40 Glocc Suing Game For $4.5 Million Over Assault

40 Glocc goes after Game for a lump sum.

40 Glocc sued Game last October for an assault incident that took place in July, and now, the details have been revealed regarding the financial terms of the suit.

According to TMZ, Glocc sued the Compton, California rapper for a staggering $4.54 million. He is suing Game for: $500,000 in pain and suffering; $500,000 in emotional distress; $750,000 in lost earnings; $2 million for punitive damages; $25,000 in medical expenses; and various other reasons.

The initial incident took place last July, when Game beat Glocc outside of a mansion in Hollywood, California. Glocc claims Game and his 15-men entourage jumped him and filmed the beating, which left him with major injuries to his right eye, ribs, kidneys, right shoulder and back. He also sustained wounds on his face, head, legs, arms and hands.

Glocc sued for assault and battery, as well as damaging his reputation. Since then, Glocc has gone on a smear campaign against Chuck Taylor, releasing his diss "The Full Edit" in December. Game has similarly addressed the situation in several interviews, claiming that filing a lawsuit of this nature "disintegrates your street cred." At the top of the year, Glocc also claimed that he knocked out Game's manager.

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  • Fuck The West Coast And Anything That Resides There

    Yo. I checked the nigga 40 Glocc net worth and found out he only has like a million dollars LMAO this nigga broke as fuck that's why he suing

    • Anonymous

      a million dollars is broke as fuck to you? for a rapper with no hits i'd say hes done pretty well for himself. worth more than you will ever be

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule doesn't sue niggaz. He close caskets niggaz.

  • Pegasus Flow

    Dudes are really fighting back and forth about something that has no effect on them whatsoever

  • Anonymous

    "black people drink 40's on the stoop dawg" That wasn't much of a stereotype lol

  • jakefromstatefamr

    All game has to do is have his manager counter-suit for assault.

  • Anonymous

    "Bar room brawls are a white thing" So you're saying black people don't go to bars?

  • Anonymous

    "There are no fair fights out here in real life" What do you know about real life? REAL MEN fight their battles alone. Anybody who brings their friends is a pussy ass bitch too scared to do their own dirt.

    • Anonymous

      I know you ain't about that real life conflict. "Fair ones are for internal conflicts." ^ THIS is more accurate than that nonsense you're saying. You are NOT going out here to a bar, club, movie, show, mall, party, different neighborhood and getting a fair one if you get into a confrontation! That moral sh*t you're kicking doesn't work out here Quote-Man, you're going to get one of these kids seriously hurt. Now what REAL PEOPLE DO, because WOMEN get jumped TOO, is IF they are about to get jumped, DON'T RUN. STAND and FIGHT, give a couple of them lumps so they KNOW you ain't a sucka. OLDER people TRY to DIFFUSE those situations because they KNOW the ramifications of catching assault charges. But those days of "knuckle up" are LONG GONE, UNLESS it's SOMEONE you KNOW PERSONALLY and it's an internal conflict.

  • Anonymous

    game thought he was gonna just have to pay him 20-30k or a "prius" as he said

  • smartmove

    Smart move by 40 tho... game gotta pay him now he have the proof, and game would hate to pay this niga but he have to... overall smart move, 40 won at the end.... he got his ass whipped but made money out of it lol

    • Frank

      You guys are so funny and lame at the same time oh what about his street cred...Who care he made millions from the case not only that we all have to grow up and stop trying to prove a point...You know what being hood gets you??? Jail or dead so what would you rather have 4.5 million and no street cred but live a lavish life or broke and starving with street cred...You all need to give your head a shake these are words from broke mouths and very weak minds. Go follow me on twitter @FrankWiseCEO go learn a thing or 2 from someone who looks above and beyond.

    • Fuck 40 GloKKK

      Yeah, but it's a shame his ghetto pass, his street cred and his respect as a whole will all be removed.

  • WC

    Oh yeah, them niggas do be suing, huh? PRESSING CHARGES ON A NIGGA, HUH?!?! Can't even beat a nigga anymore cause nowadays niggas is TELLING!!! Watch out lik kids, if you rob a nigga he might try to sue you too! LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Damn making the West look bad with this bitch shit. 40 Glocc need to move to Venezuela and wave Hugo Chavez flags. This clown been done. Can't even go back to the Zoo in Colton.

  • Nuff said...

    Guess he realized hie music "career" wasnt gon do shit. So he figured he would just sue a nigga thas doin better then him. Shit aint what gangstas do. Matter fact, its a pussy move all around...He better hope this lawsuit go thru brcauase he bout to lose all street cred after this shit.

  • thechosenone

    what a weak bitch ass move by 40 glocc, i mean seriously what happens on the streets, stays on the streets. its his dumb ass fault for gettin beat up anyways, dumb clown was by himself (actually where were his homies anyways??) and ran into a fired up Game, simple.

  • Anon1

    The E-Thugs crawl out from behind their Call Of Duty controllers to comment on who's real/street. They make their unwanted opinions know across the realm of the internet. As they begin puberty they call grown men "bitches" & "pussies" yet haven't been a fight themselves. Some claim to represent gangs and the white boys comfortably say "nigga" from behind their keyboards masked by the internet's animosity. This is the land HipHopDX has cultivated by allowing this sort of animosity. Anyone who wants to respond to this comment defending their claims save your Red Bull ridden breath and get your obese fingers back on your video game controller. Chances are you live at home still. I rarely comment on these boards anymore and have no desire to entertain a battle of words over the internet. You can post your name and address and I'll gladly discuss this with you face to face. Goodbye weak E-Thugs.

    • PF215

      ahahaha anon good lookin for making me laught at least

    • Kizman

      Anon1 is 100% correct FUCK HHDX REAL HIPHOP FANS GO ON WSHH!

    • donnis mac

      Lee's right. Although there are plenty of sheltered Blackface posers around, the real are reading. If you are out there and got that experience you can tell by the words in that comment box.

    • Lee

      That was grown man funny! But don't be fooled, everybody bangin on the web ain't playin. I've sat and watched my lil cousins (very active youngins from Watts, Compton & L.A. MPCC, FTMC, RFCG)talk shit all night on these boards wit they homies. hashtag--some of the people bangin on the net are REAL!!!

    • Anonymous

      yous a bitch ass pussy SU WOOOOO!!!

  • Anonymous

    what a fucking bitch. when a guy builds a career out of "starting shit" and sues someone after he becomes a victim he should lvie with the result. i hope 40 glocc gets counter sued and locked the fuck up. what a pathetic little pussy. he knows acting hard on twitter is over now. game is his last potential pay day. one of the sorriest things i've ever read. former wanna be loser rap tough guy sues for 2 mil after getting whooped in a street fight. gang bangin culture appeals to some of the fakest weakest ppl on the planet. example: 40 glocc pussy

  • Curio

    That how us cRip do it niggah!!!!

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc is a faggot, period. I'm playing X-boooooox

  • juzdan

    wont be a Surprise if 50 paid for 40 to get a lawyer ,,, lol #

  • Anonymous

    "Doesn't change the fact that 40 had this coming" But that doesn't change the end result. Of course 40 Glocc is fake, but Game talks all the time himself. Point being, grown men shouldn't have their entourages with them when they go looking for a fight. A fair fight is 1 on 1, not 1 on 1 with 10 people waiting for their friend to give the signal to attack.

    • Anonymous

      Fair ones are for internal conflicts.

    • Anonymous

      People who are actually out there in the streets know what I'm saying is fact. Those who think it's just a rapper thing, especially when I named others besides rappers, well....you figure it out. Go to a strange area by yourself expect a "fair one".

    • Anonymous

      You need to deal with the fact that you a pussy like these rappers and you're making their reality yours, get a life!

    • Anonymous

      There are no fair fights out here in real life. "Grown men" will set you up for a downfall and never lay a hand on you, what I call white collar fights. Bikers will jump you. Woodies will jump you. Nerds get bullied by a crew. It can be 1 on 1, 2 on 1, and weapons are drawn. Unfair fight. It's obvious you are not dealing with reality.

  • Dad

    Black people can't have a good time without a fight

  • Anonymous

    game and 40 glocc are how old? they both too old to be doing shit like this. 30 year old men jumping niggas to put it on worldstar lol grow the fuck up

    • Anonymous

      I'M saying, violence DOESN'T have an age limitation. Keep it REAL with yourself.

    • Anonymous

      im saying though. all them need to grow the fuck up too. look where most of them end up. broke, shot dead or in jail.

    • Anonymous

      Have to be a young boy with that stupid ass remark. Ever seen a biker group like the Hell's Angels in real life? Ever seen "Gangland"? How many of those BIKER GANGS have TEENAGERS? A lot of them biker dudes are OLDER than Game and 40. Where do you think they get the "inspiration" for "Sons Of Anarchy"? REAL LIFE BIKER GANGS.

    • Anonymous

      lol you know that show isnt real right?

    • Anonymous

      Bikers ain't young. Seen "Sons Of Anarchy"? How many of them are teenagers? Thought so.

  • charlie

    from now he is the new term for pussy. when I see someone get punked or they run , I'm gonna say yo that dude is 40 glocc yo lol straight 40 glocc (pussy,vagina) term for bitch too , be like yo dogg you actin like a 40 glocc right now lmao

  • charlie

    This dude is unreal. He dropped mad videos on how he was gonna get at game in a real way, and post it on the net. He got caught slippin the first time with Menace and wall street so you would figure "big bad 40 glocc" would be on point and expect things to pop off. I Knew he was pussy from jump lol pussy pussy pussy dripping wet pussy

  • Rick Ross

    Dats my nig right there. Make sure to take every dolla Game has! Hey Glocc I gotchu. lemme call up my homies in the law enforcement, we gon make sure you win this case partna

    • Rick Ross

      @Anonymous, this ain't about me bein cool with Game in the past. This about principle. Nig 40 glocc just tryna handle his business proper. Game went way too far, and now glocc just tryna deal with this the best he can. And really, I feel for homie, so why not help a brother out when you "know the right people to help get it done?" Bawse

    • Gunplay

      I'm gonna use Rozay's connections to sue 50 cent to get my chain back too.

    • Yung Berg

      Can I go to Detroit and sue somebody for my chain back?

    • Anonymous

      Ross is friends with Game. Fail

  • Anonymous

    its a lose lose situation for 40 glocc. yall are gonna call him a pussy no matter what and not listen to his music so he might as well hit game where it hurts, his bank account.

  • SuperBoyPlus

    Damn bro!! That's not gangster. Sue a dude after he whips on you. Where they do that at??

  • rsrdtdrtfuygyhujhujhnju


  • Anonymous

    "I didn't see a group jump 40" The point was Game's homies were there, and were just waiting for an excuse to join in. I love how you net toughies are criticizing 40 Glocc for running when it's obvious if he stays he either gets beat to a pulp or possibly killed.

  • OnemikE

    wowwww what was all dat talk and video bout him being a G? Makin nuttin but b*tch moves right here!! This da same cat who ran up on baby,weezy and plies? wut deez cats'll do for a dollar....

  • Anonymous

    Emotional Distress? He wasnt emotionally distressed to claim on twitter that he knocked out Games manager

  • bklynsfynest2000

    a long time ago..in a galaxy far far away 40 glocc had a little bit of respect. This is was punk move of the year and anyone defending this is probably a cheerleader or punk themselves. This the same cat that went to explain how he handles beef in the street, how rap artists not from the west coast have to pay dues when they come his way if they "flashing" gang affiliation or flags. this the same guy who ran up on a video shoot and punked Piles (who probably deserved to be showed to be more coon than "goon"). this the same guy who had lil wayne trapped in his vehicle....so Game beats you up and puts it on you tube and you suing? You supposed to be street and if game is such a punk and has no real gang ties it should be simple to have handled him. This cat aint no crip, he is a clown and shouldn't be mentioned next to the word gangster ever.

  • nuc

    Game.. go to court with the lame, he cant cover the bank for a lengthy trial. if p from mobb works with this suelife clown again it says alot about his character.

  • Anonymous

    This pussy boy his name should be sling shot, he can't handle a 40 cal

  • Anonymous

    Lame, Go kill yo self.

  • Big Dan

    750k in lost earnings. How did dude come up with that figure? My guess is 40 Glocc has not earned that much in the last 15 years, so he certainly did not lose that much in the time he was "out of commission" from getting jumped. Now while this is a punk, embarrassing move on Glocc's part, you have to look at it from a different perspective as well. At the end of the day, he still got jumped and he ran away and this is on video. He had already embarrassed himself. So why let Game get away with it. Whether he sues Game or not, Game will be talking smack, so get some money out of it. and I hope Game is managing his money well. His music career is fast fading.

  • Wess

    Game can just put 30k on his head n niggas will scrape him off the streets real quick works out cheaper *shrugs*

  • Anonymous

    40 glocc still knocked out games manager and took his pizza though

  • Jumped?

    I saw the video, and that wasn't a "jumping". Game approached a sucka, laid him out, and glocc ran away. That's not "being jumped".

    • ohmy

      ^^^^ is your lame ass really tryin to defend 40 glocc lol hes suing for gettin his ass whooped... its ok for him to punk lil wayne and plies though right? you and him are both hoe ass dudes

    • Anonymous

      game had all his niggas with him and some had guns? what was he supposed to do?

  • lee

    Them gangstas gon be on this nigga head when they see him in the club. Wescoast niggas gon agitate the nigga just because.---Betta get in before midnight Mr. Glock!!!

  • Anonymous

    AAWWWWE! your reputation was damaged...

  • X


    • Osiris, The God

      that nigga won't get a dime, all they have to bring up in court is his past history of trying to be the tough guy, jumping everybody and how he was bragging about beating this dudes manager up. this case is stupid

  • Anonymous

    Funny how people are bashing 40 Glocc despite the fact Game needing a group of his friends to take down one guy.

    • Anonymous

      were you there? how would you know? no one scared of game if he was solo.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Damn son you defending 40 Glocc? Go kill yourself. His career is over for running away, there were no guns. All there was is a guy who portrayed an image he couldn't uphold. Got his ass handed to him lol.

    • Anonymous

      becuase game's people edited the video dummy! that only shows one side of the story. they edited out the guns and the jumping

    • DrebinSlevin

      I didn't see a group jump 40. I saw a guy get his ass beat by someone using one hand.

  • youngco

    Wow... that's some real pussy shit. $500,000 for emotional distress.. sounds like a bitch move from glock.

  • Come On

    K?? this is messed up didn't this moron just supposely cheap shotted game's manager. and bragged about it and then made a diss record about the game before the fact and one recently after in december and he still is trying to sue??? this clown should never show his face again I hope he loses the case.

  • Anonymous

    game ruined his street cred. he will never be respected in hip-hop again so he might as well sue for a little change and bounce. go lay low somewhere else and start a business. fuck game

  • CominLikeThisYa

    B#tch ass 40 glocc... Real ganxta suing people in court? Pussy lmao


    40 GloCK we see you hoe ass nigga. Broke ass nigga want some money, suwoop

  • Europe

    Lol 40 glocc u r nothing but a hoe! The whole world laughs with you

  • Nigga creep

    2 weak ass niggas lol!!! Damn that 40 is a hoe though. He wont ever be able to enter the rap game again so he better win lol!

  • ready0505

    damn i like G-unit but 50 should be in shame for him, what a pussy lol

  • carl weston

    Game is an asshole/male stripper for allowing this to be video taped, so he gets what he deserves.I hope 40 Glock bankrupts his dumb ass!

    • Anonymous

      Damn you're getting real EMOtional over two people you don't even know haha... Smh go kill yourself fuckboy.

  • WC

    Oh yeah, them niggas do be suing, huh? PRESSING CHARGES ON A NIGGA, HUH?!?! Can't even beat a nigga anymore cause nowaday niggas is TELLING!!! Watch out lik kids, if you rob a nigga he might try to sue you too! LMAO

  • Paul

    You a bitch Cuz! You ain't no Gangsta. What Gangsta sues for getting his ass whoop, then you RAN

  • Anonymous

    game ain't got that much money in the bank

    • Anonymous

      http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/richest-rappers/the-game-net-worth/ are you sure?

  • geminiman7

    Saturday Night Live needs to do a skit on 40's bitch ass LOL

  • geminiman7

    Might was well "go out" with some of Game's cash cuz that's all he'll get the rest of his life LOL. his career = finished. What goes around comes around. Seriously tho, beyond bitch ass move. How you gonna roll up on fools 50 deep (like 2pac said) but sue when you by yourself. #foolery

  • Anonymous

    this is quite funny, they talk about being all gangster and being the shit in their songs... Good to see 40 glocc showing his true colors as a pussy

  • 40 socks

    fake gangster, typical snitch-unit sue life behavior haha

  • 40

    40 gloc this is a bitch move, you killed yourself here. You the one who did this to many other rappers i hope all of the rappers you did this to sues your bitch ass

  • truth

    what a pussy.. he likes to record himself and 30 other niggas knocking out homeless men, robbing tyga plies jamie foxx dream lil wayne etc...but when its turned around hes coward, get over it 40 socks

  • static

    lmfwao. 4.5million 40glocc a rapper too. more bitch than a bitch.. this shit is stand up comedy material..

  • Anonymous

    lol game deserves that shit pay up bro

  • Ricky Rozay

    I approve of this man's actions. The law will take care of ya. Holla at ya boy. Bawse!

  • stinkmeaner

    this faggot ass nigga 40 glocc ain't getting shit.. hoe bitch



  • JRich

    40 Glocc is like a fuckin fictional character man. If you were to draw up the biggest fake ass hoe rapper in the world for a movie, it'd be this nigga.

    • DeBarge

      Ain't no one here talking bout Weezy nigga, but since you brought him up I'll tell you both niggas are PUSSIES

    • Anonymous

      yet they still punked lil wayne and his boys. so if 40 glocc is fake what does that make weezy?

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