Chief Keef Released From Juvenile Detention Center

Chief Keef is a free man after spending 60 days under lockdown.

Chief Keef was released from a juvenile detention center earlier today after serving 60 days for violating his probation, according to DNA Info.

Sosa has returned according to his Twitter. An unidentified person who mans the account wrote, "He is on his way bk. We about 2 turn up. Gbe. Retweet."

The Chicago, Illinois rapper was initially jailed 60 days ago after violating his probation stemming from a 2011 incident where he pointed a gun at a policeman. Prosecutors claimed that he violated his 18-month probation by conducting an interview at a gun range in New York last June. The incident went against judge's orders that he cannot have contact with firearms.

In December, Keef released his debut album Finally Rich, which has sold 144,000 copies to date.

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  • True Stills

    Another Monkey out the zoo. Why is this news?

  • Anonymous

    i feel so bad for his daughter. shes doomed

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully he gets back to the studio soon...We need some more of that real gangsta shit he dropped on Finally Rich

  • Anonymous

    "Rick Ross is fake" It's no different than an actor playing a role. Of course it's fake. It's entertainment. If it was real Ross would probably either be dead or in prison. Where would the entertainment value be in that?

  • Anonymous

    "How is it you know this and the Chicago police don't?" Of course they know. It's just all they care about are their pensions. They don't want any part of trying to stop the violence because that's not why they really became police officers.

  • hahaha

    Haha why weren't you "TURNED UP" in court when you was crying like a biiaaatch?? And your supposed to be a stone cold killer from Chicago?!? HAHAHAHA

  • e4e000 ///// smhhh

  • TheTruestLie

    Funny how the mainstream media is reporting the Chief Keef story this way. Here's the real news

  • Art Brooks

    Hope he ain't letting these old-ass niggaz he rolls with pimp him for his money.



  • Carnal Pleasures

    I just got paid $6784 working off my laptop this month. And if you think that's cool, my divorced friend has twin toddlers and made over $9k her first month. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. Here's what I do Rich45.C0M__

  • Don Dutch

    60 days in juvie? This bitch nigga just left Camp Snoopy

  • Cheifqueef

    As long as he never makes another song again i couldn't care less about this missed abortion!

  • Anonymous

    cali agents - how the west was one

  • Anonymous

    "he pretends to be the people he was locking up behind bars!" You are one sad individual. Keef has his gang buddies kill people. He mocks rivals who turn up dead. Real cool, huh? All that money thanks to Interscope, yet he treats his career like a hobby. Ross held down a real job at 19. He's what, in his 30's now? So what if he denied it. He doesn't owe people who steal music explanations.

    • Anonymous

      I swear u niggas get stupid and more STUPID every day!

    • Anonymous

      "Keef has his gang buddies kill people" ^ ok detective Quote-Man How is it you know this and the Chicago police don't?

    • Anonymous

      I pay for music. I wouldn't even steal a Rick Ross or Chief Keef album. Not saying it's cool but Chief Keef lives what he raps about while Rick Ross is fake. Nigga is almost 40 pretending to be a drug lord "who kills people".

  • Judge Dredd

    He's 17 you fuccin haters let the kid live. Keef welcome home and get on that blitzkrieg and promote the shit out of your album my dude. FUCK EVERYBODY, get your money. Support your grandmother and your child..... P.S work on them rhymes to my g. VANCITYS FINEST. DO TO THESE BITCH MADE RAPPERS LIKE VAGINAS. BET I GO INNN!!

  • Anonymous

    He a hood hero now?? Hehehehe...Stupid Americans.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule doesn't cry. He weeps, but only on occasion.

  • Anonymous

    "He definitely took an L with the crying, but other rappers have done worse (exposed as a CO)" How is holding down a real job at 19 worse than being held in a detention facility? Once Keef turns 18, this all becomes real, so you might want to re-examine who stands to take the bigger loss.

    • Kold Breeze

      I don't give a fukk what anybody has to say, Ross is liar and a former CO and for all we kno he kould be a hip hop kop. At least Keef is being himself. I do agree tho that if he doesn't start 2 kalm down a lil, he gonna stand to lose alot more than fame. Let's hope Rick Ross finally gets killed this year..... #TeamJaRule

    • Anonymous

      chief keef at age 14 was realer than william roberts ever been

    • Anonymous

      nigga lied about it when he got exposed! he pretends to be the people he was locking up behind bars! its way worse and if you can't see that you're delusional. oh wait we already know you are delusional.

  • Fuck Chicago

    lmao this nigga ain't even old enough to go to prison

  • Big Homie

    Y'all some hoe niggas hating on a seventeen year old smh.

  • dilli

    YESH!!! i for one am glad. we're all blessed to have the opportunity to listen to a real gangster (such as myself) like big chief sosa :) lol jus kiddin'. heheheh catch another offense boi.

  • chairman

    Y'all are hilarious. I'm not a huge Keef fan, although I appreciate that he can make club bangers. 60 days equals a lot of money for Chief Keef, especially when you consider that he's making over $15,000 for a show, and he's in the middle of the promotional tour for his album. Dude's a 17 year old kid, I don't think it's fair or smart to challenge his credibility because he shed tears in the face of a difficult situation. Regardless of if that happened or not, he's still the same dude that shot it out with the cops, and got knocked for dealing heroin. He definitely took an L with the crying, but other rappers have done worse (exposed as a CO, chain snatched, caught cross dressing...etc).

  • Anonymous

    i saw one picture from when he got out and he was holding his daughter in the front seat of a car! no car seat or nothing! send him back to jail!

  • Anonymous

    Thats too bad. I hope he gets locked up for good next time. His music is trash.

  • jake

    He better get working and promoting asap if he wants to complete his contractual agreement with his record label. If not he's in crazy debt by next year. BANG BANG

  • Anonymous

    gangsters dont cry over 60 days in juvie! he should be laughed out of rap

    • chiefqueefMcCockswollower


  • Mike

    Thats not his twitter his is verified and its @ChiefKeef

    • Anonymous

      look underneath retard you can call yourself whatever you want on twitter and he calls himself bigguccisosa300

  • Anonymous

    ur still a bitch nigga for crying over 60 days..

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