Justin Timberlake Disses Kanye West On "Saturday Night Live"

Justin Timberlake fires back at Kanye West with a thinly-veiled shot.

Two weeks ago, Kanye West made headlines during a London performance after he said, "I got love for Hov, but I ain't fucking with that 'Suit & Tie,' " referring to the Jay-Z assisted Justin Timberlake single.

Now, it appears as though Timberlake has responded.

Serving as host and music guest on Saturday Night Live on March 9th, Timberlake performed "Suit & Tie," and switched a line in his second verse from "And aw, shit so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit," to "My hit's so sick, got rappers acting dramatic."

So far, Jay-Z hasn't responded to Kanye's barb, nor has Justin Timberlake before switching the line.

Jay-Z and Timberlake are scheduled to go on tour together this summer.

Watch Timberlake's performance below:

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  • Emily G

    Bout time someone hit Kanye back with some real talk. Timberlake album playing allll day : http://smarturl.it/WOTEREVOStream 20/20 Experience is so smooth!

  • Luke Yung

    yo anyone else catch when JT said "and he got fixed up to the nines" on both hooks along with "and he dressed in that dress i like" in the last one?

  • Yeezy Gets Beezy

    You can tell this is setup, its a publicity stunt. Jay Z is like Kanye's brother, Timbaland is cool with Kanye. All of them have worked together at one point. Its like a triangle, its fishy you can tell its all setup just to get attention.

  • notafanofprstunts

    Look, they both make good music. JT just doesnt embarass himself in public, if he does he doesn't care. It's funny watching Kanye get mad in public. Eat a snickers bitch. Get off that diva shit, lets face it, Kanye has never put out a bad album. Great producer, Great Rapper. Terrible in public, well instead of buying girls clothes and manpurses. Get on some fly shit or Go Back To College lmao

  • Momento

    Mxe.! Guys really like to gimmick big time. Because he knows that his album its about to drop, now they are starting unnecessary issues.

  • W9D

    Whatever beef comes or doesn't come of this is irrelevant, but all y'all who are hating on Justin Timberlake just sound dumb. Almost everything he's put out since his N'SYNC days has been innovative and well-executed, and his new record is by far his best output. "Pusher Love Girl" and "That Girl" are two of the best R&B songs I've heard in several years. He may have some feminine mannerisms at times, but dude is hella talented and willing to push the envelope musically. There's a reason Timbaland loves to work with him. Kanye West's just being a baby like always. He's a selfish talent who no longer tries to break the mold in my opinion. I highly recommend giving Justin Timberlake's new album a listen. It leaked yesterday and it has very few weak spots. http://www.hiphopaddict.net/2013/03/album-leak-justin-timberlake-2020.html

  • Anonymous

    yeezy a faggish genius and jt a faggish idyeet ...fuck em if they can't get along

  • runtellthat

    I think that Justin is moving in the right direction, he is showing his maturity he older now, and the song did not need Jay-Z on it..You wonder if Kayne is dissed Justin, because he's hitting with Jay-Z or Jay-Z for moving on and making a hit with someone else..Sensitive Premaddona Drama!

  • Nuff said...

    Kanye is a fuckin crybaby.... nuff said....

  • Anonymous

    LOL 2 hugely overblown talentless faggots fighting like girls on shitty records crying on stage. kanye west = closet homo who thinks he's music god even though he he can't write his own raps or make his own beats justin timberlake = a boyband faggot who got his sugar touched by lou pearlman who reinvented himself as a solo artist by making wannabe michael jackson records on timbaland beats i hope both of their careers are ended soon

  • Ja Rulza


  • anonymous

    It's not a diss but I bet Kanye will take it as one.

    • offthat

      Ross makes a good beat sound bad, Ja Rule? Thats a joke. Meek Mill the best out of the whole crew, Wale good 2 but Ross naaaa. Don't die of Obesity on us now. There is Lypo. And Ja, ya never Ruled notta, Weezy got you on that verse like Jeremiah Trotta! 50 Cent, he'll tell you what Life is. Don't get mad cause he Rich. These other wack rappers sound like they spent it all on one place! haha

  • SL

    That's not a diss. Keep it in your pants DX.

  • Anonymous

    What's odd about this story is that I'dve thought Kanye would be one of the few rappers who WOULD like "Suit and Tie".

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate what hes tryin to do here, but I would practically use this song to fall asleep to and nothing else

  • Truth

    You know hip hop is soft/dead when pop artist are dissing the rappers...

    • Anonymous

      Eminem & Mariah Carey, Nas & Bill O'Reilly etc Im sure there are more examples of unconventional beefs in Hip Hop this isnt the first but its still pretty weak

    • James

      I cant stand comments like this. I don't understand how that makes hip hop soft. Who the fuck cares who disses who and as a whole cant won't affect the genre in any way. Not to say there isnt soft rap cats out there, but some people dig that shit. You just gotta look for what you wanna hear its fuckin out there

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule watches Saturday Night Live on Sunday.

    • Anonymous

      Ja Rule is straight that he took 3 cocks in the ass at once while in prison just to show the world how comfortable he is with his sexuality.. ITS MURDAA!!!!!!!!!

  • ooooooooo

    Jay could put an end to all of this if he wanted to and they could all work on a song together

  • Anonymous

    Kanye stay bitching up.

  • Anonymous

    this all just proves Ja Rule is as untouchable as ever.. ITS MURDAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • djbvax

    Can we please get back to the Hip Hop?

  • Mu

    I wonder what Jay-z thinks about all this. Him and Ye clearly have a good friendship, but he disses a song that his friend is on. That's gotta be bad for business. Jay must not have a problem with JT's reply cuz I'm sure he knew the lyrics were gonna be changed for this performance. I fuck with Ye and he definitely speaks his mind, but some shit you gotta just keep to yourself or say behind closed doors

  • based landlord

    another fucking JOKE story by HHDX... this is such a ridiculous attempt at gaining clicks. Timberlake did not DISS kanye west on SNL

  • Anonymous

    HHDX - Will someone please ban/stop this annoying "jarule" poster? Every article, story and song post has the same BS jarule comments...

    • Ja Rule

      Its Murdaaaaaaaaaa I be killing the hipjop sites lately cause ima boss

    • 50 Cent

      Ja Rule Comments are lame as hell, probably from some lame dude that's 30 seconds from killing himself because he realized that his life is horrible and that he will amount to nothing more than an internet scavenger.

    • Anonymous

      ja rule comments are funny

    • Dylan Dudicle

      given that every comment is made anonymously, without having to log in, how the fuck do you expect them to do that? and secondly, you can't stop Ja. nobody can stop Ja.

  • Anonymous

    not a dis, ppl are too sensetive

  • Come On

    Kanye you deserved that little Jab you don't like when ppl are offensive of you so...you know the old saying if you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen...

  • Confused Reader

    Although, I am a reader of DX. I just hate sensationalized content. Why does everything that is replied to a diss? Is it to get clicks or your comment section all riley'd up? (rhetorical question) To diss, in context, is to disrespect a person or thing. The funny thing is I'm quite sure Yeezy was just playing on words during his rant, stating that he ain't feeling suit & tie in reference to business person and how he hates business people. Those are my 2 cents on this, but yes, it's only entertainment.. pretty lame though.

  • Anonymous

    "Jay-z delivered a boring, average verse at best(as he has been doing for years now)" ^ took 2Chainz' style for that rap

  • jerryc

    The fact that suit and tie was an instant hit just proves once again that people have lost their own taste. Social media has made everyone take on the same opinion, and its ruining music. The song was ok for justin timberlake. Jay-z delivered a boring, average verse at best(as he has been doing for years now)

    • RADIO?

      The radio? Who in their right mind listens to terrestrial radio? If I want to listen to the same 8-10 songs all day I can put my son's ipod nano on shuffle repeat. Radio is for people that aspire to be nothing.

    • Anonymous

      yeah it was crazy how hard the powers that be worked this song. I don't remember a song being worked as hard as they did this justin timberlake song. I remember when it debuted they had commrcials all on the radio talking about how they are going to play it at the top of EVERY HOUR.

  • Anonymous

    i heard ja rule was a homo

  • Anonymous

    Ether......fuck Kanye and his stans

  • starmani

    This song is ok at best...come on JT wat the fuk

  • nickrazor2000

    This beef is getting out of hand. It is turning into some real gangsta shit. JT is bout that life. These cats are gonna have watch thier backs now or they might get murked! Its Tupac and Biggie all over again. They need to slow thier roll before people start dieing

  • Anonymous

    stop arguing about this shit , who the fuck cares , at the end of the day they got money , and we're broke so fuck kanye and jay and jt , kanye and jay are both good artist but who gives a fuck about a kanye rant , that shit is expected from him

    • Marx1684

      Yes sir. He rants every time he has a new project coming out. When children see they get attention from acting out they keep acting out. It's learned behavior. I guess the same stands for entertainment.

  • one1

    you guys report like a bunch of faeggots. its not even a "barb" he just said "fuck a suit and tie". fuck that song its shit. now justin trys to flip it as a reason to praise himself and you bunch of circle jerkers act like its a big deal. you lame asses should be embarrassed for yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    ja rule is the only nigga who's loved in hip hop.. you can read nothing but love for him on the internet

  • Anonymous

    be on the look out, ja rule will make a song with justin timberlake

  • Anonymous

    ja rule got love for that love shit JT be makin'... 'cause ja rule been singin' for the ladies for ages

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule should team up with Justin Timberlake, we need some white boy murda.inc murda music

  • Anonymous

    ja rule ain't fuckin' with fake shit, but he be supportin' JT and Hov

  • Anonymous

    ja rule could make all these niggaz popular again

  • foreal

    Yo Ye' stop acting dramatic. this song is fire. Ye' is prolly jealous that he didnt get on the track.

  • Anonymous

    kanye a faggot anyway, he's like a child with a lost toy moaning and bitching id love to slap kanye around

  • Art Brooks

    Throw a shot at Fiddy Cent for the fuck of it, Kanye.

  • Anonymous


  • truth

    No, That's not racist, he DIDNT call him NIGER, Nigga, porch monkey, gorilla, ape, spook, koon,....What he DID was take a Subliminal shot at Kanye the attention whore, the one people laugh at, Having a lot of money must be tough Kanye, lets face it hes a Deutchbag, Obama even called him a Jackass. So, hows life Kanye?

  • j

    Ye's butthurt because he thought there was going to be a watch the throne 2

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzBh55tD_eg

  • Anonymous


    • zerocool

      What does race have to do with this you ignorant fuck. Why is it so mamy are so quick to pull the fucken race card over some bullshit these days. Kanye was out on tour crying like a bitch on a nighly basis (while goofs like you jump on stage to lick his tears off his face ya gayfish) and all JT did was make a crack about it... good for him. Kanye is a Primmadonna anyhow and its quite funny Mr Nsync throws a diss at West. Thats how pathetic Kanye and his cry sessions has become. As for your history fail, the Canaanites were based out of the present day middle east therfore the idea they were caucasian if ridiculous. The only idiots that believe the Canaanites were white are dumb shits like yourself that believe the biblical account of the culture which would be inaccurate. So not only are you a racist prick you are also an uneducated douchebag!

    • Tbrown

      It's fucking morons like yourself that are the reason racism is still prevalent in America today. It's not about black and white now, it's about rich and poor. Grow the fuck up

    • djtanner

      EAT A DICK... signed the HUMAN race.

    • knine

      I though the girl knaye is with was that no talent white girl that became rich and famous.

    • Racist white people suck

      Kanye got put in his place when racist white people turned a one hit wonder no talent ugly white girl named Taylor Swift into a legend and millionaire.

  • Pegasus Flow

    The comments on articles like this are filled with two different people. One that sucks (insert name here)'s dick and one that sucks (insert name here)'s dick. Which one will you be?



  • NickT

    too bad real crips in LA aint got respect for JT!!!!!!

  • liiikkssss0000


  • Anonymous

    Who CARES about Justin Timberlake Why is he on a quote-on-quote [Hip-Hop] based site. He's lame with his " I be on my suit and tie " crap. He need to learn how to speak better. He know he don't talk like that.

    • TheForceIsStrongInThisOne

      "He need to learn how to speak better. He know he don't talk like that." Oh the irony.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      It's probably on a hip hop site for a few reasons: 1. it was in reference to what Kanye said 2. Jay Z was featured in the song 3 DX puts R&B on here regularly

  • Fuck Chicago

    Fuck this pop sweetheart. And I ain't talking about Timberlake.

  • Anonymous

    Justin Timbergay is a corn ass nigga, aint nobody fuckin wit em

    • Stabby

      Now he's gay for just telling you facts? Jay-Z, 50 Cent, T.I., Snoop Dogg, and Lil Wayne all worked with him. But I guess "nobody fuckin wit em"...

    • Anonymous

      what are you a timbergay stan, why don't you suck em off bum ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      Except Hov and every other rapper who has "fucked with him". Try again, you illiterate fucktard.

  • Anonymous

    "Like Simon Cowell said about Timberlake" Why would anyone care what Simon Cowell said about them? I don't like Timberfake, but dude's crossed over into movies and become fairly credible while Cowell gets paid millions to tell glorified karaoke singers they suck.

  • wowreally

    i believe he also dissed lil wayne when he said "we've got a great show for you toinght". who the fuck writes this idiotic stories?!

  • blkviper

    Kanye needs to stop acting so emotional all the damn time.

  • Calcoolus

    In the words of Kanye West: "So I don't listen to the suits behind the desk no more You niggas wear suits cause you can't dress no more You can't say shit to Kanye West no more I rocked 20,000 people, I was just on tour, nigga"

  • NastyM

    No lie, this was pretty dope!

  • that cracker washed up

    J timberlake been fell off

    • DrebinSlevin

      If falling off means you've been acting in high grossing movies and fucking the mad hot Jessica Biel, man you haven't even gotten on a horse to fall off of.

    • Anonymous

      he took a few years off to fuck jessica biel, hes just gettin started again

  • freddyyyy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkhCAV3wmIU att thee malll

  • Dad

    Timberlake's gonna sell more than Kanye.....HATER

  • Anonymous

    It's amazing how stupid people are. Kanye was dissing corporate type people, not the song. Not a fan of Kanye but the lack of brain cells within hip hop fans is amazing.

    • Anonymous

      "what the hell else would ye be talking about? hov (aka jay-z) was on jt's song called suit and tie." Go ahead and look the original article up. You'll see he was talking about some fucking corporate shit and how he hates suits and ties and what they represent, you fucking retard.

    • Anom

      Haha fail. You are retarded.

    • Anonymous

      "i got mad love for hov, but i ain't fuckin with that suit and tie".. what the hell else would ye be talking about? hov (aka jay-z) was on jt's song called suit and tie.. would be kind of weird to randomly throw in jay-z's name and diss corporate people.. everyone knows he's talking about the song, very obvious..

    • TakeThisBieatch

      Hey Kanye suck*r! Check this out! Everybody knows what kinda fag Kanye is and again everybody know that if anyone has this kinda attitude, they wouldn't act like that. He's like a lil b*tch cuz cries all the time. I bought them blah blah, I did this for them blah blah etc. He's one of the biggest clowns & slaves in the industry and you claim that he's against corporate type people. Seriously you need a brain or stop sucking Kanye's d*ck! About JT, His answer was so classy. This is what a grown ass man does. And he doesn't act like a fashion pro or etc. Get'em bro!

  • Hardyhar

    Granted, Kanye started it by voicing his dislike of the song, but JT has always been and always will be a poser....when he was doing N'Sync (in other words, 20+ year old guys making music for 13 year old girls)...as well as now. Like Simon Cowell said about Timberlake, he's "just some white kid who's tried to act black over the last several years." You guys can hate on Kanye all you want (the skirt thing still makes me cringe), but people will never listen to JT 10+ years from now. On the other hand, College Dropout will always be a classic and I'll bump that shit till I've got grey hair!

    • Danielle

      im 25 yrs old now....been supporting JT since Nsync and will continue to do so.....yall just mad cuz hes talented and makin money and u arent. just admit it. artist know talent when they see it. Jay z saw it and rode wit it, snoop, pharell, timbaland,50 cent, three 6 i could keep going, not to mention he's also wrote for other artists as well. give the man credit where its due, u dont have to listen to him but for goodness sakes stay off the haterade it shows how insecure u really are :)

    • dummiesmacka

      JT is native american on his father's side you fools. Do your research before the keyboard war...smfh


      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don't like either of these fags but you are retarded Hardyhar. JT will be around forever because he's white and bitches love him, while Kanye's sales BEEN declining and he's not even that fucking good, his first two albums were easily his best. Now shut the fuck up you cornball crack baby motherfucker.

    • For Real?

      Dude...JT's last album was 7 years ago and people are listening to him now. You're point is invalid. Go home and wack off the the Yeezy poster you have on your ceiling

  • Anonymous

    Fuck kanye! That skirt wearing, temper tantrum throwing, ungreatful, Kuntdashian dating, crybaby littel biatch.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Sorry if I offended you with a few typos sir, but your wife's luscious lips all over my cack was quite distracting. Oh I'm sorry it's *Cock!

    • WestCoast17

      *ungrateful *little *cry baby *bitch (unless you wrote this 10 years ago)

  • Anonymous

    Justin Timberlake>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kanye West

  • Anonymous

    man this is so dumb - fuck the media. Kanye WASN'T DISSING SUIT AND TIE. He was dissing corporations and "suits"

    • zerocool

      I believe he was dissing corporations... only because they will not bow down and tell the world how great he is. If these corporations were to support Kanye say with the hottest MC lable he would swallow dix live on TV with the corporate name tattooed down the side of them.

    • Anonymous

      hes a hypocrite

  • dutch Master mind@ 612.soas

    suit and tie is actually a good song so i dont understand y kanye hating.

  • Anonymous

    I would have never noticed the diss because I don't really feel the song either.

  • Anonymous

    kanye gonna have jay drop him from the tour like he had kris humphries dropped from the nets, OH WAIT

  • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

    All I see is devils/niggers beefing over irrelevant shit. Nothing new to me.

  • Anonymous

    JT handled that with class.. kanye is the definition of a nigge*

  • Anonymous

    justin responded, so ye wins

  • Anonymous

    LOL ye gonna whoop his ass like he did that camera man

  • Anonymous

    LOL, you know your a gay fish when you get ethered by the kid from NSYNC

  • Anonymous

    That diss is weak as hell lol! Whiteboy cant do better than that ?

    • Anonymous

      Every beef Em's ever been in has ended with him demolishing whoever it was. His music has fallen off a fair bit, but you still can't fuck with him

    • Anonymous

      Please quit hyping Eminem to the Nth degree, you've seen 8 Mile too many times man there are too many talented black men that would wreck him lyrically, he's talented, yeah, but not the best rapper alive, and sadly, not the best white rapper alive either.

    • Anonymous

      as dumb as "LOLOL" sounds he has a point, Eminem has/will wreck any of your favorite black rappers.

    • Anonymous


    • LOLOL

      Lol dude you did not think your comment thru did you?Whiteboy?????Acting like they cant???They are the ones that will destroy black guys in disses i mean lets see any of your favourite rappers destroy Eminem in a lyrical beef whawha

    • Khalid Muhammad's Ghost

      A soul???

    • Anonymous

      what you got blackboy??

  • Anonymous

    kanye lost, cant believe justin would take a shot at kanye like that. kanye gave justin his first blender and he needs to remeber that.

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