Lil Wayne Hospitalized In Los Angeles After Suffering From Multiple Seizures

Lil Wayne suffers from yet another seizure, this time while wrapping filming for a music video in Los Angeles.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ reports that Young Money rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized on Tuesday, March 12th after suffering from multiple seizures. The seizures happened shortly after Lil Wayne wrapped shooting for a music video in Los Angeles, he was then taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The Young Money helmsman was eventually released from the hospital and is said to be doing okay.

Although a serious health scare, Tuesday’s incident isn’t the only time Lil Wayne has suffered from one or more seizures. Back in October, a private jet Lil Wayne was flying on was forced to make an emergency stop after the rapper began exhibiting “seizure-like” symptoms.

The “seizure-like” symptoms were reportedly caused by a severe migraine and dehydration. Following the incident, Lil Wayne was prescribed seizure medication and was also asked by a doctor to drink at least four bottles of water per day.

Neither Lil Wayne nor a rep for the rapper has responded to news of his latest seizure.

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  • Anonymous

    sorry maan hope u get better

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    all you motherfuckers who wants this man dead i hope your mother die bitch and your grandma right behind her then your sister bitch then your kids if you have any now you die bitch

    • Anonymous

      Good joke. Everything you say is bullshit.

    • Look Here

      What is wrong with these people wishing death upon anyone, especially someone who has never done anything personally to you. You don't think he's a good MC? So what.. get over yourself.. why would you waste your time even writing anything about this man if you feel a hatred this strong about him? Whether you like it, or not... Dude has accomplished basically anything and everything he could in the rap game... He's got a loyal fan base that so much larger than your fav rapper thats out right now... Not only does he sell the most records, but breaks every touring record possible... No matter what you think about him.. he will never be forgotten, as much as that would please most of you, its the truth.



  • Anonymous

    it just a rumour don't believe it

  • Anonymous

    Just in Wayne is now in critical condition, fuck his music but save the guy it's his life. Too much codeine!!

  • Art Brooks

    Yo Wayne, U got the game twisted. I know U wanna be the new Pac and shit, but Pac teased niggaz about having seizures, he didn't have 'um himself.

  • sewsrdtftygyuhujijk

  • sewsrdtftygyuhujijk

    well redman beat up his own friend in front of ppl at a clubb thats not nice redmannnnn

  • Anonymous

    SiZZeizure from sippin on that drank

  • hypestyles

    Hopefully he will stay alive, and choose healthier lifestyle habits: eat healthier foods and beverages, avoiding the "sizzurp/purple drank", cutting back on alcohol in general, stop with the GMO weed he smokes. He can't blame player-haters for this. He can't blame hostile white folks.

    • Fuck The South

      This nigga LOST. Ain't no healthy food on this world that can stop him from falling into the grave he dug for himself.

  • Anonymous

    he had a seizure cause he heard ja rules gettin out soon.. ITS MURDAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    see you in hell wayne, life's a bitch kid...

  • i8i i8i

    just give him some syrup and a molly...oh wait, that's what he's been self-medicating with already.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Great for Hip Hop!

  • xcfcghbjn

  • Shit That's Destroying The World Right Now

    Any Rap Music other than Immortal Technique (especially YMCMB/Good Music) The Gay Agenda The AmeriKKKan Government Coward rappers acting so hard Fox News Negroes with no knowledge of self The Lopez Tonight Show Hip Hop reality shows

  • Wushu1

    Popped a Molly I'm dying woo!

  • John G

    You guys think he's really doin that much drugs? Or is that just part of his image?

    • Anonymous

      It's only a matter of time till what he professes becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy. The guy always talks about molly, not giving a fuck about another man's life, I mean, if he were to die tomorrow? It'd be a bit ironic that he killed himself and no one else. :/

    • Anonymous

      Couldn't you argue both? The guy has a persona of being careless and is attempting to maintain it by any means.

  • blitzlegga

    its obvious that nigga is self medicating. maybe he's trying to kill himself so he can be immortal like pac....

  • Carnal Pleasures

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  • what i think

    Dam yo.Why the fuck this keep happening??

  • storm

    yous must be little ass kids posting this shit.... spoiled white kids at that....that have yet to realize the seriousness of death. the permanence. This is disgusting reading this shit... imagine if people were saying this stuff about you. You fuking retards. Have fun burning in hell... i know americas probably brainwashed this batch of youth to stop believing in after life... but your in for a rude awakening pawns. what if this was you having seizures... would it still be funny. your minds are warped in video games and tv and its actually pretty disturbing I wish i could personally beat the shit out of every one of you little fucks.

    • loll

      storm..just shut up lmao.. your the smartest dumb nigga on the site ha

    • Anonymous

      he brought it all on himself. if i was a complete waste case shitbag druggie for years and people said this shit about me i would accept that i had it coming.

  • kennyken

    when he finally realizes that he is a human being, he'll start treating his body like he is a human being. A play on "I am not a human being"

    • sam snead

      He is more of a cancer to hip hop then anything, he was the most popular rapper in hip hop's darkest days. Now we have to deal with all his corny disney world label mates as well that he made so popular. "best rapper alive", all these lemmings believed it as well

    • Brizz

      Stop talking like you have the absolute undeniable truth. It is definately arguable. I dont think at all hes been extremely important to hiphop. Maybe to his label and niche of hiphop what you say is true but he has in no way been a extremely important and impressive artist hahaha. Maybe i can agree that he has been somewhat influential on the game but really not that much you want it to be. Even though he sells alot is he in no way a quality artist. Not at all. He was even more terrible in the hot boys actually. Nah im not with what you say at all.

    • W9D

      You do know that you defeat the purpose of the pun by spelling it out, right? Lil' Wayne releases a lot of bullshit music these days, but there's no arguing against the fact that he's, at points in his career, been an extremely important, influential and impressive artist in the genre. It would be such a shame to see him lose his life before he's 50. Too many Jazz heavyweights lost their lives similarly and, as a result, Jazz was reduced to folklore so quickly after its creative peak. Hiphop needs to cherish its true greats while they're here because history would tell you it only has so much time left as the musical pulse of a large portion of youth in United States culture. Every genre in history has eventually run its course and been reduced to an exclusively alternative or underground existence.

  • 50 glocc

    40glocc, don't u have a movie set to be crashing again? go get beat up again like a pussy and sue wayne for millions? haha, 40 you ain't a entertainer and we all know you ain't never been the streets.

  • Anonymous

    good news for hip hop

  • Anonymous

    this nigga on every hot song on da streets right now. 500K first week!!!

  • Anonymous

    when you have a seizure from too much lean it's called a Sizzeizure

  • Anonymous

    We're so serious we're dead serious.

  • Anonymous

    popped a molly i'm shaking

  • Fukymcmb

    I thought it was just fatigue. This fools so bitch made he needs to lie about his medical conditions to stay "hot". Everybody can see he's an ugly midget, so why would we care about a seizure disorder. Die already you piece of shit!

  • Anonymous

    He needs to stop fucking with that lean and popping mollys... Niggas think that shit is cool til your ass end up in the hospital for them seizures or worst, a stroke! Keep thinking it's a game! What happened to just smoking some kush? These niggas are the new crack heads and dope fiends!

  • Anonymous

    All that molly he talks about gave him seizures...

  • Anonymous

    Hoping a dude dies because you don't like his music or him as a person, but don't know him at all, smh ridiculous only word I can think of.

    • Anonymous

      And his most intimate thoughts are not that impressive... "#NoHomo" :*)

    • Anonymous

      when you live your life in on tv/video/internet, give personal interviews, show people your hours, write your supposed most intimate thoughts as song for the world to see, you cant really say people dont know him. Just because we havent met him doesnt mean we dont know what kind of person he is. FUCK THIS CLOWN

    • Anonymous

      And he's going to die eventually, and by the looks of it, he won't be treated as a legend. There will be some that argue his existence as justifiable. Some that won't. Just look it like this. It will be like why did the Spice Girls break up. And later on in life you'll look back and think, "... ha, that was silly.... Why did I even listen to that guy... ha...."

    • Anonymous

      Well I can think of several that would justify the lack of compassion I have for his mortality. SMH

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Funny that you would call Jay-Z a sellout and not Nas. Ever heard of Summer on Smash? You Owe Me? Oochie Wally? If I Ruled the World? Hate Me Now? lol fuck outta here.

  • Anonymous

    It's from drugs, just like with Rick Ross.

  • Anonymous

    You people are ridiculous.

  • Street's Disciple my raps are trifle

    Fuck these Jay-Z stans! Nas is the king of hip hop. That sellout nigga ain't shit!

  • Ceelo

    Jay-Z > Nas Takeover > Ether Reasonable Doubt > Illmatic

  • AmeriKKKa: Land of the Weak, Home of the Slave

    Sad that this gremlin nigga is famous. Shame on AmeriKKKa.

  • Morpheus

    "i love to see him dead. fuck this homo rapper" What If I Told You..... This says alot about who you are, and where your headed.

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    Should have been Nas instead.

  • Eye Control

    Damn this is tough news. Lil Wayne has always been my favorite West Coast rapper. Ever since he dropped Illmatic I knew he would go down as one of the greats. His career has been challenged and he has been through so much, hope he recovers quick. If he dies that would be a huge blow do hip hop. I'll never forget when he beefed with Ja Rule and Benzino and ended their careers. Great career, 5 undisputed classics. Wayne = GOAT!!

    • Anonymous

      I don't understand why you fools bother with these trolls....

    • Anonymous

      I feel you, man. A lot of dudes criticizing Lil Wayne being on that conscious hip-hop, but even with that he is the best-selling recording artist ever with only number one albums. On top of that, he's getting that independent money and investing it wisely, do you remember that Vitamin Water deal? Not surprising he's topping the Forbes list every year. Haters even accusing her hot wife, Alicia Keys that she married to him because his wealth! Ridiculous. She is no gold digger and these people are just jealous of Wayne's constant success. The fact that he's not just a true MC who's the voice of his generation, but a revolutionary producer too brought Wayne numerous awards, including 21 Grammys and an Academy Award for the the Best Original Song. Not to mention that he invented profilic flows and rhyming styles over the years, while your favourite artist only copycats. Compton was not the nicest place to grew up, but my man Wayne went through so many trials and tribulations ... and look at him now. God bless his soul!

    • lol

      theres so many issues with your statement idk where to being..

    • Anonymous

      you already posted that moron. keep trolling though

  • Anonymous


    • Look Here

      You call someone gay because he called a friend, "buddy"? Wow... So ignorant.

    • Anonymous

      2nd anon, a buddy?!? what are you, gay nigga?

    • Anonymous

      wayne don't do fuckin coke.. smh.. quit pullin shit out your ass... although, I would be willing to bet that his withdrawls have something to do with his use of benzos (Xanax)... unfortunately, I have a buddy who has seizures caused by his use of massive amounts of Xanax...

  • flipflop

    idk whether its good or not if wayne dies. bunch of sheeps who adoring him now will say he a legend like pac and biggie. this shit is foul mentioning him with the greats. bunch of unreleased bullshit we will hear, we heard the released stuff and it can be more worse. embrace yourself when this time comes.

    • Look Here

      If this man passes at this age, he will no doubt be brought up in the same sentence as all the rest of the greats that passed too early.. including big and pac. You might not think he's a better MC then them, but the man has just a large of a fan base then they had when they were living... That's the truth.. numbers don't lie.

    • not even close

      oh ok i didnt read the rest of your post.. i saw what u said about pac and biggy and i didnt fault. but ppl will and its fuckin sad bec hes not even close 2 his level and i think god could do america a solid bringing up to heaven early..along with many many many other rappers

    • not even close

      DONT EVER COMPARE WAYNE TO TUPAC EVERR! drugs fucked up waynes rhyme game up.. if the last 5 years were scratched wayne would be one of the top 5-7 greatest of all time..but it cant be and he fucked up and just sucks so bad.. again i repeat dont even compare him 2 pac when he dies he will be noone near compared 2 pac still...or even biggy, but biggy wsa a punchline rapper..pac was bigger than rap

  • Anonymous

    i love to see him dead. fuck this homo rapper

  • Anonymous

    he should die slow, like a fucking rat

  • Anonymous

    Drugs are bad, kids.

  • Anonymous


  • i8i i8i

    now that's ratchet. just give him some klonopin's. yessir is gay, for real gay.

  • Doc Holidayz

    The brother needs to eat healthy and take a vacation from the game.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule was hospitalized last week for being too real.

  • lil wayne is trash

    Seizures!!!! Hahaahahahhahha, man fuck that fake ass wanna be blood ass faggot ass nigga man he fucking up hip hop for real and been doing it for quite awhile now. It's all a fucking publicity stunt so he can sell his album. Ain't nobody buying that garbage and he know that. Thats why he pulling seizures out of his ass, and starting shit with Miami Heat. Hope the next seizure drop his ass he takes a long dirt nap, wack ass nigga

  • donteemmmatter

    Seems cats haven't learned from Pimp C and DJ Screw...that lean ain't no joke. $ doesn't make you smart whatsoever...the lil Beiber kid even messing with the lean. The majority of the these raps cats have no regard for their health at all. I wish them all the best although I predict a casualty, not naming who [just daying], sometime in 2013 because the majority doesn't care about being healthy. Prescription cough syrup, molly, blow, Xannies, Oxys, Perks....get off them drugs....stick to Trees ijs

    • Anonymous

      These kids be putting vodka soaked tampons in their asses and OD-ing on energy drinks and stealing their mom's pills who are telling Wayne to get off the lean.

  • Bob

    I hope this coonass nigger dies. Fuck him. Fuck Malcom X and Fuck MLK. DIE NIGGER DIE. SCUM SCUM SCUM GO BACK TO WHERE YOUR FROM!

    • bob's tutor

      My dick is from the same place you are...your mom's pussy! Now go study while I make you a half black sibling you little shit!

    • damn

      noone cosigns what bob just said..not even white commentors dont make this a white black thing..this a dumb fuck thing, theres a bunch in every race

    • ^^^ This Guy ^^^

      you're just saying that cause we would fuck all your women

    • Dee

      Don't listen to them, stay out of europe. we don't need you "americans" over here.

    • Native American

      Fuck you nigga, this is my land. Go back to Scandinavia... bitch.

    • what about bob?

      Bob, take yo racist paleface ass back to Europe! You more of an immigrant than anyone else! I see yo skinhead nazi bitch ass or anyone like you, you dead! Fuck John Wayne, Fuck Elvis, Fuck yo family and friends, Bob! Ya mama love black cock in her ass...

    • Anonymous

      i want to shove a oily turkey in ur cracker anus right now girlyboy..

  • Anonymous

    I don't want him to die simply because Wayne dick riders will start glorifying his death and compare him to 2pac.. that would really piss me off

  • Anonymous

    As much as I don't like Wayne, feel better homie. Take some time off, consider retiring. Nothings more important than your health. Kick the bad habbits too

  • Warren Peace

    He'll probably get hooked on the seizure medication

  • Anonymous

    Wayne, even though I don't like you, it's time to slow down buddy before some serious shit happen.

  • Rick Ross

    If you give up cough syrup, I'll give up Twinkies. J/K

  • bizzalls

    I bet you it was because he finally had enough of Nicki Minaj's damn voice-changing bullshit all the time. That shit could drive someone nuts. for real. Everytime I hear her rap and she does that, i literally wanna punch her in her fuckin face. FUck that stupid bitch wearing wigs just like Lil Kim did, unoriginal beeyatch.

  • Anonymous

    Kids, don't listen to those who keep insisting that Kendrick will go platinum.

    • ^

      What the fuck does this has to do with this article? Kids, don't listen to delusional ass motherfuckers like this one.

  • You're Not Cool

    He's prob going to die. But he did it to himself...That's what happens when you sit around drinking robitussin like a dumb ass.

  • thugnificent

    too much sizzurp cuhh

  • dunk

    if hate was ever earned its this fucking piece of shit..for destroying rap and acting like a hard cunt when he is just a fake ass lil pussy..seen that mag cover of him copying 2pac lately?? fuck him. fuck cash money records. fuckin untalented swaggots

  • stopit5

    I like Wayne ..but he should remember what happen to Pimp C

  • Anonymous

    dammm the drugs is catching up to him,. wayne better just stik to weed for now on

  • Anonymous

    nigga heard his new album and started convulsing

  • Hey

    U think probabtion really stops wayne from smokin weed and drinkin sizzurp?

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I see all the comments about lean and weed but I think he's still on probation but I'm not 100% sure. I'm not a real fan of his music anymore but all the other people wishing death on him need to relax, just because you don't like his music doesn't justify the hate, just don't listen to his music, that's all.

  • Anonymous

    Man I hope Wayne Brady is ok... dude created a classic scene with Dave Chapelle.

  • Anonymous

    album promo for lil gayne

  • Anonymous

    who cares, if he dies, life goes on, a 6month old child got killed in Chicago, no one stopped to acknowledge

  • honest policy

    that nigga ain't finna live no health lifestyle yall know he is one of those do as thou wilt type niggaz.

  • Anonymous

    this is just promo for his upcoming piece of shit album

  • Anonymous

    I dont like lil wayne but I dont want to see him in this state

  • Anonymous

    Leave that sizzurp and all that other bullshit alone lil fagget. I think this nigga is 4real tryin to kill hiself...

  • kenyetta

    I'm a female rapper...comments like all of the below is the reason why I have expanded out of hip has turned into a hateful game now...people wishing death on an whether you agree with or have enjoyed his music at one point or time...what does that have to do with the seriousness of death..I'm saddened not by just the state of Black music..but by the absolute meanness and hate of the fans....I sin everyday..but I wish NOONE death..smh

    • donnis mac

      If you are truly a female with ambition (they be lying in here), THANK YOU for joining in the comments. Too many young Caucasian males from around the world pranking on the internet (this is your music demographic btw). Don't let their weirdo traits take away from you expressing your musical talent, but remember this is the society you wish to present yourself to. It's deeper than the music. Good luck.

    • Anonymous

      "whether you agree with or have enjoyed his music at one point or time" speak for yourself bitch! not everyone has enjoyed his shit. i enjoyed some songs in the past but you cant speak for everyone like that.

  • beekay

    I don't wish harm upon anyone, but this has made my day considering i cannot stand his music and i am ashamed that what he does is called hip hop. He should spend less money on drugs and some on some clothes....I will gladly play and replay tupac all day instead of having to hear his music; which isn't even music, just a beat with words that have no relation to one another put together with profanity. At least there is still hope with the likes of vinnie paz and immortal technique, whose music still have substance... for the time being. i have never written on any website before and never will again, god bless

  • gamestwin

    Leave that LEAN to them TX BOIS u aint got the heart or brain for it DJ SCREW.

  • Youngindy21

    This is what happens when you take all sorts of drugs from Codeine syrup/Lean to Cocaine to Marijuana for a prolonged period of time or if you mix them together. It will catch up to you and mess with your brain. Rappers like Rick Ross and Lil Wayne might think that it is cool but there is nothing cool about having brain issues.

    • Youngindy21

      @Anonymous Didn't they say Rick Ross had seizure symptoms on a plane from smoking too much marijuana. I read somewhere that they said he smoke 100 blunts in 24 hours and that might have caused his seizures. So you are the dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      Weed had nothing to do with dumbass

  • @therealCBosh

    u can only have 4 seizures......1 more thats it.

  • Anonymous

    That Lean is catching up to you Boy!

  • 614grind

    Wayne needs to grow up. After 30, you should just mess with sour and a few drinks now and then. The rest of the time, eat right and exercise.

    • donnis mac

      Aw man, stop it with the bullsh*t. People out there in their 60s, 70s, and 80s are sipping hard alcohol and healthy. They have f*cked up your minds with all of this "once you're __, you should be doing....".

  • zerocool

    Must have been listening to his own library!

  • Anonymous

    a famous drug addict gone awry. only reason why he is getting attention is because he's a rich famous rapper. There are millions of people like him that won't get that type of attention & ultimately the help they need to rehab. Multiple seizures isnt a good thing at all. He must be very very under nourished like phat boy rozay is.

  • John-Boy

    Him and Ross better switch they weed supplier or stop buying chicken from the same Wing Stop.

  • Eye Control

    Damn this is tough news. Lil Wayne has always been my favorite West Coast rapper. Ever since he dropped Illmatic I knew he would go down as one of the greats. His career has been challenged and he has been through so much, hope he recovers quick. If he dies that would be a huge blow do hip hop. I'll never forget when he beefed with Ja Rule and Benzino and ended their careers. Great career, 5 undisputed classics. Wayne = GOAT

  • pickledickle

    guess he seized the moment!

  • Anonymous

    "i aint go no worries"?? yeah right dumbass. stupid ass druggie

  • ETK

    If he dies, rap dies, simple as that.


    Officer Ricky and Weezy stay pretendin to have seizures for attention. THAT AINT NO WAY TO DO A PROMO. THAT AINT RIGHT

  • Anonymous

    he should die slow, lik a fucking rat.

  • Locc

    Even though he is a terrible rapper and contributed to the downfall of mainstream I don't wish death on anyone. Hope he gets better.

  • Anonymous

    sometimes you can have a seizures after a traumatic head injury. i bet he smacked his head off the ground trying to ride that skateboard of his

  • DoubleOG

    Weezy get better damn!

  • Anonymous

    Migraines and seizures are two different things. Just be honest and say his body is shutting down from the hundreds of drugs he probably does a week.

  • OnemikE

    dehydration??? whats gettin deez cats so dry gotta be dat molly boy get ur self cases of dat OJ boy

  • Anonymous

    the devil trynna come out this nigga but he wont let it

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