Azealia Banks Disses Rita Ora, Calls Her "Rihanna's Understudy"

Azealia Banks takes shots at Rita Ora and posts their text message conversation on Twitter.

While in Australia for the Future Music Festival tour, Azealia Banks struc up another feud, this time with Roc Nation songstress Rita Ora. Banks posted a screenshot of a text message conversation between the two and also made comments about Ora via Twitter.

In her posts, Banks alleged that Ora had "been trying it on this tour" and that she was "taking all these candids...then posting and deleting them." 

She continued, calling her "Rihanna's understudy." She also posted a screenshot of part of her conversation with Ora and referred to her as Rita Oral. The image is below, courtesy of her Instagram page.

Rita Ora has not made a public statement regarding the situation.

Banks has become known in recent months more for her public feuds than music. She's been embroiled in beefs with Iggy AzaleaPerez Hilton, Angel Haze and Baauer.

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  • Anonymous

    man i really do love black bitches, even though im white i love it. they know how to ride a cock man i really love

  • Triple OG

    She's the female 50 cent. Fuck Jim JOnes and all them mainstream pop fake it until you make it artists

  • WTF

    She's dope but her music ain't poppin bc she doesn't have a big label behind her. AND she doens't rap about 'throwing money in the air' and Gold n shit.

  • Anonymous

    At least I know who Rita Ora is....I'm not sure who the hell the other girl is.

  • Anonymous

    Dissing someone in Jigga's clique (or Jay himself) isn't usually a good idea...

  • LoveIt

    Love how the Truth got these haterz flippin out!! LMAO

    • Anonymous

      She has a longer list of "beefs" than her retail tracklisting. Check Wikipedia, plenty of attitude issues on there. Good luck to her, but these people out here ain't going to stroke her ego and unless she smarten up, someone is going to put hands on her for talking reckless. And BTW, Sylvester and Caron Wheeler did the whole style better than Azealia.

    • LOL

      So she's not famouse but she's on TOUR in Sydney Australia with Rita Ora? Stop It you Imbecile.

    • Anonymous

      Truth? Haters? L O L, THIS is the TRUTH: "Banks has become known in recent months more for her public feuds than music. She's been embroiled in beefs with Iggy Azalea, Perez Hilton, Angel Haze and Baauer." ^ AND they left out T.I., Jim Jones, and her old management! Stop it.

  • WTf

    All you faggotz hatin on a REAL female for dissing all your favorite MTV POP 'artist'. She has talent, and if you say otherwise you didnt listen to her at all. She's like the new MIssy Elliot.

  • Nope

    LOL she is just as wack and talentless as that Rita Whora, I wish these talentless idiots would just vanish.



  • Yup

    Rita Ora is another manufactured example of the hip-pop obsession in the UK. People didn't stand for manufactured rap/pop hybrids with Vanilla Ice/MC Hammer - why now? It's fake, and this isn't news. The reason Rita Ora hasn't commented is because her management has told her not to. Azealia Banks at least says what she thinks, rather than constantly thinking of the potential upset caused to her various markets. Don't be fooled. You're being marketed to.

  • Manny Faces

    Azealiyawn Banks

  • Anonymous

    She's a very talented rapper. Problem - she needs to stop picking fights with quite literally EVERYBODY. And actually needs to focus on her music (the last thing I remember her doing was a half-decent remix of "Harlem Shake"). Despite all that - "[Rita Ora]'s mad cos she's Rihanna's understudy" brought a smile to my face - she's essentially right.

    • Bella

      I agree with you. Even though I don't like Rita Ora (used to, in fact. Her music is rather generic and you can tell she is a very manufactured artist), I wish Azealia Banks had the will power to avoid picking fights with people and focus more on her actual goal. Being a successful rapper.

  • tulisa

    azealia WHO THE FUCK ARE YA??????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    If Rita Ora is "Rihanna's understudy" what does that make Azealia Banks? Oh yeah a bitch that we won't hear of again in 2 years... unless she releases a sex tape.

  • Whitney Houston's Ghost

    If only I knew who these female ninjas are

  • JRich

    This may be the only person in the music business I actually want to see fail. Even dudes like 2 Chainz and French I can respect for getting their paper even tho their music is doo doo. I honestly hope this bitch goes wood and is never heard from again, lmao

  • .....

    Who are these hoes and why should I care if they don't like each other.

  • Anonymous

    the female 50 cent

  • Anonymous

    this chick has a problem with to many people....enough is enought already...she might be justified but right now public peception says otherwise. She just needs to focus on her craft and music. She is starting to look like the commom denominator.

  • Anonymous

    Banks spits a big game though she's only sold 5 records.

  • That Deal Roc Nation Ova Everything

    Hov about to have this bitch murked ! Don't fuck with artists of the roc born sinner on the way!

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