Black Moon To Celebrate "Enta Da Stage" 20th Anniversary At South By Southwest

At Duck Down Music's 2013 SXSW showcase, the label's flagship act celebrates the 20th anniversary of its release. Talib Kweli, Roc Marciano, Torae, Cory Mo, and Meyhem Lauren also to perform.

On Saturday March 16th, Duck Down Music (f/k/a Duck Down Records) and Javotti Media will host their annual South By Southwest showcase. The event, at Austin, Texas' Haven, will feature a rare performance by Brooklyn, New York trio Black Moon. The veteran collective of Buckshot, 5FT and DJ Evil Dee will perform their debut album, Enta Da Stage on the Nervous Records release's 20th anniversary.

The showcase will also feature Talib Kweli with a full band, Roc Marciano, Torae, Cory Mo, Mayhem Lauren, Res, DJ Run P, and Nyzzy Nyce. Statik Selektah will perform a deejay set with a special guest at the Saturday 21+ event.

The event is sponsored by Timberland, Shoe Palace, Monster Cable DNA, tunein, DJBooth and Fusicology.

Black Moon has not released an album since 2003's Total Eclipse.

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  • Anonymous

    Black Moon is a great group Buckshot solo is mediocre at best

    • Anonymous

      whatever, they are doing enta da stage so who cares about buckshot's solo. that album is fucking GREAT

  • honest policy

    Enta da stage is what boom bap backpack rap is. rugged jeep beats pure classic buckshot was nasty on this album i like it a lil more than enter 36 chambers personally

  • Spike Davis

    Black Moon is the best group ever.

  • redrum

    Black Moon is one of best groups from that real 90's era. They never got the props for the great music they made. No disrespect to Biggie but, Black Moon, Nas & Wu-Tang bought it back to the East Coast.

  • Farragut Inn

    too bad talentless fat fuck Statik Selektah has to be there but if he brings his parents' money, I guess we can consider it 'reparations,' though someone should repair us for having to listen.

  • Anonymous

    Black Moon >>>>>>>>>>>>> Buckshot ALL of Black Moon's solo joints are quality... and barely one of Buckshot's is. that's the shit works sometime!

  • rdftfyghjunk

    wigger singer jo jo and rev runs so called son wat ever it is name jo jo have a lot in common lolll so does kevin hanvy in howell he used to like being a coach for baskball he was really weirddd. weird ppl these daysss

  • Anonymous

    Damn, one of the most underrated albums in hip hop history. I can't believe it's been 20 years already. This one then Smif n Wessun's Dah Shinin were 2 of my favorite albums of all time. Why the hell is this show in Texas of all places?

    • Anonymous

      I know! From my understanding, in Texas, they only listen to 2 types of music...Country...and Western.

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