The Hip Hop Week In Review: Iggy Azalea Crosses A$AP Rocky, Kanye West Reacts To Sway

Iggy Azalea made a bold statement on her feelings about A$AP Rocky, while Kanye West flamed Sway Calloway. Snoop Dogg reconciled with Suge Knight.

This week, Kanye West gave a rare press interview by calling in to Hot 97 to discuss his ranking on MTV's "Hottest MCs" list. His response drew ire from the network's Sway Calloway, who sardonically fought fire with fire. Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea showed just how much she's over her ex A$AP Rocky by crossing out her tattoo of his name, not so long after professing her love for him. Finally, Snoop Dogg reconciled with Suge Knight after years of beefing, showing that time heals all wounds despite previous wrongs.

Kanye West Slams MTV's "Hottest MCs" List, Sway Calloway Responds

Kanye West didn't take too kindly to his ranking on MTV's annual "Hottest MCs" list. After being ranked at No. 7 on the list, Yeezy called Hot 97 to discuss the placement in a rare interview, stating that he wasn't pleased with the order and enlightening the public on him giving Sway Calloway his "first TV." "I gave Sway his first TV. He came over to my crib in Newark, New Jersey…doing beats with Jay and Beans and all them, I was getting a new TV, and I gave Sway his first TV…and he ain't even remember that." Sway reacted to the statement, responding on his Shade 45 show "Sway in the Morning" and then later bringing the television on camera as a special guest on MTV's "RapFix Live." Kanye West is yet to respond to the situation.

Iggy Azalea Crosses Out A$AP Rocky Tattoo

Don't mess with a woman scorned. Just ask Iggy Azalea, who didn't react well to the fact that her ex A$AP Rocky was snapped canoodling with another woman. She released a picture showing a modification to her finger tats "Live Love A$AP," crossing off his name from her finger. The Australian rapstress previously said that "love" was what bound her and the Harlem, New York rapper. "I love him and that’s all there is to it," she said. "We have our own thing going on and I’m not the only one that [got the tattoos]. I’ll tell you that. [Laughs] I’m just the only one with it on my fingers!"

Snoop Dogg Reconciles With Suge Knight

Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight didn't have such a great relationship at the end of the former's tenure at Death Row Records. In the late '90s, the Doggfather split with the label and went on a public takedown of the imprint, and the two never reconciled - until now. Earlier this month, the artist currently known as Snoop Lion took to Instagram to post a picture of the two together at a club, showing that they'd mended fences. He later explained that it takes a bigger man to forget the past. “I think time heals all wounds," he said. "And then being a bigger man and being one who accepts responsibility and right or wrong, I like saving lives, I don’t like to take lives. If that means putting my hand out saying I’m wrong, I apologize and we be cool, I’ll do that as opposed to me going behind my back, pulling a gun out and getting somebody or me doing something vicious to you.”

Other items of note:

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  • Anonymous

    when i make it imma smash iggy... don't believe me just watch :P

  • Anonymous

    Damn Iggy Azalea is kinky lookin'.

  • Anonymous

    I NEED u iggy Come mess with my 3-inch

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  • cvfgg000

    ice cubes son is weird

  • surething

    No matter what you think of Kanye it was pretty funny how he hung up.

  • N/A

    Kanye West if you didn't sell your Soul for Frame and if you didn't spend so much time with that Chicken head Kim Kardashian you'd probably be higher up on the list and more focused with your Career too. Gorgeous Girl but not the type you Wife or have kids with. And just because you claim to have given Sway his first TV don't mean sh*t. Whatever happened to "The college Dropout" Kanye that actually had something to say on the Mic? Who gives a f**k about Suge Knight he's one of the reasons Hip Hop go so messed up in the first place I don't respect that Cat, watch when Karma catches up to him. As for Iggy Azalea you're a gorgeous Girl and all, you got some nice curves etc but why the f**k would you get A$AP Rocky's name on you in the first place? And you were ok with a guy who rocks dresses really!!?? #GTFOHWTB seriously Thank God for 80's and 90's Hip Hop when Emcee's had more sense and things were a lot simpler

    • Noah

      What??? I would totally sell my soul for frame to make babies with a chicken-head lady... just sayin...

    • Anonymous

      there woulda been all those albums... just no leech to suck the money dry from the artists that actually made the content...

    • Anonymous

      i don't really like Suge either but if it wasn't for him there would be no Chronic, Doggystyle, Above the Rim ost, Murder Was The Case, Dogg Food, All Eyez On Me or Makaveli

  • agentprice

    Totally agree man. Kanye looks like a faggot hipster now, he should get off the tofu and soy milk his estrogen levels are through the roof.

  • iudikekam

    You're reviewing the week and you don't include the fact that Kendrick won the hottest mc of the year. But yet you include kanye's rant. good job, dx.

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    Iggy Azalea is fucking HOT. I'd love to fuck her.

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