Lil Wayne's Post-Seizure, "I'm Good" Tweet Allegedly Not Sent From Cedars-Sinai

One expert alleges that a tweet sent from Lil Wayne following his seizure last week may not have been sent from the rapper.

Following reports that Lil Wayne had suffered from multiple seizures late last week, an alleged Tweet made from the rapper led to even more confusion. The Tweet made from the Lil Wayne’s @LilTunechi account read, “I'm good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love,” and left many wondering how the hospitalized rapper was able to log on to social media in his condition.

According to founder Kyle Sandler, the Tweet made by Lil Wayne was not made from his location at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

“@TMZ FYI @LilTunechi tweet did NOT originate from 34.0766385, -118.37954589999998 (the lat/long for Cedars Sinai),” said Sandler from his @startuptechguy account, which boasts close to 100,000 followers.

If Lil Wayne’s Tweet did not originate from the location Sandler listed, it’s likely that a rep for the rapper or someone else may have instead posted to the rapper’s Twitter account.

The Young Money artist was hospitalized on Thursday, March 14th and little about the rapper’s condition has been revealed since.

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  • hi

    I think that if we're honest he's got heartburn and it's terrible and the fans just need to lay off a bit if you know what I mean chill like a polar bear's toenails because this is lil wayne we're talking about the G.O.D. detroit city's finest

  • Anonymous

    "Lil Wayne is probably in a coma just like Nate Dog was in before he died" He's probably in the studio.

  • Anonymous

    lol u niggas must feel stupid now

  • Anonymous

    and this is EXACTLY what I had said same freaking day the news was released...

  • Donald Passman

    Lil Wayne is probably in a coma just like Nate Dog was in before he died. The Universal/Cash Money staff members are currently formulating plans to release posthumous material for the next 20 years.

  • Anonymous

    "Why would a bacteria laden tiger be present in a sterile environment?" Because it likes the cafeteria food.

  • Juvenile

    Boi, it looks bad, won't you back that hearse up - You'z a dying mutherfucka, won't you back that hearse up - Call his whole family, won't you back that hearse up - Wayne, who is you playing wit, back that hearse up

  • Vilijam Seagrowe

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  • Anonymous

    "AND I DONT THINK YOU CAN EVEN HAVE A PHONE IN THERE" He's Lil Wayne. If he wanted Tyga's tiger to lay by his bedside he could make that happen. Now imagine him asking if he could send a text message. ^ this dude lives in a fantasy world Quote-Man is talking about Tyga's tigers and cellphones in ICU. Cellphones screw up the equipment that's on saving your life moron. Why would a bacteria laden tiger be present in a sterile environment? Look at that dumb sh*t you pass off to the kids like you know what you're talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Lindsey Lohan gets het stomach pumped all the time, and she can tweet just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Pussy, money, weed, codeine She said my dick feel like morphine

  • Anonymous

    he probably didn't tweet it, but he's probably fine.

  • H-Town Killa

    Shit if this nigg a dies now or sometime soon, his music will be immortalized, his shit will set us back more than 100+ years in music. This bitch, fake blood, must live soo fans can see how much of a fraud he is, so his music wont be immortalized.

    • H-Town Killa

      this dude should have died when he shot himself

    • Anonymous

      But it's people like u who were probably wishing he was dead in the first place

    • CooL RauL

      I couldnt of said it better. Everyone is going to try and put him in the top 5 of all time, and some would even attempt to say GOAT. Thats blasphemy! He fooled all you young boys & girls by telling you he was the best rapper alive, and yall ate it right up.

  • your momma

    hope he dead so

  • thank god

    if he died, rap would die with him

  • Unknown Source

    He tweeted that on March 16, 2013 as well.

  • newnuu

    I think its about being over worked. He may need some real rest. If you do not allow your mind and body to rest, it could cause major issues. We all know Wayne been going hard for years, but once you reach the late 20's-early 30's, its not like the teen party days. He needs real rest and relaxation. He deserves it if you ask me. #staypositivehomie

  • Anonymous

    So now Mack Maine is saying he's not sure if Wayne tweeted it or not because he wasn't there but it was from the same day he tweeted he was watching the Syracuse game with him and that he was alive and well. These guys are backtracking now

    • Anonymous

      which is why its bullshit. it doesn't make any sense for them to downplay shit. you're living in a fantasy.

    • Anonymous

      They're trying to save face. They're enabling him to take lethal drugs and now are trying to downplay the whole story. They should use this to their advantage though, he has an album coming out, the whole "terminally ill" angle could pay off.

  • Anonymous

    it was the demon that tweeted that

  • Anonymous

    And I could die now, rebirth, motherfucker Hop up in my spaceship and leave Earth, motherfucker I'm gone

  • Consculluela

    Why is everybody trying so hard to make sure he's still in the hospital? Do you really give that much of a fuck about this coon???

    • lew

      your racist and ignorant. 95% of the stories that you read on this website which you log on to are about african americans. not cool pimp

  • YMCMB Team (Verified by HipHop DX)

    All these rumors are fake. Stop acting like a bitch. Get a life, bloggers. Lil Wayne is ok. - Birdman, Drake, So Icy Boi, Nicki Minaj, Lil Chuckie, Bow Wow, Lil Twist, Fred Durst and friends T.I. and Jay Electronica.

    • Anonymous

      Notice how his baby mamas and daughters stopped tweeting after last week? SHIT IS REAL SON It's no wonder Birdman and Mack Maine are lying about how serious it is... these Wayne fans cant handle the truth.

    • Anonymous

      @ So Icyy Boi/ DentalDamboy/ YESSIR Why haven't his actual members said anything about his health ? Why hasn't even Nicki or Drake said anything about his condition ? lol exactly.

    • Anonymous

      Drake, Nicki havent said shit but they went to see him at the hospital looking pretty sad.

    • Anonymous


  • Lew

    all these people talking about how sad people are looking at all this. a bit redundent. i dont think he tried to kill himself at all. He probs has pressue of work and travelling and drinking syrup proberly relaxes him and makes him tired. but just took too much. similar to MJ but hes not dead and took different drugs. the twitter thing dont matter coz no one still dont and wont relly know how tunchi is doing

    • Anonymous

      lol if they're sad how do you know its not because he's fuckin sick?

    • Anonymous

      Yup. Im not a fan of Wayne but that really why alot of people in the industry deal with drugs. Despite what you guys think everything isn't as easy at it looks.

    • lew

      MJ wanted drugs to make him sleep which is what killed him. not similar in the doctor but they try to self medicate to deal with the stress

    • Anonymous

      similar to MJ? how so? I thought his doctor killed him???

  • @startuptechguy a hoe !!

    Y'all claim yall hate wayne but every post you comment with undercover desire of him faggots!

  • So Icy Boi aka Yung Boi!

    Lil Wayne is a hip hop legend and legends never in coma and legends never die! I know he is alright!!!! dont say bad at Tunechi bitchez. Tha Carter III saved hip hop u morons. no rapper sold 1 milli firt week before. Tha Carter III outsold MJ's Thriller, AC/DC's Back in Black and Pink Floyds's Dark Side of da Moon. Weezy is da best selling artist of da decade. YMCMB all da err day. swag best selling albums of all time: 1. Tha Carter III 2. Tha Carter IV first black rocker ever: 1. Lil Wayne best skater: 1. Lil Wayne best guitarist: 1. Lil Wayne best fashinon designer: 1. Lil Wayne

  • Anonymous

    "AND I DONT THINK YOU CAN EVEN HAVE A PHONE IN THERE" He's Lil Wayne. If he wanted Tyga's tiger to lay by his bedside he could make that happen. Now imagine him asking if he could send a text message.

    • Anonymous

      only the message was not posted from the hospital and he was likely in no condition after seizures and possible stomach pumpings / medically induced comas to be doing much of anything

  • Anonymous

    "I feel like dying, only when the drugs are gone" - Lil Wayne

  • Anonymous

    Weekend at Weezy's starring Birdman, T.I. and Mack Maine

  • Anonymous

    Now they just need to prove that T.I. was lying and he never actually spoke to Wayne on the phone. He gonna look pretty dumb when the truth comes out!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who's been in the intensive care unit for 6 days is not "fine". Remember TMZ was the first to report Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston's deaths. There's definitely a lot of truth to what they have reported.

    • regina

      yeah your right and thats what scares me. i mean i feel as though his camp is trying not tomake this a public issue or scare his fans but they should let people know the real. im starting to think he did slip into a come cause a grad mal is the worst seizure a person can have and its chances of death are even more likly too. i pray he gets well soon

    • 614grind

      I was thinking the same thing. TMZ is pretty damn credible for anything happening in L.A.

  • rebby (252)

    im with the perosn down below.... maybe mack did tweet that from wayne twitter but big deal im sire it was for good reason. i prob did it to kill all the confusion tmz asses created by say saying wayne was on his death bed and his mother was on her way to la to pull the plug caus ehe was too far gone to help . smh that shit had regular people and celebs freaking out on twitter. even cnn and fox news reportyed him dead maybe to kill the drama and insure his fans wayne tweeted for wayne.

    • Big Dan

      You could say it was not a big deal. But with all the denials and his "tuff guy, wanksta, sorry, gangsta" friends threatening to do serious damage to "nigga" TMZ for posting "lies" don't you wonder why they would go through all that trouble? And I really do not get why the publicists and whoever else feel compelled to come out with obvious lies like we can't get through to the bottom of it. Li'l Kim's face is not distorted, Wayne is fine..... Like I said a couple days ago, too many of his people stopping by with head down for this to be just a simple seizure. And to TI again, you are worried about the damage being cause by TMZ to Weezy's kids, family. Cool. But when he gets better, are you going to pimp smack him upside the head for him putting his family through this? Besides the initial worry that daddy might be dying, now when other kids make fun of his kids at school, they'll call their daddy a junky and what have you, not that that wasn't out there before.

    • paul diaz

      no (you) dont know what you talking about fox news did report him "passed away" on twitter then they found out tmz made it up and backtracked their tweet. plus i heard cnn were saying they were being told wayne had died but that they couldnt confirm.

    • Anonymous

      you're exaggerating. no one reported him as dead. especially not cnn. these are credible news sources that dont report rumors.

  • @JuanGusto_C8S

    i believe it wasnt tweeted by lil wayne himself.

  • Anonymous

    these wayne fans cant believe this nigga tried to kill himself

  • Blocka

    Fuccking gay stalking twitter pages weird ass dude smh

  • Anonymous

    BUSTED!!! I bet you this nigga is still in a coma.

    • Anonymous

      he was definitely still on the lean if they had to pump his stomach. his security guard found him laid out on the floor. why do you think everyone from waynes camp is silent right now?

    • tx boiz

      ^^ stfu wayne dont sip lean no more fool. he rehab himself off it beofre going to rikers go wathc "the nin brown dvd pt2" on youtube and see for yourslef . he does still smoke weed though. and stip talking as if you were i the room with him talking about pumping stomachs n shit -_-

    • Anonymous

      tmz don't lie. they are more credible than birdman, t.i. and mack maine. it was a medically induced coma because they had to pump his stomach 3 times to get all the codeine out.

    • yo mama

      he was never in a coma you fucking retard tmz made that up. he suffered a grand mal seizure.

    • cho dumbass up

      Fuck up dummy

  • quan

    can yall let his man tend to his busniess privately damn. people posting shit about his sales and bloggers streaching the story more than what it is. let them deal with it the way they choose i mean maybe he is in bad shape and mack maine didnt wont his fans to trip so he sent the tweet himself. if that was the case this blog just fucked up smh. wayne seems like a private person anyway, so a case like this wont be out in the open anyway. let him livvvvvve people damn

    • rocky

      OMG THANK YOU!! like i understand he's a Alist celeb but im sure his family would like to be at peace with this and not have his damn tweets all in thew news n shit smh he's prob just recovering and has to be watched closely. seizures are usually at random and can kill you if their too bad.

  • Anonymous

    if he was fine they would post a pic. notice how his baby moms and kids havent been tweeting for days? shits real

  • brittany

    sorry to hear about your dad

  • janis mars 22

    my dad died from complications of a grand mal seizure. thats nothing to play with, it can be brought on my stress, lack of sleep, or he can have a health problem that he dong/didnt know about like blood pockets on the brain, that cause the random seizures too. thats what happend to my dad. i pray he gets back right for his family sake.


    lol yo im sitting here thinking the smae shit niggas stalking wayne twitter and tracking the tweets id. is this csi or what? lol

  • devin ross

    smfh lol these blogs will post ANYTHING to get attention. i guess the followers went up too huh lol. wayne probably shaking his head at yall. stop using this man health as a way to get hits to yall sites by making shit up. tracking tweets n shit lmfao

  • sneaker fiend

    com'on this is going too far. just because he's in icu doesnt mean he cant tweet people. its not like he's in a damn coma. use yall brains for once smh

  • jonet r.

    0______o so basically people that dont like wayne or his music worried about him and his condition? i mean sure seems like it seeing as hoe yall checking onall these blogs and trying flip it into a negative. sickness is for everybody. and wayne dont need publicty for sales. he's wayne , one of the few artist in hip hop that can actuall sell reocords check his reocord.& shit "bitches love me" went gold within 3 weeks on itunes . them wayne stans ride for him.

  • fuck yo blog


  • 17th lil ace

    i do not believe this post i do believ he's in icu and trying to recover. but all this tweet shit is bull. he probably did tweet that

  • PuCho

    Niggas actually thought that tweet on waynes twitter was actually posted by lil wayne ?

  • chirs

    damn i thought wayne was home 2 days ago , come to find out in ICU. i didnt think dude was that bad off. im not a huge fan of his but im not a hater either so i dont find this funny nor do i wish bad on the dude. hope he gets his health bakc right . his kids needs him out here im sure

  • tasha

    my mom works at the hospital he's at and she said wayne isnt doing well. he's not in a coma like tmz reported but its taking him a while to get back to normal. he didnt have a normal seizure he had a [ grand mal seizure] which can be deadly while having it, or can lead to complications afterwards that can aslo kill you. this sint a joke , and wayne needs to slow down and rest when he does get out

  • mally mal


  • Nick Cicero

    Startup Tech Guy is looking for attention, geolocation isn't enabled for every single tweet. Hip hop stans don't know tech and will believe anyone I guess.

  • dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for Cash Money Records, I get to spend more time with Birdman than most. He told me that in 1996, Biggie was planning to leave Bad Boy and sign with Cash Money. When Diddy and Jay-Z got word of the expected departure, they had BIG shot. Also, Birdman was a long-time mentor to Pac. Most of you don't know this, but the scathing "Hit Em Up" was originally going to be called "Split Em Up" and was a song only about Tupac leading to the end of Biggie's marriage to Faith. However, Birdman explained to Pac that real BLOODS talk about voilence, which is how Hit Em Up took on such an angry tone. YMCMB...we got the game by the clit.

  • donate

    i knew it!! i follow wayne on twitter and im a fan. any fan of wyne knows the way he tweets he cuts his words short and i said wayne usually spells it "luv" but on the tweet its spelled "love" i bet mack maine sent that.

  • Anonymous

    he was hospitalized on wednesday! not thursday! been in the ICU for 6 days. and everyone already knew that tweet wasn't from him.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It sold bcuz over a miilion fuckboys copped it

    • gucci's chapstick

      niggas like you mad cause yall know wayne do major numbers w/o even trying. i mean c4 wasnt even dope and still sold. so now yall tryna take dude being in a fucked up situation and almost dying as a stunt. lmfaoooo smh well i guess ANY EXCUSE beats NONE huh? lol

  • pope

    he has a seizure a week before his album drops. interesting.

    • Anonymous

      INAHB did not go gold its 1st week. It didn't even sell 200k 1st week.

    • PF215

      i love how all these children here think that past album sales have anything to do with current ones, face it, out of all the 3 singles ive heard have been garbage and all this shit that waynes been pulling (mia diss) is only showing hes worried his album might tank, and with each new generation coming up only makes wayne more irrelevent, just look at t.i and game.. this one might go gold who knows but anything after will go triple wood

    • -__-

      ^^kill yourself. you mae no sense i am not a humanbeing 1 didnt have any promo and he was in rikers when it dropped and sold 500k first week. therefore you have no logic, you're just one of those people thats envious of wayne numbers and fear hell do it again or atleast come close so you using THIS as a excuse ahead of time lmao. its called a grand mal seizure google it and see how serious it is before you type another dumb comment kiddo

    • Anonymous

      ^^Why not?? There's no buzz for his album. His singles up to that bullshit with Future and Drake have tanked.

    • suck my jay's

      so according to you lil wyane who's currently one of the highest selling rappers in hip-hop needs a publicity stunt to sell? and according to your mentally challenged mind a person can make thereself have grand mal siezures? and doctors would put him in ICU for nothing? hmmmm "interesting".

    • shawn

      you cannot be serious with that comment. you're talking about a artist that album hit 900+ k first week even when it leaked and wasnt his best work. his fans actually support him no matter what the net says he doesnt need and tricks to sell . you're a retard for that comment bro lol

    • josh_88

      bitch gtfoh! dont even try it! wayne didnt need a stunt for c3 c4 or i am not a human being 1 (which went gold first week. while he was in jail) how tf can any human have a fucking seizure on their own? i guess the one in october was "interesting" too huh dumbass? or maybe the other 3 seizure's earlier this year. -__- smfh you're an asshole

    • Art

      Thought I was the only one that realized that

  • Wayne's Doctor

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Lil Wayne is dying. Enjoy his music while you can.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, HHDX is really milking this story out.

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