Lil Wayne Tweets That He Is "Good" Following Second Seizure Incident

UPDATE: Lil Wayne's Twitter account indicates that the rapper is recovering quickly.

In breaking news, for the second time this week, Lil Wayne was rushed to the hospital after suffering seizures. The Cash Money Records superstar is reportedly in critical condition at the Los Angeles, California Cedar-Sinai Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit, according to In an updated report, the site claims Wayne is being prepared for last rights, as his family is currently traveling.

TMZ gathered reports that a "high amount of codeine" was discovered in Lil Wayne's system, requiring his stomach to be flushed multiple times. Reports add that Wayne is presently in a coma, and at times, shaking uncontrollably, and "breathing through tubes."

TMZ also has exclusive photographs of the entourage of vehicles outside Cedar-Sinai.

Reports earlier this week indicated that Lil Wayne, who is currently 30 years old, was suffering from dehydration, causing him to suffer seizure-like symptoms.

UPDATE: Just over an hour after the original report from broke, Lil Wayne revealed that he's recovering and "good." The rapper took to Twitter for his first tweet in days to refute reports that his life was in danger.

This tweet happened moments after Wayne's inner-circle of Birdman and Mack Maine denied the original reports, with the latter calling the breathing tubes and choma information "false."

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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  • Pimp C

    I told that boy to stay out of L.A.

  • Percy Miller last tweet 3 March

    "God bless the dead.. it's funny how they play your music, make tributes when you die and show you no love while you alive.. Cold world"

  • Hip Hop Fan

    If you are in ICU unit it is because you are doing very poorly. Also, I seriously doubt someone in the ICU unit can tweet they are okay and doing well. SMH at people believing Cash Money and those clowns saying its all a lie.

  • Elijah Muhammad's Ghost

    Can't believe my black people are actually trying to defend TMZ. Look at what the world has come to.

  • Anonymous

    birdman and ymcmb are playin weekend at bernies right now! they also sayin hes okay but no one will post a picture cause hes in a coma

  • Anonymous

    "even legit news gotta be kept in check and tmz are far from that" What are they reporting that's a lie? They follow these celebrities around and 99-100 times are simply reporting the truth. It may be exaggerated here and there for entertainment value, but that's the price celebrities pay for having their lives be an open book.

  • Jacc

    He was just feeling a little weezy. Calm down everybody.

  • 400000000000v

  • Cloughdad

    This is what happens when your most reliable source is TMZ.

  • Turn your life over to Jesus

    If his mother, brother, children and baby mother's aren't tweeting , then TMZ has the story right. Only his business associates are reporting through the media, which means something is seriously wrong with Wayne.


    Don't wish death on him. wish that he WAKE UP!

  • Anonymous

    worst rapper ever weezy fag baby

  • fuck him

    I hope he dies, pleaseeee.

  • Baton Rouge Southern University Human Jukebox

    Why are those New Orleans dudes always on that Heroin and Codeine?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, he didn't die?

  • anonymous

    drugs catch up on you pretty quick eh?

  • PuCho

    I must be the only one who doesn't believe that tweet was sent by Lil Wayne himself. If he's really in the ICU, then there is no way they are having contact with him if they aren't immediate family. I think someone else is posting on his twitter account and trying to deflect attention from the severity of the situation, and trying to cover their asses in case the inevitable happens and they potentially catch a case for enabling his habit. TMZ isn't the New York Times, but they have never been wrong about celebrity death stories or stories leading up to the deaths.

  • MalcolmLittle

    So...NO ONE'S gonna point out the fact this article was written on the 15th, yet the tweets are dated the 16th?? Y'all are just gonna let that fly right on past like nothin's funny about it at all huh? o_O

    • MalcolmLittle

      -_- I see in your attempt to be clever you missed the point entirely. How the hell an article that's written on the 15th gonna include tweets that say they're posted on the 16th? Ain't just a HHDX typo either, it's on AllHipHop the same way. It don't take no Sherlock Holmes shit to see somethin ain't right with that, just a functional brain. I only checked the time on the TMZ article to make sure I wasn't talkin out my ass when I replied. Ain't about to waste no more keystrokes on the issue though cuz I don't give a damn about the man dead or alive, so it's pointless really. Ain't wishin death on him but I could honestly care less. I'm gone.

    • anonymous

      haha look at sherlock holmes over here. lol im glad you caught that one we were all screwed who knows what coulda happened to us had we thought that the tweet was 5 hours after the article instead of 1.

    • MalcolmLittle

      Well...genius...that's also why that same update you speak of says those tweets were sent out --and I quote--"Just over an hour after the original report from broke", which if you go the site, was posted at 4:39pm Pacific time...on the 15TH. Fuckin idiot.

    • anonymous

      thats why in big bold letters underneath the original article it says UPDATE. fuckin idiot.

  • jase

    lil wayne need to sue the fucking shit outta TMZ. ol gossiping ass hoes.

  • Chris Etrata

    I hate Lil wayne and his music but i don't wish death on anyone.

  • fukymcmb


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don't fuck with Wayne's music, and I don't really like dude but I hope he's gonna be okay.

  • Anonymous

    Well, at least he has some down bitches he can call, can't he? On the sidenote, I suspect Birdman behind the scenes - Suge put Pac in the coffin, Puffy did the same with Biggie, why Birdman would be an exception? He own every single piece of work Weezy ever made, and now that he's about to quit to play Tony Hawk full-time, he's not valuable anymore. A few years, onehunnid' previously unreleased Wayne feature-verses and like six posthumous LP later Baby will still winning! #BelieveThat!

  • Anonymous

    i been going thru my itunes and i got a few decent lil wayne songs from years ago. hes hasnt had a decent song in years though.

  • Anonymous

    prayers and wishes?... anyone care this fuck boy is killin himself?... and dont get all political on me, hes a waste of time...

  • Anonymous

    I wish you well Boo.. I hope these Fuckin stories is lie'N cause we can't lose you You are the best we got around..

  • Anonymous

    I don't believe that Wayne himself tweeted that. I think they are trying to hide stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Right, there are people that are tired of being ostracized for not dickriding this dude and for being criticized for not being about their own grind or how they go about society that they end up, we, really, end up being criticized that we're not about sustaining our own well-being for not supporting lil Wayne. Please. Miss with that bullshit. We don't need it. We don't want it. We do not care if he lives or dies and honestly, to think, how many people treat rappers in general, especially if they do not pertain to their own ideological outlook on their own identity, as disposable, should serve as a notice to how Hip Hop itself is. There are rappers that I would never in my life want to see pass away, cause I'd want them to make legendary music. And lil Wayne happens to not be one of them.



  • Anonymous

    Kevin Hart @KevinHart2ReaI If Lil Wayne dies Drake will make the most depressing CD in music history

  • Anonymous

    Yo @LilTunechi, I'm really happy for you & Imma let you finish but, Bruce Wayne had one of the best fake death of all time

  • Anonymous

    i havent kissed my daddy since i was like 6 and i really came from his ball sack unlike wayne and birdman

  • Anonymous

    oomf just tweeted do you know when Lil Wayne is dropping the new DEADication?... WOW - kevin hart

  • Anonymous

    weezy f baby and the f is for funeral -kevin hart

  • Anonymous

    Too bad wayne died before he ever got to do a legit ollie or land a kickflip since he was so about that skate life.

  • Marshall Mathers

    Hi my name is Slim Shady, i shit on all these rappers

  • Anonymous

    Emmett Till is getting his revenge! Karma is a bitch isn't it you lil hoe!

  • Moe

    Something doesn't seem right. Wayne doesn't type like that. He usually spells almost every word wrong. Something is up.

  • Anonymous

    this is all promo for the new album guys, weezy's label knows thsi is the only shit to make people buy this lil gremlins album

  • Anonymous

    it's so obviously not him tweeting this. his handlers are scrambling trying to cover this shit up same nigga that mocked emmett till is on his death bed LOL

  • JT

    Damn all you broke ass haters are so fuckin lame. Wishing death. Yall just jealous Wayne accomplish more in life and make more money in a day then you broke ass haters make in a lifetime. Get betta Weezy.

    • Locc

      Ok let me rephrase it then. Fuck you, fuck Wayne, and fuck JT.

    • Anonymous

      Oh really? lil Wayne's death would come back to you? Is he gonna come haunt me in my sleep and torture me in my dreamful state for not copping the Carter III. This guy has said some horrendous shit and you wanna piggy back on the morality of others hoping their condemnation comes promptly in the defense of lil Wayne? Please, you would hope to god that this dude is preserved in the history of rap. But you wanna hope that his detriment to society goes justified and that his criticism goes unjustified to justify your own detriment to society. Be real.

    • Locc

      I hate this nigga but I still don't wish death on him. Karma will get you like it's getting him for all the shit he's said.

    • Locc

      Man am I sick of these type of comments. I don't hate him because he's famous. I hate him because he makes terrible music that is fed to the masses, I hate him because he contributed to the downfall of mainstream rap. Wipe off your chin you dickriding faggot. If I was your dad I would slap the shit out of you for bragging about another grown ass mans money like its yours.

    • Lil' Wayne

      Nucca get off my dick and go get me a bed pan.



  • TeamWeezy

    Man fuck all you hating niggas don't make me find that IP info and murk y'all hoe asses respect a nigga BITCH!!

  • Anonymous

    TMZ hasnt pulled it. Idk, I really doubt they making shit up. If they just watchin Syracuse than instagram aint that hard

  • Anonymous

    i died laughing when his seizure was "breaking news" on cnn

  • Anonymous

    get better dawg, fuk the haters

    • Anonymous

      ay virgin reateard nerd, i meant lil waynes haters,the ones thats saying, i hope he dies,shit like that,woow, u are stupid

    • Anonymous

      Shut up you have no haters, you have a disposition that allows hate that delusional fucken mentality that you have haters, you have no haters. You have people worried whether or not they'll get robbed or jumped at your presence, that's it. That's not hate homie, that's preoccupation.

  • C

    WOW! I can't believe there are still people wishing death on him! Contrary to the album title, HE IS A HUMAN BEING! The man has four kids, and y'all are wishing death on him because he isn't making good music? Man we live in a fucked up world. Like true scum. I hope y'all find religion.

    • C

      I just said I was wrong for saying that. What more do you want?

    • Anonymous

      Right, but making sure other people find religion seems a bit backwards when defending lil Wayne. This dude is the pope to too many who claim to be faithful followers of Christ, and shouldn't follow either the Church, dare I suggest Christ, or lil Wayne. Please. We could do away with both lil Wayne and the conventional morality you cling on to in hopes of preserving your tastes in Hip Hop. Can we have a Separation of Church and Hip Hop please?

    • C

      I'm not calling you a sinner, and the comment isn't directed towards people like you. It's directed toward the people saying shit like "why didnt this lil nigga die", or other shit. I'll admit, I should've not said find religion, I really meant get your head straight and stop thinking like that, ya know? And to the comment above, I'm not on the devil's dick and I'm most def not your honey.

    • Anonymous

      And the irony is, that you consider those who rag on lil Wayne's contribution to society "scum" while attempting to suggest we? Who don't like the fucker's music, and cherish the real shit, need religion. This guy talks about hoes dro and guns but we need religion? Not you? But not you... Please get off the devils dick honey.

    • Hip Hop Is My Religion

      We're not wishing death on him, we just wouldn't mind if he were to pass. That's it. And we wouldn't find religion in his music. It's a bit ironic that being indifferent to his death would suggest us sinners, especially considering he tries to play the devil in his music. :/

  • Anonymous

    popped a molly i'm shaking, WOOH

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan but hope for the best and if it is a hoax fuck whoever is behind it.

  • nick

    I hope he doesn't die. Then all these idiots will be talking about him like he the goat. Fuckin dumbass just look like a junkie

  • Judge Dre

    Hope Wayne gets better. Vote on his best Carter check out

  • @sencity730.

    that nigga need to thank his body guard . He da one who found his ass almost dead

  • Ronald Destra

    Lil' Wayne,I hope you get well soon.Parents encourage your children to take interest in reading by purchasing them books to read at home.Hoppy the Frog children book would be a great gift parents and grandparents might like to buy for the kids to read.Hoppy the Frog is a frog race for a regal bride.The book helps children gain self confidence,courage,find identity,help find their purposes in life and to never give up.Order now and save on free shipping.

  • Anonymous

    ....After his death.

  • Anonymous

    why didnt this lil nigga die

  • Anonymous

    Watch as people align themselves to his defense with what others have established as "sympathetic points". That is the easiest way to forgive a man for all the atrocious songs and things he has sad. Let him do something where he is victimized by his own actions and then everybody will go on as his music goes justified. You shouldn't be this man's redeemer, you owe him and you do not have any moral obligation to suggest what he has or can do with his body, what he does is ultimately up to him and is of his consequence. If Justin Beiber can break down and have the entirety of the world sympathize for him, only so he could go on and revitalize his own faith by his fans, a cheap way of handling Public Relations, then let him. It should be of no consequence to you. It should not be. There is nothing in him that should suggest a sovereignty to your own personal well-being.

  • Anonymous

    how SSSSSSSSSSSTUPID can people be!? Just because his twitter ACCOUNT made a damn tweet doesn't mean it actually came from wayne himself. Damn people can be so damn dumb and gullible. We dont know the real situation of wayne be I do wish him the best. People hate on him but if he do die from b4 his time pple gonna then start saying how much of a legend to the rap game he was. Haters either dont realize his true talent, dont really listen to his music, or jealous of his skills

    • Anonymous

      People are gonna say he's a legend but say it just get their names in or heard. I saw that interview with N.O.R.E./PAPI, he should've just been honest about that "lil Wayne being misunderstood" There's no reason to defend this man's reputation and deem it blasphemy to criticize him or feel indifferent for what he does to himself.

  • Jay

    God is not trying to get his attention. He is just a fucking dope fiend.

  • Anonymous

    HAs anybody seen lil waynes latest video? when he morphs into satan? All i'm saying is.....HE NEED TO QUICK PLAYING AROUND WITH THE ain't funny.....

  • Anonymous

    dear lil wayne....God is trying to get your attention.....that is all

  • 2Pac, Biggy, Jam Master Jay

    real legends die from the bullet, not medicine.

  • ZeeBBoy

    I have no pity if Lil Wayne dies...If people can cheer for Chavez, Ghadafi, Bin Laden, etc to die...we should be able to cheer for Lil Wayne's death. He is a terrorist to hip hop. Actually, there are a few others who should join this list as well. It'll be a good day for hip hop when this happens.

  • Kaleb

    How is this guy in critical condition but just tweeted that he's fine.

  • Gxgdtgeb

    Hiphop making a come woohoo ha

  • Fish

    wow, the first ever DX board about this sort of topic with barely anyone wishing death on someone because they dont like their music!! Get well soon Weezy.

  • Anonymous

    To echo some of the commentators below, I genuinely wish him well and hope that he comes through this alive - I don't think that being a fan of his music should be the only reason to wish someone doesn't die.

  • Anonymous

    I would feel bad if he died...But at the same time, maybe it will save others who think it's a good idea to drink cough syrup...

  • Sam Snead

    I'm sure you are dehydrated, if instead of drinking water you get out the hospital and go on Sizzurp binge and end up in the hospital again, now in worse condition. Hopefully he pulls through and changes his life around. Live Weezy, just don't make music anymore please, I don't want to have to see you be a musical martyr for the next year and all your cheezy label mates making tribute songs, please

  • Anonymous

    This is honestly sad, i am not a fan of this man but drugs kill.

  • Anonymous

    Dude is a raging drug addict so what am I suppose to do, feel bad for him?? I wouldnt wish it on him but fuck it, if he dies then so be it, nobody forced him to take all that shit. my sympathy lies with murder victims, people who die in car accidents, etc etc ..... You know, people who didnt have a choice. This cat had a choice, he can live (or die) with his decision.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I hate his music I feel really bad right now...

  • JS23

    It's hard for me to feel bad for someone who compared Emmett Till to a pussy being fucked.

  • Anonymous

    Make it out of this turmoil and change for the better of your health my boy!

  • Anonymous

    I hate what yo turned into over the years but chill out Weezy. Get your health up.

  • Anonymous

    last rights...what is that?

  • Anonymous

    I don't like much of his music, but seeing a human-being in this state is sad. You can dislike, bash and trash talk as much as you want to a person, but when it comes to the individual health. It changes your perspective of the person (music) and focus more on the actual person well-being. Hope Wayne feels better because no one deserves what he is going through.

    • Anonymous

      right, but he is not going where Big and Pac went. Hope he can turn his life around because there is too much people who look up to him

  • RC

    Well, if you're going to do drugs you play with fire, you're going to get burned. Sad for his family but he brought it all on himself.

  • DjZZeRo

    Lil Wayne needs to listen to Macklemore - Other side. Codeine isn't a good thing. It can really mess up you in high amounts. Well not a big lil wayne fan, but hope a speedy recovery for him. Hope he quits that Codeine though.

  • Esco

    Can't understand why he have to be doing all these drugs! Hope that he make it through and start making better decisions though! One Love!

    • Anonymous

      seriously... if i had all that money and women and fame then i would be high on LIFE, fuck always doing drugs and staying high n shit...

  • BDub

    Mack Maine & Birdman have both stated on Twitter that Weezy is alive and doing fine.

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  • storm

    hope you devils are happy

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