Birdman Says Lil Wayne's Most Recent Seizure "Had Nothing To Do With Drugs"

Birdman denies reports that drug use is responsible for Lil Wayne's latest seizure. He blames exhaustion, and Weezy's "dedication."

Today (March 18), Cash Money Records CEO and co-founder Birdman spoke with HOT 97's Angie Martinez about Lil Wayne, the hospitalized star of the label. Birdman, who was Wayne's legal guardian for a point in his teens, clarified a few points in the developing story. Most notably, Birdman claimed that information in TMZ's initial report, including drug use, was false.

"It had nothing to do with drugs, no such thing like that," said Birdman, who added that Wayne is expected to leave the hospital in a few days, after being cleared by doctors. Additionally, the executive and artist in his own right said that Wayne experienced a single seizure on Friday (March 15). This was contrary to initial reports of multiple seizures. Friday's health concerns were however Wayne's second seizure incident of last week, following a Tuesday (March 13) hospitalization that was said to be a result of dehydration and exhaustion. Birdman explained, "It's just his work ethic...and how hard he works, how much dedication he gives to music and his fans, and what he's trying to accomplish in life."

On March 26, Lil Wayne is expected to release I Am Not A Human Being II for Cash Money. Combined with collaborative and group albums, it will be Wayne's 17th album for the label, and 10th as a solo artist.

The full audio interview is available, courtesy of

At present, Lil Wayne remains hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California. Birdman, along with label stars such as Drake, Nicki Minaj and Mack Maine have been seen visiting Wayne throughout his hospital stay.

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  • Anonymous

    So "dedication" and "hard work" causes seizures???

  • Anonymous

    "you're trying too hard" This really is effortless, kid.

  • Dwayne Carter Jr.

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  • Anonymous

    No seizures are a main symptom of Xanax withdraws too people, dont let these motherfuckers fool you.

  • Anonymous

    Lol its dehydration and exhaustion its his work ethic man...writing songs is one of the most physically demanding things u can do lmao.

  • RD

    Probably all that syrup.

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  • bklynsfynest2000

    so let me get this bird man....your son/homie/butt buddy/etc....does weed, syrup, molly and anything else he probably gets his hands on or that you give him and just by coincidence he has multiple seizures...even though he never had one since his days as a young dude at your record label. yeah you right baby it aint the drugs at all....its all the clean living he doing under your watchful eyes. I dont wish death on no man but if Lil wayne dont take this as a wake up call then its whatever.....

  • Anonymous

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  • Hill Billy Hank

    New Info confirmed by TMZ After extensive research TMZ has announced the location that Lil Waynes Tweet Originated from. "We have confirmed that the Tweet did not originate from Cedars-Sinai hospital but did in fact come from one of the 3 boroughs located in Rick Ross' Anus." Tunechi was seen by multiple witnesses entering the Anus looked dischevelled and depressed after competing in a skate competition. Upon entering he met fellow Sub par rapper and label mate Drake who reported seeing him consume a large amount of blue liquid which he believed to be Syrup. Previous reports have suggested that the liquid contained Codeine or other illegal substances; after testing the liquid it was found to contain Blue Urinal cakes and battery acid. Proving Everything inside of Rick Ross is as Fake as his rap persona. Some eyewitnesses have implied a possible Suicide attempt by the Young Money artist after coming last place in the annual Paraplegic Childrens' Skate Boarding competition. After losing Wayne was booed and heckled by children some shouting that he didn't deserve to have legs. TMZ will feature a special Live interview with Drake from inside Rick Ross' Anus where he has just purchased property.

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  • Anonymous

    "It's just his work ethic...and how hard he works, how much dedication he gives to music and his fans, and what he's trying to accomplish in life" So let me get this straight. The harder you work the greater the chance you're going to have seizures? lol Get real Birdman. Instead of lying to the public who doesn't believe you anyway, just be real and say Wayne has a problem and he's going to get it fixed.

  • killer. literally.

    lean ain't causing seizures. If you listen to the music you hear him reference Xanax. Google the side effects and what happens when you try to stop using Xanax bars. Theres the answer. No mystery. No lean. Lean causes breathing problems if you take too much and thats why everyone you know of who died using it died in their sleep. Stop watching the news and listening to people who don't know what the fuck lean is.

    • Anonymous

      Wow more people need to be aware of this.

    • Steve

      Thank you....someone finally with some knowledge on the big picture. Im with you on that one...xanax w/d's are a high possibility considering he's still young yet andhas referenced xanax use thru his music..

  • Anonymous

    As far as i believe no one has the right to wish death on nobody no matter who is it is, sure he makes bad music and if you don't like his music you should just not listen to it. Simple as that. I honestly can't stand Lil wayne's music and the whole YMCMB bullcrap but i don't believe that we should wish death on him, keep in mind he has kids and family. Also on the side note if anyone thinks that Wayne wasn't on drugs you're retarded cuz they been tryna cover that shit up for the whole week he's been the hospital

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Baby is lying his ass off. They don't put people in ICU for sleep. The thing that triggered it was the lean, bottom line. Baby said change what you been doing, which is stop drinking lean. That rest excuse is bull

  • Fish

    It genuinely fucking pisses me off when musicians claim 'exhaustion' on something like this. Eminem tried to do exactly the same thing. ALL YOU DO IS STAND ON A FUCKIN STAGE AND SING/RAP!!! There are single parents pullin double shifts in low paid jobs just to make ends meet - THEY are exhausted, but you don't see them on the floor shaking! The seizures are down to drug abuse, simple as that. Stop insulting everyone's intelligence.

    • ETK

      man I didn't fuckin say bein a rapper was the most physically demanding career on Earth, you foolish hoe. I said it ain't just "standing around on stage" now you bringing up athletes and truck drivers and shit. I'm not even talkin about them! if they job is hard too then fine! didn't say the opposite moron. I'm sayin being a musician isn't all cookie-cutter A B C shit either nigga. I fuckin agreed with you that drugs were the cause for the seizure, and you out here tryna be a smart-ass. peace out holmes

    • Anonymous

      fish guy is an idiot who doesn't really know how anything works.

    • Anonymous

      he doesnt know shit about working hard. hes never had to work a day in his life

    • ETK

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    • Anonymous

      drugs make it all better

    • ETK

      you're partially right but you also sound foolish there. if you think that's all there is to being a musician then you're a damn fool. the concert tours are demanding, you travel from town to town with little to no sleep, gotta get off and either sign autographs or prep for every single concert every time - and that shit takes a toll on your voice. and you do not STAND on a stage, you're jumpin all over the place, that's like hundreds of calories in one go where a water bottle won't even be enough for you. then you gotta get through all the paparazzi, all the groupies, all the wannabe hood reps who think they can hang wit ya all you can make it back to your tour bus or whip, rinse & repeat... but you're right Birdman is shittin us Lil Wayne's been sippin on that lean too much, plain & simple. who the fuck does he thinks hes foolin

  • Anonymous

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  • lil wayne said

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  • Art Brooks

    Birdman sound like a pimp reassuring the triks that his bottom bitch is allright.

  • Anonymous

    "LOL these guys should just stop saying anything at all they only making it worse" ^ WORD never heard of someone getting their stomach pumped 3 times because they were dehydrated, thought IV's were for that.

  • Anonymous

    Birdman has a long history of telling lies. Remember when he was buying a football team? Or when he said he bought that 8 million dollar Maybach Exelero

  • Anonymous

    shit had EVERYTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS weezy been abusing drugs for YEARS and it's catching up with him

  • Anonymous

    Did YMCMB think they could lie their way out of this one? Nice try, but we gotcha! *Al Sharpton voice*

  • Anonymous

    of course hes not gonna come out and say lil wayne overdosed on codeine cough syrup and had to have his stomach pumped 3 times. LOL these guys should just stop saying anything at all they only making it worse. no one has seizures from working too hard nigga

  • Anonymous

    Riiiiiggghhhttt....your "son" is getting locked up as soon as he feels better. Abusing codeine = violating parole.

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