Lupe Fiasco Introduces New Health & Wellness App Called Higi

Lupe Fiasco and Michael Ferro launch Higi, a new social media analytics App inspired by health and wellness.

On top of his music, it appears that Chicago wordsmith Lupe Fiasco has found himself another focus, and it has to do with the health and wellness of others. According to, Lupe has partnered with Wrapports chairman Michael Ferro to create a new App called Higi.

Similar to Klout, a social media analytics App that was launched in 2009, Higi factors in three different aspects of one’s life to give its users a unique numeric score.

“It’s called Higi. It’s basically a score. And it’s a score based off of three different things,” said Lupe. “It’s based off of your body initially. Your weight, your blood pressure, your height, all your biometrics, your pulse, your body mass index. Then it takes into account your lifestyle. How active you are, how much you work out, etc. It takes advantage of things like the information that you get from the Nike fit bands, all those things that you work out with. Measure it. It kind of takes that information as well. Then it takes into consideration how active you are on social media. So Facebook, Twitter…It takes all those three things together and it calculates this score. So Higi is an algorithm basically at the end of the day.”

Lupe further went on to explain the scoring system on Higi which maxes out at 999 and shared the details on Higi’s exclusive Nine-Hundred Club.

“You get scored from between 400 and 999. Once you get into the nine’s, the highest you can get is 999, once you get into the nine’s you get inducted into something called the Nine-Hundred Club. It opens you up to all these different awards. It’s like a social credit score, but that you control. That you control on a daily basis,” Lupe explained.

Higi is currently only available for iOS.

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  • Anonymous

    how are you guys going to blindly hate somebody who is just trying to help people be more active and healthy and work with an organization that is trying to stop gang and youth violence in Chicago. Cmon guys SMARTEN THE FUCK UP

  • nibs

    Hahaha you people are retards. I commented below and the next few comments mostly all stand up for this guy and say: "how dare you criticize him for getting in bed with Nike, Facebook, Twitter and Wrapports, he is just trying to make a healthy lifestyle app to help people" He doesn't give a fuck about people, that is my point. He goes on all these interviews and makes these albums crying about how much he wants to help, but Nike is a terrible human rights abuser and he is helping them make a profit with this. If he was really righteous we would have funded this himself on kickstarter or soemthing. But guess what? He is not a computer programmer either, he made nothing, he was approached by a marketing team and asked to help slang their product in exchange for dollars. HE DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.

    • LMAO

      LMAO Fuck Ur Life dude when you have to make 10 posts about how LUpe is a hypocrite just because of Nike. Nike doesn't make no man. You don't need education, you need intelligence. Your actually a imbecile

    • nibs

      Another dumb nigga that thinks he knows whats going on in Lupe's mind. If he cared about all his political statements over the past 4 years or so then he would go out of his way to keep Nike out of it, and there are lots of ways to do that, kickstarter was only one example. Not only that, there are lots of ways to promote healthy lifestyle, not only with an app. You can tell me he doesn't care about Nike's involvment, that he is just taking advantage of them to promote a product that is genuinely good for people, but the app utilizes Nike "fit band techonology" which Nike directly profits from, and it makes Nike look good, which encourages people to buy Nike, contributing to the company even moreso. And that's fine if you are all about Nike, but Lupe has been pretending to be a human rights activist for years now and Nike is a well-documented abuser. Thus, making this guy a hypocrite who didn't think this through, or if he did, then anyone with a brain can understand how much HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE

    • ETK

      another dumb nigga who thinks he knows everything that's going on and what exactly is on Lupe's mind. how bout you download the app and lose a couple pounds, it'll give you somethin to do pretty sure Lupe doesn't give a fuck about Nike's agenda, its all about product's awareness. ffs.

  • Anonymous

    A few weeks ago i told you dumb fucks how wack this dude is. All i got was hate and abuse by a whole bunch of faggots dick-riding this dude now y'all hating. This site is filled with bi-polar bitches real talk.

    • llllOllll

      hey fucktard, maybe the people who were dick-riding this dude and the people talking shit now are not the same people

  • James

    I tell you people today are ridiculously stupid. He's partnering with Higi to promote wellness and fitness something many of us as a people struggle with. The brother is doing this to help save lives. To see some of the comments some of you have made just speaks to your level of ignorance. Wake the hell up! Some of you same folks complain about how YOU have no leaders, or how much you claim to love Malcolm X and Martin. But if you truly knew either of them, you wouldn't condemn Lupe for much of what he says and does because you'd know they're cut from the same cloth. Again, you'd have to KNOW who Malcolm and Martin was to know that; and judging from the comments on this page, not many of you do. Instead of listening to Buddens, Eminem, and these other rappers why don't you listen to some lectures of Malcolm and Martin, since you claim to love them so much. Familiarize yourself with them and their words as well as you do with some of these rappers and their lyrics. Maybe then, you'd understand Lupe better.

    • Utube

      Boondocks MLK speech

    • MLK

      All you gotta do is Watch the Boondocks episode about MLK coming back and see'ing what black people have turned into in America and he goes Bananas! Classic Episode! MLK said: I'm going to Canada! lmao

  • kiiiiiii

  • Assassin221

    What the fuck have facebook and Twitter got to do with health and wellness? Smh.

    • Assassin221

      A lot of aggressive words there which failed to answer my question. Which was, what the fuck have facebook and Twitter got to do with health and wellness? A lot of social networking doesn't have shit to do with how fit you are, you can write posts for 2 hours and then go work out for 2 hours. Or you can watch TV for 4 hours and do neither. How much time you spend on social networking, unless you're literally on there all day long, doesn't matter any more than whatever else you spend your time doing, so it's a totally arbitrary and pointless thing to measure, except that maybe people automatically are more likely to buy something with facebook/Twitter monitoring attached to it. If that didn't make sense to you, go read some "ufckin books" and then check again.

    • Hi- My name is No Comprehension!

      I don't know whether your lack of comprehension is from using too much social media and just being a brain-dead DOLT.. or.. perhaps you never leave the house and interact with people.. clearly, it says the thing checks your online activity (a lot of posts, responses, etc.) and that shows what you're "doing" during the day, which is not being fit/active! Geez pick up a ufckin book, stop following your idck and think critically for once! Gahhdamn loser!

  • Anonymous

    this dude is such a fucking faggottttt

  • Congrats lupe

    Lupe changing the game as usual. Only people in rap who can put out a classic these days is kanye lupe kendrick or budden

    • Wht

      Lupe doesn't have a hit?!?!?? They play Lupe feat. Sebastion on the radio NON-STOP on the mainstream pop radio. All his albums are Grammy Nominated, Nas just got his 1st grammy nom. and won. So check your shit before u speak out ur ass.

    • sincereproducer

      Not Joe Budden. He's an amazing rapper but not an amazing artist. You should Eminem, Nas and Jigga to your list though!

    • foreal

      HAHAHA i almost spit out my soda from laughing. Budden does not have a hit and neither does Lupe... battle scars sucks and is the reason i will not listen to lupe anymore. Eminem and Royce should've sold "Lighters" to Lupe.

    • Anonymous

      LOL budden got a classic now yeah right

  • nibs

    This guy makes albums and has interiews talking about how anti-capitalist and anti-corporate he is (which nobody should buy, 5 minutes into any interview with this guy and you realize he has never read any real books) and then he comes out and drops an app in collaboration with Nike, Wrapports, Facebook and Twitter? Tell this knob to shut the fuck up

    • nibs

      haha intelligent maybe, educated? I don't think he has his grade 12 you fucking dick riding retard

    • BP

      OP you're god damn retarded. he's doing this for wellness purposes. he has to use a platform to get the product out there, you think he's gonna sell his app door-to-door like a monkey because he said on some interview he's anti-capitalist? this is the problem with you hating niggers, take something out of context a nigga said and hold onto it forever. just cause Lupe's against the system doesn't mean he's not gonna do positive shit like this. the fact some dumb coon actually agreed with you speaks levels on the IQ this site contains. bet at least one of you's outta shape.

    • lmao

      Never read any books huh? That's why he speaks so intelligent and doesn't rap about Gold and Money, Hoes, Sex. I guess your not used to that. Don't confuse Education with Intelligence. And Lupe has both

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