the massacre

  • Milehighkid303

    CAN'T WAIT!!! (Bartt Scott voice)

    • Anonymous

      you're right im am not an avid nfl fan, never watched a full game i dont have espn

    • LOL

      lmao @milehighkid... and anon1- bart scott is a football player for jets or used to be. it was all over espn when he did it for weeks, months..still is lol

    • Milehighkid303

      You obviously are not an AVID NFL FAN, he was a BEAST of a LB for the Ravens/NY Jets, and he said that to a gentlemen named Sal Pal Antonio in an interview after a playoff game, in refrence to seeing the Pittsburgh Steelers again, he said, "CAN'T WAIT".......was a couple years ago. Now, you know fam. ONE.

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck is bart scott and why would anyone know what his voice sounds like to make that reference make sense??

  • KingO

    no one cares until the LP comes out....until then STFU! this is the only one thing I don't like what Fif is doing. Drop the LP nigga....its only so long your true fans will keep defending you....DROP THE LP!!!!!!! ddaammmm....what a turn off. Makes me miss the old days, when LP's came out on time.

  • tfrcgu ////

  • Beeny

    That 50 Cent | Eminem joint album will be better than watch the throne could ever BE!

  • Blocka

    DJ whoo KID mad cus he ain't down with shady..

  • T

    who gives a fuck shadys over

  • Anonymous

    that was a good interview. whoo kidd is a funny cat

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    I ain't dick-riding 50 Cent but his verses on all the songs that he's released for the Album go hard despite the fact that he has heavy features on all 4 of the songs (Too Short/Eminem/Snoop Dogg/Kendrick Lamar respectively speaking) I'm already satisfied with all the songs he's released so there is no way I'll be dissapointed in the album...

    • Thug Reality

      I'm disappointed in everything he has released in the last 5 years. Eminem's feature will help him at least go gold, but it wasn't Slim's presence, this album would be pure garbage.


    For all you dumb illiterate niggas out there, Whoo Kid is playing with you. He don't know fuck all about the album. Save y'all money and pre-order Tyler, the Creators Wolf album instead.

    • Anonymous

      Oh snap Wolf is being released in a fortnight! I am so copping that shit. By the way this is not a product enhancement scheme you dumb motherfucking assholes. Whoever thinks the latter should be shot and be used as a piata you feel me bosrino? Fuck outta here 50 fags

  • Anonymous

    We don't believe you, you need more people. 50 has been dead to me musically for years. He's a lazy lyricist with redundant subject matter

    • firehawk17

      key phrase in your response was he is dead to you musically... I'm a fan of music period.. fact is 50 has had good music and his latest songs have been hot.. that financial freedom was hard as hell..nonetheless no one is lazier than a lot of the south artist with the most rudimentary of bars..but the beat is good so niggas roll with it.. i could give you bars right now you would believe it was 50 to shut you up.. if you say he is a lazy lyricist then i know you haven't really listened to his music.

  • Anonymous

    50 aint fell off he just did what ll luda will and the rest have done went on to bigger and better things music aint his no 1 hustler no more and since his gone the industry has changed so much with the south and peoples tastes have changed and the music he makes isn't popular in the mainstream anymore but still looking forward to the album

    • stop it

      ludacris is an under rated beast..he consistantly grinds out quality albums everytime and still has time to do movies and everything else..luda is an OG in the game and is a beast everytime he drops all his full ALBUMS are beasts not just his singles

    • firehawk17

      unless ya'll niggas are rich how can ya'll say anyone only made 7.5 million a year aint shit...that number is wrong by the way.. thats what he made from music without an album and little touring.. that didnt count movie, sms, etc.. but thats not our business.. you people do realize finances isnt public info.. so you cant know what he made from everything unless it came from his mouth.. I dont see how dudes hate say you dont like the music cool.. i don't like waka flocka ,or jeezy really...nigga rap like he talkin sexy to a bitch screamin yeeeeaahhhhhhh all the time.. come on.. 50 spit that street shit... i dig that..then i can go to 2chainz, jeezy for party shit...go to Lamar, Nas, etc for stories.. point is 50 is good as there is when he in his lane. and comes from a real place.. how can a nigga hate that.

    • Anonymous

      7.5 million without having an album out in years or really touring thats pretty good for someone who "fell off"

    • Stop making excuses lol

      Obviously his new hustle ain't as successful as music was for him. He earned $7.5 million last year, which is a far cry from when his music was popping. Puff, Dre, Master P and Jay Z are the true examples of making money after music. In reality 50 got lucky with that Vitamin Water deal, which still accounts for 70% of his money earned.

    • Anonymous

      Dawg, he fell the fuck off. Don't play yourself

  • Art Brooks

    I'll go cop that. What do I got to lose? 12 bucks...big deal.

    • Anonymous

      huh? you lose pride for spending 12 bucks on a mediocre album? shit aint that serious son. his last 2 albums had some decent tracks, it's nothing to lose "pride" over

    • lol

      if its anything like his other albums..your pride

  • Anonymous

    Im not saying 50s gonna top get rich, i highly doubt it but this is the best he has sounded in a long while. No hate, no bs. Just how I see it.

    • Kos

      Totally agree with you there. He hasn't sounded this good in a while. His songs are more relevant than his older material. I wish him the best with the release of Street King Immortal. Imma buy that once it drops. Artists nowadays need support from fans, too many people torrenting.

  • Anonymous

    sorry but this album will definitely be a good album and will have so much impact. haters better fall back and suckin Fif's dick. album will do 350-400K first week, trust me

    • lol

      another 50 stan bringing up numbers..who gives a fuck. how does the album bump..will it be remembered in 10- 15 years like GRODT..thats all i care a rap fan

    • datnigga

      Whether the album will be good or not is irrelevant. 50 does not have the hype or impact of 10 years ago, shit even 5 years ago. And I enjoy 50's music. BISD did like 150k first week, 50 would be lucky to do those same numbers this time around. Only artists doing 400k & up in this day and age is Eminem, Kanye, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, & Drake. Dudes like 2 chainz, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, T.I. & Young Jeezy have more relevancy than 50 (like it or not) and they can't even push 300k first week. Best of luck with SKI though, I'm looking forward to it. PS, I do think Kendrick will only get bigger as time goes on and he will be one of those artists than can go gold first week.

  • G-unit Gorilla

    Street King Immortal will be the biggest hip hop album since GRODT. These fake rappers will die in the storm that follows the release GGGGGG-UNIT we in here 2013 #STREETKINGIMMORTAL #SMSAUDIO #SMSPROMOTIONS #SKENERGY #GUNIT

  • Ricky Rozay

    Hungry? This niggas sound hasn't changed since his first album. This garbage ass album will have the same shit like candy shop and technology. Shits goin triple wood. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • firehawk17

      i know this aint gay rozay..but rick ross shit sounds the same every album... he gonna rap about drugs flyin across seas... eating, tricking on bitches, buying bags, cars, etc..thats it...nothing else ..

    • Anonymous

      dis ross nigga wanna talk about sounds not changing? go make 30 more bmf songs

  • uihuihjijji

    sumthing creepy about these guys watch?v=JSg18ZqEtCQ

  • Anonymous

    shit shit floppin the minute it drops

    • Anonymous

      Damn, you know when it's gonna drop, how it's gonna flop the same minute it drops? Why you ain't using that knowledge to win Powerball and Mega Millions fruit cup?

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