Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Action Bronson, Rockie Fresh South By Southwest Showcase Live Stream

Two of the label's bigger sensations as well as indie titans Macklemore & Ryan Lewis take The Warner Sound stage live at 2013 South By Southwest.

The Warner Music Group has arranged to live stream tonight's (March 12, 2013) South By Southwest showcase in Austin, Texas. This year's Warner Sound stage includes veteran Seattle, Washington duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Queens, New York emcee Action Bronson and Chicago, Illinois/Maybach Music Group's Rockie Fresh. The latter two acts are part of the WMG roster.

The show also features openers Icona Pop, Blondfire, Charli XCX and Sirah. 

The performance, sponsored by Nikkon cameras, is slated to begin at 7:04 pm CST (local time). The stream is available below:

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  • Anonymous

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's single Thrift Shop went quadruple platinum...last week... marinate on that. He can wear whatever fucking shirt he want with those kinda numbers.

  • Anon

    People freaking out because he supports human rights...This is why no one respects hip hop. Closed minded imbeciles. Its 2013. You wanna rap about some damn book written over 2000 years ago?? You wanna rap about your gold chain that symbolizes a man who preached against being rich?? Rap needs to give it up with religion. Honestly. Its a joke. Jesus didn't die so you could rap about how much money you have.... have to prove he ever even existed first, which isn't proven. So. Keep hatin. Go to church.

    • Anonymous

      gay unions are not human rights. so whatever you and your boyfriend do alone is up to you...keep slobbin' while you listen to your little mackelmore and keep hatin' on those who don't agree with you...bigot.

  • Anonymous

    look at that shirt...are you kidding me? did he get that at the gay thrift shop? @michael...yeah, sounds like you're trying to open your mind and mouth at the same time. all this guy 'gay mack' wants is attention...he's not even respected outside of the gay community.

  • PF215

    it makes it hard for me to take a rapper seriously wearing a tshirt like that

    • ^^

      After Frank Ocean gained further recognition than before when he revealed his homosexuality, Macklemore probably felt as if he could capitalise off that opportunity.

    • Michael

      Why is it hard for you to take him seriously? And how exactly is he using it to gain attention? Is it because of the fact no one else has had the nerve to wear something like that? Make a song about something like that? Open your mind.

    • ^^

      He doesn't even genuinely care about homosexuals. He uses it to gain attention

  • RealRap

    If you don't like Macklemore, you'll like this..

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