Notorious B.I.G.'s Two Children Shopping Animated Series, "House Of Wallace"

C.J. and Tyanna Wallace are reportedly looking to craft a series around their father's recording studio.

The two children of late Hip Hop icon The Notorious B.I.G. are looking to further expand their acting talents. According to The Associated Press, 19 year-old Tyanna Wallace and 16 year-old C.J. Wallace are in the pre-production of an animated series tentatively called House Of Wallace.

The Ossian Media-backed series, which has reportedly yet to find a network home, is centered around a Brooklyn, New York recording studio once owned by the siblings' rapper father. Per a Rolling Stone report, "Notorious B.I.G. will appear in 'spirit' and offer guidance to the youngsters as they hold down the studio."

C.J. Wallace (a/k/a Christopher Wallace, Jr.) starred opposite Will Ferrell in the 2010 Drama, Everything Must Go.

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  • fuckinblack

    Some blacks are their own crabs in the barrel... this kids wish to make ends meet and seat down like lames and spend their dad's cash and you crack head who are lame as fuck come here to act all up cos for father have nothing for you fuckers to hang on... this kids will do all they can to put food on the table and not listen to your lame ass talk like the fucked up music we hear today... i hate African American's cos they are just lost as they kill em selves and go to jail. find your race lamers

  • Anonymous

    It might be ok if it was a real show, but animated? Pass.

  • Hellb

    Biggie say get money. Get money kids.

  • Anonymous

    I'm cool with it, if it airs, i will watch it for sure, them are his children, they can do what the hell they want. Some of y'all are lame as fuck.

    • fhfh

      your the one whos lame af just cuz those his children "they can do what the hell they want" your the kind of lame who gives ppl a pass jus cause they got money biggies a hip hop legend but that doesnt mean his kids have a right to try and make money off him from a corny cartoon if they only knew how much hes worth in the hip hop community they'd be good there is a million ways to profit off a hip hop legend like big they jus some shallow ass spoiled brats who cant come up with nothing better

  • c666000

  • foreal

    This is sad to see. I know they are Biggies kids, but i feel that may have opportunities to do something on "their own". Simply attaching Biggies name to the show makes it seem like they will try to capitalize off that name. Most people (if any), will tune in to see how biggie is shown on the show, hence using his name to get viewers. I am also scared to hear who will be doing the voice for biggie

  • Anonymous

    she black and ugly as ever, however she stay gucci down to the socks

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for Faiths son, because that gorilla is his half-sister

  • Anonymous

    This is disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    The premise doesn't sound too great but hopefully its execution is decent but good for them anyway

  • Anonymous

    i personally think that this would only taint biggie's legacy.

  • Anonymous


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