Kendrick Lamar Calls Jay-Z Collaboration "An Accomplishment," Comments On South By Southwest

Kendrick Lamar speaks on "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix)," says South By Southwest is "a beautiful thing."

Attendee’s at South By Southwest, and later anyone with an internet connection, were in for quite the musical surprise when Young Guru previewed a sample of the “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix),” which boasts appearances from both Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z.

While at the coveted music festival, Kendrick chopped it up with MTV News and spoke briefly on how much of an accomplishment his collab with Jay-Z is.

“It’s just one of them things, you know, you live up to. One of those moments to really challenge yourself and say, ‘Okay, that’s how I come in.’ I always looked up to the greats to be a great,” said Kendrick. “So to actually be on a track with him it’s an accomplishment.”

Although the TDE rapper graced many a stage at South By Southwest, he revealed that it’s pretty enjoyable being able to take in various genres of music at one festival.

"South By Southwest, a lot of great shows. A few of my homies performing. That’s the best thing, just getting to see people that I actually like go out here and rock,” Kendrick explained. “I think that’s the beautiful thing about South By you know, music moves people, so there's really no boundaries to what you might run into. You might run into some indie rock, you might run into some rock, you might run into some Hip Hop, some jazz, blues, R&B, whatever."

Kendrick didn’t touch on when the full version of “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Remix)” will be released, but did reveal that his next musical release would be “Kill My Vibe.”

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  • zerocool

    For years people have made such remarks about Dre... so he just got lucky... FOR 30 YEARS he has been on a lucky streak. He got LUCKY that he helped put together N.W.A. then he got lucky he worked with Daz, Kurupt, Snoop, Warren G, Nate and virtually anyone else that was West Coast G Funk when he started Death Row... then He got Lucky when he walked out on one of the biggest labels in hip hop to start his own which led to Eminem and 50 cent etc. People claim he doesnt make his own music... where the fuck are the guys that claim that shit? Making iffy tracks underground while lucky ass Dre continues to be a huge name. This cat wins the lottery like every few years it seems... love to shake his hand and hope to get as lucky as Dre has. Album sales does not dictate a persons ability but Dre has put out classics, he has produced classics and he continues to discover proteges that become huge in the game and usually pretty respected. So again tell me how Dre has fucked up time and again. Follow that up with the perils of poor Slim Shady who gots ta rap for food!

  • Anonymous

    "Ya cuz signing the hometown kid in K-dot who's 1st album on the lable has been prasied across the industry by his peers and critics alike was a bad judgement indeed" You're giving Dre far more credit than he deserves. He's going to milk K Dot just like he did Eminem. If you believe that makes him a genius then there's nothing I can do for you.

    • zerocool

      Ya cuz people were lining up and fighting to sign Eminem... TDE released how many records before any of them made the kind of noise that led to Dre picking them up? Last I checked Eminem got pretty fucking rich too. Great argument... start by helping yourself!!! Point: "Dre has not had good judgement" Counter: "He did sign a kid that is blowing up and making all kinds of noise" Do I need to break this one down any further for you?

  • Kendrick Lamar's Manager

    Kendrick isn't platinum and quite frankly we don't think he ever will cross that magical threshold. I just wish he was more like Rick Ross.

  • zerocool

    My favourite part of this site is reading the comments from the uneducated twaats that bitch about mainstream that obviously have no real clue about why others bitch about mainstream... its about artistic integrity and not selling yourself out to make a buck... people are hating on K-dot because he is now mainstream but GKMC sounds like his other shit... he didn't cave to a studio... he used his hype to produce a really good record the way he wanted. You idiots should be applauding the guy as he has been true to himself, his crew and his music from day one. Read a fucking book you neanderthals!

  • Kendrick Lamar

    Truth is I couldn't afford Lady Gaga. Since I haven't gone platinum yet the choices of people to work with are pretty small. My dream though is to work with Rick Ross. He's so trill.

  • Anonymous

    "don't matter. kendrick and dre still left her off the album" Considering that Dre can't even get Detox out I'd say his judgement isn't too good of late.

    • zerocool

      Ya cuz signing the hometown kid in K-dot who's 1st album on the lable has been prasied across the industry by his peers and critics alike was a bad judgement indeed. I sometimes understand why a lot of the public still frowns at this music... to many idiots representing it on the streets!

  • purplesmoke

  • Anonymous

    The nigga Q said SXSW was weak this year, Fort Fader was tight thoo! Kendrick just tryin to say the right shit to keep the people/press happy. I'm still happy for that nigga

  • Dick Bonein

    Get this gay ass sounding nigga the fuck out of here!!! This MF is just ok ..and this bitch nigga is not humble!! Overhype fag rap!

  • Tahir

    lets wait and see if this dude can go 5 albums with the same rhyme without fallin off ...he aint working to the top like other rappers did ,when you get overrated or overate yourself too soon you fall off quickly

  • Anonymous

    "outta the recycling bin and put it on a remix with jay-z?" Cause she's a superstar with a worldwide fanbase.

  • It's Enough To Make A Nigga Go Crazy

    Meanwhile, in Detroit, a man just got robbed at gun point by his own cousin.

  • Anonymous

    bitch dont kill my music fuck mainstream

  • Anonymous

    SXSW yesterday was great ATCQ opened up for Prince and I got high with some Brazilian niggas

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that (as far as we know) Lady Gaga isn't on the remix all things considering...

    • ^

      Good joke. Gaga is wack.

    • Anonymous

      for precisely that reason. She's got a good voice, she's got radio clout, on the song she doesn't overshadow Kendrick, and it's a remix (so they can include who and what they want). Personally I agree with Anonymous 1. Kinda want to see K.Dot on ARTPOP.

    • Anonymous

      why would she be? they left her off the album so why would they pull that shit outta the recycling bin and put it on a remix with jay-z?

  • PF215

    such a humble dude, i cant wait for whats in store in the future

  • JonnyThaBest

    SXSW will be so dope!

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