J Dilla "Crate Diggers" Webisode Stream

UPDATE: Talib Kweli, DJ Spinna and J. Rocc join Ma Dukes in showing Fuse.TV's public a glimpse into the creativity of J Dilla, and even a look inside part of his record collection.

Fuse.TV's web series "Crate Diggers" has profiled the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Diamond D and others. Now, the web team at Fuse is taking a look at the record collection and legacy of J Dilla (f/k/a Jay Dee). While the Detroit, Michigan producer/emcee and Slum Village co-founder tragically died in 2006 from complications due to Lupus, some of his family and storied collaborators are helping fans understand his musical ingredients.

Today (March 18), Fuse released the trailer to the March 20 full-length webisode on Fuse.TV. Among those who contributed are Dilla's mother, Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey, Talib Kweli and JayLib member J. Rocc. The footage explores a painting tribute made about J Dilla from his friends, a portion of his record collection in storage and more.

(March 18)

UPDATE: As promised, Fuse.TV has posted the full J Dilla episode of "Crate Diggers" which is also streamable below:

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    I know this guy is trolling hard but lol he's got the word "playa" in his screen name! Like seriously! he wants attention so lets talk about guys like him for a sec. he came here to show hatred because he cant stand all the admiration! This mike will guy will NEVER get love like this from his own fans or peers ...who is he anyway lol?! ask him how many mike will projects he's actually BOUGHT! Only thing guys like this know is how to love is money! thats how the "playas" and swag guys are! They hate everything! They hate & and dont even respect the very genre theyre apart of, they hate women, they hate niggas who actually care about the genre they even make fun of you, they hate the veterans of the genre, They hate all the 5 elements, they show off then call you a hater when you get annoyed and speak your mind, they hate lyrics, they hate intelligence...on every level, they even hate REAL street niggas... but admire the streets! Fuck this guy and anybody who thinks like him! we need to start running dudes like him OUT of the entire hip hop genre, they are a fuckin cancer! You can name drop preemo RZA all you want poser, nobody in their right mind who fucks with those brothers can say with a straight face they hate dilla...so fuck you and your opinion... "no one in the south fucked with dilla"....who are you supposed to be jim crow? who bases what they like off the south when it comes to music? The south cried complained and gimmicked their way to notoriety, dont nobody respect yall man lol! best thing the south got going is the weather and the broads get over yourself lol! go candy paint and trick on strippers you slow backwoods nappy headed mush mouth jerri curl wearin shit for brains frsh off the plantation country fuck, thats all yall are good for! you probably wear the confederate flag and country boots like a redneck and claim its southern pride...foh man...

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  • Anonymous

    all the love and recpect from kuwait we miss you

  • T-Torch(M-Town Playa)

    Whats the big deal about Dilla. He was always a 2nd tier producer who was not as good as his contemporaries such as RZA, Premier and Dr Dre. His beats were alright but no one in the south f***ed with Dilla. You give an above average rapper the choice between a free Dilla or Mike Will Made It beat - 999 times out of 1000 they will pick Mike Will Made It instead. And also don't forget Dilla's beats were just samples - meaning anyone can make a Dilla beat if they found the right samples. Not everyone can make a Young Chop or Mike Will Made It beat.

    • KD

      @T-Torch(M-Town Playa): First off who are you and what kind of wack Ass name is T-Torch(M-Town Playa)? lol Your ignorant ass has the nerve to say what's the big deal about J Dilla are you serious? This Man changed the sound of Hip Hop and has been putting down dope, creative, original tracks since Slum Village was known as J-88. Are you gonna tell me you don't respect any of the ill joints he's done for Keith Murray, Slum Village, Mad Skilz, Phat Kat, The Roots, Common, Jaylib, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Tha Pharcyde, Masta Ace, Frank-N-Dank, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Starr, Royce D 5'9", Spacek, Chino XL, Talib Kweli, Oh No, Ghostface, Lawless Element, Guilty Simpson, Raekwon etc get the fuck outta here with that bullshit B. The way I look at it is like this you're wack, you'll never get the respect J Dilla has and you're not as talented as J Dilla. I can promise you if you were on your death Bed you wouldn't be making Music nor would you be going on Tour in a Wheelchair performing like J Dilla did. This Man loved Hip Hop so much he put his Life on the line and kept making Music to share with the World and you wanna talk shit about the Man, Show some respect to those who paved the way for other Producers coming up today. You think Cats like 9th Wonder, Kev Brown, Karriem Riggins, Pharrell, Black Milk could ever disrespect J Dilla? They know what time it is and they know J Dilla played a big part in Hip Hop and he's up there with DJ Premier, Pete Rock, The RZA, Dr Dre, Marley Marl, Havoc (Mobb Deep), Diamond D, Large Professor, Madlib, Rick Rubin etc. The next time you're gonna run your Mouth about somebody make sure you're on their level and can keep up. Clowns like you should get punched in the Face for real with your wack ass. When you got Classics that Hip Hop Headz will be bumping for decades to come then open up your Mouth and talk. By the way you said nobody in the South fucks with J Dilla how do you know that? You know everybody in the South. One of my favourite Emcee's of all time Andre 3000 said A Tribe Called Quest is one of his favourite Hip Hop Groups and J Dilla was part of the Ummah. He started doing Production for them on the "Beats, Rhymes and Life" LP. For all my J Dilla Fans Worldwide keep supporting that real Hip Hop because it's not as amazing as it use to be in the 80's and 90's. So if you hear some dope Hip Hop make sure you support that buy the CD or Vinyl etc but don't steal it. As for the rest of y'all that are leaving some really ignorant and disrespectful comments on here "Fuck All Y'all" (Ice Cube voice) Much love going out to the Yancey Family keep your Head up and thank you for sharing J Dilla with the World. illa J do your thing continue where your Brother left off make him and the D proud. One Love!!! RIP J Dilla RIP Baatin RIP Proof



    • sun

      "And also don't forget Dilla's beats were just samples - meaning anyone can make a Dilla beat if they found the right samples" Serious? Dilla beats were just samples?! GTFOH with that. 1)48 hrs Album -Frank&Dank 2)as he's proved time and time again, its not the sample..but rather what you do with the sample. his ideas and approach to sampling is what set him apart from most of his contemporaries. and as for jrocc and houseshoes discussion...there's not too many other people (questlove,madlib karriem riggins) who are qualified to represent jay's SOUND more accurately and with the utmost sincerity.

    • JONJON

      The south's opinion doesn't matter.

    • Anonymous

      "You give an above average rapper the choice between a free Dilla or Mike Will Made It beat - 999 times out of 1000 they will pick Mike Will Made It instead" ^ smh When you type fallacies like this, because you have a like for something and ASSUME everyone else thinks and likes the same things as you, you lose all credibility.

    • Anonymous

      Too bad Mike Will Made it haven't had an above average rapper on his beats to this day.

    • doc

      Ok you had my respect until you said "anyone can make a Dilla beat if they found the right samples" Ok homie. Put your money where your mouth is... 100$ if you can make me a remake of "The Light" by Common. I'll save you the time... here's the sample: "Open Your Eyes" is a cover of the Bobby Caldwell. Good luck... your gonna need it

    • Anonymous

      999 times out of 1000 the mc is wack as fuck

    • Steven

      nigga.........................shut your dumb ass up

  • Mike

    Rest In Peace J. Dilla

  • sizakhoza

    As far as i know, Jaylib was Madlib and Jay Dilla. How is J.Rocc a member of JayLib?? Fucking Hiphopdx!!!

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      Ummm yeah... J Rocc was the DJ in the group Jaylib. Kinda like how Jam Master J was in the group Run DMC? You see, a real hip-hop groups used to have these dudes who spin 2 vinyl records with a mixer behind the emcees.

    • Anonymous

      true. i dont know what they thinking writing that shit

  • Whatever

    The Ian Curtis of hiphop.

  • Dilla4Life

    J-Rocc is a mooch. This is evidence that he is milking Dilla's legacy. He's gonna rape his collection and then be on some "what you know bout this shit here" elitest bullshit. FUCK YOU and those House Shoes.


      wth? How your name dilla4ever and you refer to the people who sole purpose is to keep his legacy alive "elitist"? foh u bitter bitch go download his music cause Im sure you do nothing to help preserve his legacy or the cause...#DILLASAYSGO!

    • ayee

      what a fukn idiot. jrocc been killing it since before time began. go to see him play one time, just once, and get the dust blow out your bloody pee-pee hole

  • a Jay Dee fan

    milking his legacy for everything it's worth.

    • J88

      Im sure you want them to just hand over everything Jay ever did to your ungrateful ass so you can jack his drums, rap over unheard instrumentals and rape his entire catalog without a drop of care in the world! thats all you internet guys do then you swear dilla changed your life lol! all you guys do is sit on the sidelines and comment about every damn thing smh. Your got more of an opinion than actual fortitude !

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