50 Cent Says Hip Hop Has Become "This Little Hipster Thing"

50 Cent laments the change in direction the Hip Hop game has taken.

Many have opined that what is now popular in Hip Hop has changed. In a recent interview, 50 Cent revealed he's of that school of thought as well.

"I think you miss the things when they're gone. When you look around and see it's turned into this little hipster thing, the culture's not even what it was, initially," said Fif in an interview with HYPETRAK. "You start to look for something that's representation of what it was in the past, that you actually loved about it or you what you actually enjoyed. It turned into a fashion show for a little while."

"Artists are writing about fashion and that part's like, it's crazy, that part was never a core of the actual art," continued Fif, possibly referring to artists such as Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, two fashion aficionados. "It was so many different [things]. You had to offer different walks, different perspectives. Your album was supposed to be better than the other guy's album. The competitive portion. That's why so often you got involved in battling, they called it beefing. They changed the terminology to beefing after Biggie and Tupac, but these guys aren't Biggie and Tupac."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    "hes best known for being a correctional officer" When he was 19 lol Move on with your life.

  • Anonymous

    "well lets hear it quoteman! dont hold back now" You're like a one trick pony. A never was that has one insult in his arsenal.

  • Anonymous

    "drake is almost a household name. drake has 2 platinum records. drake has a grammy" Almost? lol I'd say he's already there, tiny. So is Ross. You don't need a grammy or platinum plaques to have "arrived". Those are nice perks, but very few get them anyway, so you have to judge their body of work.

    • Anonymous

      ross is not really known that well outside of hip-hop. hes best known for being a correctional officer and crashing into buildings at the sound of gunfire

  • Anonymous

    "you cant keep his name out your mouth" Last time I checked you're the one worshipping him every posted article.

  • Anonymous

    seriously shut the fuck up, like you can talk in a negative way about the game curtis?? bisd??? fuck outta here wack as fuck fell off since 2005

  • Anonymous

    is that a hooded turtle neck?

  • mike

    50 cent garbage talkin about hiphop has become some kind of fashion show while he's wearning his skin-tight, extra medium Versace hooded-longsleeve shirt.

    • Anonymous

      hes a grown man, almost 40. should he be wearing leopard print jeggings and pink t-shirts or 5 xl white tees?

  • Come On

    for a while I thought 50 might be able to make a comeback but when he released his two singles "My life" with eminem and Adam levine and it virtually went unoticed and then Major Distribution had hype for two days I figured well maybe not. Ya know he made fun of the game in the "My Life" single and I bet he won't even sell 200,000 game will outsell 50 Now forsure. If eminem and adam levine can't help you your done!!!!

    • bswag

      Jimmy aint gon let 50 drop. For them 50 is safer locked down in contract where he can make no moves and will slowly fade. Shoudnt have started biting business with headphones. Shalom

  • Laughing at stewheads

    Smh at the clown in his skinny jeans with the lil blond spot in his hair mad about mmg n ymcmb.. Nigga you gay den a bitch gone get on here stanning for a 30 something year old skateboarder/gangsta.. Bitch if you like Wayne so much why do you shoot yourself like he did.. Nigga next time you get on the Internet telling men to suck your dick in defense of another grown man I hope your computer fall on your main artery.. Silly kids


      nigga fuck u, i bet u the type of nigga that listens to dat Bieber faggot n the jonas brothers motherfucker, load up dat gun nigga n blast ur brains out u aint no shit bout real rap

  • cbvvvhuuuu

    at the store rite nowww http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3qA-TY6rFg


    yall motherfuckers r sooooooooo delusional, all u motherfuckers better recognize that this cat has fallen off n got nothin on Ross n Wayne, the industry is run by ymcmb and mmg n if u niggaz cant c that then FUCK ALL YAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL, fucken bitch ass niggaz, 50 irrelevant, jay z irrelevant, eminem washed up, just accept it like a bitch accepting dick in her mouth. we da business 100 MMG YMCMB BOSS

    • Anonymous

      50 got better music out than lil wayne fool, you don't know shit, you always talk the same shit on every news post, you realy got no life, no friends, you started like a gayboy and know you here posting your gay post every fucking day


      niggaz talk shit when they dont open their eyes n realize that they got dick on their mind, fucken niggaz WAKE UP!! ymcmb runnin shit n dats dat, fucken quer motherfuckers defending 50 n dickridin other rappers fuck all yalllll

    • Niggayougay

      And who is "we"? Nigga ain't you at home commenting like everybody else..

    • Shout out to 50 Cent's marketing team

      Anybody with real sense realizes 50 Cent's marketing team left about 90% of these comments to increase his internet presence......lol

    • p

      you like dick in your mouth and ass.

  • thechosenone

    ppl r soooooo fucked in the head, seriously, talking about numbers and falling off n shit, the reality is that you cant judge a album by its numbers anymore coz motherfuckers downloadin all the time. In this day n age fuck the album selling numbers coz quality will prevail in the end. Now on a different subject, when the fuck did 50 fall off? seriously, this nigga has made more money than anyone on this fucken site, his mixtapes have been of high quality and his lastest singles have been tight. of course his numbers have dropped over the years because of illegal downloads n watnot (BISD was a average album to say the least) but this guy is still relevant n maken moves, hater gonna hate

    • Kizman

      typical groupie, cant defend 50 so u gotta bring up his back account. carter4 sold 2mil take care sold 1.9mil WTT sold over 1mil bisd barely went gold #NumbersDontLie!

  • Rozay

    the only reason why ross hasnt sold plat yet is coz he got no POP songs in da club = pop candy shop = pop baby by me = pop new day = pop bmf = rap 3 kings = rap hustlin = rap stay schemin = rap see the difference? Bawse!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      touch'n You? that was williams attempt at a pop record but he couldnt do it. shit flopped! dont front like he doesnt wish he could do what 50 did.

    • Anonymous

      wanksta = hip-hop in da club was straight hip-hop but crossed over many men = hip-hop ryder music = hip-hop window shopper = hip-hop i'll whip your head boy = hip-hop i get money = hip-hop major distribution ft gunplays chain = hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    shut up. this clown dismantled east coast hip hop with hs endles beefs with anyone that had a mic, making way for that retarded stuff that came next from the south. now he cant get back in and is talking nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      anyone notice how 50 cent said "finger-fuck my firearm" years before rick ross spit "finger-fuck a ferrari", rozay biting 50?

    • Anonymous

      yet jadakiss got 50 to spit a verse on one of his songs! LOL shit was hot too Yeah, yeah My nickname change, call me Trey when I'm snubbin 'em (yeah) Billy when I'm clubbin 'em, Box when I'm cuttin 'em Niggas dyin, I ain't prayin, I don't even fuck with 'em Card game shuffle; hundred grand in the duffle (woo!) Blackjack, poker, pinochle - you win, fuck you Niggas tryin to lie on me, they sayin I'm grimy (yeah) Fo' hundred mil' and I still can't chill (fuck that!) Call me G, double barrel, N - GOON! Boom! I do it like a 'Natti nigga do (what's up?) New York City's pharaoh, potato on the barrel Shell-case muffle, make me come touch you I finger-fuck my firearm, we intimate, I'm into it

    • Anon213

      yet jadakiss and nas ENDED 50's career

  • Anonymous

    50 never fell off! like with anything people like change so peeps who were listening to fif 10 years ago are naturally gonna grow bored or not pay as much interest. You can sit there and say ross is better and ross won the beef but your prob born in the 90's and will be saying the same thing about ross in years to come if not sooner. Ross is 'hot' now but he ain't got 50's longevity of being a brand. Can you imagine ross's biopic? "where the big macs?" 'I grew up in the suburb working 9-5 for the law...' "I told you not to eat nobody! First thing you do is eat somebody!" Get Fat or Die sweatin' You can fif is a snitch etc but everyones a fuckin snitch these days its fuckin show business!

  • Anonymous

    "50 still more popular and talked about without an album out in the last 5 years LOL" He's the only one talking about himself lol

  • Anonymous

    "its a good representation of whats going on" Only to the people who know about this site. Artists aren't making a dime off any of these songs being played here.

  • Anonymous

    "rick ross is no where near drakes level" Drake was on Teflon Don, you retarded gimp.

  • Anonymous

    "what do guys think quoteman does for work? any guesses?" You truly are a sad little troll. I already know your life story kid.

  • Rozay

    too bad 50's career is DEAD AND BURIED. cant even get his new album out LMAO!!!!!!!! Rozay still top5 hottest mc in the game Bawse!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      if he wanted to he could just put out his album and let it flop but he has high standards to live up to, ross gold selling ass wouldn't know anything about that

    • Anonymous

      50 still more popular and talked about without an album out in the last 5 years LOL ross has to fake shootings to get his name in the news cause no one talking about his music

  • Anonymous

    Breaking News! Lil Wayne Kissed Birdman In The Lips Again.

  • Anonymous

    That Beat was nice! "Position of Power" 50 Cent

  • Anonymous

    "so a guy with the same credentials as you" I said onion rings with my meal Jimmy. You minimum wage weirdo.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who comes online implying that they're above and better than all, is a know it all, contradicts self, offers no insight or experience, provides no factual basis for their own words, pretty much doesn't do sh*t in real life. That's why they're online trying so hard. A productive member of society wouldn't keep running his mouth and spin words to be right when people are telling him he's wrong and provide actual fact to prove the error. What job could you keep being like that, a mechanic? Car won't run or fall apart. A teacher? Kids are learning misinformation. A clerk? Screwing up the paperwork. I.T.? Putting in the wrong code and swearing it's not him. Cashier? Till isn't balancing although he says it is. Manager? Employees be sh*tting left and right, they don't respect how you have them doing extra work because you don't know what you're doing. Look closely at his words. He's not a boss, he's a punk'd worker who's miserable. He ain't got IT and is overcompensating. Props to anyone out there getting a minimum wage check. Keep going up the ladder.

    • Anonymous

      what do guys think quoteman does for work? any guesses?

  • Anonymous

    "i bet that same sports analyst never even heard of anyone on MMG before" So he's heard of Drake, but you don't think he's heard of Rick Ross? lol

  • Anonymous

    "his last single got more plays on this website in 24 hours than rick ross last single got in 3 weeks" This site isn't Billboard.

  • 400001


  • cvcddw

    just blaze said first u gotta then u gottaa lmfaooo no first you gotta rip just blazesss facee off and fucking burn that niga aliveee and piss on his famillyyy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq6rKenTc5I

  • micheal myers


  • trsddcfytgvyvhyubju


  • For Old and young.

    First 50 has noting on hip-hip he's like one the old and young ones out there right now.... Jay-z Will keep doing hiphop and none these past or present rapper will cross his path, he's the bully with the $ and he does thesame to rapper with rap.. he did DOA and that is it to all out there (don't mess up my business) and if you're claim you're doing rap stay on your own line but its so unfortunate every rapper stops when his train is passing. the older rappers think they can come back since Hov is not backing down but what they forgot is... just the sound of Hov's voice is a HIT(Ignorant Shit) intro. Kanye end up like Bleek or like any of Hovs past friends because they no none understand this direction (I don't follow any guidelines cause too many niggaz ride mine, so I change styles every two rhymes). he sublimed his way in "on to the next one". guess he will be here till his 70 and you niggaz will have to deal with that.

  • ColdNuts in Frankfurt

    50 doin ok. performed well Freelancers. he aint no fool.

  • Anonymous

    I don't disagree. But the problem is that Fitty doesn't realize that he's just as much a part of this "hipster fashion show" as is everybody else who is doing that. Hypocrisy.

  • HipHopGodd

    It's not so much the fashion show aspect of hip hop that's troubling. It's the braggadocio and sheer ignorance that are pretty much a requirement in order to sell records that's kind of daunting. But what can you really expect from a people that would rather pay $160 for Nikes than $80 for child support. Seriously, some of the music I hear people listening to I'd be embarrassed to play in public or have boosted loud while sitting at a stop light.

  • loki

    planet of the apes 2 coming soon starring 50cent as himself

  • Anonymous


  • Richie rich

    Yea, I think the game is now too casual and lacking maturity thus it.....

  • Tim

    Yep. Rakim and Eric B wearing Gucci overall prints on the cover of Paid in Full is not Hip Hop. This nigga has a failed clothing line and his music cant catch up to the times now hes saying it's a hipster thing. Man stfu. There's either good music or bad music. Get over it. Besides I aint worried about the next fucking guy is wearing cause that's what females do. Come on Fif.

    • Anonymous

      i dont thinks hes complaining about designer brands specifically

    • Anonymous

      yes, even Big was on the designer clothes shit. 50 has been doing some good stuff, but he needs to keep his head down and keep doing it. jealousy is indeed a female trait

  • tfctgvujhhnkml

    50 cent likes candy shops i never lked that song in momouth mall while ago their ws a candy shop Adrienne Bailon liked that candy shop maybe had friends that worked threir lotta weirdd ppl smhhhhh lollll

  • surething

    50 dissing on fashion while wearing a homo-as skin-tight turtleneck. nigga please.

  • MW

    50 Cent is pure garbage and has been for about 10 years now.......I was in high school when he dropped his last good album. Shut the fuck up and make some decent music.....Nas and Jay-Z still put out dope shit and 50s shit aint worth a download

    • Anonymous

      50 only been well known for 10 years... and you were probably on his dick hard back in high school. G-Unit!!!!!!!

    • MW

      I only say nas and jayz because they were around 10 years before 50. Hipster has nothing to do with it......50 fell off harder than anyone. And hiphop is alive and well

  • cvxzzzzz


  • lalalala

    He's actually one of the few rappers that could still be around in 5 years

  • tgfvybhjb

    new video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOX6-Rw5PWc

  • fcfgvhbhbhbbhj

    by that house to the right theirs a lot weirdddd haaaaaaa

  • sean

    new pic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1hM8mcoF-g

  • xvcnnnnn

    THEIs 4 death churches in every state in the basements in each of of them theirs a exerist u gotta talk too it let it showw u the groundd. sometimes their on the wall its theirrr forr

  • Anonymous

    50 cent the real Wangstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shut up snitch Free Ja Rule

    • Anonymous

      ja rule is in jail cause of gun charges, please tell me how is that gangsta? i think that's being fucking dumb as fuck lol.



  • charles manson 666 dhomer




  • donnis mac

    "50 can talk about this stuff because hes apart of the industry" ^ dude rappers have been taking shots at this hipster/revenge of the nerds crowd for a minute! GZA prophecy on "Protect Ya Neck"! That's what you get when you misuse what I invent Your empire falls and you lose every cent For trying to blow up a scrub Now that thought was just as bright as a 20-watt light bulb Should've pumped it when I rocked it Niggas so stingy they got short arms and deep pockets This goes on in some companies With majors, they're scared to death to pump these First of all, who's your A&R? A mountain climber who plays an electric guitar? But he don't know the meaning of "dope" When he's looking for a "suit-and-tie rap" That's cleaner than a bar of soap And I'm the dirtiest thing in sight Matter of fact, bring out the girls and let's have a mud fight

  • Anonymous

    50 could fart in an interview and it will still do 200+ comments on this website in 2 days but these haters keep saying he isnt relevant LOL

  • jimmy

    50 can talk about this stuff because hes apart of the industry, i like 50 hes about what he says,and he literally bites his tongue for noone, i cant stand frauds whether in music or life, if your a 50 fan, do u need what u like to be popular?

  • Art Brooks

    Fif is right. MCs now-a-days are just corporate whores. Rarely get a solid HipHop album release now. It ain't about being the dopest MC or the dopest crew any more. It's more about just the material things and little sissy beefs where everyone got bodyguards.

  • Drake

    And Me Doing The Show Is Getting Everyone Nervous Cause The Hipster's Gon Have To Get Along With Them Hood Niggas..

    • Seeda

      All dem gay. Diddy was the first to try the IVF crap and now he's moving to show how "hetero" he is. Publicity stunts are from the 90s but they listening to all their closet friends. Bunch of fake "heteros". Some of them are even trying to tell us they are "hetero", but their vibe is gay. Guess most black people are just dumb to buy all the lies.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ LOL what? So the people in the hood are cause they have "no goals?" LMAO you colonized coons crack me up everyday

    • jimmy

      translation "aint no dumb niggas wit no goals tryna listen to drake unless they tryna get pussy"

    • Anonymous

      aint no hood niggas fucking with drake unless they trying to get with some bitches

  • BOY

    grodt mightve sold 8mil but that was 10yrs ago! bisd didnt even sell 1mil LMAO!!! Tha carter4 outsold bisd IN ONE WEEK!!!!!! #WEEZY

  • ETK

    Sometimes being more relevant is more important than having dump trucks full of money. Wayne can walk into any restaurant and get a table without a reservation. 50 can't even cut in line at the bank anymore.

    • Anonymous

      C'mon Quote-Man, you lost with that "50 can't even cut in line at the bank anymore". Which bank was this where YOU were there to see this? Relevant to WHOM? Can YOU tell us specifics? But let's play your little game... "Wayne can walk into any restaurant and get a table without a reservation" ^ call us when Wayne addresses the UN and I don't mean underneath nigg*

    • Anonymous

      50 cent is ACTUALLY more known than lil wayne based off what hes done, doesnt matter what hes doing now, hes solidified

    • Anonymous

      i see you changed rick ross's out name from that bullshit statement


    In a street fight, Game would knock out 50

    • Anonymous

      naw that nigga would try to video tape it and fight with 1 hand and get k.o.'d from 50 the golden glove god

  • Anonymous

    lets go through all the rick ross interviews and count how many times he says the words boss, luxurious, magnificent, chicken, lobster, crab, diamonds, maybach

  • Rozay

    This monkey just talking out his ass cuz the nigga knows no one listening to him so he gotta justify his career in the toilet by sayin shit like this. Other niggas can still sell look at Wayne, drake and Kendrick. This lame ass monkey always gotta make excuses for the reason he keep floppin and gettin pushed. Thus nigga needs to step back from hip hop and go back to promoting his second rate boxing promotion. Bawse!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      no one responded to him the first time he posted it so he gonna try again

    • Anonymous

      i like how you say can't sell like drake, wayne and kendrick but you dont even even mention your idol ricky rozay cause that nigga cant sell either! by the way you already posted this same comment a few times bitch nigga. funny how you always get so mad a niggas hating on rozay but are in every 50 cent article.

    • Anonymous

      This dudes a business man. I lost a lot of respect for 50 after he sold out but 50 about business. He is the new Puffy. He dabbles in business that isn't just rap. Hate if you want but he's a business man. As an artist I don't think he can put out a joint that's hot, but as a business man. Watch him. He's making moves.

  • Anonymous

    the worst thing these niggas can say about 50 the god is that he said actual or actually 7 times in a 3 and a half minutes LOL

  • Antical

    Shady Records 2013 -- YelaWolf 50 Cent Eminem -- that's that Hip Hop feeling and emotion 50 Cent is referring to -- these dudes are about that experience.

  • donnis mac

    You scrubs/nerds/hipsters are messing up the game, not keeping it alive like you WANT TO think. People are stepping away because YOU are here! LOSE INTEREST in your FAD, so WE can have it back.

  • donnis mac

    How many years has the 50/Ross beef been? How many years has the Kanye/50 bet been? How long ago was that Game incident? NOW, you want to say change when YOU bring up OLD stuff? Y'all typing the SAME comments from 2007! "50 ain't relevant" "G-Unit is finished" Y'all are the same morons who say "stuck in the 90s" and like Ross' "Ashamed", which is 90s rap chock full of old school samples! Bunch of hypocrites, go play "Just A Lil' Bit" from his SECOND album and watch the WOMEN respond on the dance floor. You strange kids are too busy looking at other men and updating Facebook and following tweets and RSS feeds. And YOU want the keys to the machine? loL

  • yourmomsballs

    50 Cent says the word "ACTUALLY" entirely too much lol Am I the only one who notices this?

    • Anonymous

      and you guys hate over nothing, its not really a big deal

    • bashar

      ^^^totally irrelevant to the comment about saying the word 'actual' too much. It's true 50 sais the word when its not ACTUALLY needed.

    • Anonymous

      what you prefer him to say "nahm saying", "you know what i mean" "ummmmmm" "like" no one pays so much attention to any other rappers interviews or picks them apart like 50 or you would notice they all do the same shit.

  • Anonymous

    "that aint losing either becuase its not true. his album only been out 10 years" All of his recent stuff has been thrown online for free. His so called singles off a real album didn't generate much. The dude was spot on.

    • Anonymous

      i bet that same sports analyst never even heard of anyone on MMG before. what hit songs does mmg have that are generating buzz or charting?

    • Anonymous

      his last single got more plays on this website in 24 hours than rick ross last single got in 3 weeks. whos winning?

  • zerocool

    Have not been a fan of his music for years... his beefing and BS all the time with what was bad albums turned me away from 50 after GRODT. He is bang on here tho... Hip hop has become dicey because of clowns like Kanye and the rest of the circus.

  • Yung Ron

    50 cent is right! I miss that street lyrical shit .. odd future makes music for lil white boys that's dispressed but y'all black ppl don't buy albums tho lol

  • YOLO

    haha the hipster niggas commenting n hating lmao. Whats wrong with his opinion on the game.everyone has theirs..now pause..to the fucking assholes that keep saying 50 has a few hits lol 50 made 3 songs on the bilboards off of his new album...Has those same 3 songs as the most discussed list on this site..-__- .. ALl of his albums have been certified platinum..haha the nigga 50 gay? lmao..of course find shit to say abt the nigga..after winning the award for best energy drink in America?? lol i'll take my leave...over 35 million records sold..n he ain got hits?? even better

  • Anonymous

    "50 already won" Having your g Unit empire crumble is not winning. Having Jimmy stall your last album under contract is not winning. Getting dissed on cable by a sports analyst who says he hasn't had a hit song in 10 years isn't winning. Sure he has money, but without relevance, he's basically you.

    • jimmy

      "getting dissed by a cable broadcaster" so a guy with the same credentials as you, 50s the guy you all love to hate, and your all so stupid that you continue to do it.

    • Anonymous

      You be reciting that same bullsh*t every single 50 article. "He ain't relevant" and your ass be right here padding the comments. Fraud.

    • Anonymous

      "Getting dissed on cable by a sports analyst who says he hasn't had a hit song in 10 years isn't winning" that aint losing either becuase its not true. his album only been out 10 years.

    • Anonymous

      at least he had an empire though.

    • NONO

      Everyone outside of HiHop is allowed to slow down. HipHop fans who don't know the culture mistake it for being "washed up" or "losing". Let the man Be...

  • Anonymous

    50 is the only real MC left.

  • Anonymous

    50 is a gay ass nigga who never achieved shit

  • Its Um

    Says the rapper who have talked about the same name brands as other rappers.

  • Anonymous

    "I actually think this nigga says "actually" when it's not actually necessary." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS

  • Sensaye

    Word. Hip-Hop sucks now. Not enough grown men that stand for something. Bunch of punk ass niggas tryin' to sag their sassoons, waitin' to see what the next rapper does so they can bite it. Not nearly enough creativity and way too much dick riding and ego massaging. "You're the best, no YOU'RE the best, no YOU'RE the best!! can I be in your video? Sure! but only if you'll sing a hook for me! okay!!! yaaaay!!!!"...as if that's not gay enough, then they beef with each other a month later because one of them didn't wave to the other one when they crossed paths at the nickelodean awards. These niggas are homosexualists.

  • X Drop BOMBS Like Nagasaki

    This washed-up motherfucker the last dude who should be speaking bout this. "Disco Inferno" "Just a lil bit" "best friend" and the list goes on. If anything, he opened the door for the shit to get to where it's at now. All glossy looking on his album covers, yeah, take YOUR responsibility for being ONE of the original/first contributors to the downfall of hip hop. Why people act like 50 anti-fag hip hop when he opened the door for it. Look what he wearing? then you got Gayme dissing 50 on using steroids, gayme was a slim dude, now he the spitting image of 50, ol steroid using faggots. Dre included. If you're 25 and under, don't reply, faggots. Anybody up on swag, fuck you and your mommas. Kill your useless selves. Keep it old school. OH, and young niggas kill me, man, "before, people wore tight jeans" WRONG, FAGGOTS, they were "STRAIGHT" Jeans. Made for MEN, tight jeans today are made for BITCHES, yet you "guys" wear them, like I said, fuck you ALL and ya mommas. My real dudes and chicks, what up doe!

    • Thugocracy

      You do realize that "what up doe?" is a common colloquial greeting in Detroit, right? "I'm from the D where we say 'doe' after 'what up'"- Fowl

    • jimmy

      lol thats a shame ur the dude were all laughing at in ur mama's basement at 30 talkin bout "real shit" you said doe at the end of your statement which is what me n my friends make fun of highschoolers for, im 21 years old and im obviously much more mature and intelligent than you,everyone grows old not everyone grows up, your a moron . DOEE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lol @ X Stfu you Down low life bitch ass nigga faggot lol

    • Anonymous

      got make a few records for the bitches if you wanna sell

    • mike

      THANK YOU..After GRODT it was over for 50. Mr "i'll take you to the candy shop" FUCK outta here..

  • NAt Turner

    50-cen a.k.a Gangstalicious is one of the founders of Homo-Thuggery in HipHop and hes jealous that his brand of emasculation and effeminization got demolished when he went head-to-head with Kanye and lost

  • Anonymous

    This House-Negro is a clown and a Buffoon. Before Kanye even thought about fashion Biggie Smalls (R.I.P) had everybody rocking Versace & Coogi or did this coon forget? 50-Cent wasmaking songs with PussyCat Dolls and throwing Justin Timberlake songs on his albums waaaaaaay before A$AP Rocky & Trinidad James started rocking "Gold". Who was the clown that started the Tank-Top-Bra gimmick that was spoofed on the Boondocks or those corny spinning chains? Stop being bitter because your career is over while TRUE rappers like NAs remain relevant and dont have to complain or weep like women just because they lack the ability to adapt and survive in todays climate.

  • Anonymous

    50s right, we need more aggression in the game. Jay, 50, eminem, beans, dipset, and that class of emcees were on some real angry raw shit. Not saying music is great now - it would just be nice to hear some real hood shit on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    Adjust to no fuckin times, this shit right right now is not hip hop, it's some yagg format that these corporations pay these muffin heads to create, and all these talentless mofos who not preserving the art form.

  • amari

    i only watch 50 cent interviews to count how many times he says the word "actual".

  • mike

    "when I brought it to them, I just had a 3-d rendering of what I wanted the actual headset to look like...." so basically you had a picture of Beats by Dre and told them to remove the 'b' and put 'SMS' on the side.

    • Anonymous

      everybody knows beats are garbage. just an overpriced fashion accessory with too much bass. never heard the sms so i cant speak on them but i wanna try the wireless joints.

    • derek

      Beats are WAY better. My friend had SMS and they had some kind of mechanical issue in less then a week, plus the reviews suck.

    • Anonymous

      i heard that nicca star from star and buckwild say his beats sounded so bad he just threw them away, didnt give them to someone, or sell them, straight in the trash. he must have got them for free though.

    • nigga

      U ignorant liar. Them headsets dont look nothing alike. And SMS technology sounds way better than the Beats.

  • Anonymous

    Translation, I'm mad that just about everybody is able to get their albums out now but me.

    • Kev313

      Translation to all shit talkers, and lil kids who do not understand, know, or even seek knowledge about Hip Hop vs Rap. 50 already won..

  • mike

    50 always complaining about how music is now and using it as an excuse to why his records are flopping. Instead of using all of his energy in these irrelevant interviews, he should try to put out some good music.

    • mike

      thats just your opinion. how come 'old heads' aint doing shit about it then? because the FANS aint buying their shit maybe?

    • Anonymous

      "the fans decide who they want to listen to" ^ lies If it was like your fantasy world the MTV hottest rapper list would be fan votes. "young niggas have had the stage now for years, and they ain't doin' shit with it because they're not even in charge of what THEY do. You can't just let young dudes come in and turn sugar into shit because it's "their turn". ^ absolute truth All you have to do is read the comments and see they ain't ready.

    • deego

      ^^ Mike, Eminem sells by releasing pop garbage like Love the way you lie? Eminem changed his rapping style just so he can sell. Big difference between the two

    • mike

      do something with or give it up? the fans decide who they want to listen to. thats why 50 isn't selling anymore bc his shit is wack now. Im not a young head saying this either. Thankfully enough, i'm an eminem fan, and he still sells.

    • Sensaye

      Everybody is always sayin' "let the young niggas eat, let the young niggas do their things". Look man, these gay ass young niggas have had the stage now for years, and they ain't doin' shit with it because they're not even in charge of what THEY do. You can't just let young dudes come in and turn sugar into shit because it's "their turn". When you get your turn, you gotta do something with it, or else give that shit to someone who does. I'm always rooting for young dudes to do good. I want Hip-Hop to have a bright future. But I'm not just gonna support these wack ass niggas because it's "their turn". Their shit is weak, corny, unoriginal, and a far cry from what hip-hop is supposed to be about. And I'm not just talking about the music, but the whole state of mind. These niggas will suck each other off on camera if someone wrote 'em a big enough check.

    • matt

      50 does has plenty of notches in his belt, so why doesn't he just move along and let the young generation make their money instead of trying to fk with it. Also, not everyone who listens to rap wears skinny jeans and skateboards; only a real small majority of fans do. It just seems like 50 is looking for excuses to why his albums aren't selling. I like 50 as a business man, but his rap days are over and he needs to back off and let the younger generation do their thing. In other words, quit being a hater.

    • Kev313

      I don't get where people think he complaining, he is doing fine, he already won, and stays winning, without Music.. 50 releases Music, his fanbase still cops it, but what is the point of trying to appease a label, or a disrespectful generation of fans.. 50 is part of Hip Hop History, he has plenty of notches in his belt, and dollars in his bank. I do not even see the slightest hint of animosity in his statements, he just realizes the game is weird now.. Kiddies be lookin for Odd Future and shit, Tyler the Creater, Rappers be wearing skinnys and riding skateboards. Shits changed.. I remember when I was a youngin, I skated, and Hip Hop was my shit, but Generation Molly is different.. Enjoy the colorful outfits, and glow sticks..

  • Kramer

    Things change 50. You gotta go with the times to stay relevant. And if you're a good artist, you can do that.

    • Anonymous

      Yet Coca-Cola's #1 seller is the CLASSIC. They have you scrubs programmed.

    • Yourmyson

      No sir, all this homo hip hop is just a fade and will fizzle out in a year or two. There will always be real conscious hip hop just not publicized because corporate America would rather sell you shit and keep you stupid than put you up on game and distribute knowledge.

  • agree

    cosign what he said to the fullest..hiphop is a buncha fags now who just steal other peoples personas as their own and there names from real gangsters and half of them give the impression to america of somethin there not..hiphops the fakest genre in america..

  • Braveheart

    Once again, 50 Cent is spinning the facts for the benefit of fans who are either willfully ignorant or just don't know any better. Hip-hop didn't start with gangsta rap. It started about partying and having fun. Then there was microphone competition. Skill vs. skill. Not personal, not digging up old photos about people's past. Not trying to kill somebody's career. Just skills. 50 doesn't have any skills and he's no longer relevant. So he tries to change the conversation. He tries to downplay the entire landscape because HE can no longer compete in today's marketplace. By the way, rappers used to wear tight jeans all the time.

    • PF215

      ^^^ touched a nerve JT right? bitchass faggot

    • JT

      @the 3 posters Stop hatin because your artists are no longer big names in hip hop. Music is music. I swear faggot ass haters love comin on here and bitchin about todays music. Theres wack rappers in all generations. Anyone remember Mase in the 90s. You bitches get all nostalgic and shit and but conveniently forget that the 90s had a ton of shitty rappers too. Stop dickridin 50 and get ur money up haters

    • PF215

      the two above me are right, this generation (Which i happen to be a part of) are gay as fuck, its sad how they'd rather 25 pairs of shoes and 30 pairs of skin tight jeans than buy there own crib or a car.. looking more feminine than women do, the worse part is guys my age think its funny (and somehow straight) to post pictures of themselves grabbin other guys dicks, shit makes me sick and the music is a translation of all this..

    • agree

      Totally agree with Clyde. This new generation is so delusional and homo it's not even funny. 1 thing they are doing smart is being 'touch guy' on the internet than the streets. They know whats up in the streets

    • clyde

      you basically just agreed with everything fif said, then u tried to make your generation look cool, look, your fuckin era sucks, your tight jeans are fucking gay! you think r kelly would make a top ten list in the 90s? Future just proves how gay your era is, yall lil clueless nerds need to stop actin like this yalls shit,yall fucked our shit up, faggots!

  • master

    yeah 50 just coz your career is finished ya fool.... planet of the apes 2 coming soon starring 50cent as himself

    • WestCoast17

      I get it. Cause he looks like an ape, right? Man, you're on point. Ever think of pursing stand-up?

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Hip Hop has just become more commercialized like no other time in the past. Also, rappers these days are just more metro and care too much about clothes and style more than the actual content of their music. They have influenced this new generation and all they care about is clothes and swag. The artists have become more feminine as time went on and Hip Hop has just these days is just getting pimped out by record companies.

  • Anonymous

    Hipsters are annoying, but he's not totally correct about the fashion thing. its always been there. in actually hip hop looks closer to how it looked like in the very beginning

    • Anonymous

      Right but it was always an offset a byproduct of the culture, not something emphasized or something that was or would be supervened on lyricism. Too many rappers use fashion, bizarre fucken Lady gaga type fashion in hopes of having that justify any intellectual contention towards their lyrical abilities. Let alone their ideological reasoning for their masculinity. I'm tired of that, as a homo, seeing these dudes rock gay shit in hopes of being presumed a homo as a form of adrenaline to inspire them to think they have haters cause they dress gay as shit. You know, wearing tight jeans could bring you haters, but because that's some faggot shit and nobody wants to be thinking that they have to check themselves cause another dude wants to look pretty.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If you wear clothes tight enough to show your G-String, you'z a fag son.

  • jerryc

    I understand some of you have a problem with 50's new stuff; but to dispute what he's saying is a little bit ridiculous. It is worse than ever.

  • Anonymous

    5th child - gifted

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is huge the real heads now where its at

  • Not Rich And Still Trying

    I actually think this nigga says "actually" when it's not actually necessary.

  • Anonymous

    50 still hasnt dropped his album. hes getting iced out by interscope and is too proud to say it. he knows whats happening. 50 is a great business mind but hes done creatively. and rap is a very gay culture in 2013. most rappers dress fem and the ambiguous males love it. 50 has a great point but he played into it. lets not act like 50 cent monkey ass wasn't juiced up and greased up shirtless on his album covers to move units.

  • old nigga. est. 1980

    tupac and big died you dummy. because of the violent nature of commercial hiphop in the 90s. before that run dmc rapped about their adidas. the wu started a hiphop clothing line revolution. that beefing shit is old. and small minded. let these young niggas rap about party and bullshit. would you rather have them killing each other? that makes no sense. come on 50, your times up, don't be salty. bow out gracefully. i grew up on pac and big by the way. nas, jay, big l, the wu, dogg pound, mobb deep, junior mafia and all that shit man.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, there's a difference between battling and beef. we need less beef, but more battling, cause niggas duckin out when they should be standing up.

    • nigga creep

      You just sound like a weak ass nigga. Prolly look like one too.

  • Anonymous

    funny its always the old niggas on their way out that think hiphop should be brought back to their style...what they did was real. I remember when they came out everybody was talking bout how hiphop has turned violent and is corrupting the youth. Now that shits the golden age?? gtfo

  • doggy dogg

    Tru! Real talk fif.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop has turned gay hip hop used to be about the struggle the hood keeping it real etc now its become so mainstream the industry has taken it out of the hoods and put it in the suburbs now the average hip hop fan looks like justin bieber

    • tim

      What u expect, can't talk about the hood forever!!! Mixtapes done killed rap music in a real bad way. dudes giving out free albums. Besides having dudes like Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and lets me know some of these young boys give a damn bout the art

  • Lex

    Fif is the smartest guy in hip hop industry.



  • Basic

    While gotta say 50 is on track here. I am not as big a fan of him as i use to be but the culture is indeed now about who can wear skirts on stage and who has the tighest skinny jeans,creating a deep desire for that old hip hop you use to know when guys when it. I gotta say even Jarule had much better music than most of these guys today.

  • Ultimatemegadon

    Yeah these supporters are faggots it is what it is

  • Ricky Rozay

    This monkey just talking out his ass cuz the nigga knows no one listening to him so he gotta justify his career in the toilet by sayin shit like this. Other niggas can still sell look at Wayne, drake and Kendrick. This lame ass monkey always gotta make excuses for the reason he keep floppin and gettin pushed. Thus nigga needs to step back from hip hop and go back to promoting his second rate boxing promotion. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • real nigga CJ

    My nigga 50 has a point. fuck the new comers all gay and sux.

  • PLAS

    whenever some people argue about two artists, alot of times they mention what they like about each artist besides their music. On top of that they likely don't even buy the artist's records. Bunch of hipsters indeed.

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